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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of Toronto 






published by the 

Students' Administrative Council, 

University of Toronto, Canada 

Torontonensis 1962 

Editor-in-Chief .... Margaret Fisher 
Assistant Editor . . . Frank Edmonds 
Graduate Editor . . . Gwen Campbell 

Graduate Section . . Ingrid Keylwerth 

Ann Macpherson 

Fay Sobel 

Jackie Stuart 

Nancy Title 

Linda Vinnels 

Copy Editor ...... Bev Hanagan 

Copy Staff .... Marguerite Jennings 

Barb Childs 
Linda Zener 

In 1859, this was the University of Toronto . . . 

Bitter public controversy could not dampen the enthusiasm of its 
first eager students, nor could fire destroy its soul. Questioning, 
learning, ever aspiring to new heights in the quest for knowledge, 
the young men and women of University College established a firm 
basis for our university's traditions of dedication and excellence. 

Space Al Denov 

Sales ... . . . . . Doug Todgham 

Design ....... Caroline Walker 

Section Editors: 
S.AX. . . . 



Victoria . . 

. Jennifer Moore 

. . Sandy Noble 
Sheila Cowan 

Leo Goldsmith 

. . . . Alf Davis 

. . Sylvia Carter 

. . Debbi Fraser 

Cathy Macdonald 

Bonnie Brown, Donna Gray 

Anne Ri enter, Paula Solway 

Celia Siegerman 

Julie Ann Bunyard 

Athletics Harry Freedman 

Viiu Kanep 
Brondell Bobkin 

Table of Contents 

The President . 

Campus Sketches 


Hart House 

More than a hundred years have passed. In a century, the fiercely 

grinning stone luces by the chapter house have Hutched the uni- 
versity grow to fill six city blocks ami spill over the edges. For over 
115,000 graduates, University College remains the centre oj the 
campus, symbol of the inspiration and challenge that is the I tu- 
versity of Toronto, yesterday and today. 

Organizations .... 


Emmanuel .... 


Trinity Divinity . . . 


St. Michael's. . . . 




Architecture .... 
Commerce .... 


Household Science . 



Physical Education . 
University Extension 

Medical Faculties 







Intercollegiate Athletics 


.' y- m 



.> £ 

The President's Message 

A number of years ago I wrote an essay lor a university 
publication on student opinion at Varsity over the years. I 

based my study on an examination of the files oj I he Varsitj 
and on the various literary magazines that had appeared from 

time to time. Immediately it became evident that the world 
revealed by these publications was not a world cut off and 
isolated from society, but one which was influenced by, and 
sometimes eritieal of, contemporary currents of opinion. The 

essay rapidly resolved itsel/ into an exercise in the analysis of 
tastes and altitudes. This was a salutary exercise, for it 
emphasized the continuing relevance of what is said and done 
by undergraduates to the events and attitudes oj the day. I 

suspect that when somebody looks at the student activities <>/ 
today, he will find that they are even more relevant than in the 
past to the issues and debates that confront us. We should 
bear this in mind when we read the inevitable editorials, both 
in and outside the University, complaining about the lethargy 
and the apathy of undergraduates in the face of world- 
shattering problems. It is good that such editorials are written, 
because they are based upon an assumption that a university 
society should be even more sensitive than oilier societies to 
these problems. But they should not blind us to the fact that 
the undergraduate society, particularly at this University, is 
a vital and lively one. 

What, you will say. lias happened during the last three or 
four years to justify my high regard for the undergraduate 
community? I might add. parenthetically, that these last four 
years have a particular significance for me, since, like most 
of you, I joined the University in my present capacity four 
years ago, and have in a real sense been accompanying you 
on your progress toward graduation. The development that I 
find most impressive is the emphasis during the last four years 
on original student dramatic productions of a high order. 
I am thinking of three which I happened to see and enjoy: 
the first was "Katy Cruel," a folk opera that evoked a genuine 
atmosphere and had charming music; the second was a play. 
"Root Out of Dry Ground." a terribly candid, if somewhat 
portentous, look at ourselves, in a situation and a setting that 
shouted out its familiarity; the third was "Agamemnon." in 
many respects the most impressive of the three, a re-working 

OJ the Greek legend done with sustained seriousness and with 
poetic intensity, both in the words an I the music. What 
impressed me about these three productions was not only 
their intrinsic excellence, but the fact that, in varying degrees, 
they carried conviction to the audience ami invited delighted 
participation. This is a rarity in the Canadian theatre, for we 
lire inherently suspicious of llie familiar awl embarrassed 
before the analysis of Our own problems. It may be that the 
strongest movement in the theatre today will develop in the 
universities. Certainly what has been going on liere is far 
more important tlian the slick formula Broadway comedies 
with which we are drenched, or even than the clear, competent 
productions of classics and semi-classics in our various 
professional theatres. 

With this interest in original dramatic production lias gone 
a considerable literary and journalistic activity. The Varsity. 
for instance, lias published this year a Weekend Review which 
has consistently maintained a good level in political and social 
comment and in literary discussion and debate. One might aid 
to this the conferences that have been devoted to discussions 
of the arts. 

Apparently this campus interest in the arts is general on 
this continent; in a recent article in Daedalus, Mr. Kenneth 
Keniston examines this phenomenon with the usual clinical 
detachment of the sociologist, and discovers in it a sort of 
negative indication of a decline in political involvement. " I he 
student has a feeling oj public powerlessness." and so turns 
back on the private "and immediate aspects of life. All hut 
the extraordinarily honest or the extraordinarily masochistic." 
he writes, "prefer to release their tensions in other ways than 
in political activity. V Now I have difficulty in seeing these 
slightly sinister implications in the spectacle of this artistic 
renaissance. Mr. Keniston suffers from a tendency deeply 
imbedded in our utilitarian civilization, to see art as a harmless 
and insignificant activity removed from the basic issues of 
life. There can be no separation between art and politics, 
viewed in its broadest and most philosophical way. I prefer to 
see in the growth of artistic activity on this campus a strong 
indication of a mature and vital undergraduate community. 


Photo by Karsh. 

Creating . . . 

Within the protective cloisters a small group of students strive for literary achievement, 

while close by over coffee acute minds examine new philosophies and search for the ideal social framework. 

Questioning . . . 

Beneath a memorial to those who died defending 
freedom of speech, student orators dare their fellows 
to search the foundations of their own beliefs, to 
examine prejudice under the light of rational dis- 
cussion, to test the orthodox against honest doubt. 

Learning . . . 

to seek justice not only in books, 

but as well in the hearts of men. 






g-tg K 



Learning . . . 

and faith that with truth 
trill come freedom. 

Learning . . . 

in the shadotB of past tears. 
hope for peace in the future. 

Old Skule House 

Aspiring to new heights . . . 

in the majesty of towers, a metaphor for research and vision 

each achievement points the way to still higher goals. 







President's Message 

The graduating class of 1962 can look back on four years of special significance in 
the history of the University of Toronto. Entering the University in the year which 
saw Dr. C. T. Bissell inaugurated as President, we have spent these yeais constantly 
aware of the challenge which "bigness" presents to a university. We have witnessed 
the rapid expansion of the physical facilities of the University, the Galbraith Building 
and Sidney Smith Hall being the most prominent features of the new landscape. The 
unity of the University has been emphasized, however, by the mushrooming of the 
Faculties of Law and Music in the centre of the campus. Additions to the four existing 
Arts Colleges and the imaginative proposal for residence colleges on the west campus 
have helped to strengthen our belief that it is possible to counter the evils of bigness 
by further exploiting the concept of federation — a concept which has served to 
distinguish our University as it has our country. 

In its rapid expansion there has been apprehension that the University will lose 
its unity of spirit as well as its physical unity. Although it may seem paradoxical, I 
believe that as the University expands it is growing closer together. This is true 
because the trademark of Varsity is best expressed in the phrase "unity in diversity," 
and in the expansion programme students are becoming more conscious than ever 
before of the uniqueness of the federated university. Thus as we become more 
conscious of our diversity, we become more conscious of our University. 

Student government in our federated University faced many problems — problems 
quite unlike those faced by our sister universities in Canada. It is the purpose of the 
Students' Administrative Council to provide a comprehensive programme of activities 
of interest to students in all fields of study, activities which will bring together students 
from all faculties and colleges of the University. It is my sincere hope that this year 
the Students' Administrative Council has to some extent met the unique challenge of 
student government within a federated structure. I believe that we were justified in 
initiating such projects as the Freshman Orientation Programme, The Student Con- 
ference on Creative Writing in Canada, Agamemnon, The Varsity Weekend Review, the 
Student Charter Flight and the Winter Carnival, for each of these was undertaken in 
the interest of the student body of the entire University. It will remain to future 
Councils to improve upon these projects and to expand them. 

The University of Toronto has become a large community. Although there are 
many who are critical of the large university, we have in our four years, come to 
realize that the advantages which a large community can offer far outweigh the appeal 
of the smaller college. For if there is a practical end to university, surely it is that of 
training good members for society; in the words of Caidinal Newman, "its art is the 
art of social life and its end is fitness for the world." On a large campus, crisscrossed 
by the major arteries of a rapidly growing city, we have not been far removed from 
the society for which we are preparing. 

In closing I would like to emphasize that those of us who graduate in 1962 are not 
leaving the University of Toronto — in one sense we are only joining it now, for in 
convocation we are admitted into that great University of Toronto family, now 
numbering some 80,000. It is a renowned family and one whose members have made 
outstanding contributions to mankind. In many respects the task before our graduating 
class is greater than any which preceded it, for the world which we now serve has 
never before demanded so much of its leaders and of its citizenry. Our greatest hopes 
spring from the knowledge fhat we have been well prepared to meet the challenge 
before us. 






Students' Administrative Council 

BACK ROW: Bill Russell (Knox), John Hayes (Wycliffe, A.V.R. Chairman, Hart House Board of Stewarts), Ned Bellamy (S.M.C., University Comm.), Larry 

Smith (U.C., Library Comm.), Graham Taylor (Social Work), Allen Beech (Emmanuel, Weekends Comm.), Ben Veldhoen (Forestry, Men's Athletic Rep.), Bill 

Musgrove (Victoria, Varsity Co-Editor), David Sinclair (Wycliffe), Patrick Gray (Trinity, Educational Comm.), Ozzie Schmidt (S.G.S.). 

SECOND: Emmet Lyons (O.C.E.), Terry Kearns (Dents, Blue and White Chairman), Nellie Andrew (Dents), Margaret Fisher (Victoria, Toronfonensi's Editor), 

Judy Caldecott (O.C.E.), Claire Shoemaker (York, Student Service Comm.), Cathy Higgins (S.M.C., Settlement Rep.), Judy Ransom (Trinity, W.U.S.), Nancy 

Hogarth (P.O.T., Music Comm.), Jeanne Hurst (Music), Renate Tannenzapf (Pharmacy, NFCUS), Audrey Gertsman (U.C.), Dick Jones (S.P.S., U.T.D.U.), 

Barry Brooker (P.H.E.). 

FRONT: Gordon Bragg (S.P.S., Publications Comm.), Gary Ashby (Meds, National Affairs Comm.), Arden Spence (Exec. Assistant), Stephen Borins 

(Speaker), Marc Somerville (Victoria, President), Anne Williams (Victoria, Vice-Pres.), M. F. Murrill (Accountant), Professor G. R. Slemon (Staff Advisor), 

Donald Milne (Law, Finance Comm.). 

ABSENT: E. A. Macdonald (Secretary-Treasurer), Professor P. W. Fox (Staff Adviser), Larry Brodeur (Arch., Art Comm.), David Griner (Victoria, Varsity 

Co-Editor), Lavina Lickley (Meds, Women's Athletic Rep.), Marilee Brown (Nursing, Inter-Faculty Comm.). 

A university-wide consciousness was Council's main 
theme this year, achieved despite the vast geographical and 
educational diversity of this campus. New ideas and projects 
have been adopted and instituted to promote this unity, 
undertakings which have generated excitement and enthusi- 
asm in Council and among the entire student body. Out- 
standing highlights in a busy year were S.A.C. sponsorship 
of the Student Conference on Creative Writing in Canada, 
a charter flight to Europe, the first Harvard exchange, and 
U. of TVs first, overwhelmingly successful Winter Carnival. 

Marc Somerville, S.A.C. President, has contributed a 
wise, dynamic leadership, winning respect not only on this 
campus, but in universities across Canada for his ability as 
administrator and originator of student government policies. 

The Blue and White Society, chaired by Terry Kearns, 
has had an extremely successful year. Outstanding high- 
lights were two innovations, the Freshman Welcome and 
the Winter Carnival, both organized and directed by Charles 
Snelling. the latter with Co-Chairman Chris Snyder. Over 
3,000 freshmen were introduced to the University at the 
"Welcome" in September and more than 7.000 students 
participated in the Carnival in February, which boasted a 
full and varied three-day programme. 

The U.T.D.U. has instituted a new policy of concentrating 
on debates within Canada, rather than emphasizing debates 
in the United States. Dick Jones (Chairman) and Judy 
Caldecott organized a vigorous Model Parliament. 

Under the leadership of Patrick Gray, with Lavina 
Lickley as elected member, the Education Committee 
organized the provocative and well-attended Buckley-Lewis 
debate, followed later in the year by lectures on African 
and Eskimo Affairs. 

Ned Bellamy, as Chairman of the University Committee, 
worked tirelessly with David Sinclair, Co-Chairman, to 
submit a thorough and thoughtful report on a proposal 
for a Student Union. 

Ned also chaired the special Scholarship Committee 
which investigated the whole question of student aid. After 
careful deliberation the Committee approved of participa- 
tion in student aid in principle and moved to allocate SI, 500 
annually to a university in the needy areas of Africa, Asia 
or South America. The Canadian Overseas Volunteers 
Committee on campus, under Ozzie Schmidt as Regional 
Secretary, has been designated as the co-ordinating body 
for Canadian University Service Overseas for this year. 

Nancy Hogarth's Music Committee, with Bill Russell as 
its active elected member, has also had a bus\. expansive 
year. New uniforms and instruments helped give the Blue 
and White Band a new impetus and appeal. The Orchestra 
and Chorus held three concerts, two of them jointly, per- 
forming to full houses appreciative of the well-rehearsed 
programmes of considerable quality. Noon-Hour Concerts 
were continued. One of the highlights of the Winter Carnival 
was the Folk Singing Concert sponsored by this Committee. 


J»^A» Vri« 

Larry Brodeur, Art Committee Chairman, designed a 
new notice board for the S.A.C. Office. 

John Hayes, harassed A.V.R. Chairman, and his able 
assistant, Ben Veldhoen, deserve applause for this year's 
exciting venture into music-drama — Agamemnon. The new 
liaison established by John with the U.T.D.C. has helped 
create a wide scope for future all-campus productions. 

Hard-working but little publicized were Don Milne, 
Jeanne Hurst, Emmet Lyons and Larry Smith of the 
Finance Commission. Don, especially, handled with dex- 
terity the enormous problem of keeping Council activities 
on a sound financial basis. 

Student Services, under Claire Shoemaker, with Nellie 
Andrew and Cathy Higgins, got the campus to bleed 
liberally and worked in close co-operation with the Uni- 
versity Settlement House. 

The Publications Commission, under Gordon Bragg's 
guidance, ably assisted by Audrey Gertsman and John 
Hayes, was responsible for a Freshman Handbook com- 
pletely up-dated by editor Charles Snelling and distributed 
to 4,000 freshmen. The Commission also published a new 
and valuable supplement to the Varsity each Friday, saw 
the Varsity go up 15% in circulation and win the Southam 
Trophy along with U.B.C. It produced a new and even 
bigger 'Nensis and a bigger, better and more appropriately 
timed Jargon. 

Steve Borins, this year's Speaker, with a rare combination 
of firmness and humour, helped the Council through an 
amazing volume of business with dispatch and aplomb. Mr. 
Macdonald and Mr. Murrill were, of course, indispensable 
and Arden Spence a faithful attendant at all commission 
and major committee meetings. President Bissell's repre- 
sentatives on the Council were Professor G. R. Slemon and 
Professor P. W. Fox. Professor Slemon, especially, was an 
indefatigable participant in Council activities. 

One of the bigger segments of Council is the National 
Affairs Commission, composed of Gary Ashby (Commis- 
sioner), Renate Tannenzapf (NFCUS Chairman), Judy 
Ransom (WUS Chairman) and Allen Beech (Weekends 
Chairman). The Weekends Committee continued the enjoy- 
able and valuable Tar Heel and Carabin exchanges and 
initiated a most successful exchange with Harvard. 

Who put the mousetrap in this cup? 

Once upon a time. 

Fun at Caledon. 

N.F.C.U.S. started the year's full programme with its 
National Congress in Kingston in September. This Congress 
showed an interesting revision in attitude vis-a-vis Latin 
America. !t decided to present briefs on bilingualism and 
tax-sharing to the Government on National Student Day. 
In the summer NFCUS will be host to the International 
Student Conference at Laval. The Toronto NFCUS Com- 
mittee organized and administered a Student Conference 
on Creative Writing in Canada. Representatives from the 
thirty-eight NFCUS member universities were invited to 

The WUS Committee ran a record SHARE campaign, 
held a successful Treasure Van sale, and again co-operated 
with the WUS National Committee in choosing four 
Toronto delegates to participate in the WUS Summer 
Seminar to be held this year in Poland. 

It was a heavy year for conferences in National Affairs. 
Delegates were sent to the Sir George Williams' conference 
on 'The Causes of War," to the Laval "Congres des 
Affaires Canadiennes," to the Manitoba Conference on 
Commonwealth Affairs, to the McGill Conference on World 
Affairs, to the SCONA conference in Texas, to the NFCUS 
national seminar in Ottawa, to the Third NATO seminar at 
Assumption, to the Canadian Conference on Education in 
Montreal and to the Toronto Conference on Creative 


Students' Administrative Council 
Honour Award Winners 

BACK ROW: Warden McCulley, John Brant, Ann Chudleigh, Rodney Archer, Alan Walker, Chris Snyder, Reverend David Sinclair, Larry Smith, 

Alexander Leggatt, Robert Fisher. 

SECOND: John Nicholls, Paul Paterson, Ronald Stee, Gordon Bragg, George Baird, Charles Snelling, Daniel Goidstick, Gary Ashby, Alfred Weinstock, 

Keith Acheson, Viiu Kanep, Mike Chykaliuk. 

FIRST: E. A. Macdonald (General Secretary-Treasurer), Judy Caldecott, John Wood, Nancy Hogarth, Terry Kearns, Anne Williams, Mare Somerville, 

Dr. C. T. Bissell, Margaret Fisher, Bill Musgrove, Gabrielle Kubinyi, Douglas Boyd, Judy Pullen. 

ABSENT: Jeremy Johnston, David Griner, Hugh Kirkpatrick, Richard Alway, Maxwell Rotstein. 

University of Toronto Dinner 

Initiated in 1958 by the Students' Administrative Council, 
the University of Toronto Dinner pays tribute each year to the 
leading members of the graduating class nominated by their 
fellow students as candidates for the University Honour Award. 
The Banquet, attended by over one hundred and fifty exceptional 

graduates, is held in recognition of their outstanding qualities 
of character and their notable contribution to some phase of 
undergraduate life academic achievement, administrative work, 
journalism, dramatics, debating, music or athletics. 


The Honour Award 

The HONOUR AWARD of the Students' Administrative Council is granted to those 
students in their graduating vear who have contributed most notably to the undergraduate life 
of the University as a whole. The recipients are determined by an Honour Awards Committee 
on the basis of nominations received from the individual colleges and faculties. Honour Award 
Keys and Certificates were presented this year by President Bissell at the Fourth Annual 
University of Toronto Banquet. 

Trinity College 

St. Michael's College 


Trinity College 


Faculty of Medicine 


School of Architecture 


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 

Ontario College of Education 

Trinity College 


University College 


Trinity College 


Victoria College 


University College 


Victoria College 

Physical and Occupational Therapy 


Faculty of Law 


University College 


Faculty of Dentistry 


Trinity College 


University College 


University College 


Victoria College 

Trinity College 


Faculty of Music 


Physical and Health Education 


Faculty of Law 


Wycliffe College 


University College 

Faculty of Medicine 


Trinity College 


Victoria College 


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 

Victoria College 


Faculty of Dentistry 

Victoria College 


Victoria College 


The Blue and White Society 

BACK ROW: Chris Snyder, Tom Gladney, Jim Dryden, Don Macaulay, Grant MacDonald, John Fuke, 

Jim Welsh, Jim Walker, Charles Snelling. 

SECOND: Ralph Grose, Don Cornish, Berne Reesor, Ann Schrand, Helen Hassard, Penny Cosgrove, 

Bridgila Dobel, Marg Chapman, Bob Steele, Tom Coohill, Paul Gardiner. 

FRONT: Lynn Williams, Marg Freeh, Marilyn Chopnick, Terry Kearns (Chairman), Marg Craw, Lynda 

Haggans, Cathy Miller. 

They're here, just wait! 

It's a woman's world 


The Saga of 

the Blue and White 

For Blue and White members, a unique year indeed, 
Another great "first*', and with Terry to lead, 
The reps from each college and faculty too. 
Have much to be proud of in year '62. 

Orientation way back in the fall 

Was designed with great care to help newcomers all. 

Discover activities now offered here, 

To newly fledged members of the Freshman Year. 

To each football game we went, despite the weather, 
Well clad and proud in a Blue and White sweater. 
The T-dances after were given for those 
Who, hoping for victory, must dance away woes. 

The Blue and White dances each Saturday night 
Helped end football weekends in a manner just right. 
Dancing in Hart House to orchestras four 
In the Great Hall, the "Quad", or the second floor. 

When football season is over and past, 
The Blue and White plans for December come fast, 
And with it, new ideas for the Christmas Tree, 
Where students wish others a holiday spree. 

Returning after Christmas with unusual vigour. 
The Blue and White met to discuss things much bigger. 
Our year of firsts was not nearly through; 
The plans for our Carnival gave plenty to do. 

I'm selling tickets 

I love you too 

The opening of the ice palace 


As courageous co-chairmen, Charlie and Chris 

So guided ideas that none went amiss. 

And starting from scratch, with high hopes and nerve, 

Towards second of February we did swerve. 

Our obstacles greater than anyone dared, 
We drove ever onwards and no work was spared ; 
Phoning and writing and hoping for snow, 
The great Winter Carnival promised good show. 

As the time grew closer and enthusiasm ran high, 
We decided to give some snow-shoeing a try. 
From Elgin Mills in the middle of night, 
We trundled to Hart House each looking a sight. 

Bags under the eyes and our feet mighty sore, 
Each promising that he would snow-shoe no more, 
We claimed a world's record of seventeen miles. 
Only the Blue and White finished with smiles. 

The Carnival's over, but thoughts linger on ; 
Such unique pleasures are not really gone. 
Though our year of "firsts" is now almost passed, 
Our memories and laughter are things that will last. 












Head Cheerleader 

BACK ROW: George Huovinen, Gary Ashby, Barbara Tomlinson, Larry Kurtz, Judy Pullen, Paul King, 

Bill Shambrook. 

FRONT: Gail Mcintosh, Joan Stevens, Carolyn Harris, Judy Pritchard, Dorothy Chapman, Johanne Bennett. 




Majorettes and Band 

Head Mojorette 








4. . ^ ^ 

Friday night at the Ice Show 

•^ ^%A* 

1 7 





• *»• 

cr' t-*.^*v 




Maria and Otto Jelinek 

Torchlight parade 

The Brothers Four 

What goes on backstage 


Great art 

The Weekend Included 

Folk singing . 

Tests of skill 




There were moments of seriousness 

of hard work 

and of panic. 


Thursday morning panel. 

Creative Writers' 

Dr. Desmond Pacey — 
"The Creative Writer in the 
Canadian Milieu." 

Vince Kelly and Peter Dembski 
co-chairmen of Canada's first 
Writers' Conference. 

Saturday Morning Panel: M. P. Traudeau, Miss J. MacPherson, the moderator, 0. Pacey, I. Layton. 

Delegates in the Music Room. 


University of Toronto Chorus 

Conductor: Walter Barnes. 

Assistant Conductor: David Rosevear. 

The University of Toronto Chorus, in its three concert 
presentations, has gained the praise of many music critics 
for its pure tone, its impeccable diction, its balance, and 
its ability to blend its voices. The Chorus' main emphasis 
is on unaccompanied singing and subdued voices, and all 
numbers are sacred works. Conductor Walter Barnes 
strives for a pure tone, different from trained voice tone. 
In the Intervarsity Choral Festival in Guelph, with O.A.C., 
McMaster and Western Universities participating, the 
U. of T. group was lauded for its unique type of choralism. 

Besides the festival, the Chorus gave two Toronto con- 
certs with the U. of T. orchestra, one in December and one 
as part of the Winter Carnival weekend. The Christmas 
concert included light Christmas music and carols from 
sixteenth century to modern works, and two selections with 
the orchestra from Handel's Messiah. At the Winter 
Carnival the chorus sang sacred numbers ranging from 
sixteenth century English composers to Healey Willan and 
Stravinsky. The Chorus plans a larger schedule next year, 
and will initiate a weekend tour of several Ontario centres. 

University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra 

The University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra is an 
organization which exists on campus as a recreational 
activity for students who, having studied an instrument, 
wish to participate in ensemble playing. The orchestra per- 
forms publicly a number of times during the academic year. 

During the past season the symphony was reorganized by 
Milton Barnes, graduate conductor of the Vienna Academy 
of Music. With a group of about forty people, they per- 
formed at the Christmas concert in Hart House and again 
at the Winter Carnival. Upon the invitation of Mr. Paul 
Berg, musical director of Waterloo University, they con- 
cluded the year's activity with an out-of-town concert at 
Waterloo University. The orchestra has been invited to 
return next season. 

Several quotes from local critiques on the concerts of 
last year run as follows: 

"A happy blend of youthful zest and disciplined artistry 
distinguished the performance of the University of Toronto 
Symphony Orchestra in their Christmas concert at Hart 
House last night" . . . Frank Haworth, Globe and Mail. 

"There were many heartfelt climaxes, poignantly articu- 
lated dramatic outbursts, suave tempo changes and honest 
attempts to do justice to the melodic beauty of both scores" 

. . . Udo Kasemets, Toronto Star 

"Those who may have been expecting rather amateurish 
performances were agreeably surprised at the skill displayed 
by this well-balanced, 38-piece group under Milton Barnes. 
There was a bite and incisiveness to the orchestra's playing 
which together with good balance and a wide dynamic range 
enhanced the readings" ... W. S. Pitcher, Kitchener- 
Waterloo Record 

For the coming 19.62-63 season the Symphony will offer 
four concerts on campus as well as an out-of-town trip. 
Works to be performed are from the standard orchestral 
literature and will range from the Baroque to the Modern. 

The rehearsals take place at the Howard Ferguson Hall, 
in the Sir Daniel Wilson Residence. Sectional Rehearsals: 
on Tuesday. Winds and Brass from 6-7.30 p.m.; Strings 
from 7.30-9.00 on Thursday. Rehearsals will begin early 
in September. 


The National Affairs 


The National Affairs Commission, which has just com- 
pleted its second year, is composed of the S.A.C. President 
(Marc Somerville. Vic), the S.A.C. Vice-President (Anne 
Williams, Vic), the W.U.S. Committee Chairman (Judy 
Ransom, Trim), the N.F.C.U.S. Committee Chairman 
(Renate Tannenzapf, Pharm.), the Weekends Committee 
Chairman (Allen Beech, Emm.), and the National Affairs 
Commissioner (Gary Ashby, Meds.). 

This year two important new undertakings formed part 
of the commission's programme. The First Creative Writers' 
Conference was held on our campus, from February 22-25, 
under the guidance of Peter Dembski and Vince Kelly and 
their hard-working committees. An exchange with Harvard 
University was undertaken, as well as our two previously 
existing weekend exchanges, Carabin, (Universite de Mont- 
real), and Tarheel (University of North Carolina). 

As well as co-ordinating the activities of the W.U.S. 
Committee, the N.F.C.U.S. Committee and the Weekend 
Exchange Committee, the National Affairs Commission is 
also responsible for the University's representation at 
national and international student conferences and seminars. 

This year we sent delegates to the McGill Conference on 
World Affairs, the Sir George Williams Conference on 
International Affairs, the Student Conference on National 
Affairs at Texas A. &.M. College, the Manitoba Conference 
on Commonwealth Affairs, and Le Congres Des Affaires 
Canadiennes at Laval. 

It is regrettable that more students are not aware of the 
unique opportunities that these conferences offer, and in 
this regard the conference at Laval University deserves 
special mention. This, the first of its kind in Canada, had 
for its topic "The Canadian Experiment — Success or 

BACK ROW: A. Beech, M. Somerville. 
FRONT: J. Ransom, G. Ashby, A. Williams. 
ABSENT: R. Tannenzapf. 

In conclusion, it is significant that in all the activities ot 
this commission there has been a deliberate emphasis 
placed on the importance of better understanding and 
increased co-operation between English-speaking and 
French-speaking students in Canada. 

Since true understanding is impossible without a sound 
knowledge of both languages of our native land, it is hoped 
that all Canadian university students will realize that this 
language barrier is one of our country's most crucial 
problems, and one which English-Canadians have been 
most delinquent in attempting to overcome. 

For a solution the National Affairs Commission looks 
hopefully to the students — and to the future. 

N.F.C.U.S. National Seminar 

Eight delegates from the University of Toronto attended 
the four-year-old National Federation of Canadian Uni- 
versity Students Seminar, held in the first week of September 
at McMaster University. The comprehensive programme 
included seven eminent speakers from Canada, the United 
States and England, four panels whose members were 
authorities on the various topics under discussion, side-trips 
to Stratford, to Niagara Falls or Toronto, and several 
parties and banquets. 

The general title of the Seminar was "The Individual and 
Society." The agenda was arranged so that there was time 
for a question period from the floor after the speeches. 
Small group discussions, organized and spontaneous, were 
held at night and over many cups of coffee. The seminar 
began with a general discussion of the fundamental relations 
and problems of the individual in modern society, then 
narrowed down to more specific consideration of modern 
social and political ideologies, freedom and authority, the 

economics of affluence and poverty, the effects of technology, 
culture and conformity, religion, the churches and morality, 
education as the responsibility of society and of the indi- 
vidual, and the social, economic cultural, political and 
military implications of the Soviet challenge. 

The McMaster planning committee outdid themselves in 
providing for the 136 delegates from across Canada all the 
comfort and enjoyment possible. The trains were met and 
bus transportation provided; the students were housed in 
the new McMaster residences; the cafeteria provided good 
meals each day; faculty advisers and speakers spent as 
much extra time as they could answering an infinite number 
of questions. The programme was planned in order to gi\e 
the delegates an adequate amount of time to themselves, 
which was much appreciated during the hot spell. The 
speakers and panelists took their tasks seriously and pro- 
vided a most enjoyable week of intellectual stimulation. 



1. To provide writers of student newspapers and maga- 
zines from Universities across Canada an opportunity to 
exchange ideas. 

2. To enable all these students to meet and hear people 
who now are the nucleus of Canadian writing . . . Northrop 
Frye, Yves Theriaut, Robertson Davies, Marsh Jeanneret, 
Robert Fulford and several others. 

3. To present the practical aspects of writing by publishers 
on topics such as how to go about having work published, 
and what type of material is wanted. 


Queen's University received the National Congress man- 
date to organize this novel project, particularly for Ontario. 
Thus, in May, teams of a professor and one senior student 
will visit schools within a certain radius of Toronto in 
order to drum up some interest in higher education. York 
University and Ryerson will be joining us in this venture 
and so the appeal is not for Varsity alone. 


1. Next fall during registration a system will be initiated 
so that every student will have a N.F.C.U.S. card. 

2. Lists of stores and services within the city which will 
honour a card by a 10-15% discount have been compiled. 

3. Plans are being made for the N.F.C.U.S. cards to 
replace A.T.L. cards at University functions as they have 
on many other campi, to make students more aware of 
their part in the Canadian academic community. We hope, 
too, that there may be a recognized usage of these Identifica- 
tion cards on campi other than one's own, particularly on 
exchange and football weekends. 

National Federation 

of Canadian 
University Students 


1. "Unity in NATO" at Assumption University in 
February, to which one Canadian student and two students 
from NATO countries were sent. 

2. Regional N.F.C.U.S. Congress for Ontario at the 
University of Western Ontario in January. The Presidents 
of S.A.C., Chairmen of the local committees, and several 
other delegates from each of the eight universities gathered 
for a stimulating and productive weekend. 

3. The National Seminar at McMaster University from 
September 1-8 with the topic "The Individual and Society." 

4. National N.F.C.U.S. Congress at Queen's University, 
September 28-October 3, at which U. of T. was ably 


1. Literary contests: the winning entries here are sent on 
to the National contest for big prizes. 

2. The travel department makes available literature for 
Canadian students who wish to travel, study or work over- 
seas. An International Student Identity Card is available 
from the secretary in Ottawa; it is most valuable for dis- 
counts in other countries! 

3. The N.F.C.U.S. Life Plan is available to students at 
low cost. 

II Til 


■ ■'All 'A 1 II 'A' 


Delegates at the N.F.C.U.S. National Seminar held at McMaster University. 



W.U.S. Summer Seminar 

Canada and Canadian universities are, by their geographic positions, isolated 
from the rest of the world. Many students in Canada feel a deep sense of remoteness 
from both national and international issues. They are unaware of the problems of 
their country in the world context and therefore tend to become apathetic and indiffer- 
ent. Yet today the vast changes taking place in countries that were once distant lands 
have a significance to Canadians as real as the changes at home. This demands a more 
positive and active approach on the part of Canadians. Mankind's destiny will not 
be determined by geographical barriers or an unrealistic posture of self-sufficiency. 

Since 1948, World University Service of Canada has attempted to meet the need 
for responsible and informed thinking about international issues. By means of a 
programme of seminars, held annually in different parts of the world, W.U.S.C. has 
provided a carefully selected group of students and professors with the opportunity 
of exchanging views within an international context. 

The basic aims of the programme are: 

1. To bring Canadian students and professors into informal and intellectual 
contact with their colleagues in other countries. 

2. To provide them with an insight and understanding of the peoples, problems 
and attitudes of other nations. 

3. To confront them with values, cultures and customs different from their own. 

4. To interpret Canada to the people of the area visited. 

These international seminars have been held in Germany, Ghana, Japan, Yugo- 
slavia, the West Indies, India, France and Israel. 

Last summer the seminar was held in Sweden, and the University of Toronto was 
represented by Symon Zysman (U.C.), Arlene Glickman (U.C.), George Baird (Arch.), 
and Gary Ashby (Meds.). 

A valuable innovation of the seminar in Sweden was a study project for each 
individual student. The projects ranged from juvenile delinquency to Swedish neu- 
trality, but each one was related to the main theme of the seminar: "The Role of the 
Individual and the State." 

This summer the seminar will be held in Poland, and in following years it will take 
place in such widely varying sites as Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America. 




World University Service is an international university 
organization concerned with creating an atmosphere for 
learning and for international co-operation within the 
academic community. It is dedicated to the ideal of a 
university community transcending all barriers of race, 
nationality, and creed. W.U.S. of Canada has 31 local 
committees at colleges and universities across the country, 
each one carrying out a threefold programme — material 
aid to students and faculties in needy universities; education 
programmes; scholarship and study programmes. 

The U. of T. committee of W.U.S. , under Chairman Judy 
Ransom and Vice-Chairman Bruce Stavert, has experienced 
a most active year in organizing this programme. Ideas and 
inspiration were provided at the W.U.S.C. National Assem- 
bly at Carleton University, Ottawa, which the Chairman 
and Secretary, Diane Bushell, plus faculty member, Profes- 
sor Hoeniger, attended during Thanksgiving weekend. 

September was a busy month for Judy Ryerson, who 
organized the reception of the Canada Council and Com- 
monwealth Scholars. The liaison with F.R.O.S. was con- 
tinued through the year by Dave Scroggie and Dawn 

Much of the time and effort of the college representatives 
was spent in raising funds to implement W.U.S. "self-help" 
projects in underdeveloped countries. This year, the SHARE 
campaign under the experienced chairmanship of John 
Nicholls raised over $6,000.00 from staff and students for 
the International Programme of Action. In addition, the 
Treasure Van sale of international handicrafts brought in 
nearly $4,000.00, thanks to the devoted work of Betty 
Lou Taylor and her committee. 

A U. of T. pilot project, in the expert hands of Sammy 
Johnston, has been the collection of drugs and scientific 
journals as "gifts-in-kind." Our success will indicate to the 
National Committee whether such a project should be 
carried out all across Canada. 

Caledon Hills Farm was the scene of our annual W.U.S. 
Seminar in December. About 40 students of mixed nationali- 

Ugemo restaurant, Tunis — meals for Algerian Refugee students. 

J&-#£ ULa 

W.U.S. raises funds to aid building of housing units in Chile, 
University of Concescion. 

ties enjoyed an entertaining and informative weekend 
through the planning of Peter McGaw, Barb Thompson 
and Art Rowe. Discussion on "Imperialism and its Enemies" 
was varied with saunas, square-dancing and sumptuous 
meals. A Sunday trip into the country arranged by Dale 
Hayes offered another opportunity for informal discussion 
between Canadian and foreign students. 

Last year's delegates to the Summer Seminar in Sweden, 
Gary Ashby, George Baird, Arlene Glickman and Sy 
Zysman, were in great demand as speakers both on and 
off campus. The selection of delegates for the 1962 Seminar 
has been under the direction of George Baird. Vincent 
Kelly, Judy Ransom and Arthur Pape will be representing 
the University of Toronto in Poland. 

At the end of term a series of lectures were presented for 
prospective European travellers. Judy Ryerson produced 
some excellent speakers and a vast fund of information. 
The Committee is much indebted to Professors Hoeniger, 
Rathe and Whitely for their guidance and help in all our 
W.U.S. activities. This year we have succeeded in making 
W.U.S. a truly staff-student organization. 

The year ended in a gay fashion with a cocktail party to 
thank all those whose enthusiasm and hard work have 
contributed to a highly successful W.U.S. year. 

Problems of Imperialism show 
on the faces of students at the 
W.U.S. Caledon Seminar. 


University of Toronto 

BACK ROW: Don Carlysle, Vic Riley, John Greisman, Jerry Birenbaum. 

FRONT: Pal Halliwell, Judy Caldecott, Dick Jones (Chairman), David Higgins (I.U.D.L. President). 

This year has seen a substantial change in the form of the 
University of Toronto Debating Union. As a result of the 
report of a committee established by last year's Union, 
a constitutional amendment was passed this fall which con- 
siderably streamlined the organization and will in the future 
allow the Union to be more effective in the expansion of its 
activities that must follow from the continued growth of the 
University. The change really amounts to dividing the 
Union in two parts: a representative body, and a separate 
executive committee; the first to "advise and consent" policy 
implemented by the second. Hence we can see that some of 
the cumbersome administrative nature of the old Union has 
been removed without sacrificing any of its representative 
or liaison function. It is anticipated that as the wholesale 
reconstruction of the Union and its many activities con- 
tinues there will be further necessary changes. 

Despite the inevitable confusion that accompanies change, 
this year has not been an inactive one. Activity was slow 

in getting underway in the fall, since the old Constitution 
had been scrapped by last year's Union and a new draft 
had to undergo several rewritings before it received accep- 
tance. The debating team's activities were delayed even 
further while it was established that the Union has the 
power to co-opt members to the team. As a result the team 
was not finally formed until Christmastime. However, since 
most of their activity is in the spring, this did not seriously 
hamper their programme. 

This year has seen some improvement in the inter-faculty 
debating field, largely due to the initiative of individual 
Union representatives. The individual colleges and faculties 
have indicated that they do not wish to debate in some kind 
of cross-campus debating league with a rigid schedule. It is 
therefore apparent that the Union can best fulfill its responsi- 
bilities in this field by actively encouraging the interested 
groups by means of an interfaculty co-ordinator and the 
provision of judges and speakers. This will have to be 
developed by next year's Union. 


Debating Union 

The University of Toronto Debating Team has been very 
active this year. It should be noted that the University of 
Toronto is now providing full support to the Inter-Uni- 
versity Debating League. This year's President of the IUDL 
is a member of the Union, David Higgins (III Vic). Under 
his leadership the IUDL has had one of its most successful 
years and has finally shown itself to be a valuable institution. 

In January the campus politicians once again took over 
Queen's Park for one of the most successful Model Parlia- 
ments in recent history. Under the direction of Judy 
Caldecott (OCE), this year's Model Parliament was very 
well organized and saw high standard of debate set and 
maintained. For the second year in a row, the Liberals 

formed a government and brought down a programme of 
legislation on Economics, Foreign Policy and Defence. As 
a result of considerable constructive criticism a committee 
has been set up to look into possible changes in the format 
of Model Parliament. 

This has been in every sense of the word a year of transi- 
tion for the University of Toronto Debates Union. The 
Union has survived the changes remarkably well. It can 
now be said that a basis has been established upon which 
future Unions will be best able to fulfill the purpose of the 
Union, which is "to maintain and promote active Forensic 
Arts both on the campus and with the students of other 

Debating Team 

BACK ROW: Michael Marrus, Walter Fox, Howard Simmons, Jerry Birenbaur 
FRONT: Peter Wilson, Dick Jones (U.T.D.U. Chairman), John Greisman. 



University of Toronto 

University of Montreal 

With a B.U.D. 

Chevaliers de la table ronde. 




A Zff»~:"f 

Ou est le T-bar? 

Ms ne sonl pas separatistes! 

Apres vous! 


'Democracy in a changing world. 


At Toronto, November 16-19 

Chairmen: ALLEN BEECH (Emmanuel) 
JOHN WOOD (Victoria) 
Staff Advisor: DONALD F. FORSTER 

— (Political Economy) 

Ken G. Bream Victoria 

Robert J. Buchan Trinity 

Marvin A. Catzman , Law 

Emo A. Ciprietti S.G.S. 

David W. Conklin Victoria 

Patricia A. Earle Trinity 

Carolyn Fisher St. Michael's 

Charles Freedman U.C 

Michael Galway Law 

Northrop Frye addresses the exchange. 

Intellectuals galore. 


A study of North American society. 


At Harvard, February 9-1 1 

Robert Galway Medicine 

Richard M. Gladstone Medicine 

Gerry Godsoe U.C. 

Ravindra N. Gupta S.G.S. 

Donald A. Johns Emmanuel 

F. W. Orde Morton S.G.S. 

Elizabeth A. O'Brien St. Michael's 

Michael Pare St. Michael's 

Catherine Pick Victoria 

Richard B. Potter U.C. 

Alvin A. Shapiro U.C. 

James R. Shooter S.G.S. 

Marc Somerville Victoria 

Cynthia Wechsler U.C. 

Gerald C. V. Wright Trinity 

In discussion 


around the campus. 


The Harvard students tour the U. of T. campus. 


University of Toronto 


University of North Carolina 

Y'all twist!! 




Relaxing outdoors 

and in. 


Y'all come and see us now!! 


Leslie Mulholland 

*c =a 



Dave Greenwood 



Presented by the S.A.C. 

This year the S.A.C. departed from the usual 
A.V.R. tradition to present a serious music-drama. 
Set in the ancient Homeric world, the power of the 
text was greatly heightened by a continuous and 
integrated musical accompaniment. This bold experi- 
ment was hailed by the critics as an impressive and 
exciting production of professional standards. 


Music by 
Paul Robinson 

Script by 
David Humphreys 


The Snake Charmer 

the Cook 

in India. 



Ceylon: A village Sunday market. 


f m 


A life of 
toil for the 

Take inspiration from a book, add two energetic founders, 
and mix with an enthusiastic group of graduating students. 
That's how Canadian Overseas Volunteers has been success- 
fully established on the University of Toronto campus. 

The book. To Plow With Hope, was written by Canadian 
external aid specialist, Dr. D. K. Faris. Youthful volunteers, 
he thought, could inject the human touch of friendship 
and understanding that is lacking in many technical aid 
programmes. The founders? Keith Spicer. at that time in 
U. of T.'s graduate school, and lawyer F. C. Stinson, 
Conservative M.P. for York Centre. The enthusiastic 
students? Fifteen of them, representing the provinces from 
New Brunswick to British Columbia, are now working in 
India, Ceylon and Sarawak. 

The idea has already spread to Laval, which has sent one 
volunteer and hopes to send more this summer. 

At U. of T. this year, under the guidance of Ozzie 
Schmidt (S.G.S.) and a staff advisory committee headed by 
Prof. Keyfitz, a second group of eager students has been 
training to fill about twenty positions in Asia. 

Beginning in November, nine two-hour orientation ses- 
sions for prospective volunteers are held on Saturday 
mornings in Hart House. Each meeting involves a lecture 
and discussion of Asian history and culture, and of problems 
volunteers might encounter. 

Applicants then appear before the selection board in late 
February. After considering the "motives, specialized 
knowledge or capacities, intellectual maturity, emotional 
stability, and physical health" of the candidates, the com- 
mittee must determine which of the group will become 
Canadian Overseas Volunteers. 

After exams, every volunteer undergoes intensive train- 
ing, including practice in the appropriate Asian language. 
It is a keen and well-oriented contingent which leaves for 
Asia in August. 

Volunteers contract to serve for at least one year in rural 
areas. They receive a living allowance only from the host 
country. In Canada, Mr. Stinson directs fund-raising to 
gather $2,000 per volunteer, which covers transportation 
costs, a contingency fund, and a small re-establishment 
grant. The volunteers themselves collect much of the money, 
by speaking to businessmen, service clubs and friends. 

Interested? Adaptable? If you are a graduating (or 
graduated!) student, C.O.V. is interested in you. Volunteers 
now in the field include two public health nurses (Silvia 
Silverton and Grethe Dahl), a bank manager's assistant 
(6T1 commerce and finance graduate Bill McWhinney). 
seven teachers (PHE graduate Sally Bambridge. arts gradu- 
ates Elizabeth Carruthers, Dick Hamilton. Anne Jones, 
Steve Woollcombe, and Helen Wooldridge. and engineer 
Clendon Wooldridge), a doctor (Huguette Leger. from 
Laval) and two with backgrounds from engineering (John 
Andrews and Edward Enkin), to political science and 
economics (Dale Posgate), to agriculture (John Wilcox) 
who are all working on rural development projects. 

The life of a volunteer can best be summed up in the 
words of C.O.V. Sally Bambridge, writing from India: 

"The lot of a Canadian Overseas Volunteer can be un- 
comfortable, shocking, and maddening: yet at the same 
time, be delightful, rewarding, and fascinating. 

"Here, life cannot be dull. In India, there are things to 
be learned, and thinns to be done." 

University Settlement 


Teamwork is the word to describe the way staff 
and volunteers complement each other in the work 
of the Settlement. Students are our best source of 
volunteers, especially for after-school activities. 
They may help children learn the skills of cooking, 
sewing, swimming, drama, crafts, etc., or guide a 
small club in planning and carrying out a variety of 
activities designed "to widen their horizons" and 
increase their satisfactions and social skills in work- 
ing and playing together. Another important service 
is teaching English to immigrants. Besides the 
satisfaction of helping others (staff work along 
with the volunteers and share their experience and 
give support and guidance to the work), volunteers 
find these experiences in working with people help- 
ful in preparing for careers in teaching, social 
work, etc. 


For many years University Settlement has 
operated a resident camp as an integral part of its 
programme. The camp is located on Gull Lake at 
Gravenhurst and is planned to accommodate 72 
children at a time. The majority of the campers 
come from the Settlement neighbourhood and are 
made up of boys and girls who are active in Settle- 
ment programme throughout the winter season. 
Each year many campers are helped to attend camp 
through the donations received from University 


A downtown centre for families and individuals 
living in central Toronto, and for others interested 
in its aims and activities. 

Founded by Sir Robert Falconer and faculty 
members of the University of Toronto, the Settle- 
ment has served residents of "The Grange" for 
more than fifty years. 

It is the aim of University Settlement to provide 
a friendly place for neighbours to meet, for people 
of many backgrounds to get to know and under- 
stand one another, for children and adults to learn 
new skills and develop talent. Through a neighbour- 
hood centre, people are encouraged to band together 
to develop community life. 

A neighbourhood service supported by the United Community Fund and the City of Toronto 




FRANK EDMONDS, a former Editor of the 
yearbook at College Militaire Royal, was 
Assistant Editor of the 1962 Torontonensis. 
frank planned the artwork for this year's 
book and was responsible for training the 
section editors and for co-ordinating their 
work. In recognition of his significant contri- 
bution. Frank, a second-year engineer, has 
been awarded the Torontonensis Pin. The 
many hours he has spent in becoming familiar 
with the details of producing this year's 
'Nensis have well qualified him for the posi- 
tion of Editor in 1963. 

Graduate Editor 

GWEN CAMPBELL held the most arduous 
and most thankless task on the Toronto- 
nensis. As Graduate Editor she organized a 
large staff and undertook to prepare for the 
press the biographies and photographs of the 
whole graduating class. She assumed com- 
plete responsibility for every facet of this large 
section of the book, thus taking a great deal 
of work from the editor's shoulders. Gwen 
has been awarded the Torontonensis Pin for 
her organizational ability, her sense of 
responsibility, and her many months of 
hard work. 

Always cheerful and enthusiastic, ANN 
MACPHERSON was a positive asset to this 
year's Torontonensis staff. In addition to 
working many hours on the Graduate Sec- 
tion, Ann played a strategic role in instituting 
the Friday afternoon sessions in the Arbour 


Assistant Editor 

MARG FISHER, in her second year as Editor- 
in-Chief, has succeeded in drawing together 
an interesting and original yearbook. Upon 
her shoulders have rested the responsibiliu 
for enlisting and training an editorial staff and 
for overseeing all phases of the book's pro- 
duction. From early in September, when the 
initial meetings of the staff were held, to late 
in May. when the final page proofs were sent 
to the printer, she has worked many long 
and sometimes trying hours. Marg is right- 
fully proud of the fact that Torontonensis is 
designed and printed entirely in Canada. 

The Torontonensis Pin 

The Torontonensis Pin is awarded each year to the members 
of the yearbook staff who have made an outstanding contribu- 
tion to its production, and have worked throughout the year 
in all phases of the book's preparation, giving willingly of 
their time and energy, and exhibiting initiative, enthusiasm 
and reliability. This year Gwen Campbell, Graduate Editor, 
and Frank Edmonds, Assistant Editor, have been awarded 
this pin in recognition of their valuable contribution. 



FAY SOBEL worked quietly and effi- 
ciently on this year's Graduate Section. 
Throughout the year she assisted in all 
phases of work in this section, correcting 
biography cards and galley proofs, and 
pasting grad pictures. In her first year at 
U.C., Fay will next year assume the duties 
of Graduate Editor. 

Graduate and Copy Staff 

NANCY TITLE (left) in second year U.C. and LINDA 

VINNELS in third year Vic have worked tirelessly through- 
out the year, proofreading hundreds of biography cards, 
pasting, phoning long lists of delinquent graduates, and 
generally assisting the Graduate Editor. 

Copy Editor 

MARGUERITE JENNINGS (above) brought 
her talent for rewriting and correcting copy 
to the 'Nensis. As Assistant Copy Editor, she 
corrected articles and biog. cards and read the 
graduate galley proofs. INGRID KEYLWERTH 
(above left) and JACKIE STUART (left) were 
diligent and dependable workers, both in the 
graduate section and in proofreading and 

BEV HANAGAN, graduating this year 
from Victoria, competently performed 
her duties as Copy Editor. She trained 
and organized proofreaders and typists, 
and prepared all written material for 
the press. 

LINDA ZENER in first year U.C. 
helped in correcting biography 
cards and in typing articles and 
name forms. 

AL DENOV, a man of many tal- 
ents, did his utmost to make the 
office run smoothly. His main con- 
tribution was in organizing space 
contracts and cheering up the grad 

BARB CHILDS worked diligently 
to prepare copy for the press — ■ 
proofreading and typing a great 
deal of the original material. 


Torontonensis Section Editors 

JENNIFER MOORE, graduating this year from 
U.C.. has been a "Nensis section editor for three 
years. She handled the organization and layout of 
the large S.A.C.-Hart House section with the same 
skill and precision she has shown in past years. 

HARRY FREEDMAN edited the large Men's 
Athletics section, proving himself an able organizer 
and a capable and imaginative layout editor. 
Harry's initiative and enthusiasm have been of 
great value to the 'Nensis throughout the year. 

SYLVIA CARTER undertook the diffi- 
cult task of organizing the University 
College section. Beginning to work 
early in the school year, she managed 
to represent all facets of U.C. life in an 
interesting and appealing manner. 

DEBBI FRASER, enthusiastic and hard- 
working, organized and laid out the 
large section for Victoria College, 
making each page fresh and interesting. 
Her work on the Graduate Section 
and in other phases of the book's pro- 
duction was much appreciated. 

LEO GOLDSMITH survived the many 
pitfalls encountered in organizing 
the Saint Michael's section, and, 
working efficiently, managed to 
achieve a layout which was both 
dignified and appealing. 

ALF DAVIS was undoubtedly the most efficient 
of the 'Nensis section editors; he had Trinity's 
photographs and articles collected, laid out and 
off to the printer very early in the year. His 
capable and businesslike manner made him a 
valuable member of the layout staff. 

CATHY MACDONALD, in second year Architec- 
ture, brought her talents to bear on the Engineer- 
ing Section. Hard work and an artistic eye for 
layout have made her section an interesting 
representation of Skule. 


VIIU KANEP, having proven her skill 
in athletics throughout her three years 
in P.H.E., this year turned to putting 
sports on paper. She organized the 
Intercollegiate Women's Athletics sec- 
tion and produced an excellent layout. 

SANDY NOBLE, co-editor of the 
Organizations section, undertook the 
frustrating task of contacting all cam- 
pus clubs, urging them to meet dead- 
lines, collecting their material and 
finally co-ordinating pictures and 
articles into a pleasing section. 

SHEILA COWAN, co-editing the 
large section ol All-campus Organiza- 
tions, cheerfully ploughed through 
the painful job of phoning, organiz- 
ing and reorganizing the material of 
university clubs, and laid out her 
pages skilfully. 


taking charge of the Faculties section, worked hard to produce for 
each faculty a section accurately representative in content and imagina- 
tive in layout. 

DONNA GRAY helped edit 
the Victoria section, digging up 
pictures of Residence Life and 
laying out Women's Athletics. 

CELIA SIEGERM AN organized the Meds- 
P.O. T. section and edited it in an attractive 

PAULA SOLWAY, a latecomer to the 
Staff, proved herself valuable in the layout 
and paste-up of the Medical pages. 

the feminine touch to Men's 
Athletics, aiding in the organ- 
ization of the section and in 


Co-Editor Dave Griner (right) is caught in one of his rare happy moments, as he beholds a page 
proof from The Varsitv Weekend Review. Editorial Assistant (also Book Editor) Marg Daly is not 
quite so ecstatic about it, because she will have to proofread it. If you look carefully, you can 
see Sports Editor Rick Kollins tucked in the left of the picture .chortling fit to kill at Marg's plight. 

Assistant News Editor Dave 
Creighton ponders over how 
to rewrite a rookie's story 
without seeming to be mean. 

The Varsity 

Above: inseparable companions and colleagues, Movie and 
Drama Critic Ralph Thomas and Film Editor Dorothy Mikos, 
courting their respective muses. Below: next year's Photo Editor 
Bill Brooks (left) swaps lies with photog. Gene Wasylciw about 
how many pictures each is entering in the Hart House Photog- 
raphy Contest. Other staffers shown include Irma the Body, 
Sharon Lamont, Ding-Dong Bell, and Sally the Shape. 

AS any Varsity staffer can tell you. nothing is more 
l\. damaging to the ego than seeing the students in Sidney 
Smith Hall pick up their copies of the paper, thumb through 
them quickly and casually, and toss them aside again. Few 
give a thought to the work that went into producing those 
columns of type, headlines, pictures and ads, and arranging 
them all on the page. So here is the inside track on what 
happens on a publication night. 

At about 5 p.m. the ads are brought down from the 
S.A.C. office. Peter Jull, Features Editor, looks at them and 
groans, "Oh my God, no ads on page 5. Well, let's turn on 
the filler machine." Then Marg Daly, Editorial Assistant 
and girl-of-all-work, bawls Jull out for messing up her 
intricate system of filing letters to the editor. 

Associate Sports Editor Tim Phillips sweeps grandly 
down the stairs, throwing out insults at the aforementioned 
pair, who unite against him, and begins to type one of his 
stirring soccer stories. 

Dave Creighton, Assistant News Editor, comes in, looks 
at the news book, says, "Hmm, there's no news tonight." 
smiles, and heads for the Arbor Room. 

But presently things really begin to roll, as Co-Editor 
Dave Griner comes in, smiling and rubbing his hands as he 
contemplates the blank layout sheets of the Weekend 
Review. Soon he is storming about the office, looking for any 
or all of the stapler, the paste, the ruler, or the review staff, 
and terrorizing the first-year news staff until Marg retrieves 
the offending article and hands it to him with a few sooth- 
ing words. 

Co-Editor Bill Musgrove then enters, ceremoniously 
removes his gloves, scarf, coat, etc., and yells, "Anyone 
got an idea for an editorial?" Nobody ever does, so he 
closets himself up and bangs out some informed and stimu- 
lating opinion. 

CUP Editor Carolyn Purden always 
manages to smile, even at the worst 
of times. The black line over her 
column means Frank's cut it again. 

Co-Editor Bill Musgrove (left) smiles tolerantly at Features Editor Peter S. -lull, who is 
explaining how he actually had several features which he could have run, but the 
letters to the editor were so clever he just had to fill up the whole spread with them. 

"Marg dear, what in &%$£ did you do with that £$&%* 
stapler, *£&$ you!" yells Griner, just as News Editor 
Frank Marzari comes rolling in to unleash his newshounds. 
He plunges into his evening duties, which consist mainly 
of assigning some unwilling creature to do "Here and Now," 
telling the rookie reporters the same things over and over 
because they never sink in, and periodically cajoling Marg 
into "fixing up this story — it's just a short one; oh, come 
on, that's the girl." 

At this time a four-way fight usually develops, as Peter 
Jull comments on the resemblance between Sports Editor 
Rick Rollins and a dancing bear he once saw at the circus. 
Phillips immediately springs to Rick's defence, thus irritat- 
ing Marg into tossing in her two cents worth on Jull's side. 
The sports section, the features section, and the book page 
are ridiculed in obscene terms, until Griner bellows the 
offending parties down. 

All the while telephones are ringing as students inquire 
whether it is too late to submit "Here and Now" notices. 
The advent of a CUCNDer provides a break in the routine 
as everybody sneers at his accusations that The Varsity is 
a spreader of lies, a Nazi plot, an abomination, and a 

Noel Bates, sometime Varsity reporter and stringer for 
the Toronto Star, bounces in to pass on the latest question- 
able jokes he has picked up in the City Room of that paper. 
He loses his audience when the pizzas arrive and everyone 
munches, quarrels about who should pay the 25-cent 
delivery charge, and tries to talk Creighton into "nipping 
over to the Arbor Room to buy us all coffees." 

Above: Photographer Bruce Pearcy (left) and Basketball Scribe 
Lew Solmon (right). Below: this year's News Editor, Frank 
Marzari, will become Co-Editor with Dave Griner for 1962-63. 

Associate Sports Editor Tim Phillips (left) hammers out interfac. results as his boss, Rick Kollins, takes time out for a chat. 

Above: Art Silver struggled with the job of News Editor 
until November; resigned to become a reviewer for the 
supplement. Below: Publicity Editor Barb Amiel, who will 
team up with Art to edit the more literary Jargon. Wow! 

A fearless female reporter comes sneaking in, explaining 
with a giggle that she couldn't get the story because the 
room was full of boys and she was afraid to go in. This is 
the signal for Jull and Marg to hoot with laughter. Marzari 
to shriek "Mama mia!" and cross himself, and Griner to 
slam the em-ruler down on the layout table menacingly, 
till the miserable offender scurries out and has to be cajoled 
into returning by poor Creighton, who had wanted to cover 
the story himself in the first place. 

Ralph Thomas then strides in with a review for the 
supplement, which Griner scans, saying, "Hmm. you didn't 
like it, eh?" This is a signal for Ralph to launch into a 
diatribe on the rotten director, producer, cast, scenery, and 
script, which is ended only when Griner pushes him aside 
with the words, "If you don't mind, I'm trying to lay out 
the music page." 

Jull trips lightly over with one of his phony and supposedly 
funny news stories, such as "U. of T. students were in for a 
big surprise yesterday when they witnessed the second 
coming of Christ in Room 6, University College." He ends 
up being the only one laughing at it. By now it is almost 
impossible to breath in the smoke-filled den. and staffers 
begin to sneak out before Marzari can nail them to do 
another story. The noise has faded and the more faithful of 
the reporters, such as Ralph Mondul, are bogged down in 
the second pages of their ponderous offerings, struggling to 
be finished by midnight, when copy runner Mickey Houston 
takes the third and last batch of material up to Daisons 

Certain activities, naturally, cannot be chronologized 
because they go on all the time, such as chain smoking, 
hoarding copy pencils, sneering at the other sections of the 
paper, perfecting one's image, and feeling hurt that the 
campus does not appreciate one's efforts. 

Perhaps this brief will lead you. Dear Reader, to love, 
and maybe even read. The Varsity. 

The Anita Freedman Award 

THE Anita Freedman Award is the highest honour that 
can be bestowed upon a member of The Varsity staff. 
In the past it has been generally awarded for excellence in 
creative writing, but an examination of the qualifications 
reveals that it is actually to be awarded for "creative 

During the past year, The Varsity carried out a great 
experiment — The Varsity Weekend Review. Appearing 
every Friday, the Review carried articles of political, 
philosophical, and generally topical import, as well as 
reviews and features on books, art, architecture, music, 
drama and films. Campus editors across Canada were most 
impressed, many making plans to imitate the innovation. 
Professional journalists sat up and took notice. The Review 
has been a great success. 

Last year David Griner, then Managing Editor of The 
Varsity, conceived the idea of the Weekend Review. He 
researched the economic and editorial needs of such a 
venture. During the summer he talked to leading English 
newspapermen and studied the weekend supplements of the 
London papers. When he returned to university as Co- 

Editor of The Varsity in September, he put his idea into 

He spent long hours perfecting the layout of the Review. 
He fretted about missing articles, and missing editors and 
writers. He worked tirelessly, constantly, and usually 
calmly to make the Weekend Review, and make it good. He 
had difficulties as a technician and practical man, who had 
to depend on a by-and-large artistic staff. But he won! 
The Weekend Review is a unique project in Canadian 
publishing, both amateur and professional, and one which 
has already caused nationwide stirrings. 

As the man who had to see that deadlines were met, that 
space was filled, and that The Varsity was produced faith- 
fully night after night, Dave has not always been the most 
popular member of the staff. Nobody, however, denies his 
constancy and his administrative ability, nor does anyone 
deny that he himself was the force which kept The Varsity 
running smoothly despite in-group difficulties and crises. 

The 1961-1962 Anita Freedman Award has been won by 
David Griner, and it has probably never been won by any 
staffer in The Varsity's 81 years of existence with better 

Varsity Pin Winners 

Varsity pins, in recognition of outstanding contribution to The Varsity (and worth their weight in gold to anybody who 
gets one) were awarded this year to five staffers, with one special award: 

IVlARG DALY, serving her second stretch on The Varsity, 
was acknowledged even by Dave Griner as having earned 
her pin a hundredfold. As Book Editor, she turned out a 
consistently excellent and highly acclaimed book page in 
the Weekend Review; as Editorial Assistant she looked 
after the more mundane tasks of office administration; as 
a writer of news, features, and reviews she maintained an 
astounding standard of competence, clarity, and enjoy- 
ability; as a philosopher of journalism she fought a tireless 
battle against any esoteric fads and facets of creeping 
meatballism threatening to engulf the paper; as a living 
symbol of The Varsity, she acquired the respect and affec- 
tion of all. 

IvICK KOLLINS, as Sports Editor during his second 
year on the paper, produced what was undoubtedly the most 
consistently excellent section in this year's Southam Trophy- 
winning Varsity. His coverage and organization were com- 
plete and accurate, not only in major campus sports but 
even in the more minor ones such as harrier, badminton, 
and wrestling. Singlehandedly he produced a complete up- 
to-date scoreboard of league and individual player standings 
for each major sport, the only one to be found in a Canadian 
university newspaper. And as a columnist he maintained 
an excellent standard of commentary journalism in his 
1 — 30 — " columns all year. 

.PRANK MARZARI, also a second-year man on The 
Varsity, brought a vast quantity of professional newspaper 
experience to his position as News Editor. Taking over the 
paper's biggest trouble spot with virtually no trained staff 
and an unusually small rookie crop, he organized an efficient 
and capable department, giving campus activities their most 

complete and colourful coverage in many years and initiating 
interpretive and analytical news writing for more important 
events. Frank's work and talent earned him the position 
of Co-Editor for next year, as well as his richly-deserved 
Varsity pin. 

CAROLYN PURDEN, after three years' faithful work 
on The Varsity, was awarded the coveted Varsity pin for 
her work as Canadian University Press Editor this year. 
She handled stories pouring in from universities across 
Canada and around the world, and, in the middle of the 
year, began writing a CUP column for each issue. Gradua- 
ting this spring, she'll enter the field of public relations, 
where we are confident she will do an outstanding job. 

LAUL ROBINSON, lauded and talented campus com- 
poser and conductor, moved up from his last year's spot 
as a music critic to head the expanded department this 
year, as Music Editor of the Weekend Review, where under 
his own name and the pseudonym David S. Bundler, he 
wrote virtually all the music reviews. He was promoted 
later to Assistant Review Editor, and in helping supervise 
the drama and film . sections, he applied the same wry 
determination as to his own reviews. 

JOHN IANNUZZI helped shatter precedent this year, 
by receiving a Varsity pin though not a student, as the 
man into whose hands the paper is tossed after it leaves the 
editorial and advertising offices. Foreman of Daisons Press, 
Johnny has the task of composing the paper, often from 
illegible instructions and miscounted copy. His success in 
these emergencies, and his design of The Varsity's ads, 
played no little part in the winning of the Southam Trophy. 





Seldom in human history has there been greater question- 
ing about the aims, purposes and techniques of education 
than at present. 

At no time in history has the rate of change been faster 
than during the last half century; and we know that this 
rate is constantly being accelerated. It is estimated that the 
sum total of human knowledge is doubling every eight or 
ten years. The effects of this on the common life of all 
humanity are incalculable. 

One thing, however, is certain. Increasingly the world 
will demand trained leaders, specialists in every field of 
human activity — and it is a primary task of the university 
to tiain such specialists. But with every increase in specializa- 
tion there is a co-ordinate decrease in communication. 
The old ideal of the liberally educated man, a person who 
could be called cultured in the very best sense of the word, 
is more and more impossible of achievement. 

But in a world of explosive change, human communica- 
tion — an awareness of the history, the culture, the mores 
of other people — becomes increasingly important. 

It seems to me vital that any university worthy of the 
name should recognize that it must turn out young men 
and young women who are highly competent in their own 
areas of study and interest. At the same time, however, 
universities must recognize the evolving nature of the world 
in which we live and the absolute necessity of developing and 
maintaining adequate communication with all members of 
the human race, those who travel with us on the same planet. 

It is my hope that in the manifold activities of Hart 
House, in our common life together, with representatives 
of over sixty nations on this campus, we may glimpse these 
dual purposes and that each graduating class will go out 
from this University with knowledge and conviction that 
will "transmit this world not only not less but greater, 
better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us." 


Robert Aitken 


Judy Loman 

Jan Rubes 


Canadian String Quartet 

These are the artists which the Music Committee presented for 
the series of Sunday Evening Concerts this year. In addition to these 
outstanding people, the Music Committee presented a fine series 
of Wednesday Five O'Clock Recitals in the Music Room. , And, as 
usual, they had Noon-Hour Concerts and Sing-Songs. 


f * 

Zara Nelsova 

Jacques Abram 

Nona Kombrink 

Hart House Glee Club 

The Hart House Glee Club is one of the oldest organizations in Hart House. 
During its 28-year history, the Club has had only three directors. For the last four 
years, under the excellent musical directorship of Rowland Pack, a well-known 
Toronto musician, the Club has maintained and extended its musical reputation. 
In addition to the Tri-University Concert, the Club sings for other organizations, both 
on and off campus. More recent concerts have been before the Empire Club, the 
Toronto Board of Trade, and the Builders Exchange in Hamilton. An annual Christ- 
mas broadcast on the C.B.C. has spread its reputation coast to coast. 

The Music Committee also Presented Evenings 
with . . . 

And in collaboration 
with the CBC 





The Arbour Room in years gone by. 

The East Common Room. 

~3SSSS.SE &P"*" 

1*9 -^**v 


The Customers are different but the Barbers are the same. 

The Great Hall 
without soft chairs. 


The House Committee invites you to look into 
the past of Hart House and enjoy with them some of 
the skeletons which they have managed to find in 
dusty closets and musty files. It becomes obvious 
that the House Committee has over the years effected 
a great many changes in the fabric and character of 
the House. We hope future students will continue to 
derive pleasure from the facilities of the House and 
that they also will leave their stamp on it. 

Chancellor Beatty, Warden McCulley and President Smith inspect the new 
Wurlitzer in the Arbour Room. It lasted two days. 

A very busy Library. 

Hart House in 1920. 


The Art Committee 

Purchases this year 

"Homage to Turner' 

by Harold Town 

The Camera Club 

Prize Winning Photos 
at the 40th Annual 
Photography Exhibit 

"The Enchanted Forest" 

by G. E. P. Tuck 

(K. B. Jackson Award) 

"Airy Journey 

by Jock MacDonald 

"Sisters Three" 

by Ed Hoshkiw 
(Coventry Award). 


Hart House Orchestra Associates 

1961-1962 Concert Programme 


October 15, 1961 
Soloist: Greta Kraus, Harpsichord 


November 12, 1961 
Soloist: Albert Pratz, Violin 


December 17, 1961 

Guest Conductor: Maestro Ernesto Barbini 

Soloist: Ilona Kombrink, Soprano 


February 18, 1962 


January 14, 1962 
Soloist: Perry Bauman, Oboe 

"The Executive" 

BACK ROW: Joseph McCulley, Brigid Elson, Boyd Neel, Elma Boall, 
Stephan Waddams. 

FRONT: Egbert Wiens, Mary Sue Bennett (Secretary), John Rung (Chairman), 
Mary Jane Norris (Treasurer), Emmet Robbins (Vice-Chairman). 
ABSENT: Peter Donovan, Toivo Miljan, Graham Scott (Publicity Director). 

The Hart House Orchestra Associates, under the direction 
of an executive of University of Toronto students, the 
guidance of the Warden of Hart House, and the aid of the 
conductor of the Hart House Orchestra, seek to encourage a 
greater appreciation of good music on campus through a 
close association with Canada's finest chamber orchestra. 
The Hart House Orchestra is an entirely professional group 
formed by Boyd Neel in 1954. Rapid and continued success 
has assured it a position of eminence throughout the world. 

Each academic year, the Associates' executive organizes 
a series of concerts by the Hart House Orchestra in the 
Great Hall of Hart House. The concerts are held on Sunday 
evenings; admission is on a membership subscription basis. 
Students, male and female, are offered subscriptions at a 
very nominal cost. Since these sales alone could not possibly 
support the concerts, sustaining and patron memberships 
are offered to the general public. But the Associates do 
not view the participation of the general public only as a 

necessity; rather they view it as a unique opportunity of 
making the university a cultural nucleus for the entire 
metropolitan area. 

Continuance of the Hart House Orchestra series year 
after year fulfills an important role in the cultural life of 
the University itself. Indeed, there is no other university 
whose students are regularly treated to a professional 
orchestra playing in their midst. The fact that the 1961-62 
season of the Hart House Orchestra was an unprecedented 
success from the point of view of student support testifies 
to the popularity of the concerts among the student body. 

The organizational efficiency and, to a large degree, the 
artistic merit of the concerts depend upon the devoted 
efforts of a close-knit executive, and it is in this body that 
student support is most needed. All students interested in 
participating in the woik of the Associates' executive are 
invited to contact the Associates through the Undergradu- 
ate Office or the Warden's Office, Hart House. 

The Orchestra 

"Too True to be Good" 






Sergeant Fielding (George Baker), The Nurse (Anne Harvey), Private Meek 
(Joseph Torbay), The Burglar (Rodney Archer), The Mother (Janet Archibald), 
The Elder (Alexander Leggatt), The Patient (Katherine McLay), Colonel Tallboys 
(Ralph Heintzman). 

"'Tis Pity She's 
a Whore" 


Giovanni, Son to Florio (Rodney Archer), Poggio, Servant to Bergetto (Garnet Truax), 
Vasques, Servant to Soranzo (Robert Graham), Putana, Tutoress to Annabella (Anne 
Setchell), Philotis, Niece to Richardetto (Karen Howard), Richardetto, supposed Physician 
(Peter Aston), Soranzo, a Nobleman (Joseph Torbay), Bonaventura, a Friar (Charles Beer), 
Annabella, Daughter to Florio (Sandra Shuman), A Cardinal, Nuncio to the Pope (David 
Newman), Donada, a Citizen of Parma (Dale Daniels), Hippolita, Wife to Richardetto 
(Janet Gladish), Florio, a Citizen of Parma (John Wright). 


"Duel of Angels" 


Paola (Julie Connelly), Gilly (Erin Malone), Armand (John Labow), Count 
Marcellus (Robert Graham), Joseph (Philip Palter), Mace-Bearer (Svend Helms), 
Customers at the Cafe (Eric Rawson, John Orange), Lucile (Jane Ross), Eugenie 
(Gail Erlick). 

This year was Hart House Theatre's sixteenth season as an all-undergraduate 
theatre under the direction of Robert Gill. Four productions were presented, with 
casts chosen from all colleges and faculties on the campus. The October production 
was George Bernard Shaw's comedy Too True to be Good. The second production, 
in November, was Root Out of Dry Ground, an original play of Canadian Jewish life 
by Howard Adelman, a student of the University. Duel of Angels, a controversial 
drama of good and evil by Jean Giraudoux, translated by Christopher Fry, was 
presented in January. The final production, in February, was John Ford's seldom- 
produced Elizabethan melodrama, 'Tis Pity She's A Whore. Each play ran for seven 
performances and over one hundred students participated during the season. 

Hart House Theatre has proved itself a valuable part of the life of the University. 
Besides giving students an opportunity to act and take part in the technical operation 
of stage production, it also provides an opportunity for both the undergraduates of 
the University and the Toronto public to see plays of high quality and interest. 

In addition to the Hart House Theatre series, productions of various kinds were 
presented by fifteen active groups on the campus. 

"Root Out of 
Dry Ground" 


Sarah Cohen (Sandra Shuman), 
Morris Cohen (Bram Morrison), 
Albert Cohen (Michael Davidson), 
Ruth Hamilton (Valerie Siren), 
Jerry (Michael Kaplan). 

A .11 


The Colonel 

The new rehearsal hall above Convocation Hall. 

Talkers and non-talker 

The duel of Angels 

The burglar arrives 

Giovanni and Annabella first declaring their love. 


University of Toronto Drama Committee 

The U.T.D.C. consists of representatives from the drama 
clubs at Victoria, Trinity, U.C., St. Michael's, O.C.E., and 
Nursing, as well as from faculties interested in forming such 
clubs. The aim of the committee is to foster a greater spirit 
of co-operation among those active in theatre on campus. 

U.T.D.C. this year received a grant from the S.A.C. to 
assist it in its work. With this in mind, its members have 
formed a committee to assist the A.V.R. chairman and to 
select suitable material for the A.V.R. 

To give actors and directors an opportunity to gain 
experience, the annual University Drama Festival was held 
on January 6. Three original plays by University of Toronto 
students were presented at that time: Wrestlers in Exile by 
Sam Azjenstat (Trinity), Mailee by Randy Howard (Vic- 
toria), and After This Our Exile by Matthew Corrigan 
(St. Michael's). In addition, O.C.E. presented a Canadian 
play, Robertson Davies' Eros at Breakfast. The Festival 
was adjudicated by Mr. Leonard Crainford, who helped 
greatly with his fair and perceptive comments. 

It is hoped next year to expand this festival to two nights 

and to encourage participation from the other faculties and 
colleges. The committee would like to present the original 
plays which are the winners at the campus-wide play-writing 
contest sponsored by the U.T.D.C. this year. 

For the first time, the University of Toronto was repre- 
sented in the Canadian Inter-Varsity Drama Festival. 
The play produced by Trinity was sent to Montreal, where it 
was presented on February 21. 

In addition to these activities, the U.T.D.C, with the 
co-operation of other drama clubs, provided ushers for Mr. 
Gill's Hart House productions. It also took charge of the 
campus sales campaign for the new and exciting Civic 
Square Theatre. Finally, it selected the winner of the Dale 
Award, the graduating student who has made the most 
outstanding contribution to theatre at U. of T. 

The U.T.D.C. has had a successful year under the capable 
leadership of Janet Archibald. Chairman, and the continued 
interest and support of Mr. Robert Gill. To him and to the 
staff at Hart House Theatre, the U.T.D.C. extends its 
sincere and deepest thanks for their assistance. 

BACK ROW: John Hayes, Rob Parker, 
Mr. Robert Gill, Julie Connolly, Mike 

FRONT: Marina Pegis, Judith Orban, 
Kady MacDonald, Debbi Fraser. 
ABSENT: Janet Archibald, Terry Cox, 
Gordon Allbright, Ian Leckie, Carol 
Ann Curry. 


Chairman Janet Archibald (III Trinity) 

Co-Chairman Terry Cox (Vic.) 

Secretary-Treas. Debbi Fraser (III Nursing) 

Publicity Man Kady MacDonald (III Trinity) 

Wrestlers in Exile. 


Residence Council 



BACK ROW: Rick Sloan, E. Hinchley, J. McCullough, P. Pennington, J. Burke. 
FRONT: E. Lapchinski, D. Davidson (President), A. Birk (Secretary-Treasurer). 
ABSENT: M. Petersiel. 

The College has enjoyed an active and challenging session 
this year. With the leadership of the Residence Council, 
meeting monthly with the Dean, the committees have each 
increased their programmes of activity and added much to 
College life. The Residence Council includes the three 
House Presidents and two other elected members of each 
house. The President this year, Derek Davidson, was ably 
assisted by Art Birk as Secretary-Treasurer. 

The Devonshire Society, chaired by Jerry Burke, con- 
tinues its programme of buffet dinners and discussion, to 
which eminent figures are invited as guests of the Dean and 
Residence Council. This year guests included: Mr. Kenneth 
Tupper, former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and 
an alumnus of Devonshire, who led a discussion on Uni- 
versity Education; Professor C. E. Hendry, Director of the 
School of Social Work, who described his impressions on 
his visit to China; Professor Kenneth McNaught, Depart- 
ment of History, who introduced some challenging and 
thought-provoking views on Canada's international role; 
and The Honourable Roland Michener, Speaker of the 
House of Commons, and the Honourable Donald Fleming, 
Minister of Finance and an alumnus of Devonshire, who 
led wide-ranging discussions on government policies. The 
Devonshire Society this year sponsored a debate on the 
subject: "Engineers are better Gentlemen than Medsmen." 
What was intended as an evening of comedy turned into a 
heated and serious discussion on life and its values — to 
the delight of all present, including hecklers. 

The Art Committee sponsored an evening with Mr. W. 
Withrow, Director of the Toronto Art Gallery. Selections 
of Modern Art from the Picture Loan Society decked the 
Common Room walls. Members* reactions to the exhibit 
ranged from disgust to delight — a tribute to the unerring 
taste of the Art Committee. The First Annual Devonshire 
House Art Contest received a dubious, but, in the end, 
successful response and promises to be the first in a long 


Christmas Mews 



North House 

BACK ROW: D. McLean, D. Chubb, J. Davis, G. Belfry, G. Stevens, L. Morrison, K. Young, J. Wolkowski, P. Campbell, J. Phillips, G. Turner, 

G. Rundans, D. Lang, G. Skory. 

THIRD: D. Dingle, M. Easterbrook, D. Kemp, D. Acaster, J. Ferguson, B. Schiewe, B. Hall, R. Bateson, B. Greiner, E. Hinds, P. Jackson, A. Black, 

J. Horned, B. Gibb, I. Munro, B. Awde, H. Bexton, I. Morrison, P. Canham. 

SECOND: Dr. C. K. Gorman (Senior Don), B. Howes, E. Williams, P. McCulloch, R. Sloan, E. Goh, B. Johnson, J. Brisley, N. A. McDonald (Don), 

J. Toohey. 

FRONT: R. Mclnroy, H. Bauer, M. Petersiel, J. Killer, V. Chant, L. Schafer, M. Innes, D. Payne. 


East House 

BACK ROW: Norm Oldfield, Bill Kyle, Brian Jacks, Dave Hoffman, Hugh McNaughton-Jones, Jim Shearer, Gary Faulkner, Nick Kristoffy, Wayne 

Campbell, Fred Dawe, Harry Shulman, Steve Butler, Phil Horwick, Don Monro. 

THIRD: John Cameron, Peter Beynon, John Stanton, Ralph McClelland, Sam Stewart, Rick Hayman, Rick Shepard, Roderick Chintu, Jim Ronton, 

Ted Romeyn, Richard Fry, John Dorsey, Don Chapman, Brian Savaria, John Booth. 

SECOND: Ian Graham, Peter Andrews (Don), Vin Crawford, Art Van Wart, Ed Hinchley (President), Art Birk, Paul Pennington, Grant Davidson, 

Grant Ferguson-Stewart. 

FRONT: Bob Allin, Steve McGinniss, Franz Koch, John Green, Peter Aston, M'sieud Akbar, Cline Good, Lionel Mausberg. 

The Team 


The program of the Library Committee has expanded. 
Miss J. J. MacPherson, noted Canadian poetess, was the 
guest of the Library Committee, the Dean, and the Resi- 
dence Council, on a memorable evening on which she read 
from "slim volumes" of excellent Canadian poetry. The 
Library is now staffed by voluntary librarians, who perform 
an excellent job of keeping the books in wide circulation. 
The Library Committee continues also its difficult but 
rewarding task of choosing the books to be added to the 
Devonshire shelves. Needless to say, the Library is one of 
the most fundamentally successful additions to the life of 
the Residence. 

The House Committee unobtrusively continues in its 
planning for renovations and new projects to improve the 
facilities of the Residence. 

The Music Committee continues to purchase records to 
be added to the growing collection of classical, jazz and 
contemporary music. 

The athletic programme at Devonshire is brisk but in- 
formal. Interhouse hockey games in the small hours of the 
morning in Varsity Arena occasionally were caught with 
the hostile fire of a professional tussle, but invariably 
enhanced the healthy spirit of interhouse rivalry. The same 
spirit was evident in the basketball and table-tennis compe- 

Social life has been the traditional round of gay parties 
such as the Nuclear Bomb and Sicilian Smash in North 
House, the annual Chicken Party of South House, and the 
East House Toga Party. The outstanding success for the 
whole College was the Annual Devonshire Christmas Party 
held this year in the Hart House Great Hall. Devonshire 
was decorated in the spirit of Christmas. Many guests, 
former Dons and Alumni, made a point of attending the 
dance, returning with the members to the Common Rooms 
at Devonshire for carol singing and the arrival of Santa 
Claus. This year's party was very ably arranged by Rick 

On a memorable Sunday in the fall, a truckload of stal- 
wart residents drove north and returned with a large prize 
of firewood and Christmas trees donated by the Deans of 
Engineering and of Devonshire House for the party. 

The Dean, Dons, and Residence Council of Sir Daniel 
Wilson Residence paid a visit in the New Year, exchanging 
stories and comparing notes on the respective Houses, to 
the mutual enjoyment and instruction of all. 

In summary, it has been a lively and enthusiastic year 
at Devonshire House. The residents, as always, included 
graduate and undergraduate students in all Faculties and 
from many countries, including Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, 
South Africa, West Indies, the United Kingdom, and the 
United States. This resulted in an exchange of ideas, and 
a mutual self-education in the customs, values and tradi- 
tions of other countries and peoples. 

. The Twist . 

South House 

BACK ROW: Kris Mohindra, Don Stemp, Gary Matheson, Erki Pukonen, Roily Ridler, Bill Bacon, Frank MacNiven, Shawn Buckley, 

Sandy Logan, John Watson, Fred Claridge, Jim Krull, Cam Ridsdale. 

FOURTH: Phil Gosewich, George Haskill, Barry Combes, Joe Kramar, Jack Candido, Al Gold, Tarig Abdullah, Maciej Giertych, Dan 

Symmes, Harold Neumann, Jasper Lochner, Dave Richardson, Peter Silcox, John Harris, Doug Wilson. 

THIRD: Joel Fagan, John Baldwin (Treasurer), Val Maehle, Derek Davidson (St. Council Rep.), Jerry Burke (Jr. Council Rep.), Dr. A. 

Don), Ernie Lapchinski (President), Max Horning (Vice-Pres.), Stu Munro (St. Social), Gary Cooper, Chris Shepherd (Jr. Social), Don Watki 

SECOND: Doug Whitehead, Janos Gordonyi, Rolph McKinnon (Sports), Gordon Johnston, John Ansley, Ken Chong, Ed Dinniwell, 

John Rundell. 

FRONT: John Coggins, Merv Graf, Kuen Tarn, John Allen, Bob Falby, John Levine, Barry Koehler, Peter Reuffer, Chris Ofochebe, 

ABSENT: Mr. O. F. G. Sitwell (Senior Don), Lome Avery, Peter Manni, John McDowell, Bill Shambrook, Kee Tarn, Peter Walcott. 

Dave Appert, 

Cattran, Rick 

J. Becker (Jr. 

ns (Secretary). 

Rod Palazij, 

Terry Picton. 


The Worker. 

Plans for a new residence. 

Unique Residence 

Why unique? Partly because living in the co-op is living 
democracy. Each member has a vote in conducting the 
business of the organization of which he is part-owner, thus 
making possible the cheapest accommodation on campus 
and fulfilling the democratic principles of the co-operative 

Here there is no restriction on the basis of race, creed, 
politics — or even course of study. The result: a highly 
unlikely melange of international students with Canadian 
students, artsmen with skulemen, and students of virtually 
all the professional faculties. All this is in addition to 
representation from O.C.E., Art College, Ryerson and 
Osgoode Hall. The miracle is that such a disparity of 
people, interests, and ideas should ever be a unified whole. 

That is where the other part of the co-op's unique charac- 
ter enters. The miracle is an incomparably youthful spirit, 
stimulated rather than overwhelmed by diversity, and 
tempered with the greater maturity of the graduate students. 
This unique spirit pervades every aspect of the co-op life 
and activity: "hashing" over plans for a new residence: 
scrubbing floors and fixing leaky faucets: planning and 
executing annual house shows; and, naturally, staunchly- 
supporting the programme of the social committee. 

For twenty-five years, members of the Campus Co-op 
have lived the lesson of co-operation, responsibility and 
maturity, and have enjoyed doing it. This — is what is 

House show. 

Birthday dinner. 


The student. 





Show business. 

The Executive. 

The Co-operative spirit. 

University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto Squadron is composed of 
Flight Cadets and Officers in the R.C.A.F. who are further- 
ing their education at the University. While attending 
school, students, both male and female, hold the rank of 
Flight Cadet and upon graduation are promoted to Pilot 
Officer or Flying Officer. The Squadron meets each Thurs- 
day evening at the Drill Hall, 1 19 St. George Street, to hear 
lectures on Air Force progress, military history, current 
affairs, and to see films supporting these topics. 

Each summer the Cadets are stationed at Air Force bases 
across Canada and in Europe, where they learn an Air 
Force trade associated with their university course. The 
first six weeks of their first summer are spent at Reserve 
Officers' School, where the cadets are orientated to Air 
Force routine and history. Subject material includes military 
drill, public speaking, history, nuclear defence, service law, 
and leadership. In the following summers, cadets receive 
instruction in a particular field of operations such as Tele- 
communications, Armament, Aeronautical Engineering or 

Aircrew Training. Perhaps more important than the actual 
knowledge obtained is the general background the cadets 
receive in Air Force life and an appreciation of what a 
service career entails. Upon graduation they are granted a 
commission as a Regular or Reserve Officer in the R.C.A.F. 
Should the cadet wish to re-enter civilian life, he does so 
richer in character and broader in scope as a result of his 
Air Force training in personnel management and leadership. 
The Squadron also has an active social calendar to 
supplement the training programme. There are informal 
gatherings within the Squadron as well as joint Air Force- 
Navy-Army parties. The social year reaches a climax at the 
annual Tri-Service Military Ball held early in February at 
Hart House. Here, members of the different military units 
get to know one another better and share in the finest 
formal dance on the campus. The final formal affair, the 
Mess Dinner, is held at Station Downsview in March to 
bring the year to a close. 

Staff Officers 

F/L D. G. Bater, 
W/C W. H. Dray, 
F/L D. R. Stewart. 

Mess Committee 

Tri-Service Ball 








International Students' Council 


BACK ROW: A. Baqi (Member-at-Large), Gabriel Pal 
(Project Co-ordinator), John Smallman, Jr. (Publicity 
Director), Harold Nahabedian (Executive-Secretary). 
FRONT: Hari Seth (Vice-President), Bernice Zimnicki 
(Recording Secretary), Nick Inniss (President). 
ABSENT: Chhiboo Bhana (Treasurer). 

The International Students' Council is a unique campus 
organization which serves as a co-ordinator of the various 
ethnic, language and international clubs on campus. 
Operating under the principle of unity in diversity and 
mutual appreciation of our respective cultural and ethnic 
backgrounds, the Council seeks to create a bridge of under- 
standing between the activities of its member clubs. Perhaps 
the best-known function of the I.S.C. is the presentation 
in early February of the International Students' Festival. 
Started four years ago, the Festival is an artistic expression 
embodying the ideals of the Council ; it takes the form of an 
international classical, folk dance and song performance 
with programmes contributed by participating member 

clubs. The 1962 Festival marked a change from the custom- 
ary venue of Hart House to the more ample accommoda- 
tions of the Ontario College of Education Auditorium. 
This change was dictated by the growing popularity and 
prestige of the Festival. Fourteen clubs were represented at 
this year's offering, with debut performances by the Greek 
and African Clubs. Co-jointly with the Festival is held an 
exhibition of arts and crafts which vividly illustrates the 
cultural diversity of the member clubs. 

In addition to its "international" functions, the Council 
works in close co-operation with other interested campus 
groups such as S.A.C., S.C.M. and F.R.O.S. 


BACK ROW: Vaughon C. Thomasos (Publicity and Social Director), Colin Worrell (Treasurer), Lennox 

I. Borel (House Representative). 

FRONT: Mervyn M. Keizer (President), Vivienne Vernon (Secretary), Nicholas Inniss (Vice-President). 

West Indian 
Students' Association 

Steel Drum Band. 

Apart from its obvious status as the rallying point of West 
Indian students at the University of Toronto, the West Indian 
Students' Association actively strives to interpret the West 
Indian way of life and culture to the people of Canada and to 
promote better understanding between the people of Canada 
and the West Indies. Its membership is open to all students of 
the University of Toronto, and its diverse activities are all 
designed to achieve, inter alia, the aims aforesaid. 

Some, however, may question the adequacy of these reasons 
as justification for the existence of the West Indian Students' 
Association and may seek a profounder raison d'etre. To these, 
we answer, citing, mutatis mutandi, the words spoken by a 
distinguished West Indian in another context: 

"We are the authentic voice of West Indian aims, ambitions, 
and aspirations; we are a living protest against colonialism 
and all its works and a living symbol of our announcement to 
the world, that notwithstanding our slave past, we too want 
a place in the sun, we too belong to the new aspirations of 
the twentieth century." 


Friendly Relations 

Overseas Students 

The door is always open. 

There is a miniature International Centre on the 
University campus known as FROS, at 45 Will- 
cocks Street, WA. 3-7698. There are offices and 
common rooms, and a permanent staff on duty 
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

The House is also open evenings and weekends 
during the early weeks of term, and all over- 
seas students are welcome to come to meet other 
students from overseas and Canada, and join in 
activities both in the House and with friends out- 
side. A student committee and staff plan noon-hour 
talks, discussions, music hours, Open Houses, 
monthly dance parties, Sunday coffee hours with 
city friends, weekend trips, excursions, and Saturday 
Country Nights where overseas students introduce 
Canadians to their culture and their food. 

Register at FROS early, so that you can be kept 
in touch with activities and plans. FROS is not a 
club; it is a Centre with a warm and friendly atmos- 
phere, where people from Canada and the four 
corners of the world come together. 

Tea for two. 

Ping Pong 




O n ^ P 


1 f 

IflPNI ■ 

A W_ 

1 er ^1 H r 

gv V ] 



" %i£ 

•^'iift 1 1 1 ^im n 


' > 

J - a « 


7-** ^ 


Students' Club 

1962 Graduates 

BACK ROW: Y. Botiuk, N. Derzko, M. 
Tysliuk, M. Haluk T. Prociw. 
FRONT: N. Yurchuk, M. Wawryshyn, H. 
Talpash, L. Dmytriw, Z. Kotysh, I. Kuryliw, 
W. Piasecky. 

1961-62 was another active and successful year for the U.S.C. At the monthly 
general meetings, a balance was struck between cultural and social activities. In 
addition to the meetings, many of the students were members of the Students' Club 
Choir, which met regularly every week from October to February. In January the 
Choir participated in a concert organized by the Ukrainian Students' Club of Western 
University in London, Ont., and in February held a concert of its own in Toronto. 

February 9 and 10, the Club participated in the International Students' Festival 
at O.C.E. The Club's exhibit consisted of regional Ukrainian costumes and a quartet 
of girls sang at the variety show. 

The biggest social event of this year was the Annual Graduation Banquet and Ball, 
held at the Lord Simcoe Hotel. A less formal dance was held in November, in addition 
to a wiener roast earlier in the fall term. 

The Club was able to assist several students in completing their education with 
loans from the Club Loan Fund. 

The membership of the Club is representative of the whole campus, having 
members from all faculties. 


BACK ROW: George Musij (Social Director), Ihor Kuryliw (Vice- 
President), Taras Prociw (Publicity Director), Mike Wawryshyn 

FRONT: Renata Holod (Cultural Director), George Borys (President), 

Marta Foty (Secretary). 

ABSENT: Bohdan Myndiuk (External Affairs Director). 





BACK ROW: Bill Ede (Honorary President), 
David Bryce, Ed Johnston (Treasurer), Monty 
Scarlh, Tony Chernushenko (Publicity). 
FRONT: Joanne Gear (Secretary), Marilyn Cook 
(Vice-President), Malcolm Martini (President), 
Atsuko Kamitakahara. 


The U.N. Club entered the fourth year of its history 
under the "New Frontier" leadership of Malcolm Martini. 
Not only did membership rise to one hundred and ten, but 
revolutionary innovations, such as the Friday discussion 
series, were not slow in coming. Overseas students presented 
these noon-hour talks, each on his own field of knowledge. 
Not only were such problems as those of South Africa and 
Kerala examined, but speakers dared to investigate even 
the United States and its Right Wing movement. A closer 
look at other national cultures was provided by folk-song 

The main meetings continued as before, providing debate 
on weighty international issues, such as the Berlin question, 
birth control, the future of Castroism in Latin America, and 
the national development of China and India. As speakers, 
professors were the staple, spiced with everyone from maga- 
zine editors to campus political leaders. 

Omnivox was equally good this year under another name, 
U.N. Club Review, and expanded to five pages. Points of 
view were freely aired on disarmament and N.A.T.O.; not 
forgetting such international movements as French- 
Canadian Separatism and American Conservatism. 

The club has connections with the outer world through 
the Student United Nations Association in Canada. At the 
Regional Conference at Ottawa in December, five Toronto 

students took part in discussion of the peace-keeping 
effectiveness of the United Nations, after hearing prominent 
opinions. Also, sponsored by SUNAC was the annual 
University Model United Nations, in Montreal. Eight 
members of the club made up the delegations of Norway 
and Japan, and, in co-operation with hundreds of students 
from Canadian and American universities, took a crack 
at the world issues faced by the General Assembly and 
its Councils. 

Still another important connection with the world outside 
was the trip to U.N. Headquarters in early November. 
It is by now a tradition of the Club that forty members, 
before the first snow, shall set out by bus for the source of 
all wise counsels in the buildings at New York. We saw 
the appointment of Acting Secretary-General U Thant, and, 
outside international territory, engaged in many interesting 
New York activities. 

Closer to home, a winter weekend seminar at Caledon 
occupied the energies of twenty-five students in various 
useful pursuits. As often happens at Club meetings, a typical, 
polite discussion of "The Implications of U.N. Actions in 
the Congo" soon raced through many other spheres of 
world politics, setting at loggerheads a pro-Nehru Indian 
student and a home-grown Conservative, with an assorted 
chorus of liberal voices. 

Past President Bill Ede leads a continuing effort to set up 
an International Students United Nations assembly, as a 
new spur to world understanding. 

In the United States, where they do everything on a 
bigger scale, a support-the-U.N. movement claims good 
success for the world organization, and asks every informed 
citizen to become its ambassador. We know that the United 
Nations is not always right, or even united, but students 
here are becoming informed. They know more about the 
troubles and the sources of strength of other peoples, about 
their hopes and irrational antipathies, and perhaps some 
of our own. We hope that "graduates of the club" will be 
ambassadors of sanity in world politics. 


The Ball 

Polish Students' 

Led fearlessly onward by its dynamic president, Andy Zdanowicz. 
the P.S.C. scored again. Moving its annual ball into the big league. 
Columbus Hall, the P.S.C. spent more money and made more 
money than memory can recall. And a wonderful night it was! 

The summer was filled with the usual trivia, such as parties, a 
wiener roast, swimming, horseback riding, Stratford, and the like. 

The Freshman Party was a big shock because the freshmen out- 
numbered the old members. 

The Club's most admirable advance, shared by an affiliate club 
(Graduates), was the birth of the Piwnica (literally a cellar or cave) 
Club. The cellar of the residence was completely renovated by 
students, new arrivals from Poland, and professional people. At its 
first dance there were three hundred people in attendance, while the 
rest had to be shut out because of fire regulations. The P.S.C. is 
particularly happy since it at last has a permanent place to keep its 

Polish students are invited to join the happy clique and to enjoy 
the intellectual companionship of the Polish Students' Club's 
notable members. 

'Les Graduates' 

Chinese Overseas 



"China Night '61" 

Founded in 1956, the Toronto C.O.S.A. has now a 
membership of over 140 Chinese students, most of whom 
came from Hong Kong and Formosa. By means of social 
and cultural activities, the Association strives for the pro- 
motion and preservation of Chinese culture and the main- 
tenance of friendship and welfare among Chinese students 
on campus. In addition, the Association endeavours to seek 
a better understanding between its members and those of 
other student bodies by active participation in events 
sponsored by the I.S.C. and the F.R.O.S. 

1961-62 was a prosperous year for the C.O.S.A. The 
annual "China Night" informal dance was a great success, 
with an assemblage of over 200 guests of different nationali- 
ties, who were all enchanted by the Chinese art songs, folk 

The group started off the year with the combined Forestry- 
House Ec. initiation held at the Caledon Farm. The fun 
included supper, a sing-song around a campfire, and a 
dance in the new hall. 

An attractive fall decor added to the enjoyment at the 
Freshie Tea, where the new students met other prospective 
home economists as well as the staff. Students and dietetic 
internes were guests at the annual Christmas Party which 
was made more enjoyable by a sing-song and lots of 
"goodies. " 

dance and bamboo flute solo performed that night. The 
Association held a big celebration for the Chinese New 
Year's Eve. on February 4; the Chinese dinner, the movie 
and slides on China, and the traditional Chinese New Year 
setting, all served to create for these overseas students an 
atmosphere of their homeland. Other functions of the 
Association included the Christmas Dancing Party, the 
outing trip to Pickering College in Newmarket, the display 
of Chinese musical instruments at the I.S.C. Festival, and 
the Graduation Banquet held in honour of the Chinese 
graduates of 1962. But the greatest achievement of the 
Association during the year would be attributed to the 
publication of the C.O.S.A.'s first Yearbook. 


BACK ROW: Pal Wilson (I! Rep.), Tiu Kaimre (I Rep.), Ellen- 
Irene Kuniutis (I Rep.), Marian Crane (II Rep.). 
FRONT: Baiba Rozkalns (Secretary), Kathryn Sprigings (Vice- 
President), Mrs. Hellebust (Staff Advisor), Beverley Kati 
(President), Jane Heatley (III Rep.). 

Festivities of the winter term included the Household 
Economics Formal, which was this year held at the Rosedale 
Golf and Country Club on January 18. Parties held before 
and after the dance added much to the evening. 

A dessert and coffee party preceded "Speakers' Night" 
on March 7. Several speakers from various fields related to 
the course gave interesting and informative talks on their 
work. These were undoubtedly helpful for students still 
undecided about the future. 


BACK ROW: Bob Birgeneau, John Percy, John Chambers (President), Dave Andrews, Lee Sims. 
FRONT: Anna Schunmar, Sue Hinlon, Judy Bancroft. 

Mathematics and Physics Society 

The purpose of the Mathematics and Physics Society is to give the student a 
broader perspective in mathematics and physics, and an awareness of current 

In pursuit of this aim, the Society has sponsored a wide variety of tours and talks 
by outstanding researchers. Among the most popular of these were tours of the Data 
Processing Centre of the Ontario Hydro, and of the research facilities of the Institute 
of Aerophysics. 

In the opening meeting a resume of current projects in physics at U. of T. was 
presented by three research professors. A thought-provoking lecture by Dr. H. C. 
Johns on "Molecular Biology" provided the members, and the visiting Biology Club, 
with a greater appreciation of the harmony in modern scientific thought. 

One of the executive's goals this year has been to increase participation in the 
Club to the level enjoyed by the Society in the past. Talks presented by the under- 
graduates have been an integral part of this effort. The honorary president. Dr. D. B. 
de Lury, has encouraged these meetings, which were a popular part of the Society's 
programme in his undergraduate days. 

The kind co-operation of the Departments of Mathematics and Physics has been 
invaluable in the organization of the year's activities. 


Chemical Club 

Executive: 1961-62 

Honorary President: 

Dr. D. J. LaRoy 
Staff Advisor: 

Dr. R. R. Hiatt 

Stephen Turner 

George Fraser 

Jim Pierce 

Miss Betty Levanthal 
2nd Year Representative: 

David Thompson 

Club meeting with Dr. W. G. Schneider. 

and Club Member. 

The Chemical Club continued its programme of varied 
activities throughout the 1961-62 academic year, with the 
usual Field Trip, Banquet and guest speakers. 

This year's Field Trip was to Dow Chemical of Canada 
and Imperial Oil Ltd. in Sarnia, Ontario, on November 2 
and 3. The party was taken on a rapid bus tour of the Dow 
plant facilities and then sp;nt the remainder of the morning 
on a detailed tour of Dow's Research and Control Labora- 
tories. Following a very enjoyable complimentary lunch, 
the group visited Imperial Oil's Research Division. The 
party returned to Toronto the following day after enjoying 
the amenities of motel life (see photo above). 

The annual Graduate-Undergraduate football game saw 
the Grads gain a 12-0 revenge for last year's crushing defeat. 

Regular club meetings included a variety of guest speakers, 
among whom were Dr. W. G. Schneider and Dr. M. Kates 
of the National Research Council, and Dr. Casey of the 
Defense Research Board. Meetings of a le«" technical nature 
were given by speakers from Coming's Glass and Procter 
and Gamble. Dr. McLeod of Polymer Corporation gave a 
lecture on "Synthetic Rubbers," which ended on a hilarious 
note with the audience doing "serious research" on bounc- 
ing rubber balls. 

The year's schedule was rounded out by the Annual 
Banquet, which saw the Undergrads strike back at the 
Staff and Demonstrators, and the Graduates retaliate, 
during the traditional "skits" on the idiosyncrasies of life 
in the Chemistry Department. 

after Sarnia 
field trip. 

Biology Club 


President Harvey Eisen (III P. and B.) 

Vice-President Bert Ottonen (III Biology) 

Sec.-Treas. Peggy Mollison (III Biology) 

Social Peter Ockerby (III Biology) 

Hilda Morgenstern (II P. and B.) 

The school year 1961-62 has been one of the more successful years for the Biology 
Club. Its objective has been to present, to all interested, a series of lectures covering 
some of the more dynamic fields of biological research. Emphasis has been centred on 
research presently carried on at the University of Toronto and affiliate institutions 
such as the Ontario Cancer Institute. The Club's objectives have, for the large part, 
been realized and interested students have been brought into contact with various 
fields of biology which might otherwise have been obscure. The speakers, who ranged 
from ecologists to anatomists, are listed below: 

Dr. J. B. Falls: "The Language of Birds (Territorialism)" 

Dr. A. A. Axelrad: "Recent Findings in Virus Lukemia" 

Dr. R. A. Liversage: "Regeneration and Differentiation" 

Dr. W. G. Friend: "Artificial Feeding of Insects" 

Dr. T. S. Parsons: "Comparative Anatomy and Evolution" 

Dr. K. H. Rothfels: "Salivary Chromosomes and the Species Concept" 

Dr. B. F. Crocker: "The Molecular Basis of Evolution" 

Dr. I. Tallan: "The Function of Genes." 



Agnostics Weekend at Caledon. 


Christian Science Organization 

The Christian Science Organiza- 
tion was founded at the University 
in 1938 in accordance with the 
Manual of The Mother Church, 
located in Boston, Mass. The objects 
of the organization are to unite 
students of Christian Science "in 
closer bonds of Christian fellowship'" 
and to "afford those so desiring, 
opportunity to learn more about 
Christian Science as taught through 
the Bible and the textbook. Science 
and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 
by Mary Baker Eddy." These func- 
tions are performed through in- 
formal testimonial meetings held 
weekly in Hart House and a free 
lecture given by a member of the 
Board of Lectureship of The Mother 

BACK ROW: Peter Taylor, Dave Maben, Douglas Stimers, Barrie Clarke, Robert Jones, John Carruthers. 
FRONT ROW: Craig Fuller, Patricia Bott, Brian Mottershead. 



A Student Movement: 

Student controlled and student led. A senior committee 
and a general secretary act in an advisory capacity to the 
student cabinet. 

A Christian Movement: 

An interdenominational fellowship which seeks through 
study, prayer and practice to know and follow Jesus Christ. 

An Open Movement: 

There is no formal membership, the basis is Christian 
and participation is open to all students, whether Christian 
or non-Christian. 

A National and International Movement: 

There are S.C.M. groups in many Canadian universities 
and colleges, and National Movements in over 60 countries 
throughout the world. 





President Wally Reinhardt 

Vice-Presidents Brenda Becker 

Larry Kurtz 

Secretary ANN LAUMAN 

Treasurer Peter Vanker 


President Larry Kurtz 

Vice-Presidents Brenda Becker 

Alfred Hoermann 

Secretary Alice Heinsohn 

Treasurer Phil Rockel 

Study Groups 

Gamma Delta, the Lutheran Student Club on campus, 
provides study of the Bible with Christian fellowship. 
Bimonthly meetings include devotions, recreation and edu- 
cational topics. Some of the topics discussed this year were 
labour-management relations, the Reformation, the Jewish 
faith, the Christian attitude toward nuclear war. psychology 
work, and missionary work in India. Guest speakers who 
are authorities on these subjects led the discussions. 

Besides the regular meetings, special social events were 
planned. The Waterloo Lutheran Students' Movement 
joined the Toronto group in a country hayride and wiener 
roast. While the bonfire crackled and the wieners sizzled, 
everyone sang favourite oldtime songs. Ghosts, clowns, 
pirates. Indian princesses, tramps — all were bewitched at 
the Halloween Party. Even the witches, jack-o'-lanterns 
and skeletons, which decorated the recreation room, were 
wide-eyed as pranks were played and spells were cast. Santa 
Claus was the guest of honour at the Christmas Party. 
Along with Mr. Claus, the gifts, girls, goodies, guys and 
games made the Yuletide party a smashing success. 

The modern chapel at 610 Spadina Avenue is the home of 
the Lutheran Student Club. All are welcome to participate 
in the programme. 


Varsity Christian 

Throughout the year the V.C.F. has maintained its 
standards of activity and study; it has tried to achieve a 
greater unity in the thought and practice of Christian 
students in the University and to transform Christianity 
into the living reality that it should be. 

Bible Studies were held weekly in the various schools and 
colleges; the book under scrutiny this year was Paul's Letter 
to the Romans, which provided a clearer understanding of 
the problems in the early church and many practical pointers 
for daily living now. 

In the fall the first big event of the year was a weekend 
Conference at Cline Lodge, where V.C.F. members gathered 
for study, discussion and, of course, a good time. The week- 
end following was spent in Ottawa by the Overseas Students' 
Committee which escorted a number of Overseas students 
from the University on a whirlwind tour of the national 
capital. Since then, this Committee continued to provide 
opportunities for Overseas students on campus to meet with 
Canadians by holding supper parties, skating parties and 
stimulating discussion groups. 

December saw a campus Carol-Sing, and, during the 
holidays, the Urbana Missionary Conference in Illinois, 
where students from all over the world gathered to discuss 
the problems of missions in the 20th century. Thirty V.C.F. 
members attended from Toronto. 

With January came a skating party at Vaisity Arena; 
February saw another weekend Conference and a series of 
lectures entitled "The Fact of Christ." The five lectures 
were both intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking 
to students concerned with the spiritual problems of life. 
The activities of the year ended in March with the tradi- 
tional banquet, held in honour of the graduating members. 

The V.C.F. is an interdenominational group and would 
like to urge students who have accepted Christianity, or 
those who are still seeking a true and living faith, to come 
with a spirit of honest inquiry to the studies and discussions. 
The members believe that Christianity alone can answer 
the problems of today, and only in its way of life can we 
find peace and joy. 

Weekend Conference at Cline Lodge. 

BACK ROW: Philip Goldman, Cynthia Wechsler, Bryna Hoffman, Roi Giblon, Ed Treister, Emile State. 

FRONT: Miriam Hartzman, Ronnie Waxman, Chuck Freedman, Rabbi Aaron M. Kamerling, Jack Colman, Judy Lazonick, Aviva Frisch. 

ABSENT: Elliott Levine, Alaina Herman, Lorraine Chalefsky, Syd Goldenberg, Carl Rotenberg, Judy Scolnick, Harvey Savage, Sandy Shuman, Sammy 

Izenberg, Larry Hersh, Barbara Richmond, Renata Michalovsky, Rayna Jolley, Pam Krazman, Bobbie Ruben, Marilyn Chapnik, Harold Levy, Vicki Hollenberg. 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 

The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at the University of 
Toronto is part of a national organization devoted to 
cultural, religious and counselling service among Jewish 
students at Canadian and American universities. It is 
represented on more than 200 campi. 

The Hillel Foundation seeks to weld the Jewish student 
body into a true community conscious of its religious and 
cultural heritage. It promotes inter-religious understanding 
and is vitally interested in inter-group relations. 

The highlights of the 1961-62 season were lectures given 
by Professor Horace Kallen, New School of Social Re- 
search; Dr. Maurice Freidman. Sarah Lawrence College; 
Dr. Ira Eisenstein, Editor of The Reconstructionist; Dr. 
Julius Kravetz, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of 
Religion; Mr. Milton Himmelfarb; and Ambassador Yaacov 
Herzog. Dr. Eliezer Berkovits, Professor of Jewish Philoso- 

phy, Hebrew Theological College, Chicago, addressed the 
Hillel Foundation on Sunday, January 21, and on Monday. 
January 22, he lectured at Knox College on the subject 
"A Jewish Critique of Martin Buber's Philosophy." and 
also at St. Michael's College on "A Knowledge of God 
According to Maimonides." 

Rabbi Aaron M. Kamerling. Director of Hillel, conducted 
classes on "Exponents of Jewish Thought" throughout the 
year. Members of the faculty who addressed Hillel were Dr. 
Emil Fackenheim, Dr. David Savan, Dr. G. R. Williams. 
Dr. John A. Irving, Dr. R. J. Williams. Mr. Nathan Cohen. 
Mr. Julius Hayman, Rabbi Walter Wurzburger and Rabbi 
Stuart E. Rosenberg also spoke to the group. 

The Hillel Area Institute was held at Queen's University. 
Twenty-six students from Toronto were delegates to the 


The Humanist Movement 

The Humanist Movement is the only basically non- 
theistic religious group on campus, and as such it is pri- 
marily concerned with providing a positive alternative to 
religions based on revelation. 

Since its foundation in 1959 by a group of interested 
students, the Humanist Movement has continually ex- 
panded the scope of its activities, in order to provide students 
with an opportunity to deepen and expand their thought 
and experience through discussion and study, fellowship 
and service. Central to this programme of expansion have 
been the formation of a Unitarian Committee last year and 
a Buddhist Committee this year. 

The Humanist position may perhaps be best understood 
by a consideration of the two basic aspects of it. First of all, 
it calls for a rational approach to life; an approach guided 
by knowledge gained through research and the free use of 
reason. Secondly, Humanism demands a truly ethical com- 
mitment from man, a commitment to a way of life which is 
inspired by love. 

In order to challenge students to consider seriously this 
approach to life, the Humanist Movement has attempted 
to provide a varied and interesting programme on campus. 
During the fall term it sponsored a series of seven meetings, 
consisting of two panel discussions on Humanism, a debate, 
and four lectures on modern philosophers. Other activities 
included weekly study groups, Sunday evening discussion 
groups, social events, and a Humanist weekend at Caledon. 
These activities continued throughout the winter term, 
being in fact augmented by the weekly discussion groups 
of the Buddhist Committee, Thursday Noon Hour Medita- 
tions, and Wednesday Morning Worship Services offered 
by the Unitarian Committee. 

The Humanist Movement sponsored lectures on modern 

Weekend at Caledon. 

Members of the Humanist Movement believe that the 
answers offered by dogmatic faiths, involving as they do a 
renunciation of reason in favour of a blind leap of faith, 
are simply unacceptable. The expanding advance of science 
and the natural mode of explanation involved therein have 
destroyed the very foundations of much traditional religion, 
so that today it is forced to oscillate between untenable 
truth claims and a faith that is merely subjective. Humanism 
calls for a renunciation of all such irrational modes of 
thought, demanding instead that man commit himself to a 
way of life that is both rational and responsible. 




Executive 1961-1962 

President Alvin Shapiro 

Vice-President Howard Simmons 

Secretary-Treasurer Susan Lobl 

Comment Editor Don Schwartz 

Publicity Dan Drache 

The New Democratic Party Club on campus welcomes students of all years and 
faculties who are interested in political matters. Discussion meetings are held through- 
out the year. Students of all shades of belief and disbelief are invited to participate. 
To be sure, the Club is a left-wing organization — we admit that with no shame in 
our voices. However, we are happy to number among our members, students at both 
ends of the political spectrum, from the radical left to those who simply feel that the 
two traditional parties do not provide any alternative. 

Won't you join us once a week as we prepare our platform for Model Parliament, 
debate with university professors, or listen to one of our guest speakers? Freshmen 
and second-year students are particularly welcome. The student of today who shows 
no interest in critical world and domestic affairs is indicating both apathy and ir- 
responsibility. Come and join the club that is truly interested in reform. 




The year began with a vigorous drive for new members, 
starting on the Freshman Weekend. The Club also had an 
exhibit booth at the freshman reception at Varsity Arena. 
A considerable growth in membership made the Progressive 
Conservative the largest political organization on the campus 
and the only one to produce its own magazine, The Con- 
servative Viewpoint. 

In October a seminar programme dealt with a variety of 
topics such as defence and social justice. Over 200 students 
attended these sessions, and the resulting resolutions made 
up part of the Model Parliament platform. Guest speakers 
for the year included the Honourable George Hees, speak- 
ing on the European Common Market, Premier John 
Robarts (then Minister of Education) on education and 

modern conservatism, and the Honourable Howard Green 
on "Canada's Position in the World Today." 

The annual Caledon Conference had as guest speakers: 
Grant Campbell, Douglas Morton and Frank McGee. 
This conference was most successful and is serving as a 
model for other university clubs across the country. 

Dave Conklin, a third-year student in Political Science 
and Economics, was elected Parliamentary Leader on 
November 4. His efforts, and those of the other members of 
the Club, particularly Dick Clippingdale (President), re- 
sulted in a great increase in votes for the Progressive Con- 
servatives on election day. The Liberals' previously sizeable 
majority of nearly 500 was reduced to 82 out of a total of 
3,357 votes cast. 

The Opposition in action — Model Parliament. 



1961-62 was another banner year for the U. of T. Liberal Club. For the second 
consecutive year, the Liberals were victorious at the Model Parliament election. A 
combination of dynamic leadership from Gerry Godsoe, efficient and original organi- 
zation, and a progressive social democratic platform were prime considerations in the 
Liberal victory. A policy stressing no nuclear weapons for Canada, drastic measures 
to alleviate unemployment, and application for membership in the Common Market, 
received the support of U. of T. students. Lester B. Pearson's spontaneous and friendly 
tour of the coffee shops appealed to students. Soap-box orations, phone calls, demon- 
strations, debates and speeches, all assisted in winning Liberal support. 

In Parliament, Prime Minister Gerry Godsoe's appeal for a high standard of 
debate was followed in the speeches from government and opposition. The Liberal 
platform's promises were enacted in resolutions, orders-in-council, and government 

Several club activities gave the 110 members an opportunity to develop political 
skills and to study problems facing Canada at this juncture. For the policy-minded, 
four committees held meetings at which informed club members presented reports 
on crucial topics such as the Welfare State, the Common Market and a new nuclear 
policy. To supplement committee meetings, the Liberal Club brought such eminent 
figures as Paul Martin and Paul Hellyer to address students on political issues. The 
first discussion weekend at Roche's Point featured Ian Wahn and Marvin Gelber in 
labour and foreign affairs panels. 

At OULF and CULF conventions, U. of T. delegates distinguished themselves in 
debates and discussions during the formal proceedings and in revelry at the informal 
parties. U. of T. Liberals were honoured when Ed Roberts (I Law) was elected 
President of CULF for 1962. 

Members devoted to organization found ample scope for their abilities in helping 
at by-elections, canvasses and Young Liberal activities. The executive was composed 
of President Tom Torrance (IV U.C.), Model Parliamentary Leader Gerry Godsoe 
(III U.C.), Vice-Presidents Archie Campbell (II Trinity) and John Cowan (II U.C.), 
Secretary Pat Halliwell (III Vic.) and Treasurer Ian Waddell (II Vic). 



Italian Club 


Honorary President Prof. Michael W. Ukas 

President Joseph Sorbara 

1st Vice-President Joseph Tanzola 

2nd Vice-President Lorenzo Dlso 

Secretary-Treasurer Olga Zorzi 

Conveners Valerie Eli as 

June Sbrolla. Sylvia Zingronf 

An evening of Italian popular music, held in 
October, triggered the activities of the U. of T. 
Italian Club. This was followed by what proved to 
be the highlight of the year: the Italian production 
of the well-known "Charley's Aunt." La zia di 
Carlo, a three-act comedy performed for two con- 
secutive nights at the Hart House Theatre. The 
proceeds of the play were placed in a scholarship 
fund which the Italian Club established last year. 

Needless to say, the Christmas Party, at which 
the traditional Santa Claus was present, provided 
an enjoyable evening of entertainment; and at the 
Film Night programme in January members had 
an opportunity to see excellent documentaries on 
Italian cities. 

Dr. Vinci from the Conservatory, with a group 
of singers, presented many arias from well-known 
Italian operas at' the February meeting; and in 
March a joint meeting with the U. of T. Spanish 
Club closed the activities of the Italian Club. 

Weekly, Italian-speaking enthusiasts meet with 
members of the Italian Department at a nearby 
restaurant and carry out a pleasant and informal 
conversazione. The purpose of the Italian Club is to 
foster the Italian culture and language. 

"La Zia di Carlo' 


a#- r, 





T ! 




BACK ROW: Marc Somerville, Bennet Kovrig, Glenn Jackson, Jack Gonder, Cam Taylor, Bob Fisher, Bob Buchan. 

FOURTH: Peter Bing, Bob lundy, Jordan Ivanov, Albert Gnat, Hart Rossman, Dave Pomerant, Don Roebuck. 

THIRD: Bill Woodly, Tom Torrance, Bob Nykor, Terry Coburn, Bob Lord, Brian Northgrave. 

SECOND: Jim Boyle, Arnold Weinrib, Doug Price, Walter Fox, Terry Keenleyside, Steve Zubkavich. 

FRONT: Mike Spearing, Marilyn Cook, Marg Fisher, Brian Acker, Toivo Miljan. 

ABSENT: Keith Acheson, Peter Adamson, Peter Andersen, Jim Babcock, Charles Bailiie, Jack Clissold, Mary-Estelle Dunn, Peter J George Miles 

Godfrey, Bryan Graham, George Hume, Charles MacNab, Miff Peck, Burt Tait, Vaughan Thomasos, Tom Wilson, Dave Young. 

Political Economy Club 

After spending several years in limbo, the Political Economy Club was revived 
early last fall. The staff, and in particular Professor W. T. Easterbrook, gave invaluable 
support and advice from the outset; a room was made available for the purposes of 
the Club in Sidney Smith Hall. (Rumours that this was a front for a Right-Wing 
Sports Car Club are entirely unfounded and malicious.) The main purpose of the Club 
was, and is, to encourage meetings and discussions with members of the staff and, 
incidentally, to enable the latter to meet each other. The establishment of the Club 
was received with wild enthusiasm characteristic of political economists, and the mass 
attendance at the first general meeting was a good illustration. 

Nevertheless, a dinner meeting was arranged to discuss the Common Market. 
The P.E.C. played host in the Faculty Club to twenty-odd staff members and students. 
Except for a highly enlightening analysis by Dean Macdonald, the. discussion tended 
to be rather superficial, and was enlivened by an argument between Professor Hartle 
and Fred Stinson, M.P., on whether a lifetime pension ought to be granted to Nova 
Scotia coal miners. For some obscure reason we (and all other undergraduate groups) 
were discouraged from returning to the Faculty Club, and the following meeting was 
held in Hart House. The topic for discussion was "Foreign Aid," and at the end of 
the evening hardly an angle was left undebated. The highlight was perhaps Professor 
Triantis' suggestion that to let India go to the Communists would do the latter more 
harm than good. The third, and last, meeting of the year was held to discuss the 
present role of the United Nations, with Mr. J. W. Holmes, diplomat and head of the 
C.I. I. A., as distinguished guest. 


Outing Club 

room at 
the top? 

The University of Toronto Outing Club is probably the 
most dynamic, interesting, efficient, and diversified organ- 
ization on the campus. Just consider some statistics. The 
Club was founded in 1957 and had then a membership of 
about twenty. Now, only five years later, the membership 
has risen to over one hundred. At the beginning there were 
about half a dozen organized trips during the school year, 
whereas at present the Club offers about three trips a month 
and now carries on its programme throughout the summer. 
In addition to this, new activities have been added to the 
programme and its range has been greatly increased. The 
Club started with nothing but ingenuity and vigorous 
leadership. Today it is in an excellent financial position and 
possesses a considerable amount of equipment which can 
be used by any member at any time. 

The main activities of the Club are canoeing, rock-climb- 
ing and skiing; but skating, hiking, square dancing, spelunk- 
ing and even bicycle trips are also on the agenda. One of the 
highlights of last season was a fifty-mile canoe trip on the 
lakes of Algonquin Park, taken by forty-three members. 
Excellent weather conditions and efficient organization 
helped to make it one of the Club's best endeavours. Climb- 
ing excursions as far away as Bruce Peninsula and as close as 
Mount Nemo (near Milton) kept the daring climbers happy. 
A winter mountaineering expedition in the Adirondacks 
witnessed hiking, skiing, and even some ice climbing with 
ice axe and crampons. Skiing attracts a large number of 
people and several weekends were reserved for this sport. 
The main event was the annual weekend in Shawbridge, 
near Saint Sauveur, where the Club used the McGill 
Outing Club's cabin. 

The Outing Club knows the predicament of every student 
— finances. Special attention is given to this. The economy 
of group activities and efficient organization cannot be 
underestimated. On the above-mentioned canoe trip, for 
instance, total costs for the weekend came to S9.00 per 
person. The ski weekend to the Laurentians cost about 
520.00 per person. Similarly attractive are costs for other 
activities; this makes it possible for every person to partici- 
pate in the Club. 

Finally one comes to what prima facie seems, a "by- 
product" of these exploits, namely the variety of students 
one meets in the Club; nearly every course on the campus 
is represented. This is actually one of our greatest assets 
for, as H. Newman put it: "When a multitude of young 
men, keen, open-hearted, sympathetic and observant, come 
together and freely mix with each other, they are sure to 
learn from one another; the conversation of all is a series 
of lectures to each, and they gain for themselves new ideas 
and views, fresh matter for thought, and distinct principles 
for judging and acting. It is seeing the world on a small 
field with little trouble." 

Commerce Club 


President Michael Innes 

1st Vice-President David Ingram 

2nd Vice-President John Rae 

Secretary Norman Elliot 

Treasurer Donald Jeffries 

Publicity Bill Swirsky 

3rd Year Representative 
2nd Year Representatives 

1st Year Representatives 

Brian Hayes 

Bob Shortly 

Cam Fellman 

Peter McKinnon 

Mary Westland 

The Commerce Club is an association of students in Commerce and Finance. 
The activities on which the Club is based include luncheons, tours, smokers, dances 
and a fall reception. As well, there is an extremely valuable exchange weekend with 
the University of Michigan. This programme is intended to make it possible for 
students to increase their knowledge and interest in realms pertaining to Commerce 
and Finance by offering the opportunity to hear representative speakers. At the same 
time, it provides for the necessary inter-relationship among the different years. Active 
participants receive far more than their two dollar fee. 

The University of Toronto Flying Club is dedicated to 
all those with a common interest in aviation. In co-operation 
with Central Airways based at Toronto Island Airport, 
members of the Club are entitled to reduced rates while 
undergoing pilot training and when renting company 

With increased membership and flying activities, this 
year has been an active one for the Club. During the year 
breakfast flights were undertaken to Muskoka during the 
fall Colour Cavalcade; Oshawa, where some home-built 
"ultra-light" aircraft were inspected; and to Brantford 
where gliding facilities were investigated. The Club also 
arranged tours of the DeHaviland Aircraft Co., Downs- 
view, and the Trans-Canada Airlines maintenance base 


at Malton. 

Throughout the year members were kept in contact by 
regular meetings which featured various aviation topics. 
This year's meetings were highlighted by Professor T. R. 
Loudon, who spoke on Canada's aviation history, and 
Captain D. Lowry of Trans-Canada Airlines, who spoke on 
professional flying in Canada. 
















•- c 


»\ ■ 




Emmanuel College 



M.C, M.A., B.D., D.D. 

JOHN E. AMBROSE, Ottawa; Glebe CM.. Carleton University (B.A.); 

Emmanuel College Students' Society. President. Future: Ordination 
to Ministry of I'nited Church. 

JAMES B. ARMSTRONG, Brechin. Ont. 

RONALD C. ATKINSON, Midland: Midland District H.S.; Theological 
Society; Choir; Chapel Organist. Future: Postgraduate Study in 

MURRAY M. BARNET, Fergus. Ont.; Fergus H.S.; Volleyball; Choir; 

Don of Bowles-dandier House. Future: Minister. I'nited Church 
of Canada. 

CHARLES P. BEATON, Sarnia; Sarnia C.I., Albert College; Volleyball; 

Basketball. Future: Ministry of the I'nited Church. 

DONALD F. BELL, Toronto. 

GEORGE B. BOWERS, Owen Sound; Owen Sound C.V.I. Future: 
Ministry in United Church of Canada. 


DAVID K. BYRD, Montreal; Durban U.S.. South Africa. McGiH 
University 'B.L.Sc); Soccer [-in, Manage! Ill Future United 
Church of Canada Ministry, 



RUSSELL J. CROSSLEY, Tort Credit; Tort Credit U.S.; Hockey Mil; 
Soccer Mil; Emmanuel College Student Society Executive; S.A.C. 

Rep. II; Class President III; Hart House Board of Stewards; S.C.M. 
II; Emmanuel Choir MI. Future: United Church .Ministry. 

WILLI de FILIPPI, Eystrup weser, Germany; School in London, 
England. Future: Ministry of the United Church of Canada. 

W. PAUL DeNEW, Hamilton; Saltfleet District H.S ; MissionsRep. Mil; 
Athletic Rep. I; Torontonaisis Rep. III. Future: United Church 

NORMAN S. GIBSON, Stratford; Stratford H.S., Waterloo College 
(B.A.); Soccer Team Mil; E.C.S.S. Missions Committee Chairman. 
Future; United Church Minister. 

DONALD L. HOLMES, B.Sc, Courtland. Ont. 

EDWARD W. McCREA, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Emmanuel College 
Dramatic Society. Future; United Church Ministry. 

JOHN F. C. McLACHLAN, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; S.C.M. ; Emmanuel 
College Choir; Hart House Amateur Radio Club. 

ALAN J. McLAUGHLIN, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. Future: United Church 

JAMES W. OBEN, Toronto. 


A. GLENN PEASE, Merlin, Ont.; Merlin H.S.; Missions Committee; 
Library Committee. Future: Minister in United Church of Canada. 

MAURICE R. POCKLINGTON, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; Blue and 
White Society I; Volleyball Mil. Future: Ministry of the United 
Church of Canada. 

JOHN G. SLOAN, Gravenhurst; Gravenhurst H.S., University of Western 
Ontario (B.A.); Hart House Music Committee; Hockey Mil; Soccer 
Mil; Volleyball MI; Basketball I; Athletic Committee MI; Drama 
Society II; Choir. 

N. KATHLENE SMITH, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

NANCY WILKINSON, Brantford; Relig. Ed. 

L. DOUGLAS SNELL, Gait; Norwich District H.S., London Teachers' 
College, Waterloo College (B.A.). Future: United Church Ministry. 

JAMES SOMERVILLE, Toronto; Albert College, Belleville. Future: 

JAMES R. STOCKTON, Ayr, Ont.; Paris District H.S.; S.C.M. Rep. 
Ill; Class President I; Bowles Gandier House Secretary II. Future: 
United Church Ministry. 

JAMES G. VANSLYKE, Dorchester, Ont.; Dorchester Continuation 
School. Future: Ordination to United Church Ministry. 



PAUL A. WILKINSON, New Liskeard, Ont. 

DONALD I. WILSON, London. Ont ; Walkerton District H.S.; Victoria 
College Residence Council; Badminton. Future: United Church 

GLEN D. WRIGHT, Wheatley, Ont.; Leamington District U.S.. 
University of Western Ontario (B.A.); Soccer I-II; E.A.C. Rep. II; 
Drama Society I. 

GENE R. YOUNG, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Drama Society. 

Bachelor of Religious Education 

GRETA M. K. AVERY (Mrs.), Cardale, Manitoba; United College, 
Winnipeg; E.C.S.S. Secretary I; Choir I-II; Clerical Collar Com- 
mittee II; Volleyball II. 

NORMA E. BEAN, London. Ont.; London South C.I.; Choir I-II; Volley- 
ball I-II; Clerical Collar Representative II. Future: Port Work, 
United Church of Canada. 

CATHERINE A. HALLMAN, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; 
B.R.E. Athletic Rep. II; Choir I-II; Volleyball I-II; Chapel Organ- 
ist I-II. Future: Director of Christian Education. United Church 
of Canada. 

ELAINE L. LEIGHTNER, Jansen. Saskatchewan. 

NOBUKO SASAKI, Scarboro; Choir I-II; Volleyball I-II; B.R.E. 
President II; E.C.S.S. Executive II. 

No college do we love so well, 
May sacred truth and light divine 
Forever from her portals shine! 
May she be strong her light to shed 
From shore to distant shore. 
Fmmanuel! Emmanuel! 
God bless her evermore! 


Emmanuel College 

President of Student Body 


President of Bowles-Gandier Houses Don of Bowles-Gandier Houses 

House Worship Leader 

Student going into mission field 

A weekend at Five Oaks Retreat. 

Dinner at Burwash Hall. 



-"- iW 

1 ■■■■■ '■'- -JilK 

The floa 

t that (aim 

ost) won. 

Foreign students at Emmanuel College. 


Knox College 




M.A., Ph.D., B.D., Th.D. 


JOHN W. BURKHART, Windsor; Patterson C.I., Assumption University 
(B.A.); Class President II. Future: Ministry. 

JOHN C. CARR, B.A., Sarnia; Sarnia C.T.S.; Lacrosse I-III: M. and T.S. 
Supply Convener II. President III. Future: Ministry of the Presby- 
terian Church in Canada. 

K. JOHN CLARK, Sarnia: Sanaa C.T.S., McMaster University (B.A.); 

Knox College Association Executive III. Future: Presbyterian 

JOHN D. CONGRAM, Wingham, Ont.; Wingham District U.S.; Hockey 
I; Soccer II; Knozonian, Editor II-III. Future: Presbyterian Ministry. 

CRAIG A. CRIBAR, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Hockey I-III. 

ROBERT T. DUNCANSON, Norval, (int.; Norwood District 11 >. 
Berbice U.S.. New Amsterdam, Br. Guiana; Varsitj Christian Fellow- 
ship III; VolleybaU III: Basketball II-III. Future Pastoral Ministry. 

ZANDER DUNN, Xeu Westminster, B.C.; Duke of Connaught U.S.; 
Lacrosse; Rugger; S.A.C. Hep. Future: Mission Field. 

JOHN D. HARDY, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.. University College 
(B.A.); Lacrosse I-III; V.C.F Vice-President 11 



STEPHEN A. HAYES, Toronto; Uiverdale C.I. 

KENNETH A. HERON, Pickering; Whitby U.S.; Hockey I. Future: 
Presbyterian Ministry. 

J. DESMOND HOWARD, Belfast. Northern Ireland; Royal Belfast 
Academical Institution; Intercollegiate Rugger I-III; Soccer I-III; 
Knox Rugger. 

WALLACE I. LITTLE, Atwood. Ont.; Listowel District H.S.; Soccer 
I-III. Future: Presbyterian Ministry. 

W. HOWARD MclLVEEN, Cardinal, Ont.; Cardinal H.S.; Soccer I-III; 
Rugger II-III; Knox College Association Executive II-III. Future: 

WARREN H. MABB, Winnipeg. 

JAMES M. MURDOCH, Calgary; Mt. Newton H.S., Victoria, B.C. 
Future: Presbyterian Ministry. 

WILLIAM PERRY, Port Perry, Ont.; Dominion Business College; 
Soccer I-II. 

G. PETER RICHARDSON, Toronto; Upper Canada College, U. of T. 
Architecture; Class President I; Soccer I-III; Basketball III. 

PETER D. RUDDELL, Hamilton; Westdale S.S., McMaster University 
(B.A.); M. and T. Society I-III, Secretary II; Knoxonian Editorial 
Committee, Business Manager II-III; K.C.A. Executive II-III; 
House Committee Chairman II, President III; Choir I-III, President 
II. Future: Presbyterian Ministry. 


Knox College 

Knox College's angry young men. 



Water Polo Team 

Water Polo team in action 

Basketball Team 


Lacrosse Team 


Trinity Divinity 



HERBERT F. BULL, Ayr. Ont.; University College (B.A.). Future: 
Diocese of Huron. 

STANLEY ELLIS, Toronto; Trinity College (B.A.). 

ALAN J. H. FERGUSON, Toronto: Trinity College (B.A.): Head of 

College III. Future: Diocese of Saskatoon. 

DAVID M. FLINT, Toronto; University of Toronto iH.A.i; Swimming; 
Lacrosse. Future: Diocese of Brandon. 

CHRISTINE B. FRANKLIN, Bushey, Hertfordshire, England; Watford 
Grammar School for Girls, University of London B.Sc.); Trinity 
College Chapel Choir I-1II; Divinity Class Secretary II. Future: 
Parish Work in Western Canada 

WILLIAM A. GILBERT, Toronto; North Toronto C.I., University of 
Toronto (B.A.); Lacrosse 1; Trinity College Athletic Association, 
Divinity Rep. III. Future: Graduate Work. 

JAMES E. HUNT, Toronto; Trinity College (B \ 

E. REX KEARLEY, Bonavista, Newfoundland; Memorial University 
(B.A.). Future: Diocese of Newfoundland, 

DAVID C. McKEE, Toronto; Manitoba (B.A.). Future Diooesi oi 




WILLIAM A. MYLES, Toronto; Bloor C.I., University of Toronto 
(B.A., B.S.W.). Future: Diocese of Toronto. 

GLENN L. PRITCHARD, Toronto; University College (B.A.); S.C.M. 
Rep. II; Chapel Board III; Unanglican Affairs Committee Chairman 
III. Future: Diocese of Toronto. 

W. JOHN PYKE, Toronto; Humberside C.I. Future: Diocese of Huron. 

PHILIP F. ROWSWELL, Ottawa; Bishop's University (B.A.). Future: 
Diocese of Caledonia. 

RON H. WICKENS, Ancaster; McMaster University. Future: Diocese 
of Niagara. 

A. KEITH YOUNG, Montego Bay, Jamaica; University of Toronto 
(B.A., B.S.W.); Chapel Board II; Head of Divinity Class III; College 
Board of Stewards III. Future: Diocese of Toronto. 



Wycliffe College 



B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.D. 

DOUGLAS DITTRICH, Toronto: Long Branch H.S.; University College; 
Literary Society, Prime Minister I; Track I; Volleyball I-II; Theo- 
logical Society, Inter-Seminary Convener I, President III. Future: 
Diocese of the Arctic, 

GEORGE C. LEMMON, Saint John, New Brunswick; Saint John H.S.; 
Theological Society I-III, Inter-Seminary Convener II; Athletic 
Association Vice-President III; Cap and Gown Advertising Manager 
II; Hockey I-III; Rugger III; Volleyball I; Basketball I-III. Future: 
Ministry, New Brunswick. 

JAMES T. A. MERRY, Mimico; Mimico H.S.; Wycliffe College Literary 
Society I-III, Leader of the Opposition I, Cabinet Minister II, Prime 
Minister III; Wycliffe College Athletic Association. Treasurer II; 
O. of T. Liberal Club II-III; Cap and Gown, Assistant Editor I. 
Future: Diocese of Moosonee. 

CHARLES K. MONTIZAMBERT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; 
Athletic Association. President III; Soccer I-III; Hockey I-III. 
Future: Diocese of Keewatin. 

DAVID W. SINCLAIR, Collins Bay, Ont.; Kingston C.V.I. , Queen's 
University (B.A.); Soccer I; Volleyball I; Hockey II-III; Blue and 
White I-II, Chairman II; S.A.C. II-III. Co-Chairman University 
Committee III; Hart House Library Committee II-III; Theological 
Society Executive II, Senior Student III. Future: Curate. St. Thomas' 
Church, Belleville. 

DOUGLAS A. B. STANLEY, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.8.; 
Literary Society, Minister of Internal Affairs III. Future: Missionary 
in the Arctic. 

DONALD A. VARCOE, Toronto; Central Technical School; Wycliffe 

Hockey I-III. Manager ami Coach III; Wycliffe Theological Society, 
Intel --Seminary Convener III. Future :^Diocese of Calgary. 

WILLIAM H. WARNICA, Barrie; Barrie C.I., Inn or.-.n College. 
Future: Incumbent of the Parish of Medonte. 


which the pre-theology 
students are destined 
to maintain. 


Wycliffe athletes are 
always happy because 
they always win . . . 

Athletic Society 

Athletically speaking, good teams are about 
as hard to find as good spectators around 

The soccer team played every game and the 
rugger team even managed to beat Trinity, 
something they must never forget. As the hockey 
season progresses, the Blue-Blademen get 
sharper. Volleyball, basketball, track and squash 
teams vie for the members' attention along with 
the two aquatic sports, water-polo and water 
fights in the Refectory. 

The College has been known to win the Reed 
Trophy, so watch out, world! 

. . . and winning is easy with 
your own referee. 


Wycliffe College 

. as others see it 

Theological Society 

The Wycliffe College Theological Society has 
provided many things for many people this year. 
It has provided a trip to Austin, Texas, for Doug 
Dittrich and Merv Everall to attend the Anglican 
Seminary Movement Conference, and a trip to 
Victoria College for Evan Walker, John Hayes and 
George Lemmon to attend the S.C.M. Conference. 

For its members, the Society has provided pro- 
gram meetings with such speakers as the Rev. 
Gordon Baker, editor of The Canadian Churchman, 
and Dr. R. L. Taylor, moderator of the Presby- 
terian Church in Canada, as well as sponsoring 
Bible studies and noon-day prayers throughout 
the year. 

as it sees others 

as it sees itself. 



Colleges . . . 



and finally 

did some studying. 

St. Michael's College 

REV. J. 



M.A., Ph.D. 

ROBERT A. M. ADAMS, Fort William; Math, and Physics: Saint 
Patrick's U.S.. Fort William C.I.; S.M.C. Glee flub I-III; 0". of T. 
Squadron RCA. I'. Primary Reserve II-III; U. of T. Chorus IV. 

Future: Graduate Studies. 

RICHARD M. H. ALWAY, Hamilton: Philosophy (History): Westdale 
S.S.; U. of T. Liberal Club [-IV, Vice-President I; S.M.C. Sodality 
I-IV. Secretary II. Prefect III-IV; S.M.C. Student Council II. Men's 
House Council II; U. of T. Debating Union Executive II; Student 
Conference on National Affairs III; Hart House House Committee 
III; U. of T. Historical Club III-IV. Vice-President IV. Future: 

R. CHARMAINE ANTONIAK, Port Arthur; General; Port Arthur C.I. 
Future: High School Teacher. 

CLIFFORD J. AUGUSTINE, St. George's. Grenad. B.W.I. ; General; 
G.B.S.S., St. George's. Future: Law, International Relations. 

MICHELLE BAKER, Toronto; Psychology; Leaside C.I.; Baseball I-III; 
Basketball I; Swimming MI; Hockey III-IV; V. of T Outing Club IV. 

ALEXANDER BATNA, Buckmuizs, Latvia; General; Kraslau. 

LAWRENCE BARBER, fjtica, N.Y. (No Photograph.) 

CLARE J. BEINGESSNER, Kitchener; General Science; St. Jerome's 
U.S.; Track Team HI; Basketball I. Future: Graduate Work in 
Physical Metallurgy. 

EDWARD J. BELLAMY, Larchmont, X.Y.; General; Iona Preparatory 
School; Basketball MI; University Committee, Chairman III; 
Judo I: S.M.C. Awards Committee II; S.A.C. Rep. III. Future: 
Graduate Work in Law and Business. 

MARY SUE BENNETT, Montreal: General; Glebe C.I., Ottawa; French 
Club II; St. Joseph's Lit. Club [-II; Hart House Orchestra Secretary 
III. Future: Graduate School. 



SAMUEL J. BIANCO, Hamilton; Philosophy ("History) ; Cathedral 
Boys' H.S.; Senate Club II-IV. Vice-President III. President IV; 
Hart House Library Committee III-IV. .Secretary IV; Sodality II. 
Future: Law School. 

NADIA BORUCH, Sudbury; General; Mount Mary Immaculate Academy, 
Ancaster; Ukrainian Students' Club II-III. 

JACQUELINE A. BOUCHARD, North Bay; Philosophy (History): 
St. Joseph's College, Loretto Abbey; Newman Club I; Double Blue 
Committee I; Music Guild. Loretto Rep I, President II-IV; Loretto 
Local Council, Fine Arts II. Vice-President III, President IV; Tar 
Heel Exchange IV; A.V.R. Copyist II-III. 

TERESA M. BRAZZONI, Kirkland Lake; General; Kirkland Lake 
C.V.I. ; Sodality I; Basketball II-III; Intercollegiate Basketball II; 
Tennis II; Newman Club III; French Club I-III. Future: Teaching. 

MARGARET A. BROWNE, Nobel. Ont.; Philosophy (English); Parry 
Sound H.S.; Volleyball I; Badminton II; St. Joseph's Literary Club 
II-III. President III; St. Joseph's House Council III; Glee Club I. 
Future: Graduate Work. 

NOLA M. BRUNELLE, Kapuskasing: General; St. Mary's Academy. 
Haileybury; P.C. Club I; Italian Club I; French Club I-III, Vice- 
President II, President III; Laval Exchange II; Mike I; St. Joseph's 
Sodality III; S.M.C. Sodality III. Future: Teaching. 

ROSEMARY K. C. BRUNKA, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's College 
School; Newman Club III. Future: Teaching. 

NANCY L. BUCK, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Basketball II. 
Future: Teaching. 

WILLIAM J. BURAK, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S.; Basketball 
I-II; Football I-II. Future: Medicine. U. of T. 

R. DALE BURLEY, Belleville; General; St. Michael's H.S., Notre Dame 
C.S., Welland. Future: Theology. 

PAUL C. BURNS, Mimico; Classics; St. Michael's College School. 
Future: Theology and Teaching. 

EDWARD CALLAGHAN, Buffalo. (No Photograph.) 

HILARY CARR, Larchmont, New York; General; School of The Holy 
Child, N.Y.; French Club I; Literary Club I; Float Committee II; 
St. Joseph's House Council. Social Rep. III. Future: Teaching. 

PETER E. CARSON, Hamilton; Oneral Science; Cathedral H.S.; 
U. of T. Water Polo I; S.M.C. Water Polo I-III; Football II; Mickities 

ANDRE J. CATAFORD, Kapuskasing; General; Kapuskasing H.S. 
Future: Teaching. 

ELLEN F. CHAMBLISS, Wilmette, Illinois; General; New Trier Town- 
ship H.S.; Double Blue Committee I-III; Initiation and Orientation 
II; Baseball III; Electoral Commission III. 

ELIZABETH LOU CHAN, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

ANTHONY A. CIAVARRO, Hamilton; Philosophy I History) ; Cathedral 
H.S. Future: Theology. 

JOHN A. CIRUNA, Toronto; General Science; St. Michaels College 
School; Basketball I-II; U. of T. Rifle Club I-II. Future: Graduate 
Work in Chemistry. 



THOMAS P. COOHILL, Brooklyn, New York; General Science; St 
Michael's CoUege; Blue and White Society III; Basketball II II. 
Future: Graduate Work in Physics. 

MATTHEW A. CORRIGAN, Toronto; Philosophy (English 

Michael's College School; S.M.C. Drama Guild I-IV: Gryphon IV. 
Future: Graduate Studies. 

ELIO G. COSTA, Toronto; Modern History ami Modern Lang.; St. 
Michael's College School; Italian Club. President III; Spanish Club 
II; Soccer I-IV. Future: M.A. in Italian. 

JOHN W. CRISP, Scarborough; Classics; Winston Churchill C.I. 

CORNELIUS P. M. DALEMAN, Braeebridge; General; Braeebridge 
H.S.; Soccer III; French Club III. Future: Graduate Work in French. 

PETER R. J. DALY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College School. 

Future: Law. 

DANIEL J. DEACON, Lively. Ont.; General; St. Charles College. 

MARY JOAN DESNOES, Kingston. Jamaica; General; Immaculate 
Conception H.S.; Double Blue I; Mickities I; A.V.R, I; West Indian 

Student Association. 

VERONICA L. DEVLIN, Niagara Falls. Ont.; General; Loretto Abbey, 

Dalkev, Ireland. 

MARY L. DILLON, Larchmont. New York; General; Convent of the 
Sacred Heart. Connecticut; Double Blue Society I-III; Co-op Board 
of Directors II-III. 

BOZENA D. DOBRIJEVIC, Gospic, Croatia; General. 

MARY K. DRISCOLL, Manhasset, New York; General; Saint Marys 
US.; St. Joseph's College President III; S.M.C. Executive I; Literary 
Club I; Double Blue Society I-II. Future: Graduate Work at Columbia 

ROLAND J. DUFRESNE, North Bay; General; Juniorat du Sacre-Coeur, 
Ottawa; French Club III. Future: Graduate Work in Mathematics, 
High School Teaching. 

ALLAN E. DUGAN, Rochester, New Y'ork; General Science; McQuaid 
Jesuit U.S.; S.M.C. S.A.C. Treasurer III: At Home Co-Chairman II; 
Math, and Physics Society II; Initiation and Orientation II; Basket- 
ball I-II; Volleyball I-II. Future: Graduate School. Ph ■ - 

MICHAEL K. DUGAN, I'tica. New York; General; St. Francis de Sales 
U.S.: Year Men's He,.., S.A.C. III-IV; Mih I-III: \t Home II: 
Initiations II; Hockey I-II; Basketball I-II; Co-op Assistant Manager 
II. Future: Graduate Business School. 

JULIAN J. P. DUKACZ, Kirkland Lake; Math, and Physics: Kirkland 
Lake C.V.I. ; Hockey. Future: Actuarial Career. 

CHARLES F. J. DUNKL, Scarborough; Math, and Physics; St. Michael's 
C.S.; Hart House Amateur Radio club I-II; Math, and Physics 
Society III: Newman Club IV. Future: Graduate Studies in Mathe- 
matics, College Teaching. 

MARY-ESTELLE DUNN, Toronto; Poli. Soi. and !■>.; Loretto Abbey; 
Student Service Commission Rep. II: E.A.C. Rep III: Loretto l 
Council, Hep. 1. Vice-President III; Athletic Directorate III-IV; 
Baseball II-III; Hockej III-IV. 



RUTH A. DUNNING, Cobalt, Ont.; General; Cobalt H.S.; Basketball II. 

STEPHANIE A. FENLON, Pelham Manor, New York; General; Pelham 
H.S.; Varsity Majorette III-IV, Head III; S.M.C. Cheerleader I-IIj 
Glee Club Mil; Basketball II; Miekities II. 

MARILYN A. FERRIS, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Newman Club 
III. Future: O.C.E. 

ROBERT A. FUNG, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; General Science; St. Mary's 
College; Water Polo I-IV, U. of T. Captain II-III; Intercollegiate 
Water Polo II; Water Polo Rep.; Basketball III; Volleyball III. 
Future: Medicine. 

GEORGE S. GALEA, Toronto; General; Burnhamthorpe C.I. Future: 

ROBERT V. GALLAGHER, Blind River, Ont,; General; Blind River 
H.S.; Water Polo I-III; Hockey I-III; Basketball I-II. 

MARIANNE GENNO (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Harbord C.I. Future: 
High School Teacher. 

MARGARET GIARDINELLO, Hamilton; General; Cathedral Girls' 
H.S.; Basketball II; St. Joseph's House Council III; Miekities III. 
Future: Teaching. 

MARGARET M. GILLESPIE, Toronto; General; Outremont Convent, 
Montreal; Oratorical Society I; Glee Club II; Miekities III; French 
Club III. 

M. DIANE GIROUX, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's H.S.; The Mike I; 
Second Year Women's Rep. II; Treasure Van I-II. 

STEPHANIE E. GITTUS, Calgary; General; College de J^sus-Marie; 
French Club I-III, Social Director II; Liberal Club I; Double Blue 
Society III; F.R.O.S.; Carabin Exchange III. Future: Teaching. 

LEO T. W. GOLDSMITH, McKenzie Island, Ont.; General Science; 
Red Lake District H.S.; University Curling Club I-III; Volleyball I; 
Torontonensis II-III, Section Editor III. Future: M.A. 

LAWRENCE J. V. GRANT, Yonkers, N.Y.; General; Archbishop 
Stepinao U.S., White Plains, N.Y.; L.O.C.K. I-III; The Mike, 
Reporter II-III; Dramatic Society II-III; Writer's Group I-II. 
Future: Fordham Law School. 

JOHN J. GRAVES, Richmond Hill; Modern History; Richmond Hill 
H.S.; P.C. Association, College Rep. II; Modern History Club; Class 
Executive, Member-at-large II; Soccer I. Future: Teaching. 

MARY ELLEN GREER, Ottawa; General; Glebe C.I.; External Affairs 
Committee III; Liberal Club I, III; Skule Nite III; Miekities III: 
A.V.R. III; P.C. Club. Future: Law. 

FREDERICK J. GUERIN, Peterborough; General; St. Peter's H.S.; 
Hockey I; Volleyball I; French Club III. Future: Teaching. 

CATHERINE E. GYURIK, Roslyn Heights, Long Island, N.Y.; General; 
St. Mary's H.S.; Sodality; Outing Club. Future: Medicine. 

ROSE MARIE HARROP, Islington; General; St . Joseph's U.S.; Miekities 
II; Double Blue Committee II; S.M.C. Women's Vice-President III; 
Initiation and Orientation Committee II. Future: Graduate Work 
in English. 



CATHERINE A. C. HENNING, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey. 

MARY SUE HERZ, 'irosse Pointe, Michigan; General; Academy of the 
Sacred Heart H.8.; Sodality III; U. of T. Bloo<i Drive II. " 

JOHANNA C. M. HICKEY, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Newman 

Club I; Sodality I; Glee Club I; Mickities I-III; Initiation Conn 

II; Loretto Local Council Rep. II; D.C.-8.M.C. Drama Guild II; 

Electoral Committee III. Future: School of Social Work. 

CAROL L. HIGGINS, Hinsdale. Illinois; General; Nazareth Academy; 
Double Blue Society III; F.R.O.S. Future: Teaching. 

WILLIAM J. A. HOBSON, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 
Future: Law School. 

HENRY R. M. HOLMAN, Guelph; General; Loretto-Notre Dame H.S. 
Future: Theological Studies. 

CAROL A. HUNNICUTT, Port Arthur; General; Arpin Memorial H.S. 

JOHN D. HUOT, Ottawa; Philosophy (History); Ottawa Fisher Park 
H.S.; Senate Club I-IV. Secretary-Treasurer II. President III; 
Mike, Co-Editor IV; Co-op Board of Directors II; Hart House 
Debates Committee IV; Historical Club IV; Football I; Intercollegiate 
Intermediate Football II. 

ANTHONY I. KALHOK, Sinjcoe, Ont.; General Science; Simeoe District 
H.S. Future: Mathematics Teacher. 

FREDERICK G. KAPPLER, Rochester. New York; General; Aquinas 
Institute; Sports. Future: Mathematics. 

WILLIAM H. J. KARNER, Toronto; General; De La Salle Oaklands 
H.S.; Mickities II; S.M.C. Float III. 

PI A M. H. KARRER, Binghamton, New York; Modern Lang, and Lit.; 
Humberside C.I.; Italian Club I-IY, Social Convener II-III. Play II; 
French Club I-IY; St. Joseph's College Schola Cantorum I-IV; 
Badminton I; Swimming II. Future: Graduate Work. 

M. SANDRA KEALEY, Toronto; Modern History (English); Loretto 
Abbey; Laval Exchange II; Music Guild II-IV. Future: Teaching. 

MARGARET M. KEEGAN, Toronto: General; St. Joseph's College 
School; Newman Club Secretary II; Mickities II; Baseball II; Hockey 
II; St. Joseph's College House Council Vice-President III. Future: 

MERVYN M. G. KEIZER, Belmont. Port-of-Spain. Trinidad: Classics: 
St. Mary's College; West Indian Students' Association. President. 
Future: College Teaching. 

J. LAWRENCE KELLY, Guelph; General; Notre Dame-Loretto lis. 
Future: Theology. 

JAMES W. KELLY, Rochester, New York: General; Aquinas Institute; 

Italian Club I; Basketball II. Future: Pharmacology. 

SHEILA M. KELLY, Hamilton. 
DIANNE E. T. KENT. I No Photograph.) 



ANTHONY R. KILGALLIN, Rexdale, Ont.; General; Weston C.V.S.; 
Squash; Judo. Future: U. of T. Law School. 

WAYNE T. KNOX, Three Rivers, Quebec; General; St. Michael's C.S.; 
Basketball I-III; French Club I. Future: Business Administration. 

NORMAN H. KOLB, Utica, New York; Philosophy; Aquinas Institute, 

JOSEPH B. KOLODZIE, B.P.H.E., Oshawa; General; Oshawa Central 
CI. J S.M.C. Basketball I-III; S.M.C. Hockey III; S.M.C. Pro Club 
I-III. Future: Teaching. 

RITA 3. KONER, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's C.S. Future: O.C.E. 

GAIL E. KRAFCHIK, Hamilton; General; Cathedral Girls' H.S.; 
Newman Club III; Bowling I; Baseball I. Future: High School 

TED J. J. KRAWCHUK, Larder Lake. Ont.; General Science; Kirkland 
Lake H.S.; Volleyball I; Liberal Club I-IIj Curling III-IV. 

ALFRED V. KULYS, Lithuania; General. 

ROBERT R. KUTCY, Toronto; General; De La Salle Oaklands; Basket- 
ball I. Future: Medical School. 

LAWRENCE N. J. KUZMINSKI, Toronto; General; St. Michaels 
C.S.; Lacrosse III; Biology Club III. Future: Medicine. 

JAMES M. J. LACEBY, Unionville; General Science; St. Michael's C.S. 

BARBARA A. LANOIS, Toronto; General; Loretto C.S.; French Club I; 
Float Committee III; Loretto Social Rep. III-IV. Future: Teaching. 

BARBARA A. LAWRENCE, Toronto; General; R. H. King C.I.; Cheer- 
leading I-II. 

MARIA R. LEMANSKI, Toronto; Modern History (English); Loretto 
C.S.; Polish Students' Club I-IV; Bulletin Editor I, Vice-President II. 
Future: Creative Writing. 

ARLETTE A. LESAGE, New Lowell, Ont.; Modern Lang, and Lit.; 
Barrie Central C.I.; French Club I; St. Joseph's College Schola 
Cantorum I-IV. 

LILLIAN M. LEUNG, Hong Kong; General; Maryknoll Convent School. 
Future: Teaching Higli School. 

PHILIP C. LOCOCO, Niagara Falls. Ont.; General; Niagara Falls C.V.I. ; 
U. of T. Italian Club I-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. 

IVAN A. LULIK, Toronto; General; State Gymnasium. Ljubljana. 
Yugoslavia; Geography Club III; Italian Club, Dante III. 



ROBERT LUNDY, Toronto; Poli. Bci. and Ec.; Bloor C.I. 

MICHAEL J. MacDONALD, X. w Waterford. Nova Scotia; General; 
Mount Carmel U.S. Future: Theology. 

K. JANE McCAIG, Cobourg; General; Cobourg District C.I.; Skiing; 
Liberal Club III; Mickities, Make-up III; Skule Nite III. 

BRUCE M. W. McDONALD, Nct Vork XV. ; General; Xavier US.; 
Basketball I; Volleyball I; Water Polo HI; B.M.C. Student Adminis- 
trative Council II; House Council II; Awards Committee Chairman 
II; Laval Exchange II; Initiations Chairman II. Future: Medicine. 

PAUL V. M. McDONELL, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S.; Squash. 
Future: O.C.E. 

THOMAS E. J. McDONNELL, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S.; 
Football II; Hockey I-II. Future: Law. 

KEVIN G. McEVENUE, Fairylands. Bermuda; General; Loyola College; 
Music Guild I-II, Vice-President I, President II; Torontonentit 
Rep. I-II. 

JOHN G. McGOEY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S.; Senate Club 
I; Football I; Boxing £-111; Varsity Reporter; French Club I, III. 
Treasurer III. 

M. JOSEPH McGREEVY, Brooklyn, New Vork; General; Power 
Memorial Academy; S.M.C. Sodality; Biology Club: Italian Club; 
Basketball; Soccer; Swimming. Future: Medical School. 

CLEMENT F. MacNAMARA, Toronto. fXo Photograph.) 

LORRAINE M. MAIRE, Toronto; General; Xotre Dame U.S.; Th, Mil ■ 
I; Mickities II; Float Committee II. 

WALTER J. J. MALINOWSKI, Toronto; General Science; Central T.S. 
Future: Chemistry. 

CAROL ANN MALTHANER, Rochester. Xew Vork: General; John 
Marshall H.S.; Swim Hep. I-II; E.A.C. II. 

ANTHONY MAMBELLA, St. Catharines; General; Notre Dame C.S.; 
French Club II. Future: Teaching. 

GERALDINE H. MANDOLESI, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Sault Ste. 
Marie C.I. Future: Teaching. 

STANLEY J. MARCHUT, Oshawa. No Photograph.) 

HUGH R. J. MARKS, Rochester, New York; General; Aquinas Institute: 
Debates Club 1; Football I-III; Mickities [-II, Producer II. Future: 

J. MICHAEL MARLBOROUGH, Toronto; Math, and Physics; St. 
Michael's College U.S. 

FRANK O. MARZARI, Toronto; Modern History; Bloor C.I : Football 
[-II; Basketball I-III; Watei Polo I; Squash I: Soccer II 

Citj Editor, \ :iate Features Editoi III. News Editoi [V; Tl 

Editor IV; The Historical Club IV; The Political Economy Club IV. 
Future: MA. 

MARY A. MASI, Hamilton; General; Loretto Academy; Italian Club 
III: Newman Club I. Future; Teaching. 

GEORGE E. MAY, Hong Kong. No Photograph.) 



ANTHONY G. MEAGHER, Oshawa; General; Oshawa C.V.I. ; Basket- 
ball; S.M.C. Glee Club II. 

PATRICIA A. MEAGHER, Guelph; General; Loretto Academy: New- 
man Club I-III, Corresponding Secretary III. Future; Teaching. 

BERNARD J. MERCHANT, Lethbridge, Alberta; General; St. Francis 
H.S. Future; Teaching and Theology. 

DIANE L. METELSKY, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I. Future: 


ALLAN MICKEVICIUS, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I.; Soccer I-III; 
Basketball I-III. 

JOSEPH W. MIK, Toronto. 

FRANKLIN J. MIZZI, Detroit, Michigan; General; Assumption H.S., 
Windsor. Future: Theology. 

MARY ELLEN MOLLOY, Grimsby; General; Grimsby H.S.; St. Joseph's 
House Council II; Curling II; Baseball III. Future: Teaching. 

PETER C. MONTGOMERY, Edmonton; General; Strathcona Composite, 
University of Alberta. Future: Priesthood. 

MARIANNE MOREAU, Toronto; Latin and French; Earl Haig C.I. 
Future: Teaching. 

JUDITH P. MORGAN, Paris, Ont.; Modern History; Paris District H.S.; 
Glee Club; Modern Dance Club III-IV, Chairman IV. 

GEORGE R. MORRISSEY, Welland; Latin and English; Welland H.S.; 
Curling II-IV; Hockey II. Future: Teaching. 

ANNE WALKER MORSE, Glencoe, Illinois; General; Convent of the 
Sacred Heart; A.V.R. I; Double Blue I; Baseball I; Hockey II; 
Initiation-Orientation II; F.R.O.S. I-III; Student Service Committee 
II; Awards Committee II; Cheerleader II; Class Rep., S.M.C, S.A.C. 
Ill; E.A.C. Chairman III. Future: Teaching. 

ANNE E. MURPHY, Mount Forest, Ont.; General; Mount Forest 
District H.S.; Basketball; Baseball; Curling; Sodality. Future: 

MARY CATHERINE A. MURPHY, Livonia, Michigan; General; 
Iadywood H.S.; Float Committee II; Orientation II; The Mike III; 
Double Blue I-III; Treasure Van I. Future: Social Work. 

T. PAUL MURPHY, Livonia Michigan; General; Assumption H.S., 
Windsor. Future: Basilian Seminarian. 

GEORGE C. MURRAY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S. Future: 
Teaching and Theology. 

PAUL C. MURRAY, Toronto; General; De La Salle Oaklands College; 
Hockey I-III; Water Polo I-III. Future: Business Administration. 


£ >^V 



MARGARET R. NEILL, Port Arthur; General; Port Arthur C.I. Future: 
High School Teacher. 

MARY JANE NORRIS, Milton, Massachusetts; Philosophy and History; 
Milton Academy; Hart House Theatre I; Theatre Guild I-III. Secret 
tary HI, Vice-Presidenl III; LOCK I-IV; Co-operative Heard 
II-III, Secretary II; Italian Club 1 1 1-I \*. Play III; Hart ' 
Orchestra Usociates, Treasure! IV. Future: Graduate Studii 

ELIZABETH ANN O'BRIEN, Staten Island. New York; General; 
St. Joseph Hill Academy; Float I; <"|e<- Club MI; Toronto) 
Rep. MI; Blood I)nv<- II-III; Sodality Vice-Prefect II. Co-Prefect 
III; S.M.C. -Laval Exchange II; Harvard Exchange III; Co-op 
Hoard III. Future: Graduate Work. 

SUSAN T. O'BRIEN, Elmira. New York. 

ANNE T. ODELL, Toronto; Physics and Chemistry; Earl Haig C.I.; 

l.R.T.P. MI; Chemistry Club IV; C. of T. Chorus IV. Future: 
High School Teacher. 

NEIL D. O'DONNELL, Toronto; General; De La Salle Oaklands. 
Future: Queen's University. 

J. P. JOHN O'DONOGHUE, Peterborough; General; 
Lacrosse I-III. Future: Law. 

St. Peter's H.S. 

MARIEL P. O'NEILL, Toronto; General; Villa Marguerite Bourgeo3 - s, 
St. Joseph's C.S.; Hart House Theatre I; French Club III. 

JOHN M. J. PARTLAND, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S.; 
Mickities II-III, Actor IF. Writer III; S.M.C. Student Administrative 
Council Vice-President III; F.H.O.S. III. 

ROMAN P. PASHKEWYCH, Toronto; General. Future: Postgraduate 


GARY H. PATERSON, Willowdale; General; Hanover District H.S.; 
Music Guild MI; Mickities II-III. Future: Teaching. 

TIMOTHY J. PATERSON, Toronto; General; St. Michael- I - 
F'uture: Teaching and Theology. 

W. PETER PEART, Toronto; General; De La Salle H.S.; Fencing Club; 
Hart House Glee Club; Archery Club; Hifle Club; U. of T. Orchestra; 
Water Polo II-III; Mickities I-III; Hockey MI; Football II-III; 
Biology Club; Hart House Debates Society; Lacrosse II-III; Hart 
House Art Committee. 

JACQUELINE A. PEPIN, St. Catharines; General; St, Catharines 
C.V.S.; S.M.C. Glee Club I-III. Future: High School Teaching. 

LUCILLE M. PIERCE, Port Colborne; Latin and French: Port Colborne 
H.S.; Newman Club I; Loretto Local Council II-IV. Head of House IV. 
Future: O.C.E. 

CAROL ANN PISACANO, Yonkers. New York; General; Elizabeth 
Seton School; Biology Club I; Writers Group II; Float III; U. of T. 
Film Society II; SMC. ('.lee Club II. Future: Publishing. 

ROBERT G. POGODA, I'tica. New York; General; St. Francis de Sales: 
Basketball; Volleyball; Golf. Future: Mathematician. 

JOHN E. POVLOCK, Salamanca, New York; General; Salamanca U.S. 
Future: High School Teacher. Graduate Theology. 



CHESTER S. PSICA, Toronto; General; Parkdale C.I. 

CHARLES L. PUPICH, Schumacher, Ont. 

MICHAEL A. QUIGLEY, Oswego, New York; General; Oswego Catholic 
H.S.; At-home Chairman II; S.M.C. Co-operative; Basketball Mil. 

FRANK J. QUINN, Toronto; Geography; St. Michael's H.S.; L.O.C.K. 
I-II; Geography Club II-IV; Lacrosse II; Hockey I-III. Future: 
M.A. Studies in U.S. 

MARY-JOAN QUINN, Tweed, Ont.; General; Tweed H.S.; S.M.C. 
Sodality I-III; Curling II. Future: Teacher. 

SIGITA O. RAMANAUSKAS (Mrs.), Toronto; Psychology; Bloor~C.I.; 
Lithuanian Students' Association ITV; Psychology Club IV. 

JUDITH A. RICHTER, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; General; Allentown 
Central Catholic H.S. 

C. LINDA RIDDELL, Kirkland Lake; General; Kirkland Lake C.V.I.; 
Hockey I-III; Curling II; Baseball III; Sodality I-II. 

ADA M. T. ROFF, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; St. Joseph's C.S. 
Future: O.C.E., High School Teaching. 

DOMINIC J. ROSART, Hamilton; General; Cathedral H.S.; Football I; 
Hockey I. Future: Chemical Research. 

STEPHEN L. ROSS, Toronto; General; St. Patrick's College, Ottawa; 
U.N.T.D. I-III, Cadet Captain III; Judo I; Volleyball I; Lacrosse III. 

JOHN C. RUNG, Kenmore, New York; Modern History and Modern 
Lang.; Canisius H.S. ; Hart House Orchestra Associates, Chairman; 
Free World Society. External Affairs Director; Historical Society; 
Spanish Club; Hart House Committees, Music I, Art II, Library IV. 
Future: Graduate Work in History. 

JOHN J. M. RYAN, Toronto; Physics and Chemistry; St. Michael's C.S.; 
Hockey I, III; Lacrosse IV; Chemical Club IV. 

JOSEPH H. RYAN, Toronto; General; St. Michaels H.S.; Swimming; 
Hockey. Future: Teaching. 

PATRICIA M. RYAN, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; General; Newman 
Club I: U. of T. Outing Club I, III; Double Blue Committee III. 

CLAUDETTE V. ST. DENIS, Iroquois Falls; General; Iroquois Falls 
and Calvert District H.S.; French Club I-III; Hockey I-II; Mickities 
I-II; Glee Club I-II; U. of T. Chorus III; Laval Exchange II; Carabin 
Exchange III. Future: Teaching. 

JOHN M. SANDALA, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College H.S.; 
Hockey I-III. Future: Graduate Course in Business. 

LEONARD G. SBROCCHI, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Foggia, 
Italy; Italian Club; Spanish Club; Newman Club; Soccer. Future: 
M.A. Studies in Romance Languages. 

jJDfl *Jr jm 



PETER M. SCANDIFFIO, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College H 5.: 
V. of T. Squadron R.C.A.F. I-III; Squash I-III; Iutercollesaate 
Squash I I-III. 

D MICHAEL SEEMANN, Ctica. New York; General- .-t Iran 13 de 
.Sales U.S. Future: MA. in Mathematics. 

WILLIAM A SHEAHAN, Toronto; General: Bt Michiels CS.: 


ROSEMARY B. SHELDON, New Hartford. New York: General; New 

Hartford H.S.; Schola Cantorum I-III; House Council II. Future: 

GERTRUDE P. SHERIDAN, New York City; General; St. Marys H.S.; 
Double Blue Committee I, III; Baseball III; Student Services III; 
Initiation and Orientation II. Future: Graduate Work in English. 

DONNA H. S. SHPIKULA, Toronto: General; Humberside C.I.; W.C.S. 
Publicity Committee. 

BRIAN P. SIMPSON, Lethbridge. Alberta; General; St. Francis H.S. 
Future: Teaching and Theology. 

WASYL SIRSKYJ, Sokoliwka. Ukraine; General; H.S. Italy; Tennis; 
Table Tennis. 

DAVID N. SLOCOMBE, Ottawa; Philosophy (English); Glebe C.I.; 
The Varsity I-II. Future: Graduate Work. 

GEORGE D. SMITH, Toronto; General; De La Salle College; FootbaU 
I-III; Hockey II-III; A.V.B.. II; Athletic Rep. III. Future: Teaching. 

JOHN P. SMITH, Toronto; General; De La Salle College; Hockey I-II. 

Academy; C.O.T.C. I-III; Hockey I-IV. 
Army Service Corps. 

Philosophy; Don Bosio 
Future: Roval Canadian 

STEVEN Z. SOBOLEWSKI, Hamilton; English Lang, and Lit.; Cathedral 
U.S. ; Wrestling I; Volleyball I; Political Club I-II; Model Parliament 
II : S.M.C Float I-II; Mickities Business Manager I; Gryphon Busil ess 
Manager II; Blood Drive and Share Campaign I; S.M.C. S.A.C. 
Vice-President II; Mike III: Hart House House Committee III; 
North Carolina Exchange III. Future: Law School. 

DAM I AN J. B. SOLOMON, Petit Valley. Trinidad; Modern Lang, and 
Lit.; Fatima College. St. Mary's College; Soccer II-I\ ; Water Polo II; 
Spanish Club Publicity Director III. Future: Graduate Work. 

MALACHY SORGENFREI, Syracuse. Xe« York. 

WILMA M. SORICH, Port Colborne; General; Port Golborne U.S.; 

Cheerleader I-II; Co-op. Board of Directors II-III. Future: Teaching. 

WILLIAM S. STADNICK, Toronto; General; R. 11. King C.I.J 0". of T. 

Liberal Club. Future: Teaching. 

JOSEPH P. STALMACH, Prague. Czechoslovakia; General; St. Michael's 
College School; Christopher Movement Treasurer: Judo; Table Tennis. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 



IHOR STEBELSKY, Toronto; Geography; Humberside C.I.; Judo Club 
II; Geography Club II-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

MARIA J. STECCA, Port Credit; Latin and French; Port Credit H.S.; 
French Club II; Italian Club II-III. Future: Teaching. 

LAWRENCE D. STOKES, Toronto; Modern History; St. Michael's H.S.; 
Historical Society IV. Future: Graduate Work. 

ALFRED J. STONG, Richmond Hill; General; St. Michael's College H.S.; 
Lacrosse III; Photography; Water Skiing. 

JOHN F. SULLIVAN, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Philosophy (English); 
Assumption H.S. Future: Priesthood. 

MARY P. SULLIVAN, Renfrew, Ont.; General; St. Joseph's Academy; 
A.V.R. II. Future: Teaching. 

THOMAS W. SULLIVAN, Brampton; General; Brampton H.S. Future: 
Return to Teaching. 

ANNE SZEWADUCKI, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Initiation 
and Orientation Committee II; Double Blue Committee II; S.M.C. 
E.A.C. Cross-campus Rep.; W.U.S. Publicity Chairman. Future: 

ROSEMARY M. TABISZ, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Loretto 
Local Council II-III. 

EILEEN TAKER, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Newman 
Club Til; French Club II. Future: Library School. 

HELEN A. TALPASH, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Ukrainian 
Students' Club; Choir; Dancing; Hockey. Future: O.C.E. 

JOSEPH J. TAZZEO, Hamilton; General Science; Cathedral H.S. 
Future: Medical School. 

SHEILA A. TEERKOTT, Waterloo; General; St. Mary's H.S. Future: 
Library School. 

GERALD M. TOCZYLOWSKI, Toronto; General; De La Salle H.S.; 
Basketball I-III; Baseball. 

THOMAS F. J. TOOLE, Geneva, New York; General; DeSales Academy; 
S.M.C. Student Administrative Council President. Future: Sacred 
Priesthood of Academia. 

PATRICIA A. TRUTTY, Hinsdale, Illinois; General; Nazareth Academj 
Future: Elementary Teaching. 

NANCY E. TUCKEY, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Initiations II; 
Float I-II; At-home II; Hockey I-III; Baseball II; Cheerleading [-II. 
Future: Social Work. 

EDWARD B. TUNNEY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College School. 
Future: Teaching. 



KRYSTYNA H. TUROSZ, Toronto; General; Loretto College School; 
Polish Students' Club, Bursary and Scholarship Committee II, 
Cultural Committee III. Future: Teaching. 

BETTE ANN TYNE, Sidney. New York; General; Sidney Central U.S., 
Nazareth College of Rochester; Writers' Club III. Future: (Graduate 

BETTY LOU UPTON, Kirkland Lake; General; Kirkland Lake C.V.Lj 
Hockey [-III; Curling II; Basketball II-III; Volleyball Rep. II; 
Baseball III; Women's Athletic President. Future: Teaching. 

VINCENT E. VIDRIH, Kirkland Lake; General Science; Kirkland Lake 
C.V.I. Future: Medical School. 

DAVID C. VILLENEUVE, Ottawa; General; St. Patrick's College H.S. 

FREDERICK P. A. von DREGER, Milton, Ont.; Vienna, Austria; 
Modern History; Milton U.S.; United Nations Club I; Mickities I; 
Music Guild Executive II; Glee Club Manager II; S.M.C. -Laval 
Exchange II; S.M.C. French Club I-IV. President III; U. of T. German 
Club I-IV, President III; International Students' Council III;Skiing; 
Fencing; Table Tennis. Future: Postgraduate Work in Europe. 

MICHAEL F. WALLACE, Toronto; General; Burnhamthorpe C.I. 
Future: Theology. 

MARY CATHERINE WARE, Toronto; General; Loretto College School. 
F^uture: O.C.E. 

MICHAEL M. WAWRYSHYN, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; 
Ukrainian Students' Club, Treasurer; Choir. Future: Teaching. 

ROBERT D. J. WEILER, Port Arthur; General; St. Patrick's H.S.; 
Hockey. Future: Graduate Work. 

ROSEMARY H. WELSH, Toronto; General; Notre Dame H.S., St. 
Joseph's C.S. ; Newman Club I-II; Mickities II. Future: Teaching 

PHILIP A. WILEY/. Toronto; General; St. Michael's CoUege School. 
Future: Theology. 

M. MARGARET WOODS, ''Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Float 
Committee II-III; Softball II; Mickities II-III; F.R.O.S. Ill: Liberal 
Club I-II; Italian Club I; Newman Club I. Future: Social Work. 

ANDREW J. YEUNG, Hong Kong; General; La Salle College H.S. 
Future: Theology. 

Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge. 


Student Administrative Council: 

BACK ROW: Rick Hoigate, Al Dugan, Tom Toole, John Portland, Jim McGann, Tony Lyons. 

FRONT: Mike Dugan (standing). Jack Tuttlebee, Anne Morse, Rose Marie Harrop, Penny Cosgrove, Mary Pat McMahon, Ned Bellamy, Ed Milne 



President Tom Toole 

Vice-President {Women) Rose Marie Harrop 

Vice President {Men) John Partland 

Treasurer Al Dugan 

Secretary Jim McGann 

Freshman Rep Tony Lyons 

First Year Reps Jack Tuttlebee 

Mary Pat McMahon 

Second Year Reps. 

Third and Fourth Year Reps. 

Men's Cross-Campus Rep. 
Pro. Rep 

Ed Milne 

Penny Cosgrove 

Mike Dugan 

Anne Morse 

Ned Bellamy 

Rick Holgate 

At the moment of writing, the office of the Student 
Administrative Council of St. Michael's College contains 
a desk, a phone, chairs, four cases of empties, filing cabinets, 
and a piano. Perhaps this office, then, is representative of 
our function — to work and to recreate in a spirit of good 
faith and co-operation for the benefit of the entire student 

Such ideals are not always achieved. 

Like all efficient and self-respecting councils, we set out 
to reconstitute a number of by-laws originally drawn up with 
an equal expenditure of energy by previous councils. At 
the same time, we established investigating committees in 
order to flush Truth from her hiding place. 

But it is hoped that some positive contribution to student 
life has been made this year. Early in the second term, the 
Council recommended to the President of the College that 

an Honour Society be formed to promote and to honour 
academic prowess and exemplary conduct in the College. 
We trust its merits are as we believe. Although unconstituted 
as yet, a Philosophical Journal is in the making, a publica- 
tion which is to contain student material. And, of course, 
the "frozen funds" are unfrozen and spent with the utmost 
expedience and liberality. 

This was the year that Boozer Brown was again caught 
reading the Summa — this time on the Crescent; this was 
the year of the trips hither and yon (and couldn't I have 
$50 for a tour of Islington?); of Russell and the CUCND; 
of the abstention, the retirement, and the innocuous state- 
ment; and, above all, it was the year of The Great Debate. 
To our successors, we can only offer our best wishes and 
the keys to our somewhat appalling Ivory Towers. It has 
been both a pleasure and an education! 


Men's House Council 

Tom Brett, Kevin McEvenue, John Portland, Ted Phoenix, Bill McConvey. 

St. Joseph's 

BACK ROW: Christine St. Peter (Fresh- 
man Rep), Peggy Keegan (Vice-Presi- 
dent), Margaret Giardinello (Third 
Year Rep.), Sally Sears (Second Year | 

FRONT: Bernadette Suljit (First Year | 
Rep.), Mary Driscoll (President), Clou- 
dette St. Denis (Music Rep.). 
ABSENT: Miliary Carr, Rosemary Heine-| 

Loretto Local Council 

BACK ROW: Rosemary Tabisz (III & IV Non-res.), Lucille Pierce (Head of House), Stasia Krukowski (Pro. Rep.), Anita 
Girvin (Freshman Rep.), Mel Baldassi (Second Year Rep.), Kathy Sprigings (Res. Vice-Pres.), Janey Heard (Social). 
FRONT: Carol Trainor (First Year Rep.), Gail Lipton (II Non-res.), Diane Barresi (Debates), Jacquie Bouchard (Presi- 
dent), Pat Pearce (Non-res. Vice-Pres.), June Skrolla (I Non-res.), Joan Liston (III and IV Resident). 
ABSENT: Wilma McCool (Fine Arts). 


|S : 

■■-'■' :■:■:■.::::,:■,:■»■:■ ... 

— ■ j 


W s m 




->4 J 

J •«? ' n9 

^d hfe. 

' ' ^B 

r A 


P "'^A 1 


^■^ > 5 

jk ■ ' A 

i ^£/«f 

■^ ^ 

1 ML 



WL m 




Colleen Kelly, Rosemary Heineman 
(Co-Prefect), Sylvia lessaro, Betty 
Ann O'Brien. 

ABSENT: Rick Allway, Nolo Brunei 
(Secretary), Marty Glogowski (Trea- 


Senate Club 

BACK ROW: John McKay, Richard Tan, John Huot, Mike Pare. 
FRONT: Paul Connolly, Sam Bianco, Diane Barresi. 
ABSENT: Ralph Esposito, Bob Orange, Ed Bridge. 

Oratorical Society 

BACK ROW: Tom Brett, Bill McGee (Sec- 
retary-Treasurer), John Roth, Mike McDonald, 
Calyton Connolly. 

FRONT: Suzanne Westkirk, Mary Krywo- 
kulsky, Paul Sheppard, Nancy Bruno (Vice- 
President), Laurie Donvian (Clerk of House) 
ABSENT: Ralph Espotio (President), Julia 


Music Guild 

BACK ROW: Nick Sheldon, Ted Phoe- 
nix, Dave Guisso. 

FRONT: Jocquie Bouchard (President), 
Father Fink, Sandra Kealey. 

The Writers' Group 

Betty Evans, Carolyn Fisher, Ron Mlodzek, Debbie Webster, Marina Pegis, Terry Decyk, Andrea Mudry, Jim Milligan, Ann Karol. 


External Affairs 

BACK ROW: Nancy Grout, Mary Ellen Grier, 
Dave Young, Anita Szlazak, Rita Manaing. 
FRONT: Susan Conway, Stephanie Gitlus, 
Anne Morse (President), Anne Siewaducki. 
ABSENT: Colleen Kelly, Tom Brett, Peter 
Donovan, Sue Hagerty, Carol Malthaner. 

French Club 


Double Blue Committee 

BACK ROW: Mike Laober, Ellen Chambliss, Gertrude Sheridan, Carol Higgins, Mary Dillon, Don Carmichael. 
FRONT: Jolly Murphy, Connie Holmes, Ed Milne, Penny Cosgrove, Marjie McKenna. 

Pro Club Officers 

Gym Club 

BACK ROW: Rick Holgate, John Maclnnes (Presi- 
dent), Tom Mai. FRONT: Lyn Evans. 

BACK ROW: Gary Atkins, Diane 

Di Valentin, Tony Fioreni. 

THIRD: Petie Prendergast, Mary 

Jane James. 

SECOND: Elaine Crawley, Maureen 


FRONT: Suzanne Ebbs. 

The Co-op Board 

BACK ROW: John McGrath, Wilma Sorich, Wally Eisenberg (President). 

FRONT: Jim Evans (Treasurer), Rosemary Heineman (Secretary), Betty Ann O'Brien, Mary Dillon, Don Cunningham (Vice- 
ABSENT: Marty Glogowski. 

The "Coop" 

The "coop" has traditionally been the major unifying focus of life at St. Mike's — 
the place where day-hop meets resident and professor meets student, where the ills 
of the world are drowned in quarts of what passes for coffee — if one's definition of 
that beverage is broad. 

Student operated, the coop is a notable illustration of the "dictatorship of the 
proletariat" theory — the "proletariat" being, in this case, those heroic comrade 
students who work behind the counter and at closing time introduce a combination 
chain-gang and torture-chamber atmosphere, marked by the brain-splitting banging 
of chairs, in order to drive from the precincts in terror those foolhardy souls who 
attempt to encroach beyond the allotted time. Despite such regular purges, however, 
the normal atmosphere is friendly and inviting — so inviting, in fact, that the majority 
of students at St. Mike's willingly risk failure to relax within its hallowed walls. 

As might be expected, coop-hangers are characterized by a strongly intellectual 
bent, giving the coop an academic quality surpassed only by any high-school cafe- 
teria. The coop's cultural standards have been raised this year by the introduction of 
a jukebox — with amplifiers to ensure that no one would be rash enough to try to 
speak while the works of Presley or Brubeck are being performed. We may look 
forward to further improvements along these lines in the future — perhaps in the 
form of a lending library for Classic Comics. 

Seriously, though — we love it. 


"The Mike" 

BACK ROW: John Huot, Frank Marzari. 
FRONT: Rick Holgate, Kerry McSweeney. 




There . . . 

Sat for hours in the "Coop" 
Attended musical evenings 

Wrote with the Writers' Group 

Was bilingual with the French Club 

Agitated at "The Great Debate" of the S.A.C. 

Spoke from the floor in the heated sessions of the Senate Club 

Helped build the Float 

Sparked Initiation enthusiasm 

Aided the Double Blue boost college spirit 

Cheered with the Cheerleaders at Team Victories 

Put the finishing touch on the S.M.C. Ice Sculpture 

Joined the Chorus of "Mickities" 
Led the applause for "Pantagleize" 

Wore masks at the Halloween Party 

Became Roman at the first year Toga Party 
Danced till dawn at the St. Michael's Formal 

Cooked hot dogs on the Island with third and fourth year 



Scour Campus 
Residences for 
Activity Shots 

Annette Convey (Assistant), Ann Green (Rep.). 

The guys have a plan. 
Nice going gals, getting 
into Elmsley. 

There never was any interest at Loretto. 

Wowed them at St. Joseph's. 


The Distinguished 
Initiating Council 

BACK ROW: Cas. Harold, Sally Sears, Nancy 

Grout, Mike Dunn, Lorraine McGrath, Ed 


SECOND: Mel Baldassi, Kevin Hauser, Joe 


FRONT: Anne Rochetta, Carolyn Corcoran, 

Sissy More, Ann Green, Eric Holmes, Ed 


ABSENT: Colleen Kelly, Gail Lipton, Jim Mc- 

Gann, Anne Morse, Margaret Giardanello. 

Hm! Hm! 


Shall we dance? 

Mob scene from On the Beach. 


Hot dog 





Float Committee 

BACK ROW: Geri Lemieux, Helen Hammond, 

Maryanne Penlick, Martin Sharpe, Anne 

Rochetta, Peggy Thibeault, Louise Marches- 


FRONT: Mike Lauber, Petie Prendergast, Anne 

Servais, Eleanor Hynes, Connie Holmes, Jim 


Homecoming '62 

The Float. 

Charming Cheerers! 


U.C. and S.M.C Theatre Guilds 

present . . . 

North American 

of "Pantagleize" 

S.M.C. Theatre Guild 

Joe Torbay (Vice-President), Julie Connelly, 
Brian Conway (Business Manager), Ellen 
Bruce (Publicity), Marina Pegis (President), 
Valerie Lazar. 
ABSENT: Kathy Bruce, Carolyn Fisher. 

Pantagleize (David Hartman) speaks from the wall. 

The hours before. 

At the objective bar. 





The Men Behind the Show 

Gary Patterson (Composer), John 
Portland (Author), Doug Hill 
(Director), Brian Conway (Pro- 

Weeks before the show 


Opening night 


"Soft Shoulders" 





'" # 

Johanna Hickey, Ria Tawney, Sheila Kelly, Erin Malone, Monica Francis. 

Hube Start, Jim 
Mtlligan, Paul Yokom 

What's going on here? 

James Milligan as Phil. 


Moments to Remember 

Hail Brethren. 

Third and fourth year storm 
it ud on Centre Island. 

The garments are donned 
to prepare the Halloween Brew. 



The Christmas Celebration 


St. Michael's Formal 

A happy couple 

Vino Itoliono 

By candlelight 

Juste un pe 





I'm all alone. 

Even on Sunday! 

Like we did last summer. 

Freshman Orientation. 


Hey look Marg! 

Here and 

1961 - 1962 

Second year float contingent 
— Homecoming — 

Biding our time. 

1 50 

The cigar that gives you 
that glorious smile. 



St. Joseph's Beauty Salon. 





The new Elmsley Hall replaces old Elmsley Place House. 


Elmsley Hall and adjacent heating plant and 
chimney tower— 1962. 


Master Plan for 
Development of College Grounds 


1. Loretto College. 

2. Parking. 

3. Tennis Courts. 

4. Elmsley Hall. 

5. Dining Halls. 

6. Senior Students' Residence. 

7. Brennon Hall. 

8. Student Priests Residence. 

9. Students' Chapel. 

10. Playing Fields. 

11. Faculty Residence. 

12. Students' Residence. 

13. Church. 

14. Carr Hall. 

15. Library. 

16 Classrooms and Student Centre. 

17. Rectory. 

18. Parking. 


Women's Athletic Directorate 

Mary Joan Pusser (Swimming), Rita Manning (Basketball), Betty Lou Upton (President), Kathy Bourke (Hockey), 

Sue O'Brien (Softball). 

KNEELING: Margaret Giardinello (Volleyball). 

ABSENT: Teresa Bruzzoni (Tennis). 


* '"-"# &% 

Maria Greeny, Nancy Finne- 
gan, Maureen Elliot, Maureen 
Kennedy, Margie McKenna, 
Eleanor Providence, Judy 




BACK ROW: Suzanne Ebbs, Ann Sweeny, Theresa Aughney, Betty Lou Upton, Maureen Kennedy, Petie Prendergast, Mary Jane James, Dane 

Di Valentin. 

FRONT: Carol Trainor, Rosemary Heineman, Elaine Crawley, Tony Fiorini, Gary Atkins, Mel Baldassi, Jo Infanti, Linda Riddell. 


Tennis Champs 

BACK ROW: Dianne Olech, Hildy Balogh, Theresa Aughney. 

FRONT: Anna Strever, Ann Fournier, Violet Josiunas. 

ABSENT: Donna Hand (Captain), Margaret Anne Shepherd, Maria Greeny, 

Linda Olscamp. 

Hildy Balogh, Ann Fournier. 
ABSENT: Betty Dwyer. 


Basketball "A" 

BACK ROW: Betty Lou Upton, Carol 
Trainor, Eleanor Hynes, Brenda Mc- 

FRONT: Teresa Brazzoni, Penny Cos- 
grove, Mel Baldassi, Rita Manning 

Hockey "A" 

BACK ROW, St... Poo.,.. (Co.*), G..i l.oti.ox. «toy J... loo,.,, Aon Co,o,», Anito,, P..od..,..t, Mo.r..o K.o- 

nedy, Brad Chapman (Coach). 

FRONT: Dianne Di Valentin, Linda Riddell, Betty Lou Upton, Kathy Bourke, Joanie Liston. 


Men's Athletic Directorate 


« A »» 

BACK ROW: Don Schmidt, Steve Ponesse, Frank McArdle, Low Flask. 
FRONT: Dave Bain, George Smith, Gary Atkins. 

BACK ROW: Paul Riley, Frank Dougherty, Michael Dyer, Roy Schaedler, Rick Holgate, Robert Orange. 
FRONT: Thomas Kent, Nick Sheldon, Jerry Kavanaugh, John Maclnnis, Joseph Soltis. 
ABSENT: Bryan Ferroni. 


Football Team 



. . 'IffF ^KJr ^fifir w« ■ > '^ -': '■■■ : ■ .-■ A ^ 





BACK ROW: Art Samson, Tony Fiorini, John McGrath, Ted Schmidt, Glen McPherson, Ron Ruest, Fred Benninger, Tim Anglin, Don Schmidt. 
FRONT: Brian Bellmor, Ron Roberto, Peter Baiter, George Smith, Sean Kelly, Don Johnson, Brian Kasta. 

Way to play boys! 


BACK ROW: Chris McDonnell, Frank McArdle, 
Barry Fleming. 

SECOND: Dave Bain, Bruce McLean, Don 
Schmidt, Don Johnson, Martin Sharp. 
FRONT: Ted Schmidt, Gary Atkins. 
ABSENT: Art Samson. 


BACK ROW: Pat Day, Walt Bulas, 
Peter Marcelline, Steve Walker. 
SECOND: Len Marhue, Cecil Louis, 
Lou Flask, Casey Daleman, Hans 

FRONT: Ralph Gmell, Lennox Borl, 
David Yeung, Joe Tanzola. 
ABSENT: Steve Willedding, Elio 



BACK ROW: Dave Bain, Brad Chapman, Chris Speyer, Brian Kasta, Brian Bellmore, Mike Fuller, Gerry Marl- 
borough, Brian Fleming, Barry MacDougall, Tony Fiorini. 
FRONT: Mike Malady, Glen MacPherson, Casey Soden, Tim Anglin, Bruce McLain, Gary Atkins. 

Water Polo 

BACK ROW: Bob Gallagher, Peter Carson, Bob Fung, Frank McArole, Ed Bridge. 
FRONT: Art Samson, Ralph Gmell, John Warren, Don Cunningham, Imre Fejer. 



BACK ROW: Art Samson, Barry Fleming, 

Gary Atkins. 

FRONT: Don Schmidt, Ted Schmidt, Bruce 


ABSENT: Larry Soden, John O'Donaghue, 

Casey Soden, Jerry Byone. 

Jim Nevins, Steve Ponesse, Hans Hassnack. 

The Champs 

Tony Fiorini, Gary Atkins. 

Squash Champions 

Trinity College 



M.A., Ph.D., D.D. 

A. L. KEITH ACHESON, Santurce, Puerto Rico; Poli. Sei. and Ec; 
Ridley College; Historical Club IV; Trinity College Athletic Execu- 
tive III; U. of T. Squash II-IV; 0". of T. Football I. IV; Trinity 
Football II-III; Hockey I-II. Future: Further Study. 

PETER M. ADAMSON, Toronto; Poli. Sei. ami Ec; Upper Canada 
College; Soccer I; Squash I-IV. Future: Business. 

JON ANCEVICH, Berlin, Germany; General; College Militaire Royal 
de St. Jean. 



Hockey I; French Club I. 

General; Lawrence Park C.I. 

ROBERTA M. W. ARMSTRONG, Weston; Geography; Weston 

C.V.S.; St. Hilda's Athletic Association, Head of Hockey III, Secre- 
tary IV; Football I-II. IV; Hockey I-IV; Curling I-II. IV; Geography 

Club II-IV, Year Rip. II; Tfu \'ar>it>/ Reporter II, Women's Sports 
Editor III: Liberal Club III-IV. Cabinet .Minister III. Future: 
.Marriage and Teaching, 

C. PATRICIA ARNOLD, llaileybury, Ont.; General; Haileybmy U.S., 
Branksome Hall; Volleyball I; St. Hilda's Executive [-III, Head of 
Receptions III. 

VIVIAN A. ASH, Toronto; General; N.F.C.U.S. Rep.: Social Rep. Ill; 
Bead of Saints Reception; Basketball II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

A. CHARLES BAILLIE, O.ilha; Poli. Sei. and F.c; University of To- 
ronto Schools; Historical Club III-IV. Counsellor IV; Trinity Ath- 
letic Association Executive II-IV, Secretary III. President IV; 
Intramural Sports Committee IV; I", of T. Athletic Directorate IV; 
Trinity Board of Stewards and Discipline Committee III-IV; Con- 
veraat Committee tl-III; Football 1; Basketball I: Carabin III; 
Salterrat Editor III. 



BARBARA K. BAINE, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I. 

graduate Studies. 

Future: Post- 

M. ANNE BALDWIN, Brooklin, Ont.; General; Whitby District II. S . 
Oshawa C.V.I. ; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; St. Hilda's Ath- 
letic Association II-IV, President IV; U. of T. Women's Athletic 
Directorate IV; Women's Volleyball Club, President III. 

LAUREL L. BALL, Toronto; Slavic Studies; St. Clement's School; 
St. Hilda's Tennis; Basketball; Hockey I-IV; Football I-II, IV; 
Baseball IV; U. of T. Hockey; St. Hilda's Athletic Association I-IV, 
President III; Women's Athletic Directorate III; Hockey Club, 
President IV. 

W. DONALD BEAN, Waterloo; General; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; 
Intermediate Football I; Basketball I. Future: M.B.A. V. of 
Western Ontario. 

D. CASSON BELL, Port Credit; General; Port Credit S.S.; Hockey 
I-III; Football Mil; Trinity College Literary Institute. Future: Law. 

M. KATHERINE BELL, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I. 

JOHN R. BELLEGHEM, Cooksville; General; T. L. Kennedy S.S.; 
Blue and White Band I-III; Progressive Conservative Club III. 
Future: U. of T. Law School, D.Jur. 

J. RICHARD BLACKBURN, Stratford, Ont.; Modern Near Eastern 
Studies; Stratford C.I. 

JAMES B. BOYLES, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Burnhamthorpe C.I.; 
United Nations Club II-IV. 

URSULA M. BRAIN, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Breadalbane 
Academy, Scotland; Fine Arts Club II-IV; Trinity Chapel Choir 
I-IV; Trinity College Dramatic Society I-IV, Assistant Publicity 
Manager IV; St. Hilda's Literary Society, President III, Social 
Convener II; St. Hilda's House Committee III; French Club I; 
(ierman Club I. 

ELLEN M. BROWN, Oshawa; Slavic Studies; Oshawa C.V.I. ; Football 
I; Golf IV; St. Hilda's Athletic Executive Rep. IV; Slavic Circle 
I-II, Treasurer II; St. Hilda's Literary Society, Treasurer III; 
University Settlement II-IV; Head of Year IV. F'uture: Teaching 
and Postgraduate Work. 

ROBERT J. BUCHAN, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Lawrence Park 
C.I.; Football I-III; Hockey I-IV; Trinity College Athletic Associa- 
tion IV; Harvard Exchange IV; Sallerrae III. 

ROSS C. BURTON, London, England; General; Fettes College, 
Edinburgh. F'uture: Graduate Work in Education. 


CHARLTON, Gait; General. (No Photograph.) 

E. ANN CHUDLEIGH, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; St. Clement's 
School; Social Service Rep. II; Sallerrae II; Resident Head of Year 
III; Carabin III; Senior Debating Rep. IV; St. Hilda's Hockey I-III. 

CATHERINE A. CLARK, Toronto; Geological Sciences; Branksome 
Hall; Coleman Geology Club III-IV, Secretary III, President IV; 
Math, and Physics Society I-II; Underwater Geological Diving 
Club II. F'uture: Oceanography. 

ROSEMARY E. CLARK, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School- 
Psychology Club II-III; Liberal Club III. 


BARBARA J. COLLIER, Stratford; General; Stratford C.I.; St. Hilda's 
College Committee III; Head of Year III. Future: Study Singing 
in Europe. 



JOHN J. CRAWFORD, Toronto; Applied Mathematics; Lawrence 
Park C.I.; Mathematics and Physics Society I - 1 1 1 . 

MARY G. CROSSINGHAM, Toronto; General; St. Clement's BchooL 
Future: Intermediate Home Economics Certificate, Teacher's College. 

CATHERINE E. CURRY, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School; 

WIS HI; Him- ami White Carnival I-II; SI. an- Committee III 
l rench < lub I. 

A. BARRY DEATH, Brampton; General. (No Photograph.) 

SHIRLEY M. dePASS-HAUGHTON, Darliston, Jamaica; Modern 
Lang, and Lit.; St. Hildas U.S.. Brown's Town; Trinity College 
Choir II-IY. Future: Teaching. 

GEORGE G. DERATNAY, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; 
Trinity College Athletic Association I-II: Trinity Hockey I; U, of T 
Hockey II-III; Table Tennis Club I. Future: Business 

RAMSAY T. DERRY, Port Credit; General. (No Photograph.) 

JOAN W. DIXON, Toronto; General Science; Bishop Straehan School; 
St. Hilda's Basketball I-III; Swimming flub I-III. Publicity III; 
St. Hilda's Athletic Association. Executive II; Swimming I-III; 
Intercollegiate Diving Team III. 

M. CATHERINE DRAKE, Toronto: General; St. Clements School; 
Varsity III: All Varsity Revue III: Torontonensu I. Ill: St Hilda's 
College Volleyball I; P.C. Club III. Future: Postgraduate History. 

PATRICIA A. EARLE, Whitby; English Lang, and Lit.; Ontario Ladies' 

College; St. Hilda's College Literary Society. President; Trinity 
Chapel Choir II-IV. Chapel Advisory Board Rep. IV; Trinity Altar 
Guild II-IV; Harvard Weekend Committee IV; Social Service Rep. 
Ill; Basketball I-II; Dramatic Society I-II; Class Treasurer I-II. 
Future: Graduate Work. 

SILKE M. ENGLEDOW, Scarborough; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Downs- 
view C.I.; German Club I-II; Altar Guild II-IV, President III; 
Head of St. Hilda's Library II; Missionary Society III-IV. Future: 


MARGARET E. ENGLISH, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Bishop 
Strachan School; Fine Arts Club I. IV. Secretarv I; Dramatic Society 
I-IV. Secretary II; French Club I. IV; Italian Club II; St Hildas 
Social Convener I. Future: Postgraduate Work Abroad. 

E. JOY ERVINE (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; French 
Club I. Future: Housewife. 

VIRGINIA L. EVANS, Toronto; General. 

F. ROBERT FISHER, Toronto; Pol,. Sci. and Be.; Lawrence Park 
C.I.; Swimming I-IV, Co-Captain II: Trinity Water Polo I-IV; 
Rowing IV; Water Carnival I-II; Athletic Directorate IV; Tar Heel 
Weekend IV. 

M. PIM FITZGERALD, Toronto; Astronomy; Upper Canada College; 
Chess Club I; United Nations Club I-IV. Vice-President II; Mail., 
and Physics Society I-II. Future: Postgraduate Work in Astronomy. 

JOHN L. FRYER, Thedford, Ont.; General Science; Appleby College; 
Hockey I-III; Intermediate Rugger II-III. Future: M.B.A, at 
w estern. 

ROBERT J. GEDDES, Toronto; Economics; Queen's University; 

Baseball; 1 . X.T.I).; Squash; Fencing; Commerce club; Badminton. 
Future: M.B.A. 

JOHN F. GELL, Toronto; Modern History English); Runnvmede C.I.J 
Soccer II-III; Fencing I-IV; U. of T. Fencing Team III-IV. Presi- 
dent IV; Hart House Chess Club I-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work 
in Historj and English. 

PATRICIA E. C. GERECKE, Islington; Modern Lang, and Lit : 
Etobicoke C.I.; French Club I-IV; German Club [-II; St. Hilda's 
Volleyball II-III; Canterbury III-IV; s.C.M. III-IV. 


MILES A. GODFREY, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Millfield School, 
Street, Somerset, England; Trinity Athletic Executive IV; Soccer 
II-IV; Rugger III-IV. Future: U. of T. Law School. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN A. GONDER, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Riverdale C.I.; 
University of Toronto Progressive Conservative Club I-IV, Vice- 
President IV. 

BARBARA A. GRAHAM, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I. 
ball MI; F.R.O.S. III. Future: O.C.E. 


PATRICK T. R. GRAY, I'nionville, Ont.; Philosophy and English; 
University of Toronto Schools; Soccer I-IV; S.A.C. Rep. IV; Scribe 
of Episkopon IV; Social Convener III; Trinity Review II; Trinity 
College I iterary Institute II-III. Future: Anglican Theology. 

BARBARA A. GRAYDON, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Bishop 
Strachan School; French Club I-IV; Cerinan Club I-III; Vear Non- 
Resident Head IV. 

DAVID R. GREENWOOD, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 

M. SUZANNE GRIFFIN, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School; 
Hockey II-III; Football II-III; Swimming II-III; U.C. Hockey I, 
Basketball I. Bowling I, Football I; St. Hilda's Athletic Association. 
Head of Hockey III. Future: Europe, then Teaching. 

GILLIAN GUEST, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Bishop Strachan 
School; Fine Arts Club I-II, IV. Secretary II; Trinity Dramatic 
Society I-II; French Club I-II. IV; Class Social Convener II; A.V.R. 
II; Chapel Choir II. 

DAVID C. HALTON, London, England; Modem History; King's 
School, Canterbury; U. of T. Drama Festival I; Tin Varsity Reporter 
I-III; Otherside, Features Editor III; Trinity Retirw I-III, Editor 
III; French Club I-III, Vice-President III; Soccer I-II; Hart House 
Debates Committee II; Trinity Board of Stewards III; U. of T. 
Historical Club III-IV, Fresident IV. 

IAN T. H. HAMILTON, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; 
Soccer Captain I; Judo Club II; Trinity Lit. I-IV. Future: Law at 
Osgoode Hall. 


RUTH E. HANCOX, Highland Creek, Ont,; General Science; West 
Bill C.I.; Canterbury Club I-II; Torontonensis II; Biology Club III. 

SUSAN W. HAND, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; French 
Club I-III; World University Service III. 

PAMELA W. HARDIE, Hamilton; General; Branksome Hall. 

SALLY M. HARDY, Ottawa; General. 

ARCHIBALD D. HASLETT, Mimico; General Science; Mimico H.S. 
Future: High School Teacher. 

JOAN E. HAWSON, Kitchener; English Lang, and Lit.; Kitchener 
C.I.; Trinity College Review, Assistant Editor I-II. Future: O.C.E. 

M. LEE HENDERSON, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall School. 

SUSAN HINTON, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Etobicoke C.I.; Math.. 
and Physics Society I-IV, Pep. IV; Volleyball I-II. Future: Computer 

RICHARD C. HOWARD, Windsor. (No Photograph.) 

PETER H. HOWDEN, Thornhill; Modern History; Upper Canada 
College; Soccer I-IV, Captain III; Hockey I-III; Class Social Con- 
vener II; Class President III; Board of Stewards III-IV; Head of 
Arts IV; Trinity Chapel Advisory Board III; French Club I. Future: 
Law at U. of T. 

CATHERINE M. HUNT, Toronto; Geological Science; St. Clements 
H.S.; St. Hilda's Volleyball I-II; Math, and Physics Society II; 
Underwater Geological Diving Club II; Trial By Jury III; Coleman 
Geology Club III-IV. Future: Graduate Work in Geology. 



. SUSAN HUTCHISON, Toronto; Modem History and Modern 
Lang.; Lawrence Park C.I. Future: Postgraduate Work in Germany. 
GORDON JACKSON, Brockville; Philosophy and History; Mrock- 
ville C.I.V.8.; Trinity College Chapel Choir I-IV; Server's Guild 
I-IV. Sacristan III; Missionary .Society, President IV; Brett Club 
I-II: Board of Stewards' Committees II-IV; Chapel Board IIMY 

I llture: Social Work. 

MICHAEL JACKSON, Regina; Latin and French; Ridley College; 
Trinity College Literary Institute. Opposition Committee II-III. 
Vice-President III, Secretary I\', Conversazione Committee IV 
Trinity Chapel Advisory Hoard I-IV. Chairman of .Sidesmen II, 
Secretary-Treasurer III-IV; Trinity Food and Buttery Committee 
III: Year Social Convener IV; Fencing I-IV. Vice-President III, 
I'. of T. Team IV; French Club I-II I; House Committee of Hart 
House IV. 

ELIZABETH L. JOYNT, Toronto; Psychology; Brariksome Hall 
School; Basketball I-IV; Football I-II; Volleyball I-IV; Tennis 
III-IV; Baseball I-IV; The Varsity III. 

JUDITH A. JOYNT, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall; Basketball 
Mil; Baseball I-III; Volleyball III. 

TERENCE A. KEENLEYSIDE, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec.; University 

of Toronto Schools. 

DAVID E. KENDALL, Inglewood. Out.; General. I Xo Photograph.) 

SUSAN M. KERNOHAN, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall; Psychol- 
ogy Club I-II; F.R.O.S. III. 

ROGER H. KIRKPATRICK, Colchester, England; Modern History 
and Modern Lang.; Marlborough College, England; Historical Club 
III-IV; Trinity College Literary Institute rCxecutive I-II; French 
Club I-IV; Boxing Team I; Rugger Team I-IV. i Xo Photograph.) 

BARBARA E. KREUTZER, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall School. 
Baseball I-III; Basketball I-II. 

JOHN D. LENNOX, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Soccer I-III. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

DONALD L. MACDONALD, Toronto; General: Upper Canada College; 
Classics Club; Trinity College Literary Society I-III. Future: Law. 

D. ANN McDOUGALL, Stratford; General; Stratford C.I. 

SUSAN J. McFADYEN, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; 
French Club I. Future: Marriage. 

JUDITH M. McMANUS Toronto; General; Luther College of Regina; 
Trinity Chapel Choir I-II; St. Hilda's Literary Society I-III. Year 
Play I-III, Nativity Plav II. Review Board I-II. Secretary III; 
U.T.D.C. Rep. II; The Varsity, Reporter II; A.V.R. II; P.C. Club 
III; Trinity College Dramatic Society, Business Manager I-II. 
Producer III. 

CHARLES T. A. MACNAB, Gravenhiust ; Poll Sci. and Ec.; Graven- 
hurst U.S.; Hockey MY. Captain III. 

HELEN C. MALCOLM, I.istowel: General 

JANE de C. MANNING, 'Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; St. Clement's 
School; Dramatic Society I-II; French Club Executive I-IV, Vice- 
President IV; St. Hilda's College Non-Residence Head III; Swim- 
ming I. 

M. ANN MARTIN, 'Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Baseball I: 
Hockej I-III; Ice Frolics II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

JOHN W. MEDLAND, Toronto. No Photograph.) 

HARRY V. MILLER, Toronto; Math, ami I'lnsics: Malvern CI. 
Math, and PhySIOB Club I-II; S.G.M. III; Trinity Squash I-IV; 
1 ,it T Squash IV; Hart House Squash Committee III; Basketball 

I-IV. Future Secondary School Teaching. 



PATRICIA F. MOLLISON, Toronto; General. 

CHRISTOPHER S. MOORE, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Universitj 
of Toronto Schools; Swim Team I-II; Swimming ITV; Water Polo 
I-IV. Future: Actuarial Work. 

JOHN F. NICHOLLS, Montreal; General; West Hill H.S.; Football I; 
Hockey I-II; Social Convener I; Salterrae III; Conversat Committee 
III; Tar Heel Exchange III; Blue ami White Society III; Share 
Campaign Chairman III-IV. 

BRIAN B. NORTHGRAVE, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Upper Canada 

RUTH M. NUNNS, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; Inter- 
collegiate Badminton I-III; Baseball I-III; Basketball I; St. Hilda's 

Athletic Association II. 

LARRY C. O'CONNOR, Campbellford. Ont.; General; Campbellford 
H.S.; Trinity College Literary Institute I-III; Servers' Guild I-III. 
Future: Theology. (No Photograph.) 

M. SUSAN O'HARA, Islington. 

MARJORIE ANN ORR, Ottawa; Modern Lang, and Lit.; St. Clement's 
School; German Club I-III; Cercle Francais I-II; Volleyball I-III; 
Class Social Committee III. 

JUDITH L. M. OSBORNE, Toronto; General; Oak Bay H.S., Victoria; 
East York C.I., Lawrence Park C.I.; Household Economics Club. 
Executive I; Basketball I. 

DAPHNE M. OTTLEY, Port-of-Spain. Trinidad; English Lang, and 
Lit.; Bishop Anstey H.S.; F.R.O.S. Student Committee I. IV; 
Trinity Student Library Assistant I-IV. Iuture: Librarian. 

HUGH S. PAISLEY, Jordon Station, Ont.; General. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN A. PALMER, Islington; General; Upper Canada College; Class 
Treasurer I. Vice-President II; St. Hilda's Football Coach I I-II I. 
Future: Economist. 

ANN K. PERDUE, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; Basket- 
ball II, Manager III; Football I-II. Future: Teaching. 

ELIZABETH H. PERKINS, Lymington, England; Modern History; 
Burgess Hill, England; I'nited Nations Club I; French Club I-II; 
St. Hilda's Basketball II; Smith College Exchange III; St. Hilda's 
House Council IV; Trinity Altar Guild II-1V; Settlement House II. 
Future: U.N.E.S.C.O. 

JAMES B. PIERCE, St. Catharines; Chemistry; St. Catharines C.I.V.S.; 
Chemistry Club I-IV; Trinity College Chapel Choir I-IV. Future: 
Graduate Work at U. of T. 

DOROTHY A. POINTING, Toronto; Psychology; Havergal College. 

JUDITH A. PRITCHARD, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Trinity 
Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader II-III; Baseball I; Hockey I-III. 
Future: Teaching. 

H. CAROLYN PURDEN, Toronto; General; Havergal College; Hockey 
I-III; Trinity Review, Assistant Editor II-III; The Varsity, Reporter 
I-II. C.U.P. Editor III. Future: Journalism. 

VICTORIA W. REILLY, London, England; Toronto; General; Francis 
Holland School, London; North Toronto C.I.; F.R.O.S. Ill; French 
Club I. Future: Study in France; Journalism in London, England. 

DONELDA REYNOLDS, Niagara Falls, Ont.; General. (No Photograph.) 

BRIAN ROSE, Scarborough; General; Winston Churchill C.I.; So ,-.•,.. 
I-III; All Varsity Revue Musician I-III. Future: Teacher (His tor j I 



C. ANN ROXBURGH, Toronto; General Science; West Hill C.I.; 
Student Christian Movement I-III; Canterbury Club I-III. Council 
II-III. Future; O.C.E. 

CHARLOTTE ANN ROYSE, Houston. Texas; General; St. Stephen's 

Episcopal School; St. Hildas Literary Society I-III; Conservative 
Club III. Future: Marriage. 

JUDITH M. RYERSON, Toronto; General. 

NANCY J. SALTER, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Etobicoke 
C.I.; Volleyball [-II; Hockey III-IV; French Club I-III; German 
Club I-III; Modern Interpretive Dance Club IV; Trinity Cheer- 
leader I-II; Skule Nite II. 

F. JEANNE SCARROW, Sarnia; General; Sarnia Central C.I.; University 

Settlement II-III; A.V.R. Ill; United Nations Club II. 

KENNETH G. SCOTT, Toronto; General; Trinity College School; 
Football I-III; Hockey I-III. Future: Law at Osgoode Hall. 

JO ANN L. SMITH, Kitchener; General; Branksome Hall; Jarvis C.I.; 
Football I; Basketball II-III; Baseball II-III. 

RICHARD P. SMITH, Kingston; General; Trinity College School. 

J. CHRISTOPHER SNYDER, Collingwood; General; Ridley College; 
Blue and White Skating Club Vice-Fresident III; Hockey I-II; 
Year Executive II-III; Non-Resident Head of Year III; French 
Club II-III; U. of T. Tuna Fishing Team III; St. Hilda's Football 
Coach II-III; Trinity-St. Mikes Dance Executive; Trinity College 
Athletic Association Vice-President III; Blue and White Society. 
Co-Chairman Winter Carnival III; Conversat Committee III. 

MICHAEL P. S. SPEARING, Toronto: Poli. Sci. and Ec; Malvern 
C.I.. Winston Churchill C.I.; Political Science Club IV. Future: 
Law at U.B.C. 

DAVID W. STEEDMAN, Toronto; Latin and French; L'pper Canada 
College; Trinity French Club I-IV, President IV; Trinity-l .C. 
Classics Club I-IV. Vice-President IV. Future: Graduate School, 
University Teaching. 

C. ANNE STEVENS, Port Arthur; Modern History; Port Arthur C.I.. 
Lakehead College; Volleyball II-IV. Future: High School Teaching. 

PAUL D. STEVENS, Islington. 

SYLVIA J. SWINDEN, Toronto; Modern History; Havergal College. 

BURTON B. C. TAIT, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Upper Canada 
College; Class Treasurer I; Soccer I-II; Water Polo I-II; Trinity 
College Literary Institute I-IV; PC. Club II-IV. Vice-President 
IV. Future; Law. 

MICHAEL G. G. THOMPSON, Toronto; Physiology and Biochemistry; 
Trinity College School; I", of T. Debating Team I; U. of T. Gym- 
nastics I; Judo II-IV; Chemistry Club III. Future: Medicine. 

ANN E. TOTTENHAM, Port Hope; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Havergal 
College; Head of Year II; S.A.C. Ill; Head of College IV; Women's 
Athletic Directorate III; Chapel Advisory Board IV; Literary Society 
Executive I-II; Basketball I-II; Volleyball I; Hockey I-IV; Football 
I-II, IV; Tar Heel Weekend IV. Future: Teaching. 

TIMOTHY TRAYNOR, Richmond Hill; General. (No Photograph.) 

GARNET TRUAX, Toronto; Modern History and Modern Lang.; 
Bathurst Heights; Dramatics. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN R. UTTLEY, Trenton. Ont.; Physics and Chemistry; Trenton 
U.S.: Chemistry Club I. III-IV; Trinity College Chapel Choir I-IV; 
Assistant Chapel Organist III-IV. Future: Divinity. 



E. ROSE VARTY, Duntroon, Ont.; General; Collingwood District 
C.I.; Trinity French Club I. Future: O.C.E. 

TREVOR I. D. VINING, Scarborough; General Science; King Edward's 
School, Stourbridge, England, Winston Churchill C.I.; Toronto 
Teachers' College; P.C. Club I. Ill; Chemical Club II; Trinity 
French Club I; Hart House Glee Club I, III. Future; Teaching. 

JACK A. WALKER, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; Hockey 
I-III; Varsity Band I; Trinity College Literary Society I-III. 
Future: Law. 

JAMES W. WALKER, Agincourt; General; Agincourt C.I.; French 

Club I-II, Year Executive I, Social Service Rep. II; Hockey II-III; 

Trinity Board of Stewards III; Head of Year III; Blue and White 

Rep. Ill; Chairman Conversat Committee III. Future: Abroad 

for 1 year, then Osgoode Hall. 
NORMA E. WALTERS, Brown's Town, St. Ann, Jamaica; Geography; 

St. Hilda's Diocesan School, Jamaica; Trinity College Choir II-IY; 

Geography Club II-IV, Secretary-Treasurer IV; West Indian Students 

Association II-IV, Secretary III; Trinity Altar Guild III-IV. Future: 

MARY E. WARBURTON, Leaside; Art and Archaeology; Leaside H.S.; 

Trinity French Club I; Trinity Chapel Choir I-II; Fine Arts Club 

I-IV. Future: Medical Art at John Hopkins U. 
JOHN R. WATTS, St. Lawrence, Jersey. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN D. K. WHYTE, Peterborough; General; Peterborough C.V.S.; 
Anthropology Club I; Trinity College Dramatic Society I-II; Hart 
House Library Committee II; French Club Executive III; Hart 
House Art Committee III; Conversat Committee III; Lacrosse I, III. 

AUGUST K. WIEDMANN, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

LYNN M. WILLIAMS, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall; Football 
I; Basketball I-III; Non-Resident Head of Year II; French Club 
II-III; Blue and White III. 

W. THOMAS R. WILSON, Ottawa; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Fisher Park 
H.S.; Social Service Rep. II; E.A.C. Ill; C.P.S.A. II-III; Hockev 
I-II; Football I-III; Board of Stewards III-IV, Secretary III; Histori- 
cal Club III-IV; Trinity College Literary Institution, Government 
I-III, Secretary III. 

JILL WISHART, Thornhill; Art and Archaeology; Branksome Hall; 
Tar Heel IV; Fine Arts Club II-IV; Trinity Dramatic Society III. 
Future: Teaching, Marriage. 

F. MICHAEL WITTY, Barcelona, Spain; General. (No Photograph.) 

GERALD C. V. WRIGHT, Guelph; Modern History; Hillfield College, 
Hamilton; Trinity Board of Stewards, Treasurer IV; Trinity College 
Literary Institute, President III, Speaker IV; Hart House Debates 
Committee III-IV; Trinity College Dramatic Society I-II; U.N.T.D. 
I-III; Harvard Exchange IV. 

ROGER C. YOUNG, Niagara Falls, Ont,; General; Ridley College; 
Football I-III; Hockey I-III; Indoor Track Event Winner II. 
Future: Law. 

STEPHEN M. ZUBKAVICH, Oshawa; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Oshawa 
C.C.I. ; Slavics Club I-II; Ukrainian Club I-IV. Future: Osgoode Hall. 



We are the salt of the earth, so give ear to us. 
No new ideas will ever come near to us. 
Orthodox! Catholic! Crammed with Divinity, 
Damn the dissenters, 




BACK ROW: A. K. Young, M. Treadwell, R. C. Howard, D. Moggridge, J. W. Walker, J. Watts, J. Leach, A. C. Baillie. 

FRONT: G. C. Wright, F. M. D. Witty, P. H. Howden, Professor G. A. B. Watson, A. J. Ferguson, W. T. R. Wilson, P. T. R. Gray. 

The Board of Stewards 

As a civilizing influence on student government in this 
University, the Board has succeeded in floating through 
another year of "Spirited" administration. Based on an 
aristocratic rather than thoroughly democratic belief that 
the interested minority (more or less) provides the most 
stable and, when needed, most efficient means of ministering 
to the needs of an enlarged student body, the Board attacked 
its duties with a rather detached realism this year and has, 
in consequence, we think, managed to establish a somewhat 
firmer basis of financial and communicative method without 
destroying irrevocably the traditional mysteries of our 
student organization. 

One of the pressing problems of a small college expanding 
by almost twenty-five per cent, is that of communication 
between students and the college administration. It is this 
Board's great hope that perhaps it has brought this problem 

to a head and that at least a partial solution is gradually 
being formulated; no small factor in this was the sherry 
prelude to each meeting which presented the members with 
political realities in a more delicate and soothing fashion. 
In addition, as some Men of College realize, the Discipline 
Committee has seen some limited action, though its duties 
remained somewhat less than monumental owing to the 
diocesan resurrection of a vital un-Anglican Affairs 

In closing, the Board wishes to express its appreciation 
and sincere best wishes to its departing chairman. Professor 
G. A. B. Watson, who somehow saved even a discussion on 
carbon copies with his unquenchable wit. and provided 
most helpful direction in a critical time in the Board's 




Cake fight before 

and after 

The Provost vs St. Hilda's 


Trinity College Literary Institute 

BACK ROW: R. J. Anderson, T. E. Currier (Music Committee), D. E. Moggridge, 0. L. Matthews, B. A. R. Hull, S. M. Waddams, J. W. Walker (Conver- 
sazione Committee), 0. A. McKechnie. 

SECOND: J. M. Treadwell (Leader of the Opposition), J. H. Whiteside (Treasurer), J. D. Leach (Deputy Speaker), G. C. V. Wright (Speaker), D. H. 
Gordon (President), D. M. Jackson (Secretary), C. Armstrong (Vice-President). 
FRONT: D. R. Beatty, A. B. Death, F. J. Stewart. 
ABSENT: J. B. Langstaff, T. W. Plumptre. 

For yet another year, the "Lit" sustained its ancient tradition as a forum for the 
eloquent debate of weighty issues. It decided that John Strachan would not denounce 
the game of Monopoly and charitably excused the professor from the label of "aca- 
demic vending machine." It saw a government council with a life span which would 
have gratified even Mackenzie King. Two loyal leaders of the opposition toppled from 
their benches before President Gordon passed the reigns of office to "one of my boys." 
the M /F McKechnie. The M /F Treadwell, an ardent critic of government and 
opposition, had his ambition to defeat the government temporarily arrested when he 
became leader of the opposition. The dignity of the Speaker was maintained by the 
M /F Wright, in spite of some doubtful constitutional decisions. 

As a supplement to its literary programme, the "Lit" sponsored an organ recital 
and a folk-singing concert. The high point of the year's activities was the Annual 
Dinner. For this occasion the guest speaker was the Most Rev. H. H. Clark, Primate 
of All Canada. 


BACK ROW: David Reville. 

SECOND: Robert Fuller, Kady MacDonald, Christopher Riggs. 

FRONT: Janet Archibald, Julian Patrick, Judith McManus. 

ABSENT: Ramsay Derry, Virginia Evans, Ursula Brain, Donna Cummings, Terry 


Dramatic Society 

The major production of the Trinity College 
Dramatic Society this year was Georg Buchner's 
Danton's Death. Directed by Fred Euringer, the 
large cast was headed by John Watts and Ramsay 
Derry. The production, though controversial, 
moved Mr. Nathan Cohen to write: "The Trinity 
College Dramatic Society in recent years has be- 
come the most enlightened and enterprising theatre 
group on the University of Toronto campus." 

Another rewarding event was the production of 
Wrestler In Exile, an original play by Sam Ajzenstat, 
for the One-Act Play Festival. This work repre- 
sented the University of Toronto in the Inter- 
Varsity Festival at McGill. 

In February, Trinity presented its first musical 
for many years. The Urge To Emerge; the book 
and music were composed by Dick Howard, and 
represented the coming of independence to an 
African colony. This production provided a suitable 
finale to a successful year. 

Le Cercle Francois 

The Cercle Francais held two successful meetings 
in the fall term. The October meeting included a 
debate and discussion on study abroad, and the 
showing of films loaned by the French Embassy. 
In November, the French Consul-General in 
Toronto, M. Scalabre, was good enough to speak 
to the group on Algeria. The main effort of Le 
Cercle Francais was centered toward presenting, 
late in November, Moliere's Le Malacle Imaginaire, 
to a capacity audience in Cartwritjht Hall, St. 
Hilda's College. 

Early in January a lecture on colonialism from 
M. Bulens, the Belgian Consul-General in Toronto, 
was held and films on Belgium were shown. A 
skating party in February ended the year's activities. 







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Martha Savage, John Godfrey, Roger Kirkpatrick, Alan Lenczner, Miranda Davies, 
David Halton. 




BACK ROW: Christopher Riggs, Stephanie Kirkwood, David Reville, Judith McManus, Julian Patrick, 

Caroline Stanley-Porter, Robert Fuller. 

FRONT: Virginia Connor, Robert Dinsmore, John Watts, Dr. Conacher (Faculty Adviser), Dick 

Howard, Shirley Allaway. 

ABSENT: Carolyn Purden, Elizabeth Leppard. 

The Trinity Review has the peculiar distinction of being 
the only quarterly to come out three times a year. It has 
received the usual criticisms of being esoteric, exclusive and 
select, but we know that it cannot be any of these things. 
Such accusations assume some kind of specific, well-defined 
policy, something to which no one connected with the 
publication of the Review even pretends. The only specifica- 

tions made are toward variety in material. 

In 1961-62, the magazine underwent a major change. 
A change of printers saw issues of over forty-four pages 
published, a feat rarely achieved since 1948. In addition, 
the editorial board claimed its work to be of higher standard 
than in previous years, and so it was. 

Missionary Society 

The Trinity College Missionary Society is an 
organization of men and women in Arts or Divinity, 
who are interested in the missionary work of the 
Anglican Church. Each year the Society helps a 
Trinity graduate who is engaged in missionary 
work. Members attempt to promote interest in. 
and to raise funds for that missionary. 

This year, the Missionary Society raised funds to- 
help two graduates who are working with the 
Indians of northern British Columbia at the Mission 
of Christ the King in Port Edward. 

The Society had a very interesting programme 
of guest speakers and slide-showings throughout 
both terms, and for the first time in many years was 
one of the most active groups in the College. 

BACK ROW: Dave Crossley (Christmas Card Committee), Gord Jackson (President), 

Rick Martin (Treasurer). 

FRONT: Pat Monroe (Vice-President), Prim Wake (Secretary). 


Trinity College Athletic Association 

BACK ROW: M. Godfrey, K. N. Windsor, R. Buchan, A. Davis, W. Gilbert, W. Fitch. 
FRONT: T. Traynor, P. Wilson, A. C. Boillie. C. Snyder, R. Perren. 

Upon election to office last spring the present Trinity 
College Athletic Association Executive discovered that it had 
inherited quite a substantial legacy which had piled up since 
the war. After the usual charity doles, it was decided that 
the time had come to start alleviating the definitely sub- 
standard athletic facilities of the College. A natural ice 
hockey rink was planned and built and much new equip- 
ment was purchased for the football, rugger, hockey and 
soccer teams. However, a great deal remains to be done in 
this area before Trinity equipment will be up to par. 

At time of writing, Trinity is leading the Reed Trophy 
race, emblematic of overall Intramural athletic supremacy. 
Trinity has benefited this year more from a high participa- 
tion rate than from individual team success. The Trinity 
football and "A" hockey teams have actually witnessed one 

of their more dismal seasons; the soccer "A" team lost out 
in heartbreaking fashion, and the minor teams of basketball, 
lacrosse and track are never expected to win any records. 
However the rugger, squash, volleyball, water polo and 
swimming teams met with considerably more success. More 
athletes represented Trinity in Intramural athletics this 
year than ever before and we consider this to be a definitely 
encouraging sign, Reed Trophy or not. Trinity men also 
represented the University on Blues teams of every descrip- 
tion, most notably football, rugger and soccer. In addition, 
the Trinity Athletic Dance, the social highlight of the 
autumn season, was once again a "smashing" success. The 
one dark spot of the season was the decline in activity of 
the Body House Amateur Athletic Association and the 
College Moosing Society. Such is the price of progress. 


Water Polo "A" 

BACK ROW: Peter Richardson, Jim Fisher, Kit Moore, Mike Starr, Bob Fisher. 
FRONT: Dave Beatty, Barry Death, Peter Rollason, Rod Haney. 


What started out to be a most exciting and promising 
season soon crumbled, becoming a major disaster. Two 
days before Trinity's first game, there were doubts as to 
whether or not it would be worthwhile to field a team. But 
none other than Stan Revere, of football fame, appeared on 
the scene, and as head coach shaped up a tremendously 
eager and spirited team. Forty-eight hours later, the score- 
board read: Meds — 6, Trinity — 16. Already rumours 
were floating around the campus that Trinity was the team 
to beat. To erase all doubts, a week later, a completely 
baffled Forestry team succumbed 33 — nil. However, it 
was the beginning of the end: Quarterback Torn Hendy 
(I Trin.) dislocated his shoulder and Stan announced his 
appointment as Athletic Director of U.B.C. The loss was 
too much to overcome, although Mac Campbell took over 
as coach. Trinity went on to win 14-13 over Junior S.P.S. 
and 1 — over Pharmacy. The league championship was 
thus to be decided in the final game; Dentistry was also 
undefeated. The tooth-pullers, however, pulled several, and 
crushed the hapless Panthers. Quarter-final playoff action 
saw Trinity swamped by S.M.C., but one consolation 
remained: the cheerleaders this year, headed by Astrid 
Luebbe, former Argonaut majorette, definitely outclassed 
all others. Congratulations, girls! 


This season the Trinity "A" hockey team was reinforced 
by new talent from first year, but to no avail. The team 
tried hard but seemed to be moved out by close scores 
almost every time. The team record was a little better than 
last year and, with the experience the first year men have 
gained, the team should do quite well next year. The 
Trinity "B" hockey team is a different story. Starting out 
with a loss in the first game, the "B"s remained unbeaten 
during the season of the league games. This team, the social 
club, was well represented with players from last year, and 
with Wilk coaching and Cass Bell in the penalty box. the 
team had a good year. This year, too, there was great spirit 
in the "C" and "D" teams and it has been rumoured that 
the *D" team was the best of all Trinity teams. 


In the first year of the official intramural rugger league. 
Trinity entered three teams. Great enthusiasm was shown, 
but a degree of skill was lacking: however, both the "&" 
and "C" teams should have benefited from this year's 
experience. Trinity "A" team played some fast, open rugger 
on occasions and got to the playoffs, but lost to a rugged 
Victoria team. The team suffered from injuries or otherwise 
might have done much better. 

Soccer "A" 

BACK ROW: P. Wilson, I. McFarlone, B. Rose, P. Headley, P. Wigley, A. Burt, K. Windsor, J. 


FRONT: F. M. D. Witty, J. Cook, W. Fitch, P.H. Howden, M. Godfrey. 


Once again the soccer teams suffered defeat in the semi- 
final series of Division I. After a season in which Trinity 
chalked up 6 shutouts but scored only four goals, the "A"s 
commenced a three-game series with U.C. which, after 
nearly five hours of what spectators termed the most 
exciting soccer the league has seen in years, U.C. finally 
took us by a 1 — victory in the third game. The "B"s, 
after winning Group 3, defeated S.M.C. in the preliminary 
round, but lost to the team from the Faculty of Medicine. 
Congratulations to U.C. on a very well-deserved cham- 


This year Trinity entered two teams, because of a good 
turnout on the part of the Freshmen. The "A"s, boosted by 
the addition of Norm Fraser (I Arts) and M. Eksteins 
(I M.H.M.L.), had a good season, as most of last year's 
members returned in the persons of W. Ross, W. Fitch. 
B. Dymond and D. Doederlein. Unfortunately, the slick- 
fingered Black Panthers had to default the first and only 
game in the play-offs, U.C. being the victors. The default 
was due to a mix-up amongst the players as to the time and 
date of the game. The "B"s on the other hand showed good 
spirit, although losing almost all their games. Here, lack of 
experience was undoubtedly a major factor, but next year 
should prove all the more interesting. 

St. Hilda's College Literary Society 

BACK ROW: Patricia Healey, Ann Chudleigh, Lynn Woodruff, Mary lou Luck, Primrose Wake. 
FRONT: Moiro Davidson, Shirley Alloway, Patricia Earle, Judith Ransom. 

The St. Hilda's College Literary Society had a very active 
year. The opening meeting took the form of an inter-year 
debate, which saw 6T3 defeat 6T2's resolution that "a B.A. 
is an adequate preparation for marriage," and 6T4 pitted 
against 6T5's assertion that "Freshies are adequately pre- 
pared for university." Other debates were held. with the 
Engineers and with Trinity College, and St. Hilda's emerged 
victorious in both. A debate with St. Michael's Senate Club, 
"Resolved that woman has come into more than her own 
and this house regrets it," provided us with much amuse- 
ment as our two debaters convinced the men of the govern- 
ment that woman is assuming only what is rightfully hers! 

Two plays were presented in the first term. 6T2's produc- 
tion of Archibald MacLeish's radio play. The Fall of the 
City, was interesting and imaginative. 6T3 chose the medieval 

mystery play, the Secunda Pastorunu and performed it with 
great enthusiasm and humour. The use of music was 
particularly effective in this play. The adjudicators. Dr. 
Parker and Mi. Pettigrew. delighted us with their witty 
and constructive criticisms. 

In December. Mrs. Bruckmann led a discussion on "The 
Waste Land" and other poems by T. S. Eliot. Her remarks 
were most interesting and instructive. The term ended with a 
Nativity Play. Cider, mince pies and carol singing brought 
the term to a pleasant close. 

Debates, during which we hosted Trinity and St. Michael's 
Colleges, and two more plays were among the activities 
of the second term. The programme was a varied one. a nil 
we thank all the students without whose support this \ear 
could not have been so successful. 


House Committee 

BACK ROW: Judith Ireland, Barbara Graydon, Patricia Earle, Use Benjamin, Elizabeth Perkins, Barbara Collier, Cynthia Thomas, Janet Graham, 

Ann Proctor. 

SECOND: Ann Baldwin, Judith Ransom. 

FRONT: Ellen Brown, Miss Darroch, Ann Tottenham. 

The whirlwind pace of Freshman Weekend got the year 1961-62 off to a good 
start at St. Hilda's. After that, the usual events, dubbing, dances, Episkopon. and the 
rest, went with incredible speed. Nearly everyone helped in the organization of special 
functions or with the everyday running of the College and theirco-operation made 
things go very smoothly. 

All the women students at Trinity are members of St. Hilda's College Meeting, 
which convenes at least once a month either to set up various committees or to discuss 
matters of general interest, like initiations. Most business is dealt with by the College 
and House Committees in their regular meetings. The College Committee is composed 
of the Principal, the Head of the College, the resident and non-resident heads of years, 
and the S.A.C. representative. The House Committee deals specifically with residence 
life, and is formed by the resident members of the College Committee. This form of 
government manages to combine the best features of a democracy with the minimum 
of red tape to give St. Hilda's a government that is representative and efficient. 


Saint Hilda's Athletic Executive 

BACK ROW: M. Elton, L. Ball, D. Hunt, L. Van Duzer, S. Griffin, L. Reid. 
FRONT: M. Brewin, D. Lillie, A. Baldwin, B. Armstrong, E. Brown. 

The St. Hilda's Athletic Association guided its teams 
through another spirited season. Although only the Baseball 
and Hockey teams managed to reach the finals, participants 
on the other teams exhibited fine sportsmanship. The Foot- 
ball squad attained second place in the league, and the 
Swim team placed third in the Interfaculty meet. 

St. Hilda's was well represented on Intercollegiate 
teams. Sue Griffin, Jan McAdams and Laurel Ball sparked 
action on the championship Hockey team, Ruth Nunns 
starred in Badminton and Di Hunt in Fencing, and Judy 
Ireland, Martha Brewin, and Joan Dixon added strength 
to the University Swim team. 

An Athletic Night was held in the Benson Building. 
featuring inter-year competition in Volleyball, Basketball 
and Swimming. Hockey and Baseball games with the staff 
were traditional highlights of the year. In Hockey. St. 
Hilda's finally beat the staff 3-2 in a sudden death overtime. 
The staff were victorious in Baseball. 

At the banquet in the spring, several silver plate awards 
were given to outstanding competitors. Ann Tottenham 
was awarded the top athletic award, the Frances Endicotl 
Trophy, for her contribution to the athletic programme at 
St. Hilda's. 


Basketball "A" 

BACK ROW: J. Smith, L. Van Duzer, J. Dixon 
L. Ball, V. Ash, L. Williams. 

FRONT: A. Baldwin, J. Joynt, M. Elton, B. 
Richardson, J. Ireland. 

Basketball "B" 

BACK ROW: D. Holcroft, J. Stewart, M. Beaney, 
M. Michener, J. Wolfe, C. Cowan, N. Williams 
FRONT: L. Swift, C. MacDonald, B. Davis, P. 
Wake, M. Jones. 


BACK ROW: I. Ball, C. Wightman, M. Cunningham, D. Hunt, D. Lillie, B. Armstrong. 

SECOND: M. Robertson, J. McAdam, J. Wolfe, C. Yates, C. Snyder (Coach), B. Richardson, M. Moore, M. Michener, N. Williams. 

FRONT: E. Flippance, M. Manning, L. Reid, S. Griffin, M. Main, A. Latta. 

Hockey "A" 


BACK ROW: B. Armstrong, L. Ball, T. Gardiner (Coach), M. Moore, J. 


FRONT: L. Reid, S Griffin, D. Lillie, B. Richardson. 


BACK ROW: S. Griffin, G. Fredericks, J. Dixon, H. Manning. 
FRONT: J. Ireland, M. Brewin, P. Wake, S. Ritchie. 



Hockey "B" 


^fl* |^ j||| 

^^F^m \ 

JH^^fc W*fjm 

r %-j-if 'm # 

vm hL 

hi ■ -^^^^k^h^k Jh^I 

I A 



BACK ROW: B. Kreutzer, L. Ball, Mr. Shepherd (Coach), B. Mcllroy, J. BACK ROW: N. Salter, M. Hughes, C. Rowlandson, A. Armstrong (Coach), 

Smith. C. Purden, B. Bell, C. MacDonald. 

FRONT: M. Jones, I. Reid, L. Van Duzer, J. Joynt, M. Elton. 

FRONT: M. Main, D. Hunt, A. Tottenham, B. MacDonald, J. Squirrel 


BACK ROW: A. Stevens, I. Van Duzer, A. Baldwin, M. Jones, J. Joynt, D. Holcroft. 
FRONT: M. Warburton, C. MacDonald, P. Wake, M. Luck, M. Elton. 


University College 

M. ST. A. 




BRIAN ACKER, Guelph; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Guelph C.V.I. ; V.C. Follies 
I, III; A.V.R. II. Future: U. of T. Law. 

ALICE E. ADLER, Tillsonburg; General; Xorthview Heights C.I.; 
French Club II-III; Spanish Club I, III. 

ANDREW ADLER, Tillsonburg; Math, and Physics; Tillsonburi: H.S.; 
Math, and Physics Society. President III; Historical Club. Secretary- 
Treasurer III; r.C. Lit. Debates Director IV; Residence House 
President III; Gargoyle. Future: Postgraduate Work. Lecturing in 
Mathematical Logic. 

DORIS S. AGUR, Toronto; General; Jarvia C.I. Future: Teaching. 

PAULA AIKEN, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Forest Hill C.I. 

KATHERINE E. ANDREWS, Toronto; Modern History; Lawrence 
Park CI.; Women's Athletic Hoard II-III; S.C.M. II-III. Associate 
President IV Future: O.C.E. 

IRENE J. ANTANAVICIUS, Toronto; General; Western Commerce 
U.S., Parkdale CI. Future: Teaching. 

ALLAN APPELBY, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Pirn- and White 
Hand. Future: Law, 

BARRY S. ARBUS, Toronto; I ieneral; Bathursl Heights CV.S. Future: 



JAMES R. W. ARMSTRONG, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 
Future: Postgraduate Work, Natural Sciences. 

MARY K. ARMSTRONG (Mrs.), Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit,; 
Stratford C.I. 

GUDULA G. ASMIS, Toronto; Classics; R. H. King C.I.; French Club 
III; Philosophy Club HI; Classics Club I-IV. 

CATHERINE E. ATKINS, Clarksburg, Ont. ; General; T.D.H.S. 

MURRAY AXMITH, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Golf II. 

DIANNE I. POWELL BABCOCK, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; 
Riverdale C.I., East York C.I. 

AMELIA M. BAGGS, Bobcaygeon; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Lindsay 
C.I.; Residence House Committee III-IV. 

MERRILL G. BAILEY, Haliburton; General; Weston H.V.S.; Wycliffe 

Cap ami Gown, Business Manager. Future: Theology. 

JOHN C. BANKS, Erindale, Ont. (No Photograph.) 

MARGARET J. BARTLETT, St. Andrews, N.B.; Modern History and 
Modern Lang.; Trenton H.S., Ont.; R.C.A.F. University Squadron 
I-III; French Club I. Future: M.A. in French Literature. 

SUSAN BEATTIE, Toronto; Modern History; Arnprior District H.S. 

JOHN M. BEATTY, Toronto; Modern History; Sudbury H.S.; Loudon 
House Executive I. III-IV, Social Director III, President IV; Sir 
Daniel Wilson Residence Council IV; U.N. Club X— II; French Club 
I-II; Hart house Theatre I; U.C. Follies I; A.V.R. II; Gargoyle IV. 

WILLIAM BELL, Scarborough. (No Photograph.) 

LINDA D. W. BERGART, Toronto; General; Northview Heights C.I.; 
LLC. Lit. and Athletic Society II; Cheerleader I; Blue and White 
Society II; Katy Cruel I; Gargoyle II. 

PATTI R. BERGER, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. Future: 
Speech Therapy. 

JOACHIM W. BERNDT, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I. Future: 

PETER C. BING, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Harbord C.I.; Inter- 
collegiate Track and Field I; Track and Harrier I-II; Socialist I'orum 
III; Humanist Guild III-IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 

HARVEY J. BLACK, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I., Downsview 
C.I., Northview CI. 

SPENCER BLACK, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I. Future: Law. 

J. RUSSELL BLAKE, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; Ceneral; Tranquillity 

Boys Govt.; Soccer; Table Tennis; W.I.S.A.; Spanish Club. 



J. W. MICHAEL BLISS, Kingsviue, Ont.; Philosophy (Hif 

Kingsville District B.8.; 8.C.M. Mil; Football I-IV; Taylor House 
Executive tll-IV, Vice-President III. President IV; Sir Daniel 
Wilson Residence Council III-IV. 

MICHAEL A. BOAM, Port Credit; General; Port Credit H.8.; Boceer I; 
National Students' Congress, Quebec City III. Future: Postgraduate 

YVONNE G. BOBB, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; General; B.A.H.8.; 

West Indian Students' Association I-III. Social Director II: Modern 
Dance Club II-III Future: Library School. 

NORAH E. A. BOBROW, Toronto: English Lang, and Lit.; Harbord 
CM.; Sla\'ic Club I-II. Future: Graduate Studies. 

MAURICE S. BODNAR, Dunnville. Ont.; General Science; Dunnville 
U.S. Future: Teachers College. 

HARRIETT BOMZA, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I.; Skule Nite I 

JUDITH A. BONNYCASTLE, Winnipeg; General; Bishop Strachan 
School, University of Manitoba; Glee Club II; Carabin Exchange 
Weekend III. 

HELEN N. BORRELL, Vancouver; General; Ottawa Technical U.S.; 

JOHN P. BORTNIAK, Toronto; General Science; Parkdale C.I.; S.P.S. 
Football I; U.C. Basketball III. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

DANIEL F. BOSY, Toronto; General Science; Humberside C.I. Future: 

Teach High School. 
NORMA V. BOWEN (Mrs.), Toronto; Psychology; Osmond Girls - 

H.S., Port-of-Spain. Trinidad; Psychology Club II-IV; West Indian 

Students' Association I-IV; F.R.O.S. I-IV; Treasure Van I-II. 

Future: Graduate Studies in Psychology. 
LESLIE BOWIE, Sudbury. (No Photograph.) 
MARY E. E. BOYCE, Trenton; Philosophy; Etobicoke C.I.; U.C. 

Players' Guild III; N.D.P. Club IV; Philosophical Society III-IV, 

President IV; C.U.C.N.D. IV; Campus Co-operative Res. I. 
(No Photograph.) 
HEATHER A. BOYD, Toronto; Biology; Runnymede C.I ; Hockey 

I-IV; Biology Club III-IV. 

JANICE A. BRADLEY, Toronto: General; Winston Churchill C.I. 
Future; Toronto Teachers College. 

G. ALBERT BRADSHAW, Toronto; General Science; Riverdale C.I. 
Future: O.C.E. 

C. STEPHEN BRESLIN, Toronto; General; N.T.C.S., Forest Hill 
C.I.; Chess Club; Record Room Club; East Common Room Piano 
Chili. Future: Law and Business 

NICHOLAS T. E. BRIEGER, Toronto: Modern Lang, and Lit.; North 
Toronto C.I.; German Club I-IV; Squash III-IV; I'.C. Follies I. 

LEE BRODY, Englehart. Ont.; General Science; Bloor CI. 

JOAN C. BROWNE, Willow, lale; General; Sarnia CI. 



JOHN K. BURNETT, Wallaceburg, Ont.; General; Wallaceburg 
District U.S.; Lacrosse III, Referee III; Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship I-III. 

ANNE M. BRUSH, Ottawa; General; Fisher Park U.S.; Torontonensis 
[-II, Section FCditor II; Bowling I; Psychology Club II; University 
Settlement III. Future: School of Social Work. 

ALLAN M. BURSTYN, Toronto; General Science; Harbord C.I. 

GILLIAN M. BURTON, Toronto; Modern Languages; Bishop Strachan 
School; Liberal Club HI, Secretary II; Tar Heel Exchange II; 

l.C. Follies I. 

ROBERT L. BURTON, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN R. CAIN, Aurora; General; Aurora District H.S.; University 
Settlement II; French Club II. Future: Study at Institut des Hautes 
Etudes Cinematographiques in Paris. 

ANN C. CALVER, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Havergal College; 
Players Guild I-IIj line Arts Club III-IV, Treasurer IV; Humanist 
Guild IV. 

MARY I. CAMPBELL, Scarborough; Modern Lang, and Lit.; West 
Hill C.I.; French Club II; Spanish Club IV; Outing Club IV. Future: 

SELBY CANALE, Orillia. (No Photograph.) 

RONALD L. CARLYLE, Toronto; General Science; Lome Park S.S. 

DONALD J. CARTER, Cobourg; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Cobourg 
District C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

PAUL A. C. CARROLL, Toronto; General; De La Salle College Oak- 
lands. Future: Osgoode Hall Law School. 

MICHAEL E. CASS, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Rifle Club 
I-II; Liberal Club III; Commerce Club II. Future: Law. 

MARY E. CASTON, Craighurst, Ont.; General; Barrie C.I. 

Future : 

TAK-HANG CHAN, Hong Kong; Chemistry; Chemical Club II-IV; 
Chinese Oyerseas Students' Association II-IV, Executive III-IV. 

F'uture: Postgraduate Studies. 

N. JOAN CHAPMAN, (irand Bend, Ont.; Anthropology; Forest District 
H.S.; Outing Club I-IV, Social Director II-III; Anthropology Club 
II-IV, Social Chairman III-IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 

FRED C. CHARLTON, Lindsay; Geological Sciences; Lindsay C.I.; 
Geology Club; Fistol Club. 

PETER N. CHERRIE, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

BRENDA CHOUSKY, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.J l.C. 
Literary and Athletic Executive III; World University Service III. 
F'uture: Programming Computors. 

NINA K. CHRISTIE, Newmarket; General; Branksome Hall; Campus 
Co-operatiye Residences Inc., Board of Directors II-III. Future: 
Social Work. 

MIKE CHYKALIUK, rldmonton; General; Victoria H.S.; U. of T. 
Football I-II; The Varsity I-III; Intercollegiate Boxing I; R.C.A.F. 
Pilot Auxiliary Squadron II-III; Junior Blues Coach III. F^uture: 
Journalism, Law. 




PAULA J. CITRON, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Katy Cruel 
I; I.e. Follies 1 1 - 1 1 1 . Production Secretary II; Liberal Club III. 
Future: High School History Teacher. 

MARION CLAPHAM (Mrs.). Toronto; Psychology; Qavergal College, 

E. ANN CLARK, Toronto; Philosophy (History); Women's Athletic 
Board II; Model Parliament [-III, Sergeant at Anns III; Ferguson 
House, Whitney Hall Head Girl IV; Carabin [V. 

JOHN G. CLISSOLD, I >ixie-Cooksville; Poli. Sci. and Ec.; New Toronto 
S.S.; V.C. Gargoyle I: Le Cercle Francais D'U.C. I; TomntonenxU, 
Organizations Editor I, Assistant Editor II, Torontonentit Pin II. 

JOYCE Y. COHEN, Toronto; Modern History .English); Vaughan 
Road C.I.; U. of T. Debating Team I-II; U.T.D.U. Hep. Ill; V.C. 
Social Committee II-III; V.C. Literary and Athletic- Societ] Vi • 
President IV. Future: High School Teaching. 

MONA E. P. COHEN, Forest Hills. New York; General; Forest Bulb 
U.S.; Canadian Inter-University Debating League Champion III. 

HOWARD L. COLEMAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Basket- 
ball I; Volleyball I. Future: U. of T. Law School. 

JOSEPH D. COLLINS, Toronto; General; Pickering College, New- 

JEAN M. CONN (Mrs.), Toronto; General: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 
Cheerleader I; Katy Cruet I; Intercollegiate Debating Team II; 
U.T.D.U. II. 

SYDNEY N. CONN, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.I.. Downs- 
view C.I., Northview Heights C.I. Future: Law. 

CAROLYNN A. COOK, Willowdale; Biology; Earl Haig C.I.; Biology 
Club; Y.C.V. Future: O.C.E. 

MARILYN J. COOK, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec.; Leaside U.S.; Fnited 
Nations Club I-IV. Secretary II. Vice-President III-1V; Model 
U.N. Delegate I-III; P.C. Club IV. 

ALDWYN R. COOKE, MontegO Bay. Jamaica (No Photograph.) 

BONNIE COOPER (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Forest Hill CI.; Hillel 
I; Psychology Club I; Anthropology ( tub I-II. 

D. MARGARET COOPER, ( '(,..ksv,lle; Biology; Thomas 1.. Kennedj 
U.S.; Biology Club III-IV; Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. 
Treasurer IV; Whitney Hall Choir III-IV. Future: Graduate Studies 

NEVILLE H. COOPER, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. 

PAUL N. J. COREY, st Catharines; General Science: St. Catharines 

Cl.i Basketball II-III; Jeanneret House Athletic Director III. 

GEORGE A. CORNELIUS, Port-of -Spain, Trinidad.; General. 


RICHARD I. COTTINGHAM, Owen Sound; General; Owen Sound 
C.V.I.; Hart dlee Club. Future: Law School. 

MARION D. COX, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall; U.C. Follies- 
Football; Basketball; Baseball. 

LAWRENCE S. CRACKOWER, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I. 
Future: Law School. 

ANTHONY P. CRIBBIN, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 
Future: Teaching. 

TIMOTHY R. M. CROCKER, Toronto; General; St. Andrew's College. 

DONALD E. CRUMMEY, Toronto; Modern History; University of 
Toronto Schools; U.C. Players' Guild I-II; Hart House Theatre III; 
Student Christian Movement II-IV, President IV; C.U. C.N. D. IV. 

SUSAN E. CUMMER, Strathroy, Ont.; English Lang, and Lit.; Strath- 
roy District C.I.; U.C. Players' Guild I-II. 

SANDRA DANIELACK, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. 

LAWRENCE E. DAVIDSON, Kitchener; General Science; Kitchener- 
Waterloo C.V.S.; Math, and Physics Club I-III; Torontonenaia II 
Chemistry Club I. Future: O.C.E. 

MICHAEL J. DAVIDSON, Hamilton; General; Westdale S.S.; U.C. 
Literary Society I-II; Hart House Theatre I-III. 

GLENNA DAVIS, Willowdale. (No Photograph.) 

ERNEST G. DAW KINS, Old Harbour, Jamaica; General; Mico College; 
West Indian Students' Association I-III; Hart House Bridge Club 
I-III, Treasurer II, President III. Future: Graduate Work. 

M. ELLEN DENOON, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Lawrence 
Park C.I.; U.C. Undergrad, Co-Editor III; U.C. Players' Guild I 
Modern Letters Club III-IV. 

ALBERT S. DENOV, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Basketball 
I-III; Intra-Mural Basketball Referee I-III; U.C. Follies Makeup 
II-III; Torontonensis III; Anthropology Club II-III; Volleyball 
I-II. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

NICHOLAS A. DERZKO, Smithville. Ont.; Applied Mathematics; 
South Lincoln H.S.; Ukrainian Students' Club I-IV, Vice-President 
II; Mathematics and Physics Society I-IV. Future: Postgraduate 

SUE M. DEVOR, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.I.; U.C. Arts 
Ball I; U.C. Follies II; Anthropology Club II-III. Secretary III. 

LAWRENCE A. DIACHUN, Toronto; General; Central Technical 
School; University Settlement. Folk Music I; Folksong '61 Producer 
II; Winter Carnival, Folksong Concert Producer III. Future: 
History Teacher. 

DARRELL G. DICKIE, Sudbury; General; Sudburv H.S.; Judo Club 
I; U.C. Follies II; Modern Letters Club III. Future: M.A. in English. 

SHIRLEY DISENHOUSE, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 



P. RONALD DOTTEN, Mimico; General Science; Mimics II- 

BARRY W. DUNNE, White River, Ont.; Modern Histoi 

U.S.; University Squadron, R.C.A.F. ; Ilart House Camera Club 
[-111; McCaul House Vice-President IV. Future O.C.E, 

SUSAN E. EDDY, Toronto; General; Etobicofce C.I. 

CHAIM S. EISENSTAT, Bat-Yam, Israel; General; Bait-Vagan IIS. 

HARRIETT ELITE, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

VICKI M. ELMAN, Toronto; General Science; Vaughan Road C.I. 
Future: Teach High School Mathematics. 

ALAN R. EMERY, Point-a-Pierre, Trinidad; Biology; Karl Haig C.I.; 
Biology Club II-IV. 

JOHN K. EMERY, Toronto; General Science; I!. H. King C.I. 

DAVID R. EVANS, Cobourg; Psychology; R. II. King C.I.; Psychology 
Club III-IY, Vice-President III. President IV; Canterbury Council 
II; Intercollegiate Intermediate Rugger I; WyclifTe Soccer I-IY; 
Hockey I-1V; Squash I-IY; Volleyball I-IV: Track I. IV; Water Polo 
I. IV; Hugger IV; Wycliffe Student Services Hep. Ill; Wycliflfe 
College Athletic Association Executive III: Cap and Govm Sports 
Editor I. IV. Future: Postgraduate Study in Psychology. 

NORMAN P. FAVRO, New Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

BRUCE F. R. FINDLAY, Toronto; Ceography; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 

FRANCES J. FLINT, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

SANDRA G. FLORENCE-SHERMAN, Toronto; General; Forest 
Hill C.I. 

RICHARD R. FOSTKA, Toronto; Ceneral; Bloor C.I. 

WALTER FOX, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Kc. : Harbord C.I.; Debating 
Team II-IV; Model Parliament [II-IV; P.C. Deputy Parliamentary 
Leader IV; C.C. Lit. Debates Director III. Future: I", of T. Law- 
School . 

EDMUND J. FREEDBERG, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

JOEL P. FREEDMAN, Toronto: Ceneral; Forest Hill C.I.: Chess Club; 
l.C. Players' Guild; Basketball I; Spanish Club. 

E. JOHN FREYSENG, Toronto; Ceneral; Forest Hill C.I 

AVIVA R. FRISCH, Toronto; Ceneral; Harbord C.I., Vaughan Road 
C.I.; Uillel I-III; United Jewish Appeal Chairman II, Treasurer 
III. Future: O.C.E. 

J. ARLINE GALLAUGHER, Shelburne, Cut.: Physiology and Bio- 
chemistry; Centre Dufferin District U.S.; Chemistry Club III-IY. 
Future: Medicine. 

G. RAE GAOUETTE, Tmimins: Philosophy (English); Tim mine 11 S j 

l.C. Football I-III. Future: Study Abroad. 

JOHN M. GARDNER, Stratford, Ont. 



AVRUM A. GLASNER, Montreal; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Hillel 
I-III; Basketball. Future: Law Scliool. 

AUDREY S. GERTSMAN, Ottawa; General; Glebe C.I.; Literary 
and Athletic Society, Secretary II, Constitution Revision Committee 
II; S.A.C. Rep. Ill; S.A.C. Speaker Selection Committee. Publica- 
tions Committee; Delegate to McGill Conference on World Affairs 
III; Model Parliament II; Hillel HI. 

PETER F. GILBERT, Oshawa; General; Oshawa C.V.I. 

Knox College. (No Photograph.) 


ARLENE E. GLICKMAN. Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Huiuber- 
side C.I.; Vndergrad Editor III-IV; Modern Letters Club III-IV; 
W.U.S. Programme Committee IV; W.U.S. Seminar in Sweden III; 
Wallace Club II-IV; Varsity I. Future: Graduate Studies. 

ALBERT GNAT, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Harbord C.I.; Volleyball; 
Skiing; Soccer Team. Future: Law School. 

ELLEN GOFFART, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

KENNETH J. GOLBY, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Weston 
C.V.S.; Spanish Club II-IV; German Club II-IV; Wrestling III; 
F.R.O.S. III. Future: Graduate Work in Spanish. 

LORRAINE GOLD, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Post- 
graduate Work. 

ANNE T. GOLDEN (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; 
Basketball I; C.C.F. Club I; Model Parliament I. Future: Post- 
graduate Work in History 

MARTIN GOLDFARB, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Basketball; 
Volleyball; Anthropology Club. Future: School of Graduate Studies. 

ELEANOR S. GOLDMAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Katy 
Cruel Production Staff I; The Varsity, Reporter I. Future: Master's 
Degree in Sociology. 

NORMAN L. GOLDMAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; U. of T. 
Golf Club II-III, Vice-President II, President III, Championship 
Team II-III; U.C. Golf Champion II-III; Hockey I-III; Basketball 
I; Volleyball I-III; Athletic Society, Secretary III. Future: Law. 

PHILIP GOLDMAN, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Hart 
House Debates Committee II; hillel Reflections Editor III. 

DANIEL GOLDSTICK, Toronto; Philosophy; Oakwood C.I. 

SANDRA GOODMAN, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

WANDA L. GORDON, Toronto; General; Havergal College, North 
Toronto C.I. 

ALLEN GORLICK, Toronto; General; Port Credit H.S.; Hart House 
Glee Club I-III, Committee III. Future: O.C.E., Math. Teaching. 

ROBERT D. GRAHAM, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Humberside 
C.I.; A.V.R. I-IV; Modern Letters Club IV; Italian Club III; U.C. 
Drama Guild IV. 

ETHEL A. GRANITE, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.I. 




MORTON G. GROSS, Toronto; General; Northview Heights C.I.; 
Robinette Debate* [I; Hockey I. III. Future: C of T. La*. 

ROCHELLE GROSS, Toronto. (So Photogr 

BRENDA R. GROSSMAN (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Downsview C.I.; 
I rencb Club III. 

ANNE E. GUDZ, Scarborough; General Science; Malvern C.I.; Biology 
Club 1I-III. 

MICHAEL A. GUDZ, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; Hart House 
Camera Club l-Ill. Executive Committee II-II1; Tin Varsity I-III, 
Photography Editor III; Intermediate Blues. Assistant loot ball 
Coacli III; University College Homecoming Float II. 

RENEE HAKMAN, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I. 

J. ERIC HALL, Toronto; General. 

MICHAEL HALUK, Sudbury; General Science: Sudbury U.S.; Ukrainian 
Students' Club I-III; Soccer III; Volleyball III. 

SUSAN E. HAMILTON, Toronto; Psychology; Havergal College; 
Falconer House Committee I, II1-IV; Falconer House Head Girl IV; 
Tar Heel Exchange III; Football HI; Psychology Club Executive IV: 
Blue and White Rep. II; Humanist Guild IV; XT'. CCS. Seminar 
Delegate III. Committee III. 

SANDRA A. HARLING, Shelburne. Ont.; General; Centre Dufferin 
District H.S.; Basketball III; Volleyball III. Future: Teaching. 

MIRIAM HARTZMAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill CI. 

J. LLOYD HASTIE, WiUowdale; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Earl Haig 
C.I.; Italian Club III. Future: High School Teaching 

SUSAN HAWKINS (Mrs.), Toronto; General. 

STEPHEN I. HEDER, Toronto; General; Vac, Hungary; F.K.O.S. 
I-III; Biology Club I; German Club I-III ; Hungarian Students' 
Association I-III. Future: Graduate Studies in Germany. 

G. BRUCE HENNING, Cooksville; Psychology; University of Toronto 

EMMANUEL J. HERNANDEZ, Trinidad, (No Photograph.) 

LARRY M. HERSH, Toronto; General; Oakwood CI. 

S. JAMES HIBBARD, Cochrane, Ont. No Photograph.) 

BARTON M. HILDEBRAND, Toronto; General; Central T.S.; Hart 
House Music Committee III. 

DAVID G. D. HILL, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Winston Churchill 
C.I. .. 

LORNE R. HILL, 1'ort Credit; Modern History; Port Credit U.S. 



TODDY B. HILLMAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Tennis 
II; U. of T. Film Society II; Hillel I-II. 

LORRAINE G. HOFFMAN, Toronto; Psychology; Bloor C.I. 

NETTIE D. HUMENIUK, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I.; Ukrainian 
Club I-III; Le Cercle Francais d'U.C. I, III. Future: O.C.E. 

GEORGE C. INGRAM, Port Dover; Modern History; Simcoe District 
H.S.; McCaul House Council III-IV, Treasurer III, President IV; 
Sir Daniel Wilson Residence Council. Secretary IV. 

VEIKKO T. INNANEN, Toronto; General Science; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; Skiing; Swimming. Future: Graduate Work. 

BONNIE J. INSKIP, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Basketball 
II-III; Volleyball II-III; Football II; Badminton II-III; Model 
Parliament I; Debates Club I. 

JORDON IVANOFF, Bulgaria. (No Photograph.) 

DAVID P. JACKSON, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

WILLIAM C. JACKSON, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

M. ELIZABETH JACOB, Toronto; General Science; Bishop Strachan 
School; Women's Athletic Board IV. 

RITA M. JANTTI, Toronto; General Science; Harbord C.I. 

ANNE M. JARVIS, Toronto; General; St. Mildred's College. Future: 

IRENE JERYN, Toronto; General. Future: School of Library Science. 

E. ANNE JOCZ, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Classics Club II-III. 
Future: Library School. 

PETER F. JOHNSON, Toronto; Modern History; University of Toronto 
Schools. Future: School of Graduate Studies. 

SALLY A. JOHNSON, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School; Hockey; 
Skiing. Future: O.C.E. 


ROBERT G. JOHNSTONE, Fenelon Falls, Ont.; General: Fenelon 
Falls H.S. 

DAVID T. JONES, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Hockey Manager, Intermediate I-II, Senior II-III; Hart House 
Chess Club I-II; Bridge Club II. Future: Actuary. 

HARVEY I. JOSEPH, Waterloo; General; Kitchener- Waterloo C.I. 
Future: Law School. 

FRANCIA KALB, Toronto; Psychology; Vaughan Road C.I. 



SHERRY A. KALB, Toronto; General; Yaughan Roa.J C.I. 

VIIU KANEP, B.P.H.E., Toronto; General; Bloor C.L; U.C. Athletics 
III; I'.C. At lil.-t i<- Boa id III Intercollegiate Volleyball III; Inter- 
collegiate Archery III: ToronUmentit, Section Editor III. 

JOEL KAPLANSKY, Toronto; General; Fores! 11.11 C.I.; Volleyball; 

Basketball; Ping Pong Club; Hart House Theatre; Swimming. 
Future: Business. 

DIANNE KARDISH, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 
Social Work. 


SYLVIA I. KARWASER, Toronto; Brussels. Belgium; Modern Lang. 
and Lit.; Harbord C.I.J U.C. Cercle Francais, Treasurer II, President 
III; French Play I. Future: Postgraduate Work in French. 

GAIL KASH, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 

KARIN KATTAI, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

ROBERTA L. KATES (Mrs.), Toronto; Philosophy and History; 
Forest Hill C.i.: Hillel I; Philosophy Club III; The Varsity, Reporter 
I. Future: Postgraduate Study. 

BEVERLEY A. KATZ, Toronto; Household Economics; Yaughan 
Road C.I.; Household Economics Club I-IY. Yice-President III. 
President IY; Hillel I-II; U.C. Follies I. Future: Marriage, Dietetic 

GARY S. KAY, Toronto; General; Northview Heights C.I.; Basketball 
I, Referee I; Hillel II; Robinette Debates II. Future: Law School. 

MARYANNE E. KELSO, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Lawrence 
Park C.I.; The Varsity II-IY; S.A.C. Varsity Rep. Ill; U.C. Follies I. 

FLORENCE KERSHENBAUM, Toronto; General; Yaughan Road C.I. 

RONALD KING, Toronto. 

ALAN KINGSTONE, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I.; Lacrosse II-III; 
Hockey I-II I. 

ELEANOR A. KIRSH, Toronto; General; Yaughan Road C.I. Future: 

KRISTJAN V. KIVI, Sudbury; General Science: Sudbury U.S.; Judo 
Club. Future: Teach. 

RONALD F. B. KNOWLES, Montreal: General; T. I.. Kennedy U.S.. 
Cooksville; Hart House < ; lee Club [-III, Secretary III; Basketball. 
Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

TED KOSOY, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I.; VX\ Squash II-III; 
Intercollegiate Squash III. 

BENNET J. KOVRIG, Toronto; Poli. Soi, and Ec; Jarvis C.I.: PC. 
Club III-IY; Free World Society III-IY, Head of Council IV. Future: 
Postgraduate Work. 



MARTIN H. KRAMER, Toronto; General Science; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; Math, and Physics Society II; Hillel III. Future: O.C.E. 

GABRIELLE A. KUBINYI, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Forest 
Hill CM.; Hart House Theatre I-II; Herman Club, programme Direc- 
tor III-IY. Future: Graduate Studies. 

IHOR KURYLIW, Sudbury; Modern History; Sudbury U.S.; Blue 
and White Band I-IV, Business Manager III-IV; U. of T. Symphony 
Orchestra I-III; Ukrainian Students' Club I-IV, Treasurer 1 1- 1 1 1 , 
Vice-President IV, Choir IV; Volleyball IV; C.O.T.C. III-IV; 
Gargoyle, Feature Editor IV. Future: Law. 

MICHELE LANDSBERG, Toronto: English Lang, and Lit,; Earl Haig 
C.I.; Modern Letters Club III-IV. Future: Graduate School. 

HOWARD LANGER, Toronto; General Science; Harbord C.I. Future: 

CAROL B. LAVINE, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.I.; U.C. 
Follies II; Anthropology Club II. Future: U. of T. School of Social 

MARY G. LAWSON, Westmount, Quebec; General; Westmount U.S., 
McGill University, B.Ed. (P.E.); Basketball III. 

BRENDA M. LEAKE, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; North Toronto 
C.I.; Bob Revue I-II, Choreography II; A.V.R. Dancing I-III; 
U.C. Play Miss Julie III; "Varsidettes", Organizer and Choreo- 
grapher IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 

S. DAVID LEE, Bradford; Geography; Bradford H.S.; Geography Club 
II-IV; Geology Club II. 

J. PAUL LEECH, Toronto; General Science; Riverdale C.I. 
Secondary School Teacher. 

Future : 

ALEXANDER M. LEGGATT, Oakville; English Lang, and Lit.; Oak- 
ville-Trafalgar H.S.; Hart House Theatre I-IV; U.C. French Club 
Play I; A.V.R. II; Epstein Award I-II; U.C. Follies Co-Writer III; 
The Undergrad, Co-Editor III. Future: University Teaching. 


PATRICIA C. LEUTY, Canton, Ont.; General; Port Hope H.S.; U.C. 
Swim Rep. II-III; Basketball I-III; Volleyball II-III. 

PAUL A. LEVINE, Toronto; General; Forest HiU C.I.; Swimming; 
Hart House Debates; Hart House Theatre. Future: Clothing Manu- 

JOSEPH LIEBERMAN, Toronto; General Science; Weston C.V.S. 

REET LIIDEMAN, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; New Toronto S.S.; 
Estonian Students' Organization I-IV; Slavic Studies Circle I-II. 
Future: High School Teaching. 

CAROLE LINTON, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I.; French Club II; 
Biology Club III. Future: Graduate Work. 

ROTRAUD H. LISTER, Toronto; General; Earl Haig C.I. Future: 
Graduate Work in English. 

4* ,jr 



GERALD A. LOKASH, Toronto; (ieneral; Karl Haig C.I., Forest Hill 
CM. Future: Law School. 

BERYL D. LONERGAN, Toronto; Modem Lang, and Lit.; Riverdale 

ALLISON D. LOW, Peterborough ; General; Peterborough C.V.S.; 
IT.C. Players' Guild I; Torontonentia, Fall Activities Editor I; 
(J. of T. Film Society, Publicity Staff II; Treasure Van [-II; Modern 
Letters Club III; U.C. Follies Production Staff I-II; HiUel MI. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

BRUCE LOWE, Port Credit; Psychology; Port Credit IIS 

GARRY A. LUDWIG, Toronto; Math, and Physics; York Memorial 
C.I.; Amateur Radio Club I; French Club I-IV; Math, and Physics 
Society III; German Club IV. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

IVAN LULIK. (Xo Photograph.) 

ELIZABETH R. LUTLEY, Creat Somemerford. England; General; 
St. Michael's S. Limpsfield, Surrey. England; Student Christian 
Movement; F.R.O.S. Future: Medicine. 

ELIZABETH A. McCOLL, Ottawa; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Fisher 
Park U.S.; Football I; French Cine Club. Future: Graduate Work 
in France then O.C. E. 

DEREK H. McCORMICK, Toronto; General; Grosvenor H.S., Belfast. 

North Ireland; Varsity Christian Fellowship. 

LESLIE T. McCORMICK, Willowdale; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Earl 
Haig C.I.; Italian Club III-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

ALEXANDER M. McGILLIVRAY, Toronto; Modern History; Jarvis 
C.I. Future: High School Teaching. 

RODERICK D. MacGREGOR, Windsor. (Xo Photograph.) 

WILLIAM A. McGUIRE, Toronto; General; Burnhamthorpe C.I. 

GORDON R. McKAY, StoulTville. Ont.; General. 

ARTHUR A. McLEAN, Arnprior. Ont.; General; Arnprior District 
U.S.; Wallace House President III: Residence Choir Chairman. 
Future: Osgoode Hall. 

BEVERLY I. McLENNAN, Kenora; Modern History; Kenora H.S.; 
Liberal Club I-IV; Basketball III; Model Parliament Clerk III. 

W. RODGER McLENNAN, Toronto, i Xo Photograph.) 

DAVID L. MacMILLAN, Toronto; General Science; Parkdalc C.I.: 
Lacrosse 1; Revolver Club II. Future: O.C.E. 

CATHERINE J. McMULLEN, Toronto; General; Branksonie Hall 
School; l.C. Athletic Society I-II; Basketball I-II; Football I-II. 

DUNCAN I. MACNAB, Toronto; General. Future: Theological College 
and Ministry in the Anglican Church, 

PAUL F. MacNAB, South Porcupine, Ont. i Xo Photograph. i 

JOAN MacKENZIE, Toronto. 



JOHN A. MADORE, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

KATHRYN M. MAGEE Peterborough; English Lang, and Lit.; 
Peterborough C.V.S. Future: High School Teaching. 

JOY D. MAHOOD, Peterboro; General; Peterboro C.V.S. Future: 

FRANK V. MAIDMAN, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I , East York 
C.I.; Hockey. Future: School of Graduate Studies. 

LJUBO D. MAJHANOVICH, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Inter- 
collegiate Soccer I-III. Team Captain, President III. Future: Post- 
graduate Work in Slavic Studies. 

SAMUEL MALLIN, Kirkland Lake, Ont. (No Photograph.) 

AUNE MANDEL, Toronto. 

DIANE MANDELL (Mrs.), Kitchener; General; Kitchener-Waterloo 
C.V.S.; Arts Ball I, Decorating Committee. 

J. RICHARD MANSER, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Taylor House 
Vice-President III; Residence Council Vice-President III. Future: 
Postgraduate Work, then Teaching. 

PAULINE MANSON, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I., Vaughan Road 
C.I., Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; W.U.S.; F.R.O.S. 

JOHN MARION, Port Credit. (No Photograph.) 

DOROTHY H. MARKHAM, Toronto; General. 

STEWART N. MARTIN, Toronto; Philosophy and English; University 
of Toronto Schools; Chess Club IV; Varsity Automobile Club II-III, 
President III. Future: U. of T. Faculty of Law. 

BRESIMA E. MAYNE, Sanguinetti, Clarendon, Jamaica; General; 
H.C.C.C, B.T.C.; S.C.M. II-III; Spanish Club I, III. Future; 

Teaching, Housewife. 

HELGI MEDRI, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Jarvis C.I. Future: 

EDWIN N. MERKUR, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. Future: 

Law School. 

GORDON H. MESLIN, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I.; Volley- 
ball; Basketball. 

TOIVO MILJAN, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; P.C. Club I-IV; Con- 
servative Viewpoint, Editor II, Treasurer III; A.V.R. Ill; Free World 
Society President III-IV; Varsity Reporter I -II. 

MARIAN E. MILLARD (Mrs.), Burgessville, Ont.; General; Burford 
H.S., McMaster University. Future: O.C.E. 

PHYLLIS S. MILLER, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: 

BEVERLEY D. MILLS, Alliston, Ont.; Math, and Physics; Banting 
Memorial H.S.; Math, and Physics Society I-III. 

GEORGE MINDEN. (No Photograph.) 



GILDA MITCHELL, Toronto; General; Vauglian Road C.I. Future: 
Postgraduate Psychology. 

SIRJE MITCHELL (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Bumberside C.L 
Future: O.C.E. 

WILLIAM G. MITCHELL, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Humber- 
Bide CI. 

LAWRENCE R. MITOFF, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I. Future: 

REGULA MODLICH, Zurich, Switzerland; General; Jarvis C.I.; 
F.R.O.S.; United Nations Club. Future: C.O.V. and Social Work. 

JOEL S. MOLDAVER, Peterborough: General; Peterborough C.V.8.; 
Hockey I-III; Volleyball [-III. Future: Law. 

H. JENNIFER MOORE, Port Credit; General; Gordon Graydon 
M.S.S.; Katy Cruel I; Christopher Jones I; U.C. Follies II; Home- 
coming Show III; Toruntonensis I-III. Future: Library Science. 

GAIL N. MORLEY, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.L; Basketball 
I; Athletic Board II-III; U. of T. Girls Ski Club President III. 

LYNETTE A. H. MOSE, Port-of-Spain. Trinidad: Geography; St 
Joseph's Convent, P.O.S.; Geography Club I-IVj W.I.S.A. I-IV. 

ALEXANDER N. NAKEFF, Toronto; General Science; Humberside 
C.I. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

B. GAIL M. NASH, Toronto; General Science; Alderwood C.I. Future: 
leaching High School Physics and Chemistry. 

DESMOND R. NATTA, San Fernando. Trinidad. ( Xo Photograph.) 

SANDRA G. NOBLE, Toronto; Latin and French; Malvern C.L; 
Classics Club; French Club. Future: O.C.E. 

ROBERT R. NYKOR, Windsor; Poli. Sci. ami He; Kennedy CI. 

GLORIA V. OROS, Toronto; Slavic Studies; Harbord C.L: I'.C. 
lollies I; French Club I: Slavic Circle II. Future: Commercial 


HAROLD L. PALTER, Toronto; General Science; North Toronto 
C.L; Blue and White Band [-II. 

MELVYN L. PELT, St. Catharines; Modern History; St. Catharines 
C.V.S.; Hillel 1-IL Varsity II; Gargoyh Features Editor 111. Editor 
IV; Jeanneret House Executive III; Sn Daniel Wilson Library Com- 
mittee Chairman III; Hart House Library Committee IV. 

FRADELL L. PENZER, Toronto; General; Forest Hill CI. 

JOHN R. PERCY, Downsview; Astronomy; Downsview C.L; Math, 
and Physios Society II-IV; Year Rep. II-III. Vice-President IV: 
Chemistry Club [II-IV, Future: Postgraduate Work. 




ROBERT N. PETTUS, St. Thomas; General; A.Y.V.S. Future: U. of T. 
Law School. 

WALTER T. PICHE, Sault Ste. Marie; Geological Sciences; Sault Ste. 
Marie C.I.; Hart House Archery Club II; Coleman Club III-IV. 

DAVID C. PITT, Toronto. 

KATHLEEN M. POAG, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; 
Katy Cruel I; Liberal Party III. Future: Kindergarten Teaching. 

DAVID L. POMERANT, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Forest Hill C.I.; 
U.C. Lit. Ill; U. C. Follies III. Future: Law at U. of T. 

HART M. POMERANTZ, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 
Model Parliament II; Hillel Foundation Executive II; Robinette 
Debates I; V.C. Follies II-III; Homecoming Weekend III; U.C. 
Literary and Athletic Society. Social Director III. Future: Law- 

CAROL L. P. POPE, Toronto; Physiology and Biochemistry; Runny- 
mede C.I.; Chemistry Club III. 

RICHARD B. POTTER, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Industrial 
Engineering Club I-II; Class President I; Hart House Music Com- 
mittee III; Harvard Exchange III; U.T.A.A. Basketball Official 
II-III; S.P.S. Basketball I-II; U.C. Basketball III. Future: V. of T 

ALAN S. PRICE, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I.; Basketball. 
Future: Law School. 

ROY W. PRICE, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 


TARAS PROCIW, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

EDWARD A. PURO, Toronto; General Science; Oakwood C.I.; Math, 
and Physics Society I; Hillel III. Future: Graduate Work in Physics. 

ALBERT T. QUANCE, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Football 

Coach; U.C. Quartermaster; Basketball. Future: McMaster. 

JACK J. QUARTER, Toronto. 

STEVE RATKAY, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit. 

MARCIA R. RAXLEN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I., Boston 
University. Future: M.A. in Hospital Administration. 

SHELAGH C. REBURN, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Bi3hop 
Strachan School; U.C. Athletics I-II. 

JOHN H. REIMER, Kitchener; Modern History; Kitchener- Waterloo 
C.I.; Football I-IV; Hockey I-IVj V.C.F. I-IV; Hockey Referee- 
in-Chief II-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

EVELYN A. RICE, Preston; Modern History; Preston H.S., Neuchatel 
Junior College; Whitney Hall Residence Council II; Tar Heel Week- 
end IV; Swimming I. 



LEWIS J. RICHARDSON, Toronto; General; Downarie* C.I.; Bridge 
Club II-III; Hillel III. Future: Law .School. 

ALBERT J. RISTIMAKI, South Porcupine, Ont.; General Science; 
South Porcupine U.S.; Campus Co-operative Res. [-III. Future: 
Graduate Studies. 

VIRGINIA J. RITCHIE, Toronto; Classics; Humberside C.I.; C.C.F. 

Club MI. 

MAIRE E. ROBERTSON, Long Branch; Physiology and Biochemistry; 
New Toronto S.S.; Chemistry Club III-IV. Future: Graduate 
Work in Biochemistry. 

SHELDON ROBINS, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C V 8 . 
Liberal Club III; Rifle Club MI; Basketball Manager II. Future: 
U. of T. Law School. 

PAUL E. ROBINSON, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; The 
Varsity, Assistant Editor; Agamemnon (A.V.R.) Composer, Conduc- 
tor III. 

DONALD M. ROEBUCK, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Vaughan Road 
CI.; Chess Club I; Fencing Club I-III; Humanist Guild. President 
II; Socialist Forum. Secretary II; Student Peace Union, Treasurer II; 
Model Parliament II-III; The Varsity, Reporter III. 

S. DAVID ROSNER, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S., Vaughan Road C.I.; Torontonensis Section Co-Editor I; 
Chemistry Club II; Math, and Physics Society III-IV; Hart House 
Theatre IV. Future: Graduate School. Physics and Chemistry. 

PATRICK L. ROSS, Toronto; Psychology; Upper Canada College. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

HART M. ROSSMAN, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; University of Toronto 
Schools; Hillel I-IV; Volleyball I; Robinette Debates; V.C. Debating 
Parliaments; P.C. Club I-IV. Cabinet I. Treasurer II, First Vice- 
President III; A.V.R. I, III Future: Law. 

GORDON ROSTOKER, Toronto; Math, and Physics; North Toronto 
C.I.; Hart House Chess Club. Committee III-IV; Math, and Physics 
Society I-III. Future: Postgraduate Work. Physics. 

LOUISE J. ROUSE, Toronto; Philosophy (English). (No Photograph.) 

NICHOLAS G. ROUSSANOFF, Vantra. Bulgaria; Slavic Studies: 
Gorna Orechovitca; Soccer Team Coach. Captain II-IV; Jeanneret 
Award Soccer — 1959. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

BAIBA ROZKALNS, Toronto; Household Economics; Bloor C.I.; 
Household Economics Club I-IV, Secretary IV; Latvian Students' 
Club I-IV. Future: Research. 

MICHAEL N. RUBENSTEIN, Hamilton; General: Westdale 8.S.; 

Basketball I-III; Volleyball I-III; Liberal Club I-III: McCaul House 
Athletic Director I. Future: Law. Osgoode Hall. 

FLORENCE RUBIN, K.l nton; General; Victoria Composite lis. 

University of Alberta (B.Ed.). 

GRAHAM N. RUSSELL, Toronto; Math, ami Physics; 1 ast \ ork C.I.; 
Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. 

IAN D. RUTHERFORD, Waterloo; Math, and Physics; University of 
Toronto Schools; Soccer I; McCaul House. Athletic Director I, 
Treasurer III; Math, and Physics Society I: Hart House Bridge 
Club III. Future: Postgraduate Work in Physics. 

P. MONICA RUUTBERG, Toronto; General; Riverdale CM. 



ELAINE J. SACKS, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 

LORRAINE J. SAILA, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I., Etobicoke 
C.I. Future: Postgraduate Work in Psychology. 

C. MEDORA SALE, Windsor; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Walkerville 
C.I.; Modern Letters Club, Secretary III. 


F. KEITH SANDERCOCK, Toronto; Biology; Vaughan Road C.I.; 
Biology Club; Camera Club. Future: Graduate Work in Fisheries 

PHYLLIS J. SAUNDERS, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Hillel 
I-III; Anthropology Club II-III; U. of T. Chorus II. 

EDWARD SCHAEFER, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

ALLAN A. SCHATZ, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 
Future: School of Graduate Studies. 

MONIKA H. SCHMIDT, Toronto; General; Shawinigan Falls H.S. 

INGE J. SCHUBERT, Toronto; General Science; Royal York C.I.; 
Outing Club I-III; U. of T. Chorus II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

SANDI J. SCHULMAN, Toronto; General; Northview C.I.; Hillel 
MI; Daffydil Makeup MI. 

WERNER R. SCHULZ, Toronto; Physics and Chemistry; Toronto H.S. 
Future: Research in Chemistry. 

BRIAN F. SCOTT, Toronto; Chemistry; East York C.I.; Chemical 
Club III-IV. 

GERTRUDE M. SCOTT (Mrs.), Toronto; Ceological Sciences; Etobi- 
coke C.I.; Coleman Club III-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

JANET K. SCOTT, Toronto; Philosophy (History); Lawrence Park 
C.I.; Football MI; V.C. Women's Athletic Association II; U.C. 
W.U.S. Rep. Ill; Carabin Weekend Staff IV. 

RONALD S. R. SEARS, Toronto; General Science; Parkdale C.I. 
Future: O.C.E. 

BRENDA E. SEGALL, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Jan-is C.I.; 
Katy Cruel II; U. of T. Spanish Club IV. Future: Graduate Work 
in Spanish. 

DAVID C. SELF, Highland Creek, Ont.; Math, and Physics; University 
of Toronto Schools; Math, and Physics Society I-IV; Table Tennis 
Club I. Future: Master's Degree in Applied Math. 



RONALD G. SETTERINGTON, Baltimore, Ont.; Psychology; P.H.H.S . 
C.D.C.I.; Flying Club. Future: Graduate Studies. 

PAUL M. SHALLHORN, Toronto; Math, and I' -• York 

C.I.; Math, and Physics Society. Future: Graduate Work in Pliysics. 

LINDA A. SHAPIRO (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Foresl Mill C.I. 
Future: O.C.E. 

DONALD E. SHAW, Ottawa: Physics; Glebe C.I.; Math, ami 1'hysics 
Society. Future: Graduate Work in Physics. 

JUDITH A. SHAW, Port Credit; English Lang, and Lit.; Burlington 
M.S.; Cody Mouse Committee I-IV, Mead Girl IV; Carabin Kx- 
change IV. 

MAX I. SHAFIR, Toronto; General; Marbord C.I.J Basketball. 
Future: Law. 

MARVIN S. SHERKIN, Toronto; General; Forest Mill C.I.; Volleyball; 

ALTOR L. SHIELDS, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 

C. PETER SHIRRIFF, Toronto; General; Trinity College School. 
Port Hope; Football; Hockey. 

ROBERT SHUSTER, Toronto; General Science; Vaughan Poad C.I.; 
Volleyball I-III; Basketball I-III; Hockey I-III; Wallace House 
Social Director II-III. 

LAURENCE C. SIEBENMANN, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Forest 

Mill C.I.; Math, and Physics Society I-IV; I", of T. Chorus IV. 

ROBERT L. SIEGEL, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 
ETHEL SINGER, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. 

BARRY S. SMALL, Toronto. 

ANNE SMOKOROWSKI, Toronto: General. 

ROSALIE A. SMOLKIN, Vrnprior, Gut.; Bjstorj (English); Arnprior 

District M.S.; Undergrad Editoi IV. 

MICHAEL J. SOLE, Kitchener; Physics and Chemistry; Kitchener- 
Waterloo C.V.S., Eastwood C.I.; Math, and Physics Society I-III. 
Vice-President III; Chemical Club [-II; MUlel I-III; Dining Hall 
Committee 111-1V; Jeannerel Bouse Caput III: Torontontnsis 1\ 
Homecoming II. IV; Volleyball III: Basketball I-II; Tennis MY; 
Hobmette Debates IV; U.C. Lit. Grad. Year Hep- IV. Future: 

CAROLE E. SOSKIN, Osliawa; General; Forest Mill C.I. 

JAMES M. SPENCE, Toronto; Philosophy (History); University of 
Toronto Schools; U.C. Literary and Athletic Society I: Mart Mouse 
Art Committee II-III; S.C.M. II-IV, Study Convener IV: Historical 
Club IV. 



BRENDA E. SPROULE, Sarnia; General; Sarnia C.I. 

ALLAN D. STAUFFER, Waterloo; Math, and Physics; Kitchener- 
Waterloo C.X.S.; MoCaul House Executive II-III, President III; 
Sir Daniel Wilson Residence Council III; Torontonenaix Section 
Editor I-II; Math, and Physics Society I-III. Future: Graduate Work. 

NANCY E. STEEL, Streetsville; Math, and Physics; Alderwood C.I.; 
Math, and Physics Club I-IV; Canterbury Council IV. Future: 
Working with Computers. 


BRIAN H. STEEN, Toronto; General Science; Riverdale C.I. Future: 
Teaching Science. 

DIETER STEIN KRAUS, Kitchener; General; Kitchener C.I. 

LINDA J. STEVENS, Islington; Biology; Etobicoke C.I.; Whitney Hall 
House Committee; Sports I-II; Biology Club. 

DONALD A. STINSON, Scarborough; General; Flesherton District 
H.S. Future: Teaching. 

WILMA P. R. SWEANEY, Toronto; General Science; West Hill C.I. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

MORGAN J. TAMPLIN, Toronto; Anthropology; North Toronto C.I.; 
Varsity I-II: U.C. Follies, Scenery I; Anthropology Club I-IV, 
President IV. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

CAROL TATOR (Mrs.), Toronto; General; University of Michigan. 
Future: School of Social Work. 

B. R. EARL TAYLOR, Toronto; Latin and French; North Toronto C.I. 

H. JUDITH TELFER, Trenton; Ceneral; Trenton H.S.; Basketball I. 
Future: Business Career. 

VAUGHAN THOMASOS, Port-of-Spain. Trinidad. (No Photograph.) 

MARGARET L. THOMSON, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; 
Football I-III; Hockey I-III. Future: Teachers' College. 

STEPHEN H. TICK, St. Catharines; General; St. Catharines C.I.; 
Football I-II; Basketball I-II; Battalion Club. Future: Law School. 

THOMAS B. TORRANCE, Orillia; Poll. Sci. and Ec; Orillia C.I.; 
United Nations Club III-IV; Liberal Club III-IV, President IV. 

DIANA G. TRAFFORD, Toronto; Classics; Lawrence Park C.I.; 
Classics Club I-IV, President IV; Carabin Exchange. 




JOHN TREIJS, Riga, Latvia; General Science; Riverdale C.I. Future: 
Research Chemist. 

JOSEPHINE A. TRENT, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Humberside 
C.I.; Outing Club II-IV. 

JOAN I. TURNER, Toronto; General; Kelvin H.S., Winnipeg. Future: 

STEPHEN J. TURNER, Rexdale. Ont.; Chemistry; Enfield Grammar 
School. Enfield, England; Chemical Club I-IV, Secretary III, Presi- 
dent IV. Future: Graduate Work in Physical Chemistry. 

FREDRICK A. VALERIOTE, Oakville; General Science; Thomas A. 
Blakelock H.S. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

TOBIAS VAN DALEN, Barrie; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Barrie District 
Central C.I.; Slavic Circle II; V.C.F. II-IV. U.C. Treasurer III, 
U.C. President IV. Future: Interpreter. 

AGNES E. Z. VAN De WALLE, Delhi, Ont.; General; Delhi District 
H.S.; U.C. French Club II-HI; Classics Club II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

DONALD A. VAN EVERY, Sault Ste. Marie; Math, and Physics. 

NELLES H. VAN LOON, Madsen, Ont.; English Lang, an.l Lit.; Red 
Lake District H.S.; Intercollegiate Track I. III-IV; Katy Cruel II; 
U.C. Follies IV; Residence Social Committee III; Intramural Sports 
Committee Vice-Chairman IV; V.C. Literary and Athletic Society IV. 
Future: High School Teaching. 

PHILIPPINA VAN SETERS, Willowdale. (No Photograph.) 

NANCY J. VANSTONE, Toronto; Modern History and Modern Lang.; 
Neuchatel Junior College. Switzerland; Vic. French Club I; Badmin- 
ton II-IV; Hockey III-IV; S.C.M. Ill; V.C. Women's Athletic 
Association III, Director IV; L'.C. Literary Society. 

ELLEN VELISKAKY. (No Photograph.) 

ALFRED O. VETTER, Kitchener; Math, and Physics; Kitchener- 
Waterloo C.V.S.; McCaul House. Social Director II; Hart House 
Bridge Club III; Hart House Judo IV. Future: Postgraduate Work 
in Mathematics. 

ANTONIO VICARI, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; High School 
in Rome. Future: Graduate Work in Italian. 

ZIVA VISENBERG, Ramat-Gan, Israel; General; Hertzeliah High 
School; Hillel Foundation III. 

TEUNIS VISSER, Toronto; General 

SANDRA M. WAINBERG, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Forest 
Hill C.I.; Varsity I; I". ..! T. Concert Maud II: S.A.C. Folksing III: 

Hillel Executive III-IV; Conservatory Choral Group III; French 
Club Executive IV. 

M. ELAINE WALKOM, South Porcupine. Out.; English Lang, and 
lit.; Schumacher U.S.; Varsity IV; Qargoi/U IV. Hockey HI; 
Football [-II. 

JEAN A. WALLER, Toronto; Modem Lang, and Lit.; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; Ccrcle Francais, Programme Director; U. of T. Spanish 
Club. Executive, Future: Graduate Work in Hispanic Studies. 



ELLEN S. WASSERMAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: 
Continued Study. 

PAUL F. WATSON, Gait; Art and Archaeology; Gait C.V.S.; Fine 
Arts Club I-IV, Class Rep. II-IV; Jeanneret House Executive III-IV, 
House President IV; N.F.C.U.S. Seminar Delegate IV. Future; 
Graduate Studies. 

CYNTHIA G. WECHSLER, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; U.C. Follies II-III; Katy Cruel I; Hillel I-III, Executive III. 

HENRY S. WEILER, Toronto; Physics; Western T.C.S.. Humberside 
C.I.; The Review Co-Editor IV; Free World Society Council III-IV; 
Art Club I. Future: Graduate Studies, U.B.C., Oceanography. 

ARNOLD S. WEINRIB, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Oakwood C.I.; 
Progressive Conservative Club I-II; New Democratic Party Club IV. 
Future: U. of T. Law School. 

FRANCES L. WEINSTEIN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 

BETH S. WEIS, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. Future: School 
of Social Work. 

SORELE WEIS, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. Future: School 
of Social Work. 

WILLIAM R. WELDON, Toronto; Geological Sciences; University of 
Toronto Schools; Coleman Geological Club III-IV; Hart House 
Swimming Pool Instructor and Supervisor I-IV. 

CAROLINE W. WELLS, Toronto; Modern History; Bishop Strachan 
School; U.C. Athletic Board I-II; Tar Heel Weekend III-IV. 

RIKKI K. K. WEXLER, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 

W. BLAIR WILLIAMS, Taber, Alberta; General; Lindsay Thurber 
Composite H.S., Red Deer; Wycliffe Squash II; WyclirTe Volleyball 
II; WyclirTe Basketball II. 

EARL J. WINEMAKER, Toronto; General Science; Lawrence Park 
C.I., North Toronto C.I.; Biology Club. Future: Dentistry. 

SYLVIA D. WISEBLOTT- KURTZ, Toronto; General; Bathurst 
Heights C.V.S.; Hillel I-III; Student Zionist Organization I. Future: 
School of Social Work. 

C. WILLIAM WOODLEY, West Hill; Poli. Sci. and Ec; West Hill 
C.I.; Outing Club Executive IV; Hart House Chess Club Committee 
IV; Hart House Camera Club I-IV. 

LILIAS M. WORLING, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Malvern C.I.; 
Math, and Physics Society I-IV; V.C.F. Executive III-IV. 

FREDERICK A. YACK, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Basket- 
ball I-III. Future: Osgoode Hall Law School. 

EILEEN YANKOO, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 

RODGER A. YEATMAN, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

DAVID A. YOUNG, Sudbury. (No Photograph.) 




RONALD C. L. YUE, Ilon K Kong: Central; Chung Cliing U.S.. Shang- 
hai, China. 

H. LESLEY YULE, Toronto; Geography; Bishop Strachan School; 
Basketball I-II; U.C. Athletic Hoard II; Geography Club. 

DANIEL J. YUZWA, Toronto; General Science; Humbereide C.I. 

LOUISE J. A. ZABOLOTNY, Sauk Ste. Marie; Modern Lang, and Lit.; 
Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; Football I; French Club IV; Mulock House 
Head Girl IV. Future: O.C.E. 

SAMUEL G. ZALTZ, Brantford; General; Brantford C.V.S. future: 
Osgoode Hall. 

ELIZABETH ANN M. ZEIDMAN (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Bloor 
C.I. Future: Nursery School Supervisor. 

JOYCE L. ZEMANS, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; French Club 
I; U.C. Follies I; U.C. Lit. I-II. Rep. I, Secretary II. 

MARVIN E. ZEMELL, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I.; Squash I-II. 
Future: Postgraduate Work in Psychology. 


LOUIS ZULY, Oshawa; General; O'Neill C.V.I. 



BACK ROW: Hartley Pomerantz (Social), Michael Landauer (Student Service), Nelles Van Loon (Athletics), Martin Yaffe (NFCUS), Melvyn Pelt (Gargoyle), 
Andrew Adler (Debates). 

SECOND: Catherine Miller (Blue and White), Nancy Vanstone (Athletics), Michael Sole (Graduation Year), Malcolm Wallace (Literary), Brenda Chousky (W.U.S.). 
FRONT: Diana Bennett (Freshman Representative), Lorie Waisberg (Treasurer), Joyce Cohen (Vice-President), Theodore Mallow (President), Sandra 
Macklin (Secretary), Lawrence Smith (S.A.C.), Audrey Gertsman (S.A.C.). 


University College 

Literary and Athletic Society 

The college term now ending has further accentuated the 
position of leadership that U.C. holds in almost every 
worthwhile field of college activity. Reflecting a heightened 
sense of public responsibility, U.C. students contributed 
heavily in both time and money to the many appeals made 
during the year. Typically, U.C. scholars took a leading 
part in student politics, university debating, seminars, and 
cultural exchanges with other universities. Not to be out- 
done, the U.C. athletes piled championship upon champion- 

The Literary and Athletic Society functioned this year 
under the able leadership of Ted Matlow and Joyce Cohen, 
with the guidance of David Hayne. A vigorous attempt was 
made to strengthen the ties binding the College together. 
Not a small part of the success was due to the overwhelming 
response given by U.C. students to such traditional activi- 
ties as the Honour Banquet, the Athletic Banquets, the 

Graduation Banquet, the Arts Ball, the U.C. Follies, and 
the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle in particular distinguished 
itself with a vigorous, if controversial, editorial policy. 

Despite its successes, the Lit. is determined not to stand 
still. A committee of students and staff will re-examine the 
basis of student government at U.C. in an attempt to make 
student participation more thorough still. 

To those who are graduating this year, every success is 
wished; may future years be as happy as these university 
years. To those who will continue to inhabit the J.C.R. for 
another year, may the high standards be upheld and the 
fine traditions continued which will always be remembered 
in connection with University College. 



4 Action and reaction m 




More considerable already than the other college 
features papers, the U.C. Gargoyle added to its bulk 
and stature this year by publishing its first eight-page 
issue in a long while — a result partly due to a five- 
member editorial board (last year's paper was close 
to being a two-man effort), partly to a much increased 
staff and circle of contributors, and partly to a dis- 
tressing lack of conservatism in our basement 

Ellen Stulberg, Terrence Shaw, Melvyn Pelt (Editor-in-Chief), Malcolm Wallace, 
Judith Clavir. 

U.C. -Trinity Classics Clubs 


Something for everyone! It is on this 
principle that the Classics Club had such 
diverse lectures this year as "The Classics 
— What? and Why?" (from Professor 
Grube of Trinity), "The Julio-CIaudians 
and Athens" (from Professor Thompson 
of the Princeton Institute of Advanced 
Studies), and "Three Critics of Vergil" 
(from Professor Dalzell of Trinity), as 
well as "Roman Women" (from Professor 
Bagnani of U.C). The increased interest 
of students not actually in Classics has 
been most encouraging. 

Diana Trqfford, 
David Steedman 
Malcolm Wallace 

Catherine Reid 
Ernest Weinrib 
John McNeely 

Le Cercle Francois 

Le Cercle francais a eu cette annee un 
tres grand succes a University College. A 
nos reunions nous avons profite de Focca- 
sion pour assister a des conferences variees, 
qui ont touche. sur l'histoire de Marseille. 
un sejour d'ete a Paris, les cours d'ete a 
St. Pierre, et le separatisme dans la pro- 
vince de Quebec. Nous avons eu l'honneur 
de recevoir le choeur de la paroisse du 
Sacre-Coeur, qui a chante des chansons 
folkloriques franchises sous direction de 
l'Abbe Jobin. Nous sommes reconnaissants 
aussi envers Mile Sandra Wainberg, qui 
a chante deux fois pour nous et envers 
M. Eugene Joliat, qui reste toujours le 
fidele en jouant du piano a chacune de nos 
reunions mensuelles. En mars nous avons 
presente La Paix chez soi de Georges 
Courteline: mise en scene par M. Rod 
MacGregor. Mille remerciements a M. 
Ross Curtis, notre president d'honneur, a 
Mme Sylvia Huidsten, secretaire de la 
faculte francaise, et a l'executif qui a 
travaille si fort pour le Cercle francais 
de 1961-62. 

Une reunion pas lout a fait typique. 

Philosophical Society 

The Thinker. 

Owing to the pernicious solipsism of the president, this year's 
Philosophical Society had a late start. At its fiist meeting in Novem- 
ber, Professor Dray spoke on "Value Judgments in History." Two 
weeks later we held a panel discussion with Professors Macomber. 
Gauthier, Gallop and Webb on the topic, "Is There a Conflict 
Between Metaphysics and Linguistic Analysis?" In January, Dr. 
Dewart spoke on "Christian Philosophy and the Cold War"; and in 
March, Mr. Brodeur on "Philosophy, Psychology, and Experiment." 

Besides these four public meetings, the Philosophical Society, in a 
never-ending pursuit of Truth and Controversy, held uninhibited, 
informal discussions led, in turn, by Helier Robinson. Dr. Dewart. 
Mr. Dray and Dr. Webb. The last of these culminated in the singing 
of those Appalachian folk-songs having metaphysical messages. 

Now what (you may ask) is the Philosophical Society? Well, 
without entering into esoteric abstractions, it might be specified 
(dialectically) as an organization — unique in this era of the twist, 
mosaics-by-number, and officially stamped posters — with no 
organization, no minutes, no membership, no bureaucracy nor. 
indeed, money, but which, paradoxically, does things. It has an 
executive, we suppose. Unity is maintained through spontaneous 
adherence to our motto, "Se Non e Vero Ben Trovato" — or. to 
translate . . . "Neurotics Tend to Gravitate Together." 

It is encouraging to note that although most philosophy students 
do not rabidly crave extracurricular philosophy, some o( those 
"other" people are definitely interested. In fact, one engineering 
student came to four meetings; Q.E.D. 


University College Players' Guild 

The activities of the University College Players' Guild got under way 
with an open meeting designed to acquaint freshmen with the format and 
programme of the organization, and a reading by some of the veteran 
members of the guild of Sean O'Casey's Bedtime Story. Under the guidance 
of Mr. Foakes of the U.C. English Department, there followed a series of 
play-readings ably supervised by Mr. Proudfoot and Mr. Rump, also of 
the Department of English. These readings included Beaumont and Fletcher's 
The Wild Goose Chase, Sheridan's The Critic, and Strindberg's The Stronger. 

The big project of the season, however, was the three-act co-production 
with St. Michael's College in Hart House Theatre. The two drama guilds 
fortunately continued their admirable policy, initiated last year with the 
production of Brecht's Good Woman of Setzuan, of presenting ambitious and 
unusual plays, not for the sake of being avant-garde, but rather to give 
students an opportunity to see works which would rarely be performed in 
the legitimate commercial theatres. 

The groups were extremely fortunate in obtaining the services of Warren 
Wilson as director, a choice well-founded on the artistic calibre and success 
of Warren's previous productions for the Players' Guild — Beckett's Endgame 
and Ionesco's Bald Soprano. 

as Pantagleize 

as General MacBoom 

Pantagleize, one of the major plays of Belgian author Michel de Ghelder- 
ode, was the final choice. The author of Pantagleize, a contemporary of 
Brecht, born in 1898, has only recently been performed, even in Europe, 
where he made his first major and rather sensational break-through with a 
production of his Chronicles oj Hell in 1949. Ghelderode is somewhat of an 
enigma, part enf ant-terrible, part recluse, part invalid, who shuns publicity 
and the public, and wrote many of his plays for puppet-theatre. Pantagleize, 
written in 1928, and hitherto performed in North America only in French 
by the Theatre du Nouveau Monde, concerns a sort of quixotic Parsifal-cum- 
Chaplin, a divine fool, who stumbles into, and inadvertantly triggers off, a 
revolution without ever realizing the consequences. 

Despite pathetically poor student attendance, which presumably was due 
for the most part to the attractions of the Winter Carnival, the production, 
in the estimation of the critics (and the cast of course) was well received, 
and indeed highly praised. 

The cast included, among many, David Harriman, Patrick Arnoldi, 
Judith Orban, and even a guest-appearance by David Humphreys, of 
Agamemnon fame. 

With these frustrating, but in the end-result always rewarding experiences 
freshly under its belt, the Guild hopes to carry on its policy to create, not 
necessarily bigger and better, but certainly equally as good productions 
next year. 



BACK ROW: Kathleen Weller, Judith Roberts, Karin Steen, Janet Cummer, Faye McKenzie, Pat Riddell, Judith 

Allen, Marsha Cessford, Judith White, Mary Blew, Elmer Latner, Sheila Smith, Sally Whitby, Maureen Bustard, 

Patricia Ashton, Diana Solandt, Sharon Downey. 

THIRD: Allison Low, Marilyn Mandell, Maureen McConnell, Nelly Askenzy, Brenda Ridout, Ingrid Keylwerth< 

Sharon Richman, Sharon Cwitco, Norma Cook, Marguerite Jennings, Mirjana Trcka, Jaclyn Baltzan, Jocelyn 

Symons, Bette Nagel, Lynne Harvie, Janet Ament, Dale Treloar, Lorraine Chalefsky. 

SECOND: Eleanor Longer, Carolyn Dembeck, Lee Ditchburn, Sue Cleaver, Diana Trafford, Dr. Hunt (Don), Louise 

Zabolotny (Head Girl), Arline Gallaugher, Georgette Dutheil, Pauline Coffin, Sheila Lithwick, Karen Mann. 

FIRST: Jane Elliott, Sharron Gomme, Lorna Staples, Esther Steinberg, Moiro Henderson, Christine Fung, Elizabeth 

Austen, Ruth Richardson, Fern Hoffman, Janet Low. 




BACK ROW: Karen Mark, Susan Deyman, Janet Campbell, Lesley Yule, Penny Rubinoff, Maire Robertson, 

Jo Anne McDonald, Judy Peterson, Barbara Amiel, Penny Richardson, Yvonne Bobb Gudula Asmio, 

Ann-Louise Vicary, Ulda Kere, Vera Starcevitch, Tobie Swartz, Marylyn Mitchell. 

THIRD: Ellen Dynes, Cynthia Gertzmun, Janet Kidnie, Elaine Walkom, Louise Sola, Judy Maclin, Shirley Junkin, 

Anne Mitchell, Daria Hadzewycz, Carolyn Crayston, Marian Fedikow, Bonnie Elmsley, Nancy Vincent, Heidi 

Hargarten, Susan Cummer, Jane Thomas, Diane Jones. 

SECOND: Jane Gillespie, Frances Biezuner, Elizabeth McColl, Valerie Elias, Heather Gordon, Anne Barcham 

(Don), Ann Clark (Head Girl), Terri Handelman, Clare Wallington, Marilyn Slyfield, Joyce Hennick, Mary McCague. 

FRONT: Karen Naylor, Susan Goldie, Alice Adler, Nancy Grafstein, Marilyn Shapiro, Anne Gudz. 



BACK ROW: Sonja Lilla, Marg Van Every, Marjorie Hair, Marilyn Nicholas, Sandy Sugarman, Judy Telfer, Barb Christie, 
Elizabeth Blair, Marg Cooper, Brenda Sproule, Pat Leuty, Mary Ann Demianiuk, Elizabeth Roberts, Ella Jany. 
SECOND: Mirta Kazianka, Elizabeth Quance, Sheila Dickison, Barb Morgan, Margaret Hilton, Judy Gough, Alice Ference, 
Anne Snowdon, Sheila Anderson, Wendy Livingston, Evey Roden, Charlotte Rosengren, Lynette Mose, Sheila Whyte. 
FRONT: Margaret Macdonald, Amelia Baggs, Kay Marie Mackenzie, Genevive Curry, Judy Shaw, Joyce Fett (Don), 
Christine Coutts, Kathy Kelley, Sonia Rohozynsky, Albertina Oxley. 


BACK ROW: Beverly Mills, Milica Meszaros, Beverly Slopen, Sandy Harling, Diane Simpson, Joan Ellis, Kit 

Thurling, Wilma Sweaney, Pam Yeo, Anita Lusis, Adele Caesar, Mary Fletcher, llene Wright, Beverly Katz, 

Jennifer Moore. 

SECOND: Margaret Third, Nancy Haldenby, Judy Ellenzweig, Jane Squire, Barbara Gilleland, Myrna Gitten, 

Ena Thomas, Dorothy Markham, Lynn Roth, Marje Kabin, Ann Riemersma, Anne Brush, Helen Schwarz, 

Diane Schutz, Myrna Moldaver, Ahti Brigden, Sheila Patterson. 

FRONT: Rochelle La Porter, Veronika von Nostitz, Beryl Joyner, Barbara Hewson, Sandra Noble, Sue Hamilton, 

Miss Evelyn Jonas, Catherine Cook, Flora MacDonald, Ann Jeffrey, Elaine Home, Phyllis Shankman. 

ABSENT: Linda Bickerton, Elizabeth Costigan, Sue Lyons, Rosemary Speirs, Rosalie Smolkin, Blaire Durbin, 

Barbara Wien, Judy Goldstein, Sheila Cowan. 


Sir Daniel 

BACK ROW: A. McLean, J. Moldaver, B. Radtke, P. Watson, B. Dunne, M Bliss, J. Beatly. 

FRONT: W. Noble, Dean I. MacDonald (Dean of Men), J. Omelon (President), R. Manser, G. Ingram. 

ABSENT: Dave demons. 

The Residence Council 

One of the most interesting and unpublicized facets of 
residence life is what might loosely be termed "intellectual 
activity." In 1961-62, it took place on many different levels, 
ranging from library reading through informal discussion 
to the more organized evenings in the Dons' suites, the 
Dean's house and the Senior Common Room. All were 
exceedingly enjoyable and, at one time or another, attracted 
virtually every member of the residence. 

The J. S. McLean Library provides a wide selection of 
books in the humanities and social sciences. It carries a 
complete selection of magazines ranging from Punch to 
The Reporter, Queen s Quarterly and Scientific American. 
All contain much fodder for the sort of discussion which 
solves all the world's problems — or at least so it seems at 
four o'clock in the morning. This interaction of minds and 
viewpoints is a valuable function of any university residence 
and especially of one so varied in composition as "Sir Dan's." 

On a more formal basis, we were all invited at various 
times to Dean and Mrs. Macdonald's home for Sunday 

evening coffee and good conversation. The atmosphere 
was relaxed and the food, both intellectual and actual, 
delicious. The Dons of the residence more than outdid 
themselves in the number and variety of their house "Don's 
evenings." Visitors during the year ranged from hockey 
players to history professors and mathematicians. CertainK 
the crowning achievement of the year was the first residence 
visitor, Mr. F. H. Underhill. Professor Underhill stayed 
in the residence for one hectic week, holding Dons' evenings, 
informal discussions and a well-attended group evening in 
the Senior Common Room. The topic was "Canadianism" 
— the discussion involved nuclear disarmament, Edward 
Blake, Quebec separatism, and virtually everything in 
between. Two other welcome visitors were Maclean's 
magazine editor, Blair Fraser, and Ontario New Demo- 
cratic Party leader, Donald C. MacDonald. Both brought 
fresh ideas and perceptive viewpoints to the old pastime of 
"talking politics." Thus, intellectual conversation and acti- 
vity on its many levels made an important contribution to 
the residence pattern in 1961-62. 

The waiters. 

The waiting 


Wilson Residence 

Sir Dan Athletics 

The Residence has shown an increased 
interest in athletics this year. The programme 
had three main sections: 

The first term was highlighted by a ping- 
pong tournament which climaxed two months 
of practice in the individual houses. McCaul 
House won the House Championship, and 
Hank Reitsma of Hutton House won the 
Individual Championship. 

The second term athletic programme con- 
sisted largely of hockey. An inter-House 
competition was held on the U.C. outdoor 
rink with the final game in Varsity Arena. 
Hutton House emerged victorious to win the 
H. I. Macdonald trophy. 

The third section, although more informal, 
was perhaps the most interesting. It consisted 
of inter-House challenge soccer games, or 
hockey matches, and two gatherings, with 
outstanding N.H.L. players as guests. This 
portion of the athletic programme, although 
not officially sponsored by the Residence 
Council, was certainly encouraged as part of 
the Residence activity schedule. 

It is to be hoped that this highly successful 
year, the first to be organized by a separate 
committee of the Council, will be followed 
by as enjoyable years in future. 

There it is. 

Fast action on the back campus. 

It's more strenuous than it looks. 

Everyone's against the goalie. 



Women's Athletics 

BACK ROW: Sue Ebbs, Mary Deyman, Pal Leuly, Joe Palm, Nancy Leamen, Sheila Craig, Mary Charles, Gail Morley. 
FRONT: Judy White, Libby Barnes, Nancy Vanstone (President), Elin Meredith, Pat Towers, Dorothy Hanson. 
ABSENT: Viiu Kanep, Bib Jacobs. 




On looking back, the Women's Athletic Board can see that this 
has been a most successful year "sports-wise" in U.C., judging by 
the many girls who enjoyed themselves in the various sports activi- 
ties, and by the number of well-earned victories. 

This year, the Jr.-Sr. Basketball team took the Interfaculty 
Championship. The first of two Hockey teams won their league as 
well as the first round in the semi-finals. And the Volleyball team 
almost became Interfaculty Champions — it was only after a long, 
hard battle that Phys. Ed. skimmed through on top. 

In the various U.C. tournaments a number of girls showed except- 
ional ability: Libby Barnes, in first year, proved the top tennis 
player; Viiu Kanep became the badminton champion; Susan 
Deyman was tops in golf, and Sheila Craig in swimming. Along 
with all these U.C. had football players and softball players, skiiers 
and curlers, bowlers and archers — all active, enthusiastic, and 
having a great deal of fun. 

The sports year ended with a flourish at the Annual Banquet, 
held in the West Hall of U.C. This year, the Athletic Board announced 
at the Banquet a new improved point system, along with new awards 
to take the place of the crests used in previous years. The Board 
urges all U.C. girls to take advantage of this new system that has 
been worked out very carefully, and to make the most of the whole 
athletic programme offered them. Remember those wise Athenians: 
"a healthy mind in a healthy body" . . . that's our motto! 



ft UC* * yc 0%yc 

BACK ROW: Libby Barnes, Susan Deyman, Joe Palm, Marg Thomson, 

Sally Johnson. 

FRONT: Sue Ebbs, Mary Deyman, Pal Towers, Karen Mann. 

ABSENT: Catherine Reid, Nora McCullogh, Bev Bonnell, Heather Boyd. 

BACK ROW: Nancy Vanstone, Barbara Brenzel. 

FRONT: Paula Rich, Sheila Craig, Barbara Fisher. 

ABSENT: Joan Danard, Barbara Pearl, Janice Bradley, Donny Tayner, 

Elaine Kagar, Linda Bernstein. 




BACK ROW: Mary Lawson, Joe Palm, Joy Mahood, 

Bonnie McBurney. 

FRONT: Pal Leuty, Sandra Harling. 

ABSENT: Viiu Kanep, Elizabeth Bond, Bonnie Inskip, 

Beverly Bonnell. 

BACK ROW: Carol Ann Goldman, Dorothy Hanson, Alrene Lief. 
FRONT: Denise Banks, Brenda Ridout, Judy White. 




BACK ROW: Anddi Snowden, Joe Palm (Coach), Gay Denne, Sheila Smith, Janet Ament. 
FRONT: Jo-Anne McDonald, Lorna Staples, Jackie Quinn. 
ABSENT: Myra Goldhar. 



?c « "c 

BACK ROW: Sheila Craig, Louise Laing, Libby Barnes, Heather Dewar, Joe Palm, Jory Fraser, Marg Thomson. 
FRONT: Gail Morley, Nina Atensky, Midge Cox, Mary Charles, Joan Kingsmill, Ruth Sellars. 
ABSENT: Bernice Koretsky, Judy Humphries, Karen Bissell, Ellen Kivilbo, Mary McCulley. 

This year Nancy Vanstone 
was awarded the Panhellenic 
Trophy. Nancy is thus hon- 
oured as the girl in her 
graduating year who has 
made the most valuable con- 
tribution to college life in 
athletics, scholarship and 

BACK ROW: Joe Palm, Joy Mahood, Nancy Leaman, 
Mary Krug. 

FRONT: Elin Meredith, Dorothy Hanson, Sue Ebbs. 
ABSENT: Viiu Kanep. 

Ski Team 

Libby Barnes, Gail Morley, Joe Palm, 

Nancy Vanstone. 

ABSENT: Pat Towers, Elin Meredith. 

Swim Team 

BACK ROW: Susan Deyman, Christine Coutts, 

Gay Denne, Norma Landau. 

FRONT: Sheila Craig, Pat Leuty. 

ABSENT: Judy Skelton, Leona Joyce, 

Carol Page, Ella Jany, Viiu Kanep, 

Pat Prescott. 

University College-P.H.E. Athletic Board 

Athletic Director N. Van Loon 

Assistant Athletic Director J. Petrushchak 

Publicity Director D. Van Every 

Secretary, Third Year Rep. N. GOLDMAN 

Second Year Rep. S. Green 

First Year Rep. M. Lichtenfeld 

Football A. Quance. J. Dell 

Basketball M. Shafir 

Hockey J. Petrushchak 


D. Clemons 

Water Polo 

H. Wolfe 

J. Petrushchak 


1. Kl KYI l\\ 


M. Bienefeld 

N. Van Loon 

M. Brooker 

W. Charlton 



U.C.-P.H.E. teams have been consistently among the 
University's best so far in 1961-62. 

The track team started the year in winning fashion, 
capturing the laurels in both the Intramural and University 
track meets. The latter meet was highlighted by the running 
of Bruce Kidd, who won both the mile and three-mile races, 
turning in record-breaking times. Juri Sutt, who dominated 
the sprints and the broad jump, and Ray Kosn who walked 
away with the weight events, also contributed greatly to 

U.C. in the spring battled it out with St. Mike's and 
S.P.S. for the indoor track championship. A pleasant sur- 
prise for U.C. came in the form of Rudrique Shinter, a 
student from Northern Rhodesia, who has been a consistent 
winner in the middle distance races. 

The brilliant play of Don Arthurs, coupled with the 
amazing goal tending of Al Kingstone, led U.C. to the 
lacrosse championships. The soccer championship also 
came U.C.'s way, with veteran Nick Roussanoff and Dave 

Lang and Radcliffe Yearwood coming up with the big 
plays. It was by no means an easy victory, as the team 
battled St. Mike's for nearly three hours of overtime before 
it emerged with the glory of a hard-fought victory. 

U.C. also showed surprisingly well in football. When the 
Redmen came up with victories in their first two games, it 
appeared that they were prepared to rewrite Mulock Cup 
history. They shocked the eventual champions of Victoria, 
winning both games against Vic. during the regular season. 
U.C. finished in a four-way tie for first place, but were 
forced to go into the playoffs without the leadership of 
quarterback Mike Wright. As a consequence, the Redmen 
were edged out of the playoffs, losing a heartbreaker to 
St. Michael's. 

U.C. also challenged St. Michael's for the lead in major 
league basketball and hoped to repeat its victory of 1960-61. 
Whether they do or not, U.C. will have had a very successful 
season in the won and lost column. 

Lacrosse I 

Intramural Champions 

BACK ROW: L. Myers, D. Ebbs, J. Petrushchak (Coach), B. Ferguson, J. Musselman. 
FRONT ROW: B. Bradstock, D. Arthurs, A. Kingston, S. Osborne, J. Butnett. 


Water Polo I 

Water Polo II 

BACK ROW: Bill Pigott, Bruce Conley, Bob Coleman, Larry Bell. 
FRONT ROW: Harold Wolfe, Jim Cranston, Tom Sears. 
ABSENT: Frank Felkai, John Kent, Jim McAdams. 

BACK ROW: D. Fine, H. Garfield, T. Murany, M. Levine, V. Walse. 
FRONT ROW: B. Eisenberg, M. Ellis, M. Silverstein, D. Baker. 

Intramural Champions 

BACK ROW: Mike Haluk, Fred Bienefeld, Zone Zubyk, Peter Boeckle, Gonther Pensler, Robert Long, 

Horst Fischer. 

FRONT ROW: Radcliffe Yearwood, Neville Cooper, Nick Roussanov, Dennis McDermott, V. Thomasos, 

Julius Kronis. 

ABSENT: Wolfgang Meyfarth, Gord Rowatt, Jim Montgomery. 





Hockey I 

BACK ROW: J. Petrushchak, N. Neff, L. Myers, M. Jones, B. .Walters, J. Murchie, J. Steward, D. Whelpdale, A. Kingston. 
FRONT: J. Reinei, B. Bradstock, J. Gelchrist, B. Cunning, B. Roland. 

Hockey II 

BACK ROW: Bob Dewar, John Sinnott, Walt Stelmach, Bob Wardell, Peter Laurie, Don Gibson, Bob Selkirk, George Mergelas (Coach), 
FRONT: Peter Derry, Ron Glazer, Gerry Heffernon, Jon Kent, Glenn Marshall, Bob Wyles, Jody Curran. 


Volleyball I 


BACK ROW: N. Goldman, L. Smith, M Diamond, M Haluk, I. Kuryliw 


FRONT ROW: G. Meslin, J. Kit, V. Drevnig. 

Basketball II 

BACK ROW: Mel Diamond, Wayne Wessoll. Howie Roth, K. Gertner 


FRONT ROW: Hartley Garfield, Fred Yak, Vic Drevnig, Ken Elaschuk. 

ABSENT: Phil Bradstock, John Laskin, Joel Smith. 

Basketball I 

BACK ROW: Moms Ray, Andy Birrell, Gary Cunning, Zel 

Bocknek, Al Quance. 

FRONT ROW: Don McKay, John Zentins, Ken Gertner, Larry 

Dodd, Ed Bogomclny. 

ABSENT: Max Shafir (Coach). 


BACK ROW: J. Dell, J. Steward, J. Johnson, T. Kosoy, H. Balakovsky, M. Bienefeld, R. Beale, W. WesseM, T. Crocker, B. Conley, M. Bliss, K Elaschuk, 

D. Kells, J. Reimer, J. Smith, G. Torrance, A. Quance. 

FRONT: D. Jefferson, B. Bell, D. MacArthur, K. Jeffries, D. Hart, P. Sheriff P. Bradstock. 

ABSENT: T. McDermott, P. Kosoy, A. McQuilkin, McKay. 


Indoor Track 

BACK ROW: Jeff Harrison, Murray Brooker, Janis Drefields, Ton/ 


FRONT ROW: John Moorse, David Bowring. 

Mike Turk, Bruce Kidd, Roderick Chinter, Nelles Van Loon. 


i • 

Victoria College 



M.A., U.D., D.D., F.R.S.C, D.Litf. 

ROBERT J. ABBEY, Welland. Out.; General; Ridley College; Drama 
Club II; Bob Revue III. Future: Osgoode Hall. 

G. LOCKSLEY ADAMS, Ajax. (No Photograph.) 

MARGARET E. ALFRED, Kingston, Jamaica; General; St. Andrew 
High School; Victoria Chapel Choir; Biology Club; West Indian 
Club: Future- Post-Graduate Work in Microbiology. 

HUGH A. J. ALLEN, Toronto; Math, and Physics; North Toronto C.I. 

PETER R. ANDERSEN, Islington; Poli. Sci. and Ec. 

JUDITH M. ANDREWS, Victoria. B.C.; General; Residence House 
Executive III; Concert Committee III; Debating Parliament III; 
Class Executive III. 

WENDY J. APPLEYARD, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; Bob Revue 
MI; Volleyball I; Hart House Theatre Make-up HI; Music and 
Drama Club I-III; Broadway Group II; Bowling 111. Future: 

MIOKO L. ARAI, Toronto; General; Forest lli'l CI. Future: Teaching. 

J. MURRAY ARMITAGE, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College. 
Future: Master of Business Administration, F. of T. 

ALLIKI ARRO, Tallinn, Estonia; Modern History and Modern Fang. 
Uunnymcdc C.I. 

ALAN F. ASHTON, Toronto; General; Oakwood CM. Future: Osgoode. 
(No Photograph.) 



CATHERINE S. AULD, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Music 
Club I-III. Secretary III; S.C.M. I-III; Bob Revue III; F.R.O.S. II. 
Future: School of Social Work. 

JAMES M. BABCOCK, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Royal York 0.1. ; 
Water Polo II-IV; Hob Revue II-III; V. of T. Curling III; V.C.A.U. 
Rep. IV. 

RUTH D. BACH, Toronto; General Science; Northern V.S.; Hockey II; 
Chemical Club III; Music Club III; Volleyball III. Future: 
Graduate Work. 

BEVERLEY A. BAIRD, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Bob 
Revue III; Vic. Music Club I-III, Executive III; Volleyball I. 
Future; Teaching. 

JUDITH L. BANCROFT, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Leaside High 
School; Chemistry Club I; United Nations Club I-II; Math, and 
Physics Society III-IV, Secretary IV. 

H. ROBERT BARLOW, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Basketball; 
Lacrosse. Future: Law. 

ROBERT J. BARON, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I. Future: 
Secondary School Teacher. 

RUTA BARDINS, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Bloor C.I.; French 
Club I; German Club I-IV; Volleyball I-II; Basketball I-II. 
Future: O.C.E. 

JOHN R. BEDFORD, Toronto; Modern History (English Option); 
Lawrence Park C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

DUANE C. BELL, Toronto; General; Leaside C.I.; Victoria French 
Club I, III; Baseball II-III; Basketball I-III; Volleyball I; Badminton 
I-III; Tennis III; U. of T. Outing Club III; Ping Pong III. Future: 

ROSEMARY J. BELL, Larder Lake, Ont. ; Latin and French; Iroquois 
Falls U.S.; French Club I; Classics Club II-IV, Social Convenor II, 
Vice-President III, President IV; Music Club I-IV, Broadway Group 
I, Brigadoon IV; Liberal Club III-IV; A.S.G.A. II, IV, Vice-President 
IV; Class Executive IV; Addison Hall Librarian IV; Hockey I-II; 
Basketball III; Volleyball III-IV. Future: O.C.E. 

WILLIAM G. W. BELL, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I. 

CYNTHIA BENNETT, Meaford, Ont.; Genera!. 

JUDITH M. BERGIN, Richmond Hill; Sociology; Richmond Hill H.S. 

IRENE M. L. BERRY, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; R. H. King 
C.I.; French Club I-IV; Bob Revue III; Drama Club IV; Contempo- 
rary Club IV. 

MARGARET E. BIRD, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Ontario 
Ladies' College; Drama Club II-III. 

ROBERT N. BISSELL, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Basketball. 
Future: O.C.E. 

ALEX. W. BISSETT, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Liberal Club; 
Biology Club. 



JULIA M. BJARNASON, Toronto; General; Chichester U.S. (England). 
Harbord C.I. Future: High School Teacher. 

STEPHANIE L. BLACKSTONE, Toronto; General; North Toronto C I.; 
Bob Revue I; Swimming III; Hockey III; Brigadoon III. 

ARTHUR H. BONSALL, Toronto; Central; Riverdale C.I.; Hockey I. 
Future: Teaching. 

JAMES C. BRADFORD, Owen Sound: Geography; Owen Sound C.V.J.; 
Geography Club. 

GEORGE E. BRADLEY, Toronto; Geography; Kincardine H.8 : 
Geography Club I-IV. Future: Teaching. 

BEVERLEY J. BRAND, Willowdale; General; Earl Haig CI: Vic. 
French Club III. Future: Teaching, 

MICHAEL G. BRANDON, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 

M. ELIZABETH BROMLEY, Toronto; General; Royal York C.I.; 
Student Christian Movement I-III. Future: O.C.E. 

M. LOUISE BROWN, Toronto; General; York Mills C.I. Future: 

School of Social Work. 

JOHN S. BROWN LEE, Creighton Mine. Out.; Modern History; Sudbury 
Mining and Technical School; Emmanuel College Hockey II-IV. 
Future: Post-Graduate Work. 

CULLENE E. BRYANT, Toronto; General: Leaside U.S.; Skule Nile 
I-III; A.Y.R. II; The Vartit,,, Features Writer II-III; Skule Cheer 
Leader III; V.C.C.S.U. Ill; S.C.M. Ill; Near Eastern Club III; 
Acta Victvriana I-III. Future: B.U. at Emmanuel. 

JANET M. BRYCE, Toronto; General : North Toronto C.I.; Yolleyball I; 
Football I; Hart House Theatre Costumes I; United Nations Club 
III; Hob Revue Fosters III; Contemporary Club III; Badminton III: 
Brigadoon Costumes III; Varsity III. Future: Social Worker. 

EDWARD D. BURFIELD, Toronto; Modern History; Humberside CI. 
Future: Teacher. 

CAROLE C. BURMAN, Toronto; Modern Languages; II. II. King C.I.: 
Basketball l-II; C. of T. Golf I; French Club I-IV. Social Director III. 
Secretary IV; Contemporary Club IV. Future: High School Teacher. 

JANE M. BURNHAM, Toronto; General: Laurence Fark CI. 

PAUL BUTTERS, Rich vale, Ont. (No Photograph.) 

EILEEN E. CALDWELL, Gait. Ont.; Household Economics; Gait C.V.& 

COLLEEN P. CAMERON, Toronto; General; Bob Revue HI. Future: 

M. IAN CAMERON, Kenora, Out.; English Lang, and Fit.; Kenora- 

Keewatin District U.S.; Victoria chapel choir II-IV; Residence 

Council. Burwash Hall III; Victoria College Picture Exhibition 

Committee III-IV; Ada Vicioriana Editor IV. 



BARBARA A. CAMPBELL, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Year 
Executive II-III, Secretary II, Associate President III; Torontonen 
Rep. Ill; Volleyball II-III. Future: High School Teaching. 

GWEN J. CAMPBELL, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; 
Tonmlonensis II-III, Graduate Editor III. 

SALLY A. CAMPBELL, Elmvale, Ont.; General; Elmvale District H.S. 
U. of T. Liberal Club II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

J. ANNE CARROW, Toronto; Household Economics; Etobicoke C.I.; 
Household Economics Club I-IV, Executive II; Residence Floor 
Executive III; Forestry Queen I; Swimming I. 

GEORGE M. CARRICK, Toronto; General; University of Toronto 
Schools; U. of T. Revolver Club. Future: Criminology at U. of 
California, Berkeley. 

JUDY-LYNNE CARRUTHERS, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.I. 
Future: Journalism, University of Western Ontario. 

KEN E. CHAMBERLAIN, Oakville. (No Photograph.) 

HELEN D. CHRISTIAN, Toronto; General; Ontario Ladies' College; 
Basketball MI; Softball II. Future: O.C.E. 

ELEANOR F. CHRISTIE, Toronto; Household Economics; Lawrence 
Park C.I.; Household Economics Club I-IV; Tennis III-IV; Table 
Tennis I-IV; Forestry Cheerleader III-IV; V.C.W.A.A. President IV. 

B. PENELOPE CLARE, Downsview; General; Northview Heights C.I.; 
Badminton. Future: Radio and Television Production. 

TERRY COBURN Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

WENDY D. COLE, Toronto; General; Northview Heights C.I.; Bowling 
II; The Varsity Reporter III; V.C.U. Member-at-large III. 

MARY A. COLLINS, Fergus, Ont.; General; Fergus District H.S. 

MAUREEN COLLINS, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; Softball II-III; 
Basketball I-III; Volleyball I-III. Future: O.C.E. 

CYNTHIA M. CONNELL, Toronto; Anthropology; North Toronto CI.; 
Bob Revue I-II; P.C. Club II-IV; Class Secretary IV. Future: Post- 
graduate Work. 

NANCY L. COOK, Barrie; General; Barrie North C.I.; French Club 
II-III; Basketball II; A.S.G.A. Executive III. Future: High School 

HUGH H. COOKE, Toronto. 

ANTHONY K. COPPING, Willowdale; General Science; Earl Haig C.I.; 
University Naval Training. 

GRANT T. CORKILL, Thornhill; General; Earl Haig C.I. 

PETER G. CORNWALL, Dunedin, New Zealand; Modern History; 
Revolver Club. Future: Graduate Studies. 



TERRENCE C. COX, London, Ont ; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Victoria 
Dramatic Society, President; Productions Committee, Bti 
Manager; Victoria .Music Club; Debating; (J.T.D.C. Co-Chairman 

MARGARET A. CRAW, Brantford; Psychology; Brantford < \ - . 
Bob Revue II-IV; Class Executive III-IV; Blue and White Rep. IV; 

Residence Council IV; Drama Club II-III; Tarheel Exchange IV. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

JOHN E. L. CRAWFORD, Guelph. (No Photograph.) 

MARGARET J. CREWE, Tilbury. Ont.; General; Tilbury U.S.; Con- 
temporary Club III. Future: Teaching. 

NORMA-JEAN CRYDERMAN, Toronto; General; Xortli Toronto C.I., 
Albert College. Belleville; Bowling I-II; Liberal Club III; University 
Club II-III, Vice-President III. Future: Teaching. 

KENNETH G. CUDE, Toronto; General; Oshawa C.V.I. : U.C. Basketball 
I; Vic. Basketball II-III. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

HEATHER ANN CULLEY, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I.; United 
Nations Club II; Anthropology Club III. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

ELIZABETH R. CURRIN, Aylnier. Ont.; General; East Elgin U.S.; 
Contemporary Club II-III; United Nations Club III. Future: 
Nursery School Work. 

ARTHUR B. DALGARNO, Newmarket; General Science; Newmarket 
H.S.; Volleyball Mil; Basketball Mil. Future: Teacliing. 

DONALD A. DANIEL, Torontb; General; Malvern C.I.; Lacrosse I; 
The Strand II; Near Eastern Club, Secretary II; V.C.C.S.U., Vice- 
President II, President III; Music Club III. Future: Theology. 


VICTOR P. DAVIS, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I. Future: 

DIANE C. DEAN. Toronto; General; Winston Churchill C.I ; Music 
Club I-II; Psychology Club I; United Nations Club II. Future: 
Airline Stewardess. 

DAVID A. DELLANDREA. North Hay; General Science: Humberside 
C.I.; V.C.F. Mil; Biology Club III. Future: Medicine (U. of T.). 

ALISON V. DINGLE, Burlington; Modern Lang, anil Lit.; Burlington 
Central H.S.; Debating Parliament Mil; S.C.M. Il-IV; W.U.S. II; 
V.C.U.C. IV. 

BRUCE DOW, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. 

CAROL R. DUNGY, Windsor; General; Kennedy Collegiate. 

CYNTHIA J. DURANCE, Surma; General; Contemporary Club; United 
Nations Club. Future: O.C.E. 

L. DIANE DYER, Scarborough. I No Photograph.) 

ROBERT J. EAMER, Cornwall; General Science; St. Lawrence II. S. 
Future: O.C.E. 



SUSAN G. EASTWOOD, Peterborough; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Kenner 
C.I., Peterborough C.V.I. Future: O.C.E. 

PETER R. EGAN, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Riverdale CM. Future: 

CAROL L. ELLIOTT. Scarborough; Anthropology; R. H. King C.I.; 
French Club 1,111, Rep. I; Torontonensis I— II; Bob Revue Make-up 
II-IV; Gilbert and Sullivan Make-up III; Drama Club IV; Anthro- 
pology Club IV. 

PATRICIA R. ELLIS, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Vie. Cheer- 
leader MI j Bob Revue II; Psychology Club III. 

AIKO ENOMOTO (MRS.), Kofu, Japan. 

MARLENE ANNE FARRALL, Etobicoke; General Science; Burnham- 
thorpe C.I.; Bob Revue Costumes III. 

PETER M. FERBYACK, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I. 
BRIAN R. FERGUSON, Gravenhurst; General Science; Gravenhurst U.S. 

FRED J. FINLEY, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Football II. 

ROY H. FISCHER, Toronto; General Science; Oakwood C.I. 

M. MARGARET FISHER, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; North Toronto 
C.I.; Basketball I-IV; Hockey II-IV; Baseball II-III; Vic Music 
Club, Executive II-III, Operetta Mil, Chapel Choir III; V.C.I'. 
Secretary III; Torontonensis, Section Editor I, Assistant Editor II, 
Editor III-IV; Class Executive II; Bob Revue MI. 

D. ANN FLAVELLE, Oakville; Sociology; Oakville-Trafalgar U.S.; 
University Skating Club I-IV; Ice Frolics II; A.S.G.A. IV. 

ROSEMARY FORD, Willowdale. 

SUSAN M. D. FORSTNER, Burlington; General; Burlington H.S.; 
Softball Mil; Basketball Mil; Volleyball II-III; Badminton Mil; 
Class Executive III; V.C.W.A.A. III. 

J. GRAHAM FOSS, Montreal. Que.; General Science; Lawrence Park 
C.I.; Football I; Hockey Mil; Varsity Football II-III; V.C.A.U. Rep. 

GAIL V. FOWLE, Islington; General; Etobicoke C.I., University of 
British Columbia; Class Executive I; V.C.W.A.A. I; Bowling MI; 
Skiing I II. 

JOHN D. J. FRASER, Weston. 



WILLIAM L. FULGHUM, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College. 

H. ROGER GARLAND, Islington; General; Etobicoke C.l : Football 

I-III. Captain II-III; .Music Club II-III; Bob Kevue III; Carabin 
Exchange III. Future: Law. 

SUSAN E. GARTON, Ottawa; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Lawrence Park 
C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

FREDERICK M. GAVILLER, Toronto; General; Midland-Penetangui- 
shene District H.S.; U.C. Trench Club I-II; U.C. French Play II. 

JOANNE S. GEAR, Fergus, Ont.; General; Fergus District H.S.; Drama 
Club I; P.C. Club III; United Nations Club II-III, Secretary III; 
Food Chemistry Club III. Future: Medicine. 

PETER J. GEORGE, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; University of Toronto 
Schools. Future: Law. 

JOHN A. GERHARD, London, Ont.; Psychology; Clarke Road H.S 
Future: O.C.E. 

PETRA M. GLASER, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 

TERRY M. GLAVIN, Oshawa; General; Oshawa C.V.I. ; Classics Club 
I-III; French Club I-III; Volleyball I; Residence Executive, Social 
Director III; Basketball I-III; Class Debating Rep. II, President III. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

HELEN L. GOGGIN, Clarkson; General; Port Credit H.S.; Music 
Club I-III. Future: Church or Social Work. 

JOHN B. GOULD, North Bay; Math, and Physics; North Bay C. V.S.J 
Basketball I-II; Volleyball I; Waterpolo I-II; Math, and Physics 
Club I-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

J. BRYAN GRAHAM, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; North Toronto C.I; 
Impromptu Debating Victoria III; TorontonensU Section Editor III. 
Future: Postgraduate Work in Economics. 

ROBERT A. GRAHAM, Toronto; General; Royal York C.I.; Football 
I-III; Hockey I-III; Basketball II; Hugger III; Boh Revue II; 
V. C.A.I*. II-III, President III. 

GRETCHEN J. GRANT, Toronto; General: York Mills C.I.; Varsity 
Reporter II-III; Bowline; Badminton. Future: O.C.E. 

SANDRA L. GREEN, Toronto: General; Northview Heights C.l.; 
I.e. French Club I; United Nations Club II; Bowling III. 

DAVID R. GRINER, Toronto; Modern Historj ; Upper Canada College; 
The Varsity, Managing Editor II, Co-Editor 11I-1Y: Hockey 11-111. 
Future: Law. 

E. MARGUERITE GUNN, Toronto; General; Lachine U.S., Que.: 
Slavic Circle I-II; French Club I; TorontontnsU I-II. Future: Marriage. 

WALTER GUNN, Toronto; Psychology. (No Photograph.) 

LYNDA G. HAIGHT, Toronto; General; Leaside U.S.; Football I-II; 
Baseball II-III. Future; Teachers' College. 



DAVID A. HAISELL, Toronto; General Science; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 

M. ELAINE HALL, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I.; Hockey I; United 
Nations Club II; Anthropology Club III. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

MARVYN L. HALL, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Etobicoke C.I. 
Future: Actuarial Profession. 

K. ANNE HALLIDAY, Toronto; Physiology and Biochemistry; Leaside 
U.S.; Biology Club II-IV: Music Club IV. 

PATRICIA C. HALLIWELL, Toronto; General; St. Clement's H.S., 
Neuchatel Jr. College; Basketball II; Liberal Club II-III. Secretary 
III; Vic. Debating Parliament Secretary III. 

NANCY M. HAMILTON, Port Credit; General; Port Credit H.S.; 
Class Executive I; Class Debating Parliament Rep. I; V.C.F. I-III; 
Vic. Social Convenor III. 

BEVERLEY A. HANAGAN, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; 
Torojitunensis, Copy Editor II-III. Future: Interior Decorating. 

MARIAN E. HANLEY, Marathon, Ont.; Household Economics; 
Marathon H.S.; French Club I; United Nations Club I; Household 
Science Club I-IV; U. of T Chorale Group II; V.C.F. IV; Tennis II. 
Future: Dietetic Internship. 

HEATHER L. HARMAN, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; 
Baseball I-III; Tennis I-III; Basketball I-II; Outing Club I-III; 
Football I-II; Hockey I-II. Future: Teachers' College. 

JOHN T. HARRIES, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Victoria 
College Music Club I-III, President III; V.C.C.S.U. I-III; Yeoman 
of the Guard II; Brigadoon Producer III. Future: Emmanuel College. 

P. ANNE HARVEY, Toronto; General; Runnvmede C.I.; French Club I; 
Drama Club I-III; Bob Revue I-III; Music Club II-III; Hart House 
Theatre II-III. Future: Theatre. 

D. STEPHEN HASKILL, Toronto; Physics and Chemistry; Runnvmede 
C.I.; Lacrosse I-IV; Basketball I; Math, and Physics Society III; 
Chemistry Society IV. Future: Ph.D. Chemistry. 

M. JOAN HAXTON, Toronto; Ceneral; Lawrence Park C.I. Future: 
Teachers' College. 

MARGARET J. HELWIG, Toronto; General; St. Andrews IIS.. 
.Jamaica; Outing Club II-III. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

JUDITH M. HOBBS, Millbrook, Ont.; General; Millbrook H.S. 

MICHAEL G. N. HODGSON, Toronto: General: North Toronto C.I. 

IRIS M. HOGG, Toronto; Physics and Chemistry; Leaside H.S.: 
Chemistry Club I-IV. 

IRENE E. HOOD, Toronto; General; Stamford C.I.. Niagara Falls; 
United Nations Club II; Vic. S.C.M.. Social Convenor III. Future: 
School of Social Work, McGill 



WALTER E. HOOPER, New Liskeard, Ont.; Math, and Physics; New 
Liskeard H.S.j Stephenson Hon-.- Treasurer II. Future: High School 

JOHN H. R. HORNER, Button, Ont.; General; Sutton District U.S. 

ROBERT L. HOUSE, Stoney Creek. (No Photograph.) 

P. MARJORIE HUGHES, North May; General; Lawrence Park < I 
Chippewa Secondary School; V.C.U.C. Secretarj III. Future 0.( E 

GEORGE T. HUME, Toronto; Poll. Sci. and Ec. 
JOSEPH B. HUNTER, Islington. 

JAMES W. HUTCHINGS, Ilalihui ton. (No Photograph.) 

BEN J. J. HUTZEL, Toronto; General; Royal York C.I.; U. of T. Track 
I-III; Intercollegiate Football I-III; Basketball I-III; Rugger III. 
Future: U. of T. Law. 

DONNA D. HYDE, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Lawrence Park C.I.: 
Victoria Drama Club. Secretary. Future: O.C.E. 

C. ISABEL ISAAC, Fenelon Falls; General; Fenelon Falls U.S.; Vic 
Music Club I. Future: United Church Training School. 

EDWARD J. R. JACKMAN, Toronto; Philosophy; Upper Canada 

College; Football I-IV; Hockey I; Hart House Library Committee 

GLENN C. JACKSON, Toronto; Poll. Sci. and Ec; North Toronto C.I.; 
V.C.C.S.U. I; Vic. French Club I; C.O.T.C. II-IY: TonmUmeaait III; 
Hart House Music Committee IV. Future: Emmanuel College 

JOHN K. JACOBI, Toronto; General; University of Toronto Schools; 
Bob Revue I-III; Hockey I-III; Table Tennis Club I-III. 

MARIAN G. S. JAFFRAY, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I.: Volleyball 
I-III; Basketball I-III. Future O.C.E. 

WENDY E. JANZEN, Toronto: Sociology; North Toronto C.I. 

JOYCE M. JEFFREY, Peterborough; General; Kennel C.I., Ontario 
Ladies' College. 

CAROL F. JENNER, Kingsville, On! ; General; Kingsville District II. s.; 
Chapel Choir Mil; Classics Club II-III; Vic. S.C.M. III; Concert 
Committee II-III ; P.C. Club II. Future: High School Teacher. 

LYNDA L. JENNER, Fort San. Sask ; General; Fort Qu'Appelle U.S.; 
Bob Revue II: Brigadoon Lead III. 

PETER C. JOHNSON, Toronto; General Science; Leaaide U.S.. s.C.M. 
I-III. Arrangements Convenor II; In. lour Track 'Team II-III: V of T 
Wrestling III; Knox Volleyball III. Future: Hospital Administration. 



BARBARA J. JOHNSTON, Belleville; Psychology; Midland-Pene- 

tanguishene District U.S.; Psychology Club I-IV. Future: Clinical 

GAIL E. JOHNSTON, Charlottetown, I'rince Edward Island; General; 
Prince of Wales College. 

KERRY J. JOHNSTON, Toronto; Modern History; Forest Hill C.I.; 
Victoria Music Club [-II; Acta Victoriana II; Humanist Guild II-IV, 
Vice-President III; Ryerson House Secretary II, President III. 
Future: O.C.E. 

MICHAEL JOHNSTON, Toronto; Psychologv; Downsview CI. J 
Psychology Club II-IV. 

JANET V. KEFFER, Toronto; Psychology; East York C.I.; Bob Revue 
I-III; Vic. Cheerleader I-II; Hockey I-IV; Football I; Baseball II. 
Future: Social Work. 

ERIC M. KELDAY, Hamilton; General; Hillfield School; Gate House 
Social Director; Anatomy Club. 

VIOLETA K. KELERTAS (MRS.), Abilene, Texas; General; Humberside 
C.I.; Lithuanian Students' Club II-III. Future: M.A. Chicago, 111. 

STEPHANIE J. KELLEY, Port Credit; General; Lome Park S.S.; 
Tennis III; Swimming I. 

SHEILA A. KERR, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.J Bob Revue I; 
Skule Nite I-II; Homecoming Show II; Volleyball II-III; Basketball 
III. Future: O.C.E. 


G. FREDERICK KIRKPATRICK, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; 
Riverdale C.I. Future: High School Teacher. 

ARTHUR R. KITAMURA, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I. 

SANDRA J. KONING, Richmond Hill; English Lang, and Lit.; Richmond 
Hill H.S.; S.C.M. I-IV, Mental Health Work Cam,, III. Cabinet 
Member IV. 

FRED H. KOTAN I, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I.; Football I-III; Hockey. 
(No Photograph.) 

REET KUTT, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Estonian Students' 

WILLIAM G. LANG, St. Mary's, Ont.; General; St. Mary's District C.I. ; 
Soccer; Basketball. Future: Law. 

RICHARD B. LARSON, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S. Future: Graduate Studies. 

DENNIS B. LEE, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; University of Toronto 
Schools; Drama, Writing. (No Photograph.) 

LILIAN C.J. LEE, Toronto; General Science; Riverdale C.I. ; V.C.F. I-III: 
Biology Club I. Ill; Math, and Physics Society II. Future: Medical 

ELIZABETH O'L. LESLIE, Timmins; General; Timmins H.V.S. 



HARTLEY V. LEWIS, Bowmanville, Ont.; Math, and Physics; Bow- 
manville U.S. 

JANETTE H. LINDSAY, Dundalk. Ont.; Modern History; Dundalk 
District IIS,; V.C.F. I; Softball II; House Treasurer II. IV; U. of T. 
Liberal Club III-IV. 

PETER H. LINDSAY, Toronto; Psychology; Runnymede C.I. 

LOIS M. LINSTEAD, Toronto; Philosophy (History); Stamford C.I., 
Ontario Ladies' College; United Nations Club II-IV; F.R.O.S. II-IV. 

S. EDWARD LIVINGSTON, Toronto; Geography; North Toronto C.I.: 
Geography Club. Vice-President III. President IV. Future; Teaching. 

V. JOANNE LOCHHEAD, Oakville; General; OakviUe-Trafalgar H.S.; 
French Club III; S.C.M. Ill; Badminton III. 

ROBERT E. LORD, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; University of Toronto 
Schools; Hockey I-IV; Music Club II; Tarheel Exchange Weekend IV. 
Postgraduate Economics or Law. 

ALFRED W. LOWER, Toronto; General; East York C.I. Future; 
Public School Teacher. , 

SANDRA A. LOWRY, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; North Toronto 
C.I.; Music Club. Future: O.C.E. 

M. LOUISE LUKE, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall. Future: 

EVA LUKS, Toronto; Chemistry; Downsview C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

JOHN K. LYNN, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S. 

NANCY A. McALPINE, Willowdale; Psychology. 

NANSI G. McCAUL, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I.; Basketball I-III; 
Softball III; Volleyball I-III. Future: Teaching. 

JUDITH M. McCLEARY, Toronto; Modern History and Mod.-rn Lang.; 
New Toronto S.S.; Bob Revue I. Future: Teaching. 

ROBERT H. McCLELLAND, Toronto; General; Lakefield Preparatory 


JEFFREY E. MACCOLL, Sault Stc. Mane. (No Photograph.) 
J. KEITH McCORMACK, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I. 

FRED Y. McCUTCHEON, Toronto: Math, and Physics; University 

of Toronto Schools; Math, and Physics Club I-IV; Lacrosse I-III. 
Future: Actuarial Work. 



DONALD L. McEACHERN, Sutton West, Ont.; General; Park<lale C.I., 
Sutton District H.S.; Vic. Music Club I-III; Burwash Residence 
Executive. Future: Clinical Psychology at Queen's. 

ROBERT M. McELHINNEY, Toronto; Philosophy; Humberside C.I.; 
S.C.M.; Class Executive; Basketball. 

J ALLAN MclNTOSH, Markham: English Lang, and Lit.; Markham 
District H.S.; Music Club I, III-IV; S.C.M. IV; V.C.C.S.U. I-IV 

Future: Theology. 

KAREN R. MaclNTOSH, Kirkland Lake; Modern Lang, and Lit.; 
Kirkland Lake C.V.I. ; Badminton I; Swimming I; Bob Revue II; 
S.C.M. Executive III; Music Club II-III, (iilbert and Sullivan III; 
French Club Executive IV; U. of T. Curling Club IV. 

JEAN A. MACKENZIE, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School. 
Future: Journalism, Carlton College. 

ROBERT McKNIGHT, Toronto; General; York Memorial C.I.; Class 
President III; Bob Revue I-III; Broadway Group II. Future: U. of T. 
Law . 

DEANNE E. McLEISH, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Class 
Associate President I; House Committee I; Volleyball II-III; Swim- 
ming I-III; Bowling. 

DONALD G. MACLEOD, Thistletown, Ont.; Anthropology; Bathurst 
Heights C.V.S.; Soccer I-II; Hart House Boxing I-II; Anthropology 
Club I-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work in Archaeology. 

HEATHER N. McMURCHY, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Gilbert 
and Sullivan I-II; U. of T. Outing Club III. 

MARGARET J. MACNAB, Arvida, Que.; Physiology and Biochemistry; 
Quebec U.S.; Biology Club I-II, IV; Chemistry Club III; Residence 
Executive, House President IV. 

VALERIE MACNAB (Mrs.). (No Photograph.) 

LACHLAN M. McNAIR, Glasgow, Scotland; Classics; Humberside C.I. 

WILLIAM R. MACNAUGHTON, Kitchener; Philosophy and English; 
Eastwood C.I.; Intercollegiate Golf Team III; Bridge Club III-IV; 
Basketball III. Future: Postgraduate Work in English. 

DONALD A. McNEILL, Toronto; Latin and French; North Toronto 
C.I.; Bob Revue I; French Club I-IV, Executive II-III; Classics 
Club I-IV; Class Executive III; Debating Parliament III; Hart 
House Glee Club IV; V.C.U. Treasurer IV. Future: O.C.E. 


nensis III. 

Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Toronto- 

SUSAN M. MacTAVISH, Toronto; Household Economics; Lawrence 
Park C.I.; Household Economics Club I-IV; Victoria Music Club I-II. 
Future: O.C.E. 

JUDITH M. L. MACKIE, Willowdale; General; Earl Haig C.I. Future: 
High School Teacher. 


B. DAWN MAGWOOD, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School; Class 
Executive I; Blood Campaign I-II; Bob Revue I-II; Gymnastics III; 
Host between W.U.S. and F.R.O.S. Ill; W.U.S. Rep. Ill; Carabin 
Weekend III. Future: O.C.E. 



PAUL MAKOWY, St. Catharines; Math, and Physil - 'harines 

C.V.S.; Math, and Physics Society. 

LILLIAN MAROOSIS, North Bay; General Science; Chippewa Secondary 
School; Biology Club I-1II; Math, and Physics Society II. 

SYLVIA MAROOSIS, North Hay; General; Algonquin Composite 
School. Future: Teaching. 

JOYCE A. MARTIN, Hanover. Ont.; Household Economics; Hanover 
District U.S.; Household Economics Club I-IY. Future: Teaching. 

PAUL MARTIN, Copper Cliff; General; Copper Cliff U.S.; Varsity 
Christian Fellowship [-III; Soccer I; Swimming I-III. Future; 

SHEILA K. MARTIN, Willowdale; Art and Archaeology; Karl Haig C.I.! 
Fine Arts Club. F"uture: Travel; High School Art Teacher. 

RICHARD D. MASON, Toronto; General; York Mills C.I.; Hockey. 
Future; Teaching. 

JAMES G. MATTHEWS, Peterborough; General; Lakefield Preparatory 
School; Football I-II; Hockey I; Intercollegiate Intermediate F'oot- 
ball III. Future: Law. 

PHILIPO. MAUDE, Ailsa Craig. Ont.; General; Ridgetown District H.S .; 
Boli Revue; Acta Victoriana; Middle House Four. (No Photograph.) 

RONALD I. MAYEDA, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Swimming. 
Future: Teaching. 

BERYL M. MERCER, Pefferlaw, Ont.; General; S.D.H.S.; Annesley 
Residence Executive II-III, Social Director II, President III; Bob 
Revue House Manager II. 

C. GORDON MICHENER, Toronto; General Science; Jarvis C.I.J 
lacrosse I-III; Squash III; S.C.M. Cabinet II; A.V.R.; 1 

Reporter; Carabin Exchange IV. 

BARBARA E. MILLER, Toronto; General; Havergal College. 

PAULA M. J. MITAS, Batawa, Ont; Art and Archaeology; Quinte 
Secondary School: Strand III; F'ine Arts Club I I-IY. Future: Ti aching. 
London, England. 

JOHN P. MOISE, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

JUDY D. MOORE, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Contempo- 
rary Club III; United Nations Club III; Varsity Reporter III. 

JANE I. MOORE, Englehart, Ont.; General; Englehart U.S.; Residence 

Flool Social Director. 

PAUL M. MOORE, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; Vic. Debating 
Parliament Rep. IF President III; P.C. Club Rep- 11. Future: 
l'. of T, Law School. 

K. RUTH MORAN, Toronto; General; Havergal College. 

WILLIAM L. MORNINGSTAR, Welland, Ont.; General; Wetland II. Y.s. 
1'ni me Teaching. 



JOHN A. MORRISON, Toronto; Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Western 
Tech., Oakwood C.I.; Victoria Near East Club III-IV. President III; 
U. of T. Near East Club II-IV; V.C.C.S.U. I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer 
III; Intercollegiate Rowing IV; Emmanuel Basketball II-IV. Future; 
Theology at Emmanuel College. 

WRAY S. MORRISON, Willowdale; General. 

GEOFFREY T. MULLIN, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park CI. 
Future: Law at Osgoode. 

WILLIAM J. H. MUSGROVE, Belleville; Modern History; Quinte S.S.; 
Hockey I-III; Basketball I-III; Varsity Staff I-IV, News Editor III, 
Co-Editor IV; S.A.C. IV; South House Executive III. 

STANLEY F. B. NEAL, Toronto; Geography; Oakwood C.I.; Water 
Polo; Geography Club. Future: Field Work then Graduate Studies. 

PAUL NEWBIGGING, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Sault Ste. Marie C.I. 
Future: Medicine at U. of T. 

WILLIAM R. NEWEY, Toronto; General; 
Tennis. Future: Law at Osgoode. 

Oakwood C.I.; Lacrosse I; 

DAVID R. NEWMAN, Peterborough; Philosophy and English; Brighton 
and Norwood H.S.; S.C.M. Executive I-III; Liberal Arts Club, 
Executive II-III; Hart House Glee Club III-IV. Future: Theology. 

LYNDA L. NEWMARCH, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Music 
Club; S.C.M. Future: Church Work. 

L. FAYE NICHOLS, Gormley. Ont.; General; Richmond Hill H.S.; 
Near Eastern Club II-III; Music Club II-III. Future: Teaching in 
Canadian North. 

JOHN P. NORMAN, Toronto; Geological Science; Runnymede C.I.; 
Football I-IV; Coleman Club. 

BEVERLEY A. NYKOR, Windsor; Modern History (English); Kennedy 

ELLEN E. OJA, Port Arthur; Food Chemistry; Port Arthur C.I. 

R. DENNIS O'NEILL, Toronto; Psychology; Lawrence Park C.I. 
Future: Teaching. 

ELDA R. ORAW, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Bloor C.I. 

WILLIAM J. OVERTON, Toronto; General; York Memorial C.I. 

LOIS D. PACHAL, Timmins; General; Qu'Appelle Diocesan School, 
Regina; Bob Revue. Costume Committee II-III; Residence House 
Executive III. Future: High School Teaching. 

MEGAN C. PAGE, Brantford; Modern History; Brantford C.V.S.; 
Social Welfare Committee I; U. of T. Chorus II; U. of T. Liberal 
Club III-IV; Residence House Executive, Treasurer II, Chaplain's 
Advisory Committee III. President IV. 



MARY H. PAISLEY, Kitchener; Household Economics; K- 

Waterloo C.V.8. ; Household Economics Cluh, Treasurer II; Bob 
Revue II; Skule Nite Coetumee III 1 uture; High School Teaching. 

H. DAWN PALIN, Chatham; Household Economics; Chatham I I 
Household Economics Club I-IY. Future: M.A., Dietetic Internship. 

ROSS D. PARKE, Toronto; Psychology; Bloor C.I.J Mob Revue I; 
Class Executive I. 

BARRY W. PARSONS, Leaside; Modern Historv; Leaside U.S. Future: 

Future; O.C.E. 

Modern History; Leaside H.: 

LAWRENCE R. PARKAR, Toronto; General Science; York Memorial 
CI. J Basketball I-II; Lacrosse III; Brigadoon III. 

LYNN A.E.A. PASSI, Sudbury; Modern History; Sudbury H.S.; Music 
Club I-III. Secretary III; Bob Revue I; AS < LA, III-IV. Treasurer III, 
President IV; Chapel Choir III; Football I; Softball II. Future: 


MARGARET A. S. PATTERSON, Kemptville, Ont.; General; North 
Grenville District H.S.; Progressive Conservative Club II-III; 
Contemporary Club III. 

G. DOUGLAS PAUL, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Oakwood C.I. 

J. GERALD PAUL, King. Ont.; General; Lawrence Park'C.I. Future: 

DAVID G. PAUTZ, Toronto; Geography; Etobicoke CI.; Geography 
Club II-IY. Future: High School Geography Teacher. 

JENNIFER R. PAYNE (MRS.), Toronto; Latin and French; Niagara 

District H.S.; Classics Club I-IY; French Club II-III; Baseball II-III; 
S.C.M. II-IY. Future: O.C.E. 

KATHLEEN E. PAYNE, Point Anne, Ont.; Household Economics; 
Quinte Secondary School. Belleville: R.C.A.F., U. of T. Squadron I-IY. 

ILIFF L. PECK, Little Current, Ont.; Poli. Sci. and Ec.; Little Current 


LINDA M. J. PERIGOE, Toronto; Household Economics; Etobicoke CI. ; 
Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IY. Social Convener III; Household 
Economics t 'bib I-IY. 

VERDYN J. PERKIN, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Football I-II; 
Outing Club I-III. Secretary II-III. Future: O.C.I 

NORMAN A. PERRY, Gait; General; Gait CV. 

Church Ministry. 

Future: Inited 



ROBERT J. PETERSON, Toronto; Modern History; Etobicoke C.I., 
Royal York C.I., Parkdale 0.1. ; U.N.T.D. MI; R.O.T.P., Army 
III-IV; United Nations Club II-IV; Class Executive IV. 

TIMOTHY G. PHILLIPS, Cornwall; Modern History; Cornwall C.V.S.; 
Hart House Glee Club MY, Executive II-III; Basketball I-IV; Water 
Polo I-II; 1". of T. Badminton I; Residence Executive II-IV, Residence 
Council President IV; Class Athletic Rep. Ill; V.C.U.C. Social 
Director IV; The Strand, Sports Editor III; The Varsity, Associate 
Sports Editor IV. 

WILLIAM F. A. PHIPPS, Toronto; General; University of Toronto 
Schools; Hockey [-III; Class Executive III; Bob Revue I; Wymilwood 
House Committee III; Debating II-III; Torontoriensu Rep. III. 

CATHERINE L. PICK, Richmond Hill; Modern History; Richmond 
Hill H.S.; Vie. Debating Parliament II-IV, Secretary III; U. of T. 
Debating Union III; Class Executive IV. 

SUSAN J. PIERCE, Niagara Falls, Ont.; Physiology and Biochemistry; 

Niagara Falls C.V.I. 

GORDON D. POLLOCK, Peterborough; Modern History; Peterborough 
C.V.S.; F.R.O.S. I-IV; S.C.M. I-IV; V.C.F. I-IV; Share Committee 
I-III; C.U.C.N.D. III-IV; Music Club II-IV; Soccer IV; Liberal 
Club II. Future Emmanuel College. 

KEITH B. PORRITT, Long Branch; General Science; Oakwood C.I. 
Future; Teaching. 

TIMOTHY M. G. PORTER, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 
Future: Journalism. 

JOHN R. POWELL, Barrie. 

KENNETH P. POWELL, Toronto; General; Ridley College; Inter- 
collegiate Gym Squad. Winner, Don Barton Trophy I; Intercollegiate 
Swimming Team I-III; Football III; Music Club Production III; 
Carabin Exchange III. 

H. DOUGLAS PRICE, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Etobicoke C.I.; 
Competitions Chairman, Automobile Club. Future: Postgraduate 

SUSAN H. PRIDDLE, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Lawrence Park C.I. 

LINDA J. PRINGLE, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Outing Club 
I-III, Historian III. Future: Nursery School Teacher, Institute of 
Child Study. 

WILLIAM I. PUGSLEY, Ottawa: General Science; Glebe C.I.; U.N.T.D. 
R.C.N. I-II; Music Club II; U. of T. Flying Club III; Hart House 
Camera Club II-III. Future: M.Sc. 

CAROLE A. PURCHASE, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; 
Basketball I; Softball II-III; Hockey I-III; Badminton II. 

JOHN F. RAHN, Oakville; General; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Lutheran 
Student Club I-III; Hart House Camera Club III. Future: Chartered 

NANCY L. RAY, Port Credit; General; Humberside C.I., Port Credit 
S.S.; Bob Revue I. 

MICHAEL J. RISK, Toronto; Geological Science; Etobicoke C.I.: 
Future: Graduate Work. 



FREDA D. ROBERTS, Port Credit; General; Gordon Graydon Memorial 
B.S.; Class Executive II; Contemporary Club III; Floor Executive III. 
Future; O.' | 

SHELAGH H. J. ROBERTS, Toronto; General; Karl Haig C.I. Future: 
Graduate Work. 


Volleyball; Howling. 

Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; 

GALE W. ROBERTSON, Islington; General; Medway U.S.. T. L. 
Kennedy S.S.; Swimming Club I-III; U. of T. Outing Club I. 

SHEILA M. ROBINS, Agincourt; General; Agincourt C.I.; Bob Revue 
I-II; Hart House Theatre II; U. of T. Liberal Club II; Victoria 
Music Club I. Future: O.C.E. 

BONNIE L. ROBINSON, Long Branch; General; New Toronto S.S.; 
Football I-II; Basketball II-III; Bowling I-III; Hockey I I-III; 
Volleyball Manager II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

PENNY L. ROBINSON, Port Credit; General; Port Credit H.S.; Bob 
Revue I; Broadway Group I; U. of T. Chorus II. Future: O.C.E. 

SHARON L. ROSEWARNE, v Bracebridge; General; Bracebridge H.S. 
Future: Travel. 

WILLIAM P. ROSS, Toronto; General. 

SYLVIA J. RUSSELL, Toronto; Modern History; R. H. King C.I. 

ANTHONY E. RUTHERFORD, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I. 

Future: Teaching. 

FRANCES H. RUTTAN, Toronto; Biology; Havergal College; Biology 
Club I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer II. 

CAROL E. RUTTLE, Dresden, Ont.: General: Lambton-Kent District 
H.S.; Music Club I; Basketball I-III, Coaching III; Volleyball III. 
Future: Teaching. 

JEROME E. SALLOUM, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I.; Varsitv 
Christian Fellowship I-III. 

REIKO SAMESHIMA, Toronto; Latin and French; Riverdale C.I.; 
Classics Club II-IV; Nisei Students' Club I-IV, Secretary II. 
Future: O.C.E. 

GEORGE W. SAUNDERS, Toronto; General; Leaside U.S.; Basketball 
I-III. Future: Law. 

PAUL F. SAUNDERS, Thornhill; Math, and Physics; University ol 
Toronto Schools; Bockej I-IV. Future: Actuarial Career. 

RICHARD L. SCHIZKOSKE, Pembroke: General Science; Pembroke 
1.1. Port Credit S.S.; Football I; Biology Club III. Future: Teaching. 



JON J. SCOTT, Lethbridge, Alta.; Philosophy; Lethbridge C.I; Concert. 
Band III. 

LAURA E. SEXSMITH, Port Credit. (No Photograph.) 

BRIAN C. SHEILS, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I. 

MIKE M. J. SHERMAN, Tanganyika, B.E.A.j General; Rugger I. 

JOHN D. SIMMONS, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Liberal 
Club; Vic. Debating Union; Class Executive III. Future: U. of T. 
Law School. 

R. BRUCE SIMPSON, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Humberside C.I.; 
S.C.M. II-IV, Treasurer IV; Basketball I-II; Lacrosse I-IV. 

IAN A. SINCLAIR, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Hockey I-III; V.C.A.U. Hockey Rep. III. Future: Postgraduate 
Work and High School Teacher. 

ELIZABETH A. SLATER, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Bob 
Revue Stage Crew I; Vic. Music Club I. Future: Library School. 

LLOYD G. R. SLOGGETT, Toronto; General; York Mills C.I. Future: 

F. CAROL SMITH, Parry Sound; General; Parry Sound H.S.; Classics 
Club I. Future: Teaching. 

KEVIN J. SMITH, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Vic. Music 
Club I-III; Bob Revue I-III, Choreographer II; Vic. Cheerleader I; 
A.V.R. I-II; Skule Nite III; Class Executive II. Future: Library 

ROGER J. SMITH, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 

W. J. DAVID SNOW, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Bob 
Revue I; Basketball I-III; Class Executive III; U.N.T.D. I-III. 

MARC J. SOMERVILLE, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Jarvis C.I.; 
Class President II; S.A.C. III-IV, External Affairs Commissioner III, 
President IV; Debating I-IV; C.C.F. — New Party Club I-IV, 
Executive III; Model Parliament I-IV, Cabinet II; Music Club I-II; 
Tennis Club II; Soccer III. Future: U. of T. Law. 

KAREN I. SPANTON, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; Music Club. 
Gilbert and Sullivan; Psychology Club I; United Nations Club; 
Contemporary Club III. 

CHRIS. J. STAHL, St. Catharines. (No Photograph.) 

SONDRA C. STARSMEARE, Orillia; General; Orillia C.V.S.; Vic. 
Music Club I-III; Vic. S.C.M. II-III. Future: Teaching. 

ROBERT J. STEVENSON, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I.; United 
Nations Club II; C.C.F. Club II; Judo Club I-II; Anthropology Club 
II-III; BasketbaU I-III. Future: O.C.E. 

SUSAN A. STEWART, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Volley- 
ball; Bowling. 

ELIZABETH A. STILES, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; 
BasketbaU; Hockey. Future: Social Work. 



R. DOUGLAS STIMERS, Toronto; General; York Mills C.I.; lee 
I rolica Performer; Hart House Camera Club I-III; P.C. Club; Scuba 
Diving; Christian Science Organization, President III. 

GARY W. STOKES, Brock ville; Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Brock- 
ville C.V.S.; Emmanuel Hockey Il-IV; Ancient History and Near 
East club II-IV, President IV. Future: Theology, Emmanuel College. 

DAVID E. STONE. Sudbury; General; Sudbury U.S.; Residence Execu- 
tive [I-III; Volleyball [I-III; Basketball III. Future Postgraduate 
Work in English. 

THOMAS W. STRONG, Toronto; Modern History ; University of Toronto 
Schools: P.C. Club I-IV, Vic. Rep. II. Third Vice-President III. 
First Vice-President IV; Hart House Caledon Committee IV; Hart 
House Bridge Club IV; S.M.C. Cercle Francais III-1V. 

L. WAYNE SUMNER, Toronto: Philosophy (English); University of 
Toronto Schools. Future: Postgraduate Work in Philosophy. 

MARGARET L. SWINTON, Toronto; Household Economics; New- 
Toronto S.S. Future: Teaching. 

JOAN D. TAIT, Shanty Bay. Ont.; Household Economics; Barrie District 
C.I.J .■swimming I-IV; Intercollegiate Swimming II-IV; Household 
Economics Club Rep. Ill; Swim Club Secretary III. Future: Teaching. 

TERENCE D. TAIT, Toronto; Modern History; Lawrence Park CM.; 
Basketball I-IV; Hockey I; Inter faculty Referee III. 

FREDERICK A. TAKERER, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I. 

PATRICIA E. TAUBMAN, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Vic. 
Cheerleader I-III; Bob Revue Stage Crew I; Basketball I: Volley- 
ball II-III; Music Club, House Manager I. Future: Teaching. 

BETTY LOU TAYLOR, Scarborough; English Lang, and Lit.: R. H. 
King C.I.; Yollevball I-III; Treasure Van, Display Chairman II. 
Chairman III-IV; Vic. French Club II. 

L. BRUCE TAYLOR, Port Perry; Math, and Physics; Port Perry U.S.: 
Basketball I-IV. Future: Teaching 

R. CAMPBELL TAYLOR, Toronto; Poli. Sci. and Ec; Humberside C.I.; 
Class Executive, Treasurer I, Member-at-Large II. President IV; 
Bob Revue II-IV; Water Polo I-IV; Swim Team I-IV; Debating 
II-IV; Hart House Glee Club IV. 

BRIAN D. TENNYSON, Toronto; Modern History; Malvern CI: 
Class Executive. Member-at-Large IV; P.C. Club. Vice-President IV. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

JANET E. THOM, Longlac. Out.; General; Havergal College: A.S.G.A. 
Year Hep. III. 

FLORENCE C. THOMPSON, Timmins; General; Timmins High and 
Vocational School; Basketball; S.C.M, Future: High School Teacher. 

DAVID H. S. THORNTON, Toronto; Poli 
C.I.; Varsity, Cartoonist I-III. 

5ci, and Ec; North Toronto 

LINDA C. T1LDEN, Islington; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Cheerleadei 

HI; Vic. Drama Club HI; Vic. Music Club I-III; Debating Parlia- 
ment I-III ; Carabin III; Class Executive III; Bob Revue [I-III. 



MALL TOOTS, Toronto; (ieneral Science; Lawrence Park C.I.; Biology 
Club. Future: High School Teaching. 

MARGARET A. TOUGH, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; North 
Toronto C.I.; Gilbert and Sullivan I; U. of T. Conceit Band 1 1 -1 1 1 ; 
A.V.R. II; Softball II; Brigadoon IV. Future; Library Degree. 

WILLIAM J. TOURGIS, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.I. 

ROSS S. TREASURE, Toronto; Modern History; Malvern C.I. Future- 
High School Teacher. 

JUDITH S. TRELOAR, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.J Bowling 

BERYL E. TRIMMING, Ottawa; General; Lisgar C.I.; The Varsity 
Reporter I-III; S.C.M. Ill; Bowling II; U. of T. Film Society II. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

DONALD L. TRONKO, Port Colborne; General Science. 

DIANE S. TURNER (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Orangeville. Weston C.I. 

NORMAN W. TURNER, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.I. 

JOSEPH E. B. URBAN, Toronto; General Science; Parkdale C.I.; 
Basketball I. Future: Secondary School Teaching. 

C. RUSSELL VANSTONE, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Foot- 
ball I-III; Hockey II; Basketball I-IIj V.C.A.U. II-III, Football 
Curator II, Secretary III; Blue and White Society Rep. III. Home- 
coming Show Business Manager III; Class Executive I. Future: 
School of Graduate Studies. 

JOAN M. VERRAL, Toronto; Modern History; Etobicoke C.I.; Foot- 
ball I; Basketball I. Future: Teaching. 

LINDA C. VINNELS, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I.; Bowling II-III; 
Music Club Make Up II; Bob Revue III; Torontonensis III. Future: 
Library School. 

ALAN J. WALKER, Toronto; English Lang, and Lit.; Etobicoke C.I.; 
Hart House Revolver Club I-II; Camera Club III-IV; The Varsity 
II-III, Associate News Editor II, Managing Editor III; The Strand 
Managing FMitor III; Vic. Students Handbook IV; Jargon Editor IV. 
Future: M.A. and Writing. 

DONNA L. WALKER, Burlington; General; Burlington Central H.S.; 
Classics Club; Contemporary Club. Future: O.C.E. 

ROBERT G. WALLACE, Newmarket; General; Tweed H.S.; V.C.C.S.U.; 

Near East Club. Future: Christian Ministry. 

JAMES T. WATT, Toronto; Modern History; Malvern C.I.; Football I; 
Track and Field III; Hockey IV. Future: High School Teaching. 

E. JOAN WEBB, Three Hills, Alta.; General; Three Hills Town School. 
Future: Kindergarten Teacher. 



JUDITH A. L. WEEKS, Weston, Out: General; Weston C.V.B.; 
Treasure Van, Publicity Committee III. 

MARY JANE WEIR, Toronto; Modern History (English); Earl Haig C.I. 

M. CATHERINE D. WELLS, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; 
Drama Club I. Future: Teachers' College. 

BRIAN C. WESTLAKE, Toronto; General; H. II King C.L; French 
Club III. 

DONALD D. WHITE, Markham; General; Markham District 11 >.; 
Girls' Football Coach III; Bob Revue. Publicity Manager III. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

DON M. WHITE, Wmrton, Ont.; General; Wiarton C.I. 
Future: Theology. 


G. ELIZABETH WHITE, Burlington; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Burlington 
H.S.; French Club Social Hep. II. Vice-President III. President IV; 
Floor Executive. Secretary II. President IV. 

PETER J. WHITE, Maple, Ont. (No Photograph.) 

EGBERT J. WIENS, St. Catharines; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Niagara 
District H.S.; Hart House Orchestra Executive Committee; French 
Club Class Rep. IV. Future: Teaching. 

ANNE WILLIAMS, Toronto; Modern Lang, and Lit.; St. Clement's 
School; Basketball I; Volleyball I; Badminton I: Bob Revue I-III: 
U. of T. Cheerleader I I-III ; Class Secretary II; Blue and White 
Rep. Ill; Tar Heel Exchange II; Contemporary Club IV; Treasure 
Van II-III; Share Campaign II-IV; S.A.C. Vice-President IV. 

ROBERT M. WILSON, Toronto; General Science; 
Lacrosse I-II; The Varsity Reporter II. 

Weston C.V.S.; 

ANNE M. WITZEL, Hamilton; English Lang, and Lit.; Hill Park 
Secondary School; S.C.M. I-IV. Cabinet III-IV; F.R.O.S. III-IV; 
Treasure Van IV; Social Service Rep. IV; Canadian University 
Service Overseas. 

ELIZABETH A. WOOD, Napanee; General; Sarnia Central C.I.J Music 
Club I; Bob Revue II; Liberal Club I-III; Modern History Club I; 
Athletics I-III. 

JOHN R. WOOD, Scarborough; Modern History (English); University 
of Toronto Schools; V.C.U. Assembly I-II; Class President I; E.A.C. 
Rep. II; Weekend Exchanges Co-Chairman II. IV, Carabin II-III. 
Tar Heel II, Harvard IV; M.C.W.A, Delegate [II; Vic. Blue and White 
Rep. Ill; Christmas Tree III; Debating Parliament Vice-President III; 
Hart House Debates Committee IV; Bob Revue I-IV. Publicity II-III: 
Contemporary Club III-IV; Soccer I-IV; Water Polo I-IV; Frontier 
College II-III; V.C.I". Council President IV. 

Drama Club I. 

General; North Toronto C.I.; Vic. 

JOY E. WOOLFREY, Toronto: Modern History; Bermuda High School 
for Girls: A.S.G.A. Rep. 1: Volleyball III-IV. 

SYLVIA J. WOOLFREY, Toronto; General; Bermuda High School: 
Softball I-III: Volleyball II-III. Future O.C.E. 

GLENYS E. WRIGHT, Port Credit; General: Port Credit SS.; French 

Cine Club II-III ; ( ierman Club I; student Christian Movement 1 1- 1 11. 

Vic Executive III; Music Club III. 

ROBERT B. WRIGHT, Sauna; Modern History; Sarnia C T.S. 




TOSHIO YAMAMOTO, Toronto; Biology; Humberside CM.; Biology 
Club I-IV, Vice-President III; Camera Club I. 

NORA M. YOUNG, Toronto; Biology; Downsview C.I.; ISiology Club 
I-IV, Executive II-III. 

DARIA G. ZALOZETSKY, Willowdale; General; Jarvis C.I.; French 
Club I-II; Ukrainian Students' Club I-III; Slavic Circle I. Future: 
Foreign Service. 

The new Victoria College Library was 
opened officially by the Prime Minister of 
Canada, the Right Honourable John 
Diefenbaker, on September 21, 1961. 

The building consists of four floors and 
a mezzanine floor. There is a Stack Room 
on the basement level with accommodation 
for 150,000 volumes and 57 study carrels, 
a Reading Room on the main floor accom- 
modating 200 readers and 7,000 volumes, 
and a Periodicals Room on the mezzanine 
floor with adjoining stacks. 

The sub-basement houses the Language 
Laboratory of Victoria College and the 
Archives of the United Church. The top 
floor consists of rooms for special collec- 
tions, seminars, and offices for members of 
the teaching staff of Victoria College. 

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker officiates at the opening of the modern 
and spacious Victoria Library. 




Associate President 





The past term on the Old Ontario Strand has been one of 
the most memorable in Victoria's history. There was a 
sense of newness and challenge. Newest of all was the 
Victoria College Library, opened by Prime Minister John 
Diefenbaker in early October. And the challenge? — a 
fifteen minute walk or run from Victoria to the new Sidney 
Smith Hall for university lectures. 

In student extracurricular life, the newest challenge was 
the Victoria College Union Council of twenty members, 
which this year replaced the unwieldy Assembly of forty- 
five members. With a smaller executive of five, the twenty 
members of the V.C.U.C. met the challenge of a closer 
control over student activities and a more tightly knit 
form of student government. 

A new approach to freshman and Vic initiations 
announced the change in heart. The Bob Apple Battle was 
replaced with seminars for freshmen on "Why Go to 
University?" During the summer, several members of the 
V.C.U.C. produced the Victoria Student's Handbook with 
a complete guide to Vic activities. 

There was a new bolstering of the creative arts b) the 
V.C.U.C. A Contemporary Club with 100 members was 
instituted to explore and appreciate the arts in Toronto. 
The Productions Committee of the V.C.U.C. established a 
Creative Writer's Fellowship, to enable worthy students at 
Vic to spend part of their summers writing for the theatre. 

In November the V.C.U.C. gave birth to one of the most 
outstanding contributions to the cultural life of U. of T., 



BACK ROW: Bob Graham, Bob Wong, Bob McKnight, Cam Taylor, Tim Phillips, Rod McCall, Steve Halperin, Marc Somerville. 
SECOND: Professor Ricketts, Nancy Caldecotl, Barbara Campbell, Jean Mathews, Eleanor Christie, Marg Craw, Professor Buitenhuis. 
FRONT: Marjorie Hughes, Alison Dingle, Principal Frye, Bob Oben, John Wood, Mike Beacom, Don McNeill. 

the Victoria Conference on the Arts in Canada. Eighty 
delegates from the colleges and faculties of U. of T. visited 
Victoria one weekend in February for three days of seminars 
and panel discussions on "The Creative Arts in Society." 
The Conference should become an annual event. 

1961-62 was another exciting year for Vic stage produc- 
tions. Mushroom Malady, the Bob Revue show in the fall, 
delighted capacity audiences. It was awarded the trophy for 
the best student-written musical production on campus. 
Student enthusiasm gave evidence of the quality of the 
Music Club's production of Brigacloon. The Drama Club's 
Cymbeline did well at the box-office, and displayed a wealth 
of acting talent in the first-year class. 

The athletes at Victoria also had a proud year. To the 
chagrin of the men of Skule, the Scarlet and Gold machine 

carried away the Mulock Cup for an unprecedented fourth 
straight win. 

Again, Vic's "Howdy Hop" proved the favourite reunion 
dance in the fall. Other social highlights of the year were 
The Scarlet and Gold in November, and the Victoria College 
Formal in January, held again in Hart House Great Hall. 

Many members of Victoria's graduating class were in- 
volved in key university-wide activities. Vic provided the 
President and Vice-President of the Students' Administrative 
Council, both Co-Editors of the Varsity, the Editor of 
Torontonensis, and the Co-Editor of Jargon. 

As 6T2 graduates, Victoria's members are grateful for 
many vital memories. May the following years be as success- 
ful as the preceding ones have been happy. 



BACK ROW: Jim Babcock, Bob Peterson, 
Rosemary Bell, Ken Bream, Brian Tennyson. 
FRONT: Catherine Pick, Marg Craw, Cam 
Taylor, Lynn Passi, Cynthia Connell. 

The Class of 6T2 has had a very success- 
ful stay at Victoria College, and it is with 
a heartfelt twinge of sadness that we 
realize our remaining days at Vic have 
drawn to a close. When we first entered 
the College, 1962 seemed very far ahead 
of us, and yet the interim has passed so 
swiftly we know not where. 

But Victoria will not soon forget us. for 
we have left behind a varied and colourful 
career. Right from our freshman year in 
1958-59, it became evident that 6T2 was 
bound for success, for ours was a spirited 
class with plenty of enthusiasm for College 
activities. This year 6T2 organized the 
"Howdy Hop'* in September, and held a 
very well-attended Folk Singing Party in 
December. The gala graduation banquet, 
in Hart House on March 1, 1962. proved 
a fitting conclusion to a wonderful stay 
at Victoria College for the Class of 6T2. 

The Class of 6T3 has had a very enjoy- 
able year. It started off the fall social 
season with a theatre party, preceded by 
dinner at the Kwong Chow Restaurant. 
The executive then concerned themselves 
with the organization of the Vic Blood 
Campaign, and did the background work 
for the Scarlet and Gold, helping to make 
the evening a success. At the Class Ban- 
quet Dr. J. Robson of the College English 
staff spoke to the group assembled in 
Burwash Hall. 

Early in the spring term, 6T3 of Trinity 
and Vic combined for a skating party, 
followed by refreshments at the Buttery. 
A relaxed weekend with the Class of 6T4 
was held at the Caledon Farm, followed by 
another Blood Campaign just before stu- 
dents turned to their individual studies. 
Although each went his separate way after 
exams, 6T3 was still a unit in spirit, 
remembering a wonderful third year at Vic. 


BACK ROW: Gayle Fraser, Cathy Gordon, 
Lesley Gore, Barb Campbell, Sue Forstner, 
Judy Andrews, Anne Chesney. 
FRONT: Bill Phipps, Bob McKnight, Dave 
Snow, John Simmons. 



BACK ROW: Ian Waddell, Al Crosbie, 
Bruce Moyle, Larry Ward, Bob Shortly, 
Hugh Phillips, Rod McColl (lying down). 
FRONT: Mary Ann Code, Rosemary 
Elder, Liz Walts, Beth Turnbull, Jean 
Matthews, Sue Levitt. 

The Class of 6T4 had the pleasure of welcoming 
the freshmen by initiating them. 6T4 attempted to 
make it a real introduction to college life. The Bob- 
Apple-Battle was replaced by less strenuous and 
dangerous (for the Sophs., that is) events, such as 
the Hounds 'n' Hares Chase and the intercollegiate 
Tug-of-War. Despite intermittent drizzling rain, 
the trip to Camp Bolton was well attended. In the 
evening, hot food and square dancing awaited the 
starving, overworked frosh. 

The 6T4 class party was a square dance and pizza 
party, held in Wymilwood. Everyone who went 
agreed that it was a most enjoyable evening. Hart 
House was the scene for the formal, a black-tie 
affair, which 6T4 helped sponsor. The Caledon 
weekend was February 17 and 18. 

The Class of 6T5 of Victoria College established 
itself on the Freshman Weekend of September 
15-17. Here their potential began to show. A suc- 
cessful beginning continued on into the initiation 
week and the daily routine. Under the direction of 
a capable executive, the first class activity was a 
weekend at the Caledon Hills farm. This was 
followed by a second trip to the farm during 
Christmas week. Both excursions were very success- 
ful. A class party on February 9 was the biggest 
smash of the year. The theme was Vagabond 
Valentine. Hobo sweethearts started the evening 
by skating in the Vic rink. This was followed by 
dancing to the music of Greg Peters and his band. 
If this year was any indication of things to come, 
much will be contributed to the University by 6T5. 


BACK ROW: Doug Jones, Gary Kelly, 

Jim Sissons, Cathy Brown, Ian 

Hennessey, Dave Beatty. 

FRONT: Gail Wood, Lynda Hughes, 

Nancy Caldecott, Louise Harris, Willo 



BACK ROW: Gary Kelly, Paul Moore, John 

Simmons, Ian Waddell. 

SECOND: Rosemary Elder, Mary Jane Miller, 

Ken Carpenter, Pat Halliwell, Joan Mason. 

FRONT: Judy Andrews. 

ABSENT: Catherine Pick. 



This was a banner year for the 
Victoria College Debating Parliament. 
Increased attendance, wide participa- 
tion and noted guest speakers, all 
contributed to make this one of the 
best seasons yet. Topics ranged in 
scope from "A Pub on Campus" to 
"Nuclear Arms for Canada." 

In addition to the eight regular de- 
bates every second Tuesday night, Vic 
debating teams sallied forth to ravage 
other campus clubs in their own terri- 
tory and even managed to defeat the 
well-known St. Mike's Senate Club. 
In addition to these local successes, 
the Club burst forth into international 
fame by doing exceptionally well in 
the Rochester I.T. Canadian-American 
Debating Tournament. 

A highlight of the year was the 
impromptu debating. So popular was 
the activity that sessions were in- 
creased from one to three a week. The 
Faculty Debate and impromptu finals 
rounded out the successful programme 
for the vear. 

French Club 

"Vive le Club Francais" was 
the cry at Victoria College this 
year, thanks to four well-planned 
meetings and a record attendance. 

Mr. Roy Schatz of the Mendels- 
sohn Choir and Miss Lorraine 
Jackson of the Conservatory pro- 
vided us with two musical evenings 
during the fall term. 

The New Year opened with a 
Victoria-Trinity reunion at Trinity 
and was so successful that future 
reunions have been planned. 

The final "coup de grace" was 
The French Club banquet at La 
Maison Doree. Judging by the 
attendance the Club should hold 
all its future meetings there. The 
motto'.' ••Vive la cuisine francaise!" 

BACK ROW: Egbert Wiens, Irene Berry, 
Robert McConnell. 

FRONT: Linda Maclean, Carole Burman, 
Liz White, Gillan Parish, Karen Macintosh. 


Professor Buitenhuis, Pauline Thompson, Paul Wilson, Sandy Burnett. 

Any report on the activities of a club as new as the Contemporary Club, and with 
a name as singularly obscure, should be prefaced with a brief statement of its aims 
and purposes. This Club exists for the students who are interested in the seven lively 
arts and the many opportunities in Toronto to learn more about them. The Club not 
only makes available group bookings, but also invites speakers who are authorities 
in their particular field to address the members. 

This year the Contemporary Club attended: the memorable double bill at the 
Crest, Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape and Albee's The Zoo Story; Berlioz' The Damnation 
of Faust at Massey Hall; the National Ballet at the Royal Alexandria Theatre; and 
toured the Heritage de France exhibition at the Art Gallery and the C.B.C. tele- 
vision studios. 

What does V.C.C.S.U. stand for? Why, the 
Victoria College Church Students' Union! It is a 
group of young people who are struggling with the 
problems of youth on campus. In the weekly 
meetings, speakers and discussions seek to shed 
new light on group and personal problems. The 
fellowship of the group stimulates comment and 
argument on various topics, from basic theology 
to the challenge of agnosticism. Fellowship was 
evident this fall in a wiener roast at Dr. Joblin's, 
a weekend at Five Oaks Christian Workers' 
Centre, and a day spent with the students at 
Emmanuel College. 

It is felt that the greatest assets of the groups are 
a respect for opinions and a real Christian concern 
to understand each person's search for truth and 
meaning in life. 


BACK ROW: Cullene Bryant, Donald Daniel, Helen Irwin. 

SECOND: Norman Perry, Bill Dearborn. 

FRONT: David Booker, Paul Codsi, Norman Salt. 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 

Skip Gillam, Joan Waterhouse, Fran Argent, Pauline Thompson, Mike Jordcn 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a member of the International Fellowship 
of Evangelical Students; a movement whose purpose is "to know Christ and to make 
Him known." By far the most important of the I.V.C.F. activities in Vic are the Bible 
Study groups, in which students must come to grips with the ever-increasing challenge 
to the authority of Scripture. Social events, informal discussions and conferences 
provide excellent opportunities for meeting fellow students and for sharing the 
experiences of the Christian life. Lecture series are also an integral part of rhe I.V.C.F. 
programme. It is the desire of students in Intei -Varsity to face candidly the question 
of the relevance of the Christian faith to the twentieth century world. 




The Victoria College S.C.M. is open to 


students. It tries to provide an opportunity for 
those of different beliefs to discuss their problems. 

Included in the year's programme were study 
groups on such topics as "Primitive Christianity" 
and "Obstacles to Faith." as well as more informal 
discussion groups on the problems of the Christian 
in the world today. 

It is sincerely hoped that the S.C.M. has provided 
and will continue to provide an opportunity for 
consideration of the importance and relevance of 
the Christian gospel to this scientific era. 

BACK ROW: Allan Mcintosh, Gary Clarke, Phil Cocks. 
FRONT: Irene Hood, Bob McElhinney, Glenys Wright. 

The Victoria Conference on the Arts in Canada 

The first annual Victoria Conference on the Arts 
in Canada was the outstanding success of the 
University cultural scene this year. 

Approximately eighty students, from every col- 
lege and faculty in the U. of T., met to discuss the 
general theme, "The Creative Arts in Society." 
Over a three-day period of panel discussions, 
round-table seminars, and informal dinners and 
gatherings, the problems of the artist and his 
relation to his media, his audience and himself, 
were investigated. 

The first panel, moderated by Alan Jarvis, saw 
writer Kildare Dobbs, director Leon Major, 
composer Harvey Olnick, and painter John Gould 
debate "The Arts and the Artist." The second 
panel dealt mainly with the social arts, and, under 
Dr. Peter Buitenhuis' direction, saw Marshall 
McLuhan, Allan Fleming, Robert Weaver and 
Irving Grossman discuss "The Arts and the Man 
in the Street." 

The Conference reached a climax with an address 
by Victoria's Principal Northrop Frye on "The 
Arts and the Student." Other highlights were: a 
talk on the Canada Council's work by President 
Bissell ; a visit to the art collection of Mr. and Mrs. 
Samuel J. Zacks; and an exhibition of contemporary 
Canadian painting and sculpture in Alumni Hall. 



Art for our delegates. 








The Victoria College Music Club, one of the most active 
groups on campus, has this year expanded to include a 
Folksinging Group, a Record Room, and a Student 
Orchestra. For the first time it abandoned Gilbert and 
Sullivan operettas and presented, as its major production, 
the Lerner and Loewe musical Brigadoon. Its great success 
promises further endeavours in the Broadway field in 
the future. 

Talented students perform in a series of Sunday Evening 
and Tuesday Noon-Hour Concerts; the Chapel Choir, 
another branch of the Club, makes a valuable contribution 

BACK ROW: Roger Nelson, Bob Eddy, Arlene 
Jackson, Cathy Auld, Phil Cocks, John Cole. 
FRONT: Judy Lynn Carruthers, John Harries, 
Bev Baird. 

to Victoria Chapel services. Social functions such as the 
annual Formal, Cast Party, and Skating Party give the 
members of all groups a chance to become acquainted. 

Offering opportunities for appreciation and personal 
expression in this complete range of musical classifications 
and interests, the Music Club plays a vital role in the life 
of Victoria students. 

Dramatic Society 

1961-62 was another successful season for the 
Victoria College Dramatic Society. The Club's 
major production was Cymbeline, a story of 
pride and passion in early Britain, which 
brought Shakespeare back to university theatre 
after an interval of five years. The U.T.D.C. 
this year emphasized the production of original 
plays by student writers, and the Vic Dramatic 
Society contributed to this a one-act play by 
Randy Howard. Four one-act plays were pre- 
sented during the year; one each by Shaw and 
Chekov in the first term, and two in the second. 
Under the executive leadership of Terry Cox, 
David Crampton and Gordon Albright, the 
Victoria College Dramatic Society has become 
an established and vital group in campus life, 
and looks forward to another year of production 
in 1962-63. 

BACK ROW: Terry Glovin, Irene Berry, 

Gordon Albright. 

FRONT: Donna Hyde, Terry Cox, Sally Wess. 

The Bob Revue 

The Production Staff 

BACK ROW: Randy Howard, Paul Wilson, Bob Hamlin, Dennis Lee. 
FRONT: Peter Grant, Liz Watts, Steve Halperin, Lois Pachal, Al Crosbie. 
ABSENT: Dave Conklin, Dave Crampton, Linda Howard. 

The Bob '61, Mushroom Malady, marked a daring departure in campus theatre. 
Combining non-representational settings with a jazz-oriented musical score, Mushroom 
Malady emerged as a delightful fantasy. The book, by Dennis Lee, blended biting 
satire on the cold war with the lyricism of poetry, to create a powerful appeal for a 
return to child-like hope and understanding of beauty. 

The show was produced by Stephen Halperin, who made it a resounding financial 
success. Bob Hamlin was the imaginative stage director, with Peter Grant doing 
double duty as composer and musical director. 

Joanne Chong starred as the fey, who creates a world in her search for companion- 
ship. Her performance was met with universal critical acclaim. As her friend, the 
singing "Yummy Man," Gary Duke was both hilarious and touching. The romantic 
leads were well portrayed by two freshman discoveries, Darlene Smith and Tony 

The Bob continues to grow as one of the major theatrical events of the college 
season. Mushroom Malady earned its place among the upper echelon of campus 
musical comedy. Bob '62 has a proud tradition to uphold. 



What's all this about? 

The Cast 

Unhand me, I'm too young to die! 


Gaze deep into 
my eyes. 


Yes, I'll be good. 

Stars in her eyes. 

Sorrow or shame? 

Advertising — such hard work 


"Acta Victoriana" 

BACK ROW: Mike McMordie, Terry Gordon, Dennis Lee. 

FRONT: Brian Donaldson, Mary Jane Miller, Ian Cameron, Jean Reilly, Bob McCounell 

ABSENT: Lorna Reevely, Louise Gorenson. 

In the belief that a thicker Acta 
less frequently published would 
result in a more attractive format 
than formerly, the staff of Acta 
decided to publish two issues per 
year instead of the usual four. As 
a result, Acta has almost taken on 
the appearance of a book. The 
new office in the Victoria College 
basement was the scene of frenzied 
activity in the preparations for 
these mammoth editions, until the 
staff with unusual unanimity de- 
cided to hold further meetings in 
the more genial atmosphere of the 
coffee shop. 

Acta provides both a training 
ground for budding literary talent 
at Victoria and a permanent 
vehicle of expression for the more 
experienced writers of the college. 
To stimulate contributors of the 
former type. Acta has initiated a 
contest with a prize of S50 for the 
best essay submitted, be it literary, 
discursive, or humorous. It is 
hoped that this will attract new 
writers to take their courage in 
hand, and display their talents to 
an eager reading public of 13,000, 
both within the college and outside. 

"The Strand" 

The Victoria College Strand, 
published by the Victoria College 
Union Council, is issued every two 
weeks. The Strand's announce- 
ment sheet, the Bulletin, is issued 

The Strand is a highly complex 
organization which includes the 
witty and informative writers, the 
editor, who edits, editorializes and 
worries, and the managing editor, 
who is lesponsible for the physical 
make-up of the Strand. To these 
we must add the proofreader, the 
delivery man, and the paperboy, 
otherwise known as the business 

Besides moulding public opinion 
and keeping Vic students up-to- 
date on dramatic and athletic 
activities, the Strand offers a 
splendid opportunity every two 
weeks for germinating journalists 
to show their germinating journal- 
istic skills. 

BACK ROW: Bob Monroe, Don Sparling. 

FRONT: Jim McCall, Irene King, Rick fclphick, Dick Looye, Brian Aitken. 


Classics Club 

FRONT: Angus Gilbert, June Lander, Rosemary Bell, Muriel Roy, David Joblin. 
ABSENT: Jennifer Payne. 

The first meeting of the Victoria College Classics 
Club, held in October, took the form of a lively 
debate. It was resolved that Greece had contributed 
more to the modern world than had Rome. Don 
McNeill and Dr. Grant spoke for the affirmative 
and Jennifer Payne and Dr. Keyes for the negative. 
The next month, Professor Thompson spoke on 
"Hesiod and the Sea-farers," a topic which also 
provoked an interesting discussion. The Christmas 

meeting was a real success, with Latin carols, skits 
with vaguely classical themes, and refreshments. 

In January Professor De Montmollin spoke on 
"Homer and Oral Poetry," and members of the 
Club discovered that the professors had widely 
diversified opinions about the oral tradition. 

In March a joint meeting of all the Classics 
Clubs in the University was held, and the year 
ended with a banquet. 

Men's Residence 

BACK ROW: Bob Wright, Don Wilson, Murray 
Barnet, David Hicks, Dr. Russell Taylor, Dr. 
Elliot Barker. 

FRONT: Ken Murdock (Chrm. House Committee), 
Hartley Lewis (Sec.-Treas.), Tim Phillips (Presi- 
dent), Bruce Reed (Chrm. Hall Committee), Mike 
Beacom (Chrm. Athletic Committee), Dennis 

ABSENT: Professor E. G. Clarke (Senior Tutor), 
J. E. Priestley, W. A. Dale, P. R. Allan, G. Arnold, 
Gilbert Howie. 

The Residence Council of Victoria University is 
comprised of the Senior Tutor, dons and presidents 
of the nine houses in the residence: North, Middle, 
Gate, South, Ryerson, Nelles, Caven, Gandier, 
and Bowles. 

The Council meets monthly to perform the 
executive, administrative or disciplinary functions 

of the residence. There are three sub-committees 
under the executive: the Burwash Hall Committee, 
the Hall Committee, and the Athletic Committee. 
In disciplinary matters, the Council acts as a 
court of appeal. An individual may appeal a 
decision of an individual house caput or the Senior 
Tutor may appeal a decision of the house caputs. 


BACK ROW: Megan Page, Beryl Mercer, Janet Thorn, Barb Johnston, Susie Bricker, Nancy Cook, Anne Flavelle, Marg Craw, Liz White. 
FRONT: Kenna McCormick, Karen Thompson, Miss J. MacPherson, Lynn Passi, Rosemary Bell, Sonia Moosai-Maharaj, Libby Dawson. 

5 o'clock Tuesday is a rare hour; 
Anyone stepping into Annesley better 

take heed: 
For here sixteen girls of the residence 

Are meeting with Mother Asga, head 


The minutes roll by as they plan the 

Enjoyment for 200 others they do seek. 
Suddenly the mouse decides to pay a call, 
Underneath the table, upsetting us all. 

From the Fall Informal to the Christmas 

Where the turkey and pudding make us 

none the thinner; 
After Christmas vacation, the formal is 

Wonder who'll decorate and clean up 

this year? 

Residence life is something we will never 

Who else has both a Frank and a Dick 

to protect? 
We say a special thank-you to our Dean 

and Dons 
For fun, understanding and patience in 

the year gone. 

Life at 

Happy birthday to you 


Annesley Hall 

BACK ROW: Mary Collins, Sonio Moosai-Maharaj, Kathleen McElroy, Ernestine McKenna, Doreen Undo, Janet Thorn, Florence Thompson, Margaret 

Alfred, Edith Brown, Margaret Wilson, Carol Van Dyk, Marilyn Houslander, Wendy Young, Sandra Herage. 

THIRD: Karen Howard, Diane Guyatt, Barbara Bogle, Patricia Ward, Gail Keyes, Elizabeth Darby, Helen Goggin, Bernice Windsor, Joan Davenport, 

Janet Westman, Anne Lindley, Lenora Oliver, Margaret Aird, Diane Wallsten, Eleanor Jennett, Sylvia Russell. 

SECOND: loma Reevely, Patricia Pirrie, Eva Hasek (Social Director), Diane Hooper-Aitken (Treasurer), Beryl Mercer (President), Miss S. Erian (Don), 

Gail Manning (Secretary), Jessie Hetherington (Social Director), Diane Taylor, Elizabeth Anne Cupp, Louise Gorenson. 

FRONT: Jane Clarkson, Dianne Patterson, Dorothy Hurst, Lorna Harrington, Helen Bowman, Elain Edwards, Margaret Atton, Kenna McCormick, 

Susan Priddle, Bettina Siebermann. 

Yes, Santa, I've been good 



on the Old Ontario Strand 



Jfeft ''vji 

j^ Itf 

■^ EWi4fl 

Yes, Mr. President 

How does it taste? 

If only they'd raid us now! 


P -• BACK ROW: Sue Forstner, Erika Wolke, Sue Levitt, Rosemary Kennedy, Pat Wilson, Sue Pierce. 

FRONT: Nancy Darling, Gill Fisher, Eleanor Christie (President), Linda Hughes, Sue Rose. 

Victoria College Women's Athletic Association 

Once more, women's athletics at Victoria have posted a highly successful year. 
The Vic Amazons (football variety) started the season off on the right foot by retaining 
the interfaculty championship for the fifth straight year. Coached by Dave Hobbs, 
Graham Foss and Don White, the girls took on all comers and finished the season 
undefeated. The softball team was not quite as successful, but, nevertheless, enjoyed 
a season that was not without its exciting games. In basketball the freshies proved 
themselves to be Vic's powerhouse. They finished their schedule on top of their 
league, and only lost out in the semi-finals. 

Pat Wilson, the badminton and tennis curator, exhibited her skills by capturing 
the badminton singles crown, and then teaming up with Louise Goranson to take the 
doubles. President Eleanor Christie became the new tennis champion. 

Vic's swimming team placed a close second in the finals of this year's interfaculty 
swim meet. Joan Tait swept all categories of the synchronized division, and speed 
swimmers Sara Barber and Gill Fisher established new records in their individual 
events. They then went on to lead relay teams, including Barb Shute, Barb McPherson 
and Carolyn Evans, to very close seconds. Joan, Gill, Sara and Carolyn all placed on 
the Intercollegiate swim team. 

In their traditional stronghold, Vic hockey teams made their mark again. Both 
teams, the firsts coached by "Bear" Kennedy and the seconds by Mike Anderson, 
enjoyed a winning season, and the firsts were destined for the top spot once again. 

All in all, it was another good year for women's sports at Victoria, and those 
who participated enjoyed themselves, win, lose or draw. 



BACK ROW: Ann Morsden, Jalna Hunt, 

Holly McGeochy . 

FRONT: Merla Lille, Marie Hoy, Paula 


Volleyball "A" 

BACK ROW: Ruth Bach, Maureen Collins, Nansi 
McCaul, Sylvia Woolfrey, Diane Turner. 
FRONT: Sue Forstner, Bonnie Robinson, Pat 

ABSENT: Valerie Faint, Carol Ruttle. 

Volleyball "B" 

STANDING: Liz White, Sue Levin, Joan Hart. 

KNEELING: Kersti Viilup (Coach), Linde Zraiko. 

ABSENT: Jalna Hunt, Vicki Grainger, Emily Dobie, Holly 

McGeachy, Linda Weins, Nancy Caldecott, Lesley Waghorn. 


BACK ROW: Betty Trott, Sue Levitt, Pat Walker, Margie Aus, 

Sue Ortved, Kitty Carrow, Sara Barber. 

MIDDLE: Gayle Fraser, Cathie Graydon, Judy Bryers, Gill Fisher, 

Dawn Meredith. 

FRONT: Claire McMillen, Nancy Darling, Dave Hobbs (Coach), 

Sue Harris, Janet Stewart. 

ABSENT: Mary Gassard, Jean MacKenzie, Malle Sork. 

Junior-Senior Basketball 

BACK ROW: Sue Forstner, Nansi McCaul, 

Maureen Collins, Sheila Kerr. 

FRONT: Marian Jaffray, Bonnie Robinson, 

Duane Bell. 

ABSENT: Donna Lindsay, Sue Pierce, Carol 

Ruftle, Marg Fisher. 

Freshie Basketball 

BACK ROW: Joan Mason, Vicki Grainger, 
Sharon Smith, Pidge Cameron, Sue Ortved. 
FRONT: Nancy Caldecott, Carol Robertson, 
Janet Ayerst. 


Hockey I Champions 

BACK ROW: Linda Maki, Nancy Darling, 

Judy Bryers, Heather Harmon, Jean 


FRONT: Gill Fisher, Pat Bowness, Marg 

Fisher, Mary Armstrong. 

ABSENT: Sue Rose, Bill Kennedy (Coach), 

Sara Barber, Janet Keffer. 

Hockey II 

BACK ROW: Erika Wolke, Sybil Goulston, 
Carol Purchase, Marg Poole, Kitty Carrow. 
FRONT: Claire McMillen, Deanna Steadman, 
Bonnie Robinson, Mike Anderson (Coach), 
Liz Stiles, Diana Martyn. 
ABSENT: Barb Miller, Marj Hughes, Barb 
Shute, Wendy Gzowski. 

*■• ^| V ^f£ 


BACK ROW: Sue Forstner, Maureen Collins, 

Sylvia Woolfrey, Nansi McCaul, Carol 

Purchase, Fay Nichols. 

FRONT: Linda Haight, Marjorie Hughes, 

Bob McKnight (Coach), Duane Bell, Deanna 


ABSENT: Heather Harmon, Holly McGeachy, 

Eleanor Jennette. 


Swim Team 

BACK ROW: Barb McPherson, Pat Bowness, 

Kitty Carow, Stephanie Blackstone, Sara 

Barber, Gill Fisher. 

FRONT: Carolyn Evans, Barb Shute, Erika 

Wolke, Sue Rose. 

ABSENT: Joan Tail, Liz Watts, Carol Footit. 


BACK ROW: Diane Turner, Judy Treloar, Bonnie Robinson. 
FRONT: Pat Taubman, Joan Haxton. 

ABSENT: Linda Hughes, June Hunt, Linda Vinnels, Wendy 
Gzowski, Francis Gessinger, Sandy Green. 

Badminton and Tennis 

BACK ROW: Kitty Carrow, Sue Levitt, Sue Rose. 
FRONT: Pat Wilson, Eleanor Christie, Louise Goranson. 


Victoria College Athletic Union 

BACK ROW: Hugh Philipps (2nd Yr. Rep.), Graham Foss (Track Curator), Ian Sinclair (Hockey Curator), 

Jim Sissons (1st Yr. Rep.), Bill Saul (Football Curator), Gord Ness (3rd Yr. Rep.). 

FRONT: Jim Babcock (4th Yr. Rep., Vice-President), Dave Hobbs (Treasurer), Prof. J. R. Grant 

(Honorary President), Bob Graham (President), Russ Vanstone (Secretary). 

ABSENT: Jon Harkness (Basketball Curator). 

1961-62 saw Victoria College retain a great deal of its 
affinity for the words "Champion" and "Championship." 
Perhaps even more important from the standpoint of the 
aims of the intramural programme, the College also ex- 
perienced quite a dramatic and satisfying increase in partici- 
pation. It is to be hoped that the trend will continue in the 
years to come. 

The fall term held two records for Vic as the football 
team walked off with an unprecedented fourth consecutive 
Mulock Cup, and the newly formed rugger team captured 
the Nankivell Cup in the first year of competition. 

The football team, perhaps not as strong as in the three 
previous championship years, finished the regular season in 
a four-way tie for first place. Receiving a first round bye on 
the basis of points scored, the Scarlet and Gold rolled 
over Jr. Skule and Dentistry to the final with Senior Skule. 
Giving away a six-point lead in the first quarter, the team 
rallied to gain a hard-fought 20-9 victory. 

Rugger, a new sport on the interfaculty level, proved to 
be extremely popular at Victoria. Victoria, ignorant of the 
calibre of play in the new league, entered a team in the 
third division. The early games turned into lessons for the 

inexperienced Vic squad, but their eventual victory after an 
undefeated season was proof enough that the schooling 
was adequate. 

Hockey too provided a pleasant surprise as four of the 
five teams finished in first place in their respective groups. 
The second team continued its domination right through to 
the finals. This year's Jennings Cup series was. as far as can 
be readily discerned, the first all-Vic final in history. The 
First Team, as was expected, captured the silverware for 
the second consecutive year. 

Indoor track saw the Victoria runners finish a close 
second over the season. 

Alan Brereton was voted the outstanding athlete at the 
College in recognition of his fine performance as a halfback 
with the Varsity Blues Football team, and his great contri- 
bution in both University and Interfaculty track. The award 
was certainly richly deserved by Mr. Brereton. 

This year was a very satisfying one, from the point of 
view of both championships and participation, and it 
appears, from the enthusiasm displayed this year, that 
Victoria will continue to be very prominent in athletics in 
the University in the future. 


Hockey I 

Jennings Cup Winners 

BACK ROW: Brian Kennedy, Bob Lipsett, Bill Stewart (Manager), 
Don Wilson, Tom Stephenson. 

FRONT: Keith Noble, Bob Jacob, Ron Hill, Bob Graham, John Parnell. 
ABSENT: John Gotten, Paul Saunders, John Bennett, Bob McLelland. 

Hockey II 

Jennings Cup Finalists 

BACK ROW: Bob Smith, Fred Lackey, Jeff Maybee, Ross Harding. 

SECOND: Jesse Welter (Coach), Bob Lord, Gord Bellmore, "Bones" 

Lipsett, Sid Sharpe. 

FRONT: Gary Naylor, David Fuller, Ron Hill, Phil Rimmington, 

Les Foreman. 

ABSENT: Brian Lyons, Gary Hodgins, Gary Ball, Ken Fennell, Al Major. 

Basketball I 

BACK ROW: Dave West (Coach), D. Wright, G. Spence, Tim 
Phillips, Gord Blayney, Barry Hunter. 

FRONT: Dave Payne, Bill Dauphinee, F. Fraser, Steve Goudge, 
Bill MacNaughton. 


Football Team 

D. Affleck (Coach), K. Myers (Coach), R. Constant (Manager), B. Moyle, R. Vanstone, E. Jackman, B. McFadden, B. Hunter, A. Major, S. Goudge, A. 

Skeoch, S. Maxwell, A. Fallis, G. Tarver, P. Moffat, J. Norman (Captain), 

^^^ R. Garland (Captain). 


FRONT: Cam Taylor, Bill Saul, Bill Jackson, Jim Davie. 
ABSENT: Bob Longford, Reg Barnes, Ron Clark. 

Water Polo I 

Cam Taylor, Jim Rhodes, 
Hugh Philips, Al Crosbie, 
Brian Rose, Ron Mayeda, 
Bill Saul, Bill Jackson. 
ABSENT: Don Wheeler, 
Gord Barry. 

Mulock Cup Champions 

D. West, B. Graham, B Lipsett, N. Best, B. Tyson, K. Powell, A. Pinn, A. Quartermain, B. Alexander, R. Elliott, C. Michael, J. Bennett, F. Lackey, F. 
Kotani, D. Jeffreys (Manager), P. Rockel, B. Webster. 


BACK ROW: Bob Barlow, Jim Gray, Dave Grist, Dave Waugh, 

Bruce Simpson. 

FRONT: Bob Todd, Bruce Miller, Gord Ness. 

ABSENT: Ron Clarke, John Gotten 


Nankivell Cup Winners 

BACK ROW: R. Lipsett, A. Major, W. Jackson, G. Tuck, 
D. Nichols. 

FRONT: R. Graham, D. Liedson (Captain), K. Fennel). 
ABSENT: A. Quartermain, F. Lackey, H. Phillips. 


. -J— L- 



School of Architecture 




Ph.D., F.R.I. B.A., F.R.A.I.C. 

GEORGE P. BAIRD, Toronto; East York C.I.; Architectural Society; 
W.V.S. Committee; Hart House- Finland Exchange; W.V.S. Summer 
Seminar; Hart House Theatre. 

PAUL M. BARNARD, Sault Ste. Marie; Sudburv H.S.. Sault Ste 
Marie C.I. 

ALEX. BENEDEK, Toronto; Class President I; Architectural Society, 
Employment Director II-IV; Intercollegiate Water Polo I-V; United 
Nations Club V. 

THOMAS E. BROWN, Port Credit; Port Credit H.S. 

EKKEHARD A. BUNTEN, Toronto; Kranken Landschulheim C.aibach ' 
Volkach a.M., Germany. 

ROBERT W. FINCH, Toronto; Scarborough C.I.: Class Social Hep. I; 
Architectural Society, Treasurer II; Class Athletic Hep. III-V; 
Basketball I-V. 

BARRIE H. FRASER, New Glasgow, Nova Sootia; New Glasgow U.S.. 
Acadia University; Class President II; Architectural Society, Sei ■ 
tary III: Hart House Camera Club I-IY; Devonshire House Art 
Committee III. 

JANOS GARDONYI, Hamilton, <>ut ; V6rosmarty Gymnasium, Buda- 
pest, Hungary; Devonshire House \it Committee IV-V; B'nai B'rith 
Hillel club V. Future: Professional Practice, 

BLANDFORD G. GATES, Toronto; Vaughan Road CI; Class 1'iesident 
IV; Architectural Society Rep, IV. 



M. CARL HALL, Belleville; Belleville C.I.V.S. 

J. W. EARL HAWKE, Toronto; East York C.I. 

PETER W. HOUGH, Toronto; East York'C.I.; Basketball I. 

GEORGE F. HUME, Milton, Ont.; Burlington H.S.; External Affairs 
Comm. Rep. IV; Blitz Campaign Area Chairman IV; Share Rep. IV; 
Hockey I-IV; Basketball I; Volleyball I; Devonshire East House 
Executive II-IV, Vice-President IV; Residence Council III-IV, Art 
Comm. IV, Music Comm. IV; Wycliffe College: Literary Society 
Deputy Prime Minister V; Torontonensis Rep. V; Rugger V; Curlino: 
V; N.F.C.U.S. National Assembly Comm. IV, Regional Conference 
IV, Rep. V; Tar Heel Exchange IV. 

JERRY F. JANECKA, Toronto; York Memorial C.I. 

WILLIAM KACHMARYK, Windsor; Walkerville C.I.; Hockey I-V; 
Hart House Camera Club I-V; Ukrainian Club IV. Future: Post- 
graduate Course. 

JOSEPH I. KALHOK, Simcoe, Ont.; Simcoe District H.S.; Volleyball II; 
Newman Club IV-V, Treasurer V. 

MILTON KATZ, Toronto; Harbord C.I. 

MORTON KATZ, Toronto; Harbord C.I., University College (B.A.); 
Basketball I-V, Captain III-IV; Intercollegiate Sailing IV; Tennis. 


DAVID K. KOBAYASHI, Toronto; Jarvis C.I., Blenheim H.S. 

M ICH AEL J. McMORDI E, Victoria, B.C. ; University of Toronto Schools; 
Architectural Society, President V, Vice-President IV; Class President 
III; Hart House Debates Committee I; Nelles House President III. 

H. W. MESSER-ERXLEBEN, Toronto; Sudbury H.S. 

DONALD J. NICHOL, Port Arthur; Port Arthur C.I.; Modern History 
Club I-IV, President IV; The Varsiiy Reporter III; U.C. Soccer IV. 

LILY K. OKASHIMO, Toronto; Riverdale C.I. 

HERSHEL B. OKUN, Toronto; Forest HiU C.I. 

KEITH J. RANDALL, Weston; Weston C.V.S. 

ANDRIS E. ROZE, Riga, Latvia; High School in Corner Brook, New- 
foundland; Battalion Club III-V. 



ALAN G. SHERRIFF, Port Credit; Humberside C.I., Port Credit U.S.; 
Hockey I-V. 

WILHELMUS N. STASSEN, Toronto; Rotterdams Lyceum, Rotterdam. 

GLEN R. TABER, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Social Rep. 
II-V; Architectural Society Social Director IV; Water Polo IV. 
Future: Postgraduate Studies, Town Planning. 

THEODORE F. TESHIMA, Taber, Alberta; Taber H.S.; Architectural 
Society Rep. V; Class President V; Hockey I-III. 


L. FREDERICK VALENTINE, Calgary; Central C.I.; U. of T. Historical 
Club; Architectural Society Vice-President; Hart House Art Com- 

AL WALKER, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. 

PAUL S. WELDON, Toronto; ^North Toronto C.I.; Volleyball; Skule 
Nite. Future: Marriage, Europe. 

J. HUGH WESTREN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. 

DONALD N. WILSON, Guelph; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Volleyball I; 
Basketball I; Football I; Devonshire House, North House, Secretary 
II; Architectural Society Athletic Director III. 

A new home 

for the School of 







Representatives on Campus 

Year Presidents 

R. Steele (Blue and White Rep.), R. Kembar (Student Service Rep.), L. Dickson, 
(Torontonensis Rep.). Absent: L Brodeur (S.A.C. Rep.). 

Society Representatives 

BACK ROW: R. Greenfield (Asst. Soc. Rep.), F. Carter (President III year), T. Tory (Asst. 
Athletic Rep.). 

FRONT: P. Halpern (Soc. Rep.), I. Stecura (Employment Rep.), J. Trasiewics (Public Rel. 
Rep.), H. Lennard (Athletic Rep.). 

BACK ROW: B. Randall (I), B. Henderson (II). 
FRONT: B. Walker (IV), T. Teshima (V). 



Division "B" 

BACK ROW: S. Schmidt, E. lebreton, R. Kuris, 
E. Knaack, W. Luciw. 

SECOND: A. Zdanowics, M. Kearsley, B. Walker, 

I. Stecura. 

FRONT: V. Gallo, M. Neumann, D. Vetere. 

Hockey I 

BACK ROW: J. Wheatley, H. Harrison, R. Greenfield, 
F. Carter, D. Roughley, N. Wright. 
FRONT: T. Kamada, H. Lennard, S. MacLaughlin, 
R. Kuris, R. Carter, D. Grewar. 

Basketball I 


BACK ROW: A. Uiska, R. Track, B. Randall, W. Luciw. 
FRONT: B. Robinson, A. Parker. 

No business again this year. 

Don't just stand there. 

Last of "Ye Olde Rink" 

Too few Indians 
too many Chiefs. 


Commerce and 


B.COM., F.C.A. 

DOROTHY A. ADAMS, St. Catharines; University College; Linwell 
H.S.; Commerce Journal, Business III-IV. Future: Chartered 

JOHN L. M. BADALI, Toronto; St. Michael's College; St. Michael's 
College School. Future; Chartered Accountant. 

GARY L. BALL, Toronto; Victoria College; Royal York C.I.; Hockey 
I-IV; Commerce Club. Future: Master of Business Administration. 

ROBERT A. BEDER, Toronto; University College; Forest Hill C.I.; 
Rifle Club I. 

REAY W. BEVIS, Toronto; University College; Oakwood C.I. 

KEN G. BREAM, Leaside; Victoria College; Leaside H.S.; Commerce 
Club I-V, Class Executive II-III; Vic. Class Treasurer III-IV; Bridge 
Club I-II; Basketball I; Michigan Exchange III-IV. Future: Harvard, 
Master of Business Administration. 

PETER J. BUCKLAND, Toronto; University College; East York C.I., 
Winston Churchill CI. 

ARNOLD L. CADER, Toronto; University College: Forest Hill C.I.; 
Hockey I-IV; Commerce Club I-IV; Bridge Club; Swimming; Volley- 
ball; Basketball. Future: U. of T. Law School. 

HOWARD CADSBY, Toronto; University College; Vaughan Koad C.I. 



STANLEY H. CAPLIN, Toronto; University College; Vaughan Road 
C.I.; Commerce Club I-IV; Basketball. Future: Chartered 

DAVID W. CLARK, Brantford. Ont.; Victoria College; Brantford C.V.S.; 
Bob Revue I-III; Vic. Music Club I; Commerce Club I-IV; Commerce 
Journal III-IV; U. of T. Curling II-III; Gate House Treasurer III; 
V.C.U. Auditor IV; Hart House Glee Club IV. Future: Chartered 

RICHARD J. COLE, Toronto; University College; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; Commerce Club; Bridge Club. 

RONALD W. CRAWFORD, Toronto; Victoria College; Northern V.S.; 
U. of T. Football II-IV; U. of T. Athletic Directorate Undergraduate 

JOSEPH P. DAWSON, Toronto; University College; Peterborough C.V.I. • 
C.O.T.C. I-III. 

ROBERT F. DILWORTH, Toronto; St. Michael's College; Loyola, 
Montreal. St. Michael's College School; Hockey I-III; Lacrosse IV. 
Future: Chartered Accountant. 

WILLIAM B. DONALDSON, Toronto; Victoria College; Jarvis C.I. 
Future: Osgoode Hall. 

VICTOR DREVNIG, Toronto; University College; Forest Hill C.I.; 
U.C Follies I; Basketball I-IV; Hockey I-IV; Volleyball I-IV, Rep. 
MI; Hart House Bridge Club II-IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. 

LLOYD P. DUCKMAN, Toronto; University College; Forest Hill C.I.; 
C.O.T.C. I; Intercollegiate Track Team I; Squash I-II; Hockey II-III; 
Volleyball I-III; Commerce Journal III-IV, Advertising Manager IV; 
A.I.E.S.E.C. Committee III-IV, President IV. Future: Chartered 

NORMAN J. ELLIOTT, Willowdale; Victoria College; Earl Haig C.I.; 
Commerce Club I-III, Secretary IV. 

JAMES P. EVANS, Chapleau, Ont.; St. Michael's College; Chapleau H.S.; 
Hockey I-IV; S.M.C. Co-operative. Treasurer III-IV. Future- 

LEO s - FRANK, Toronto; University College; Harbord C.I.; Judo Club; 

ALBERT C. FREY, Toronto; Victoria College; East York C.I., Winston 
Churchill C.I. 

HUGH R. FURNEAUX, Markham; Trinity College; Markham District 
H.S.; W.U.S. Rep. IV; Soccer III-IV; Trinity College Review III. 

DINA GERKIS, Toronto; University College; Oakwood C.I. 

JOHN S. GRAY, Toronto; Victoria College; Upper Canada College. 
Future: Chartered Accountancy. 

DAVID L. INGRAM, Willowdale; Trinity College; University of Toronto 
Schools; Football I-III; Hockey I-IV; The Varsity Reporter II- 
Commerce Club I-IV, Public Relations III, Vice-President IV; 
T.C.A.A. Auditor IV; Salterrae I. Future: Further Studies. 

ROBERT M. INNES, Toronto; Trinity College. 



JOHN S. IRONS, Toronto; Victoria College; Jarvis C.I. 
Club I-IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. 


MICHAEL S. KAPLAN, Toronto; University College; Foreet Hill C.I.; 
I'.C. Club II-IV; Hart House Caledon Committee II-IV. Treasurer 
III; U. of T. Debating Team III-IV; Hart House Theatre II. IV; 
Commerce Club I. 

WILLIAM D. KAY, Toronto; Trinity College; University of Toronto 
Schools; I", of T. Intermediate Football I. Senior Football II-IV; 
l". of T. Football Club. President IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. 

JAMES D. LEACH, Stratford; Trinity College; Stratford C.I.; Head of 
Year IV; Board of Stewards IV; Trinity College Literary Institute. 
Treasurer III. Deputy Speaker IV; Conversazione Committee; 
Share Campaign III; Commerce Club I. 

BONNIE E. E. McBURNEY, Toronto; University College; North Toronto 
CM.; Torontonensia I-II; I'.C. Athletic Board III; Swimming I; 
Basketball II, IV; Volleyball I. III-IV. Future: Marketing Research. 

PETER E. M. McQUILLAN, Toronto; St. Michaels College; De La 
Salle Oaklands. Future: Law. 

P. THEODORE MATLOW, Kitchener; University College; Eastwood 
C.I.; Robinette Debates III-IV; Treasure Van II; Jeanneret House 
Executive II; U.C. Literary and Athletic Society, Treasurer III, 
President IV. Future: Faculty of Law, U. of T. 

DONALD P. MOFFAT, Willowdale; Victoria College; Upper Canada 
College; Bob Revue, Treasurer; Commerce Club; Hockey; Football. 
Future: Master of Business Administration. 

P. DOUGLAS MUSSELWHITE, Weston; University College: Weston 
C.I.; Commerce Club I-III. Future: Business. 

GARRY W. NICHOLSON, Toronto; St. Michael's College; St. Michael's 
College H.S.; Hart House Bridge Club II-IV. Future: Chartered 

DAVID J. OGUS, Toronto; University College: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 
Hart House Chess Club I; Hart House Bridge Club III-IV; Commerce 
Club I-III. Future: Law School. 

GEORGE D. OYAGI, Toronto; Victoria College; East York C.I.; Com- 
merce Club I-II; Nisei Students' Club I-II. Future: Chartered 

WILLIAM R. PARKER, Toronto; Trinity College: Upper Canada 
College; Football I-IV; Trinity Squash I-IV; U. of T. Squash III-IV; 
Commerce Club I-IV; Hart House Squash Committee IV. 

DOUGLAS G. PETER, Toronto; Victoria College; University of Toronto 
Schools; Commerce Journal Editor IV. 

VELLO PUNA, Toronto; University College; Northern Tech-Commerce: 
U. of T. Canadian Officers Training Corps. Future: Chartered 

W. JOHN A. RAE, Toronto; Victoria College; Leaside U.S.; Commerce 
Club, (lass Hep. I-II, Treasurer III, Vice-President IV; Hockey 
II-IV; Michigan Exchange Weekend I. III-IV. 

W. PETER ROLLASON, Toronto; Trinity College; Leaside IIS; 
Trinity Water Polo I-IY; Swimming I-III; U. of T. Water Polo II-IV. 
Future: Europe. 

SAMUEL M. SCHAFFRAN, Toronto; University College. 



PAUL SCHRIEDER, Toronto; University College; Forest Hill C.I. 
Commerce Club I; U.C. Follies I; V.C. Lit. Social Hep. II; living 
Club IV. Future: U. of T. Law School. 

JOEL E. SLAN, Toronto; University College; Forest Hill C.I.; U. of T. 
Track I-Il; Commerce Club; U.C. Follies. Treasurer II; Hart House 
Amateur Radio Club II-IY, Secretary IV; Basketball III; Volleyball 
I-II; Track I-1I. Future: Chartered Accountancy. 

LAWRENCE B. SMITH, Toronto; University College; Forest Hill CM.; 
Intercollegiate Sailing Team II-IY; Volleyball I-IV; Basketball I-II; 
Hockey II-III; V.C. Lit. IV; S.A.C. IV; U. of T. Library Committee 
Chairman IV; Michigan Exchange IV; Bridge Club III-IV; U. of T. 
Finance Commission. Future: Graduate Studies. 

CHESTER STEVEN, Toronto; University College; Bloor C.I.J Commerce 
Club I-IV. 

MICHAEL S. WEINBERG, Toronto; University College. 

BRIAN J. WHELAN, Toronto; St. Michael's College; De La Salle 
Oaklands; Commerce Club I-IV; Lacrosse IV. 

ROLAND J. WILLIS, Brampton; Victoria College; Brampton H.S. ; 
Commerce Club I-IV; P.C. Club IV. 

A magnificent tribute to the former President of the University, Sydney Smith Hall is now the home of Commerce students. 


Faculty of Forestry 



B.Sc, M.F., D.Sc. 

WILLIAM C. BAILEY, Stirling. Ont.; Stirling H.S.; Football I-II; 
Hockey I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; Basketball MY; Water Polo Ill- 
Athletic Rep. II. 

KEITH BIRKINSHAW, Toronto; Meisterschaft College; Revolver 
Club II-IV; Hockey IV. 

JOHN E. S. BRIGHTLING, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

STANLEY J. BYRNE, Toronto; Humberside C.I., Weston C.Y.S.; 
Hockey I-II. IV; Football II-III; Debating I-IV; Forester's Club 
Social Rep. III. 

RONALD E. CHOPOWICK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-II; 
Volleyball I; Hockey I-II; Soccer III-IV; Debates III-IV; Class 
President IV. 

W. JAMES CLARKE, Toronto; Meisterschaft College; Debating I-IV, 
Chairman IV; Class Rep. III. 

WALTER H. S. DEPUTAT, Toronto; Central Technical School. Downs- 
view CI. j Hockey I-III; Football Mil; Volleyball I-II. 

JANIS GALDINS, Riga, Latvia; Humberside C.I.; Latvian Student 
Club IV. 

LESLIE S. McCOY, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Faculty Blood Drive 
IV; Annual Ring I-III. Fditor III; Foresters' Club I-II. Treasurer II: 
Class Hep. I; Fencing I; Soccer II. IV. 



IAN K. MORRISON, Barrie; Barrie District C.I.; Volleyball II; Basket- 
ball II; Annual Ring III; Debating IV; Toronlonensis Rep. IV. 

DONALD R. POTVIN, Timmins; Timmins H.V.S.; Rifle Club I; Football 
II; Volleyball IV. 

PETER F. RICE, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Foresters' Club, Social 
Director II, Vice-President III, President IV; Football I-II; Basket- 
ball I-IV. 

LORNE F. RILEY, Highland Creek, Ont.; R. H. King C.I., West Hill C.I.; 
Hockey I-IV; Basketball III. 

C. K. MARTIN SECKER, Kingston, Ont. ; Stirling H.S., Kingston C.V.I. ; 
Football I-II; Hockev I, III-IV; Basketball I-IV, Manager II; Volley- 
ball II-IV. 

RALPH W. TIPPETT, Oshawa; Oshawa Central C.I.; Soccer I-IV; 
Football I-II; Basketball I-IV; Forestry Athletic Association I-IV, 
Secretary II, President IV. Future: Research Forester. 

BEN J. VELDHOEN, Deventer, The Netherlands; Class Rep. II; 
Debating I-III; S.A.C. IV; Volleyball I; Water Polo I-II, IV; Soccer 

GLENN T. P. WHITELOCK, Sundridge, Ont.; Burks Falls H.S. 

DAVID R. WRIGHT, Kapuskasing, Ont.; Kapuskasing H.S.; Water 
Polo II-IV; Forestry Debating Club III-IV; Turontonensis III; 
Annual Ring III. 

EDWARD V. YEATES, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Blue and White II, 
Social Director III, Secretary IV; Football II; Soccer II-IV; Volley- 
ball I; Basketball I-IV. 



Foresters' Club Executive 

BACK ROW: Ben Veldhoen, Ted Yeates, Bill Addison, Bob French. 
FRONT: Ron Chooowick, Peter Rice, Norm Oldneld. 

Athletic Association 

BACK ROW: Bill Cormcck, Rick Monzon (Vice-Pres:dent), Gary 


FRONT: Dave Chown (Treasure.), R. W. Tippett (President), 

Clark Woodland (Secretary). 

With the end of the 1961-2 academic year, foresters 
can look back with pride on their achievements in various 
fields, both within the faculty and about the campus 
For the Foresters' Club, this past year was a milestone 
in that it marked the advent of the long-awaited new 
constitution. The Foresters' Club, which during the past 
year was under the presidency of Peter Rice, is the 
official student government in the faculty. This body. 
along with the Athletic Association (President, Ralph 
Tippett), was largely responsible for the success of so 
many of the events which took place. 

The initiations in the fall, following forestry tradition, 
were of the constructive type, and involved the planting 
of a large number of trees at Caledon Farm. 

One disappointment was on Homecoming Weekend 
and involved the float for the parade. Forestry's effort 
into which a great deal of work had gone (and which was 
felt by all to be a shoo-in for top prize) literally had the 
wheels pulled from it at the last moment. 

In the fall term, foresters again topped the campus (in 
percentage participation) in the Red Cross blood drive. 

The two big social events of the year were the Wood- 
choppers' Ball held in October at the Old Mill, and the 
Forestry Athletic Association Banquet and Dance in 
February at the Rosedale Golf Club. Both were most 
successful and much of v the credit for making them so 
must go to the Social Director and all those who helped 

The Foresters' Club proudly boasts two official publi- 
cations. The first is the yearbook. The Annual Ring. 
which is one of the finest publications of its kind on 
campus. The other is the somewhat irregular newspaper. 
Slabs and Edgings, the staff of which doubled over the 
past year (now two instead of one). 

In intramural athletics. Forestry again proved to be 
one of the "fightin'est" faculties on campus. What the 
"Green Machine" lacked in numbers, it made up in 
willingness to play. In some cases foresters were success- 
ful, in others not so successful, but in all cases the\ were 
in there fighting. 

Go away . . . we're busy 

Foresters are a hardworking crew, all day . . . 

all night — they don't even have time to clean up. 

Hey, guys, come here and see what I see 

I wonder if there's a girl in that canoe!' 

If you think all Foresters are men, you're wrong. 

Forestry has recently become co-educational. 


gloriously in action 


Forestry's soccer team, smiling happily before the game . . 

\j££ . 



* 'J- •? 




* * Wf} 

1 -** 


Face-off during an exciting game. 

battling ferociously for a victory. 

The hockey team at one of its better moments. 

Forestry's pretty cheerleaders gave the teams untiring 


Faculty of 
Household Science 


b. a. McLaren 

B.Sc, M.S., Ph.D. 

ADRIENNE M. ALLAN, Toronto; Branksome Hall; Household Econom- 
ics Club I-IV; V.C.F. III-IV, U.C. Social Convener IV; P.C. Club IV; 
A.V.R. IV; U. of T. Chorus IV. Future: Postgraduate Work in 

ELIZABETH J. COSTIGAN, Providence. Rhode Island; Havergal 
College. (No Photograph.) Future: Catering. 

MARIA C. De CARLO, Toronto; Loretto Abbey; Household Science 
Club I-IV; Debating IV. Future: Nutrition Education. 

EMELIA E. DWORAK, Toronto; St. Joseph's College. 

M. DONNA IRELAND, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Household Economics 
Club I-IV; V.C.F. III-IV; U. of T. Chorus IV. Future: Dietetics. 

CAROL LUCAS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. Future: Dietetics in 

BETH C. MOFFATT, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I. 

JULIE M. MORDEN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. Future: Dietetics 
in Sweden. 

MARGARET L. RAPSON, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Household Eco- 
nomics Club I-IV. Future: Dietetics. 

ELLEN MAE STATTON, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Home Economics 
Club I-IV. Future: O.C.E. 


Faculty of Law 



Q.C, B.A., S.J.D., Ll.D. 


STEPHEN H. AARONS, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Soccer; Water Polo- 

MORTON L. AINSLEY, London, Ont.: London Central C.I.; University 
of Western Ontario (B.B.A.); Debating. 

DAVID F. ALEXANDOR, Ottawa; Lisgar C.I.. McGill University H \ .); 
Students' Law Society, Treasurer III. 

DAVID W. AXLFR, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; World Communitj Organ- 
ization III. 1 Uture; Legal Career in Toronto. 

ALBERT J. BAKKER, St Catharines: St. Catharines C.V.S. 

YAROSLAW R. BOTIUK, Toronto: University College; Ukrainian 
Students' Club. 

PERRY BROOKS, I nto; Downsview CI. 

PETER A BURNS, Kirkland Lake: Kirkland Lake C.V.I. No I'hoto- 

BEN CARNIOL, Ottawa; Glebe CI. 

MARVIN A. CATZMAN, ["oronto; Forest Hill C.I. , Universitj College; 
Students' law Society Secretary I. 1 irst Vice-Preaidenl III: / 
of Law Review, Editorial Staff Il-III: I arvard 1 xchange Weekend ML 


DOUGLAS G. CHAPMAN, Toronto; Hamilton College, Clinton, New 
York; Hockey [-III. 

L. THEODORE G. COLLINS, Peterborough; Peterborough C.V.S.; 
Law Show, Co-Author II; Soccer I-III; Lacrosse I— II; Hockey I; 
Volleyball II; Curling III. 

JOHN W. DICK, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S. ; Law Progressive- 
Conservative Club. Secretary III; Hockey II-III. 

LESLIE R. DUNCAN, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S. 

S. RONALD ELLIS, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools, Faculty 
of Applied Science and Engineering; Hockey I-III; Squash II-III; 
Faculty of Law Review, Associate Editor III. Future: Law Practice. 

R. ALAN HARRIS, Toronto; Runnymede C.I. (No Photograph.) 

ALEXANDER HAVRLANT, Batawa, Ont,; Ridley College. 

KENNETH J. HIGSON, Grimsby; Saltfleet H.S. 

ROBERT M. HOGAN, Toronto; St. Michael's H.S.; Hockey II-III. 

KARL D. JAFFARY, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools, North 
Toronto C.I., Victoria College; Students' Recreation Committee 
Chairman III. Future: Practice of Law. 

JEREMY JOHNSTON, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 

PETER H. MANDELL, Toronto; University of Toronto (B.A.); Students' 
Law Society, Class Rep. I, Second Vice-President II. 

JAMES H. McNAIR, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Law Conservative 
Club III. Future: Practise Law. 

DELBERT A. O'BRIEN, Westmeath, Ont.; Pembroke C.V.S. 

RICHARD J. PARR, Toronto; Mimico H.S. Future: Career in Patent 

RICHARD W. J. POSLUNS, Toronto; Forest Hill CI. J Students' 
Law Society, Class Rep. III. 


MAXWELL L. ROTSTEIN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I., University College 
(B.A.); P.C. Club I-III; U. of T. Debating Team. Captain I; U. of T. 
Debating Union, President II; Law Club Public Relations II; Blue 
and White Society II; Students' Law Society, President III. 

ROBERT E. RYE, Huntsville; Huntsville H.S.; World Community 
Organization, President III. 



DONALD J. STEADMAN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.. Victoria 
College (B.A.); Faculty of Lav, /.'■ ■ tl-III, Editor IIL 

GEORGE C. STEVENS, Vancouver, B.C.; Prince of Wales U.S., Uni- 
versity of British Colombia (B.A.). 

THOMAS F. STORIE, Oshawa; OBhawa C.V.I., Pickering College, 
McGill University (B.A.); Hockey MIL 

MICHAEL W. TESLUK, Timmins, Ont.; Timmina H.V.8. 

DONALD E. WAKEFIELD, Toronto; East York CM.; Faculty of Law 
Renin-, Business Manager III. 

PAUL D. WESSENGER, Willowdale; Collingwood C.I.; Faculty of Law 
Review, Assistant Kditoi II-III; World Community Organization, 
Vice-President III. 

WILBERT H. M. WINCHESTER, Trinidad; Soccer I-III, Captain 
and Coach III; Water Polo I. 

RONALD S. WUNDER, Toronto; Delta Secondary School. Future: 
Practice of Law. 

MILTON B. ZYSMAN, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Hart House Debates 
Committee I; Soccer II-III; Basketball I-III; Volleyball II-III; 
Squash I-III; Water Polo II; Curling II. 

The Law Library 

The Faculty of Law is welcomed on campus from its previous Boy view location. The new law library above connects 
to Flavelle House. 




BACK ROW: John Fuke (Publicity Director), Don Steadman (Law Review Editor), Sheldon Godfrey (1st Year Representative), 
Don Wakefield (Law Review), Dick Poslums (Grad Year Representative), Don Milne (S.A.C. Representative). 
FRONT: Vince Kelly (Secretary), Paul Hellem (2nd Vice-President), Max Rotstein (President), Marvin Catzman (1st Vice-Presi- 
dent), David Alexandor (Treasurer). 
ABSENT: Marty Kerbel (Athletic Director). 

Law Review 

BACK ROW: Paul Wessenger, Ron Ellis, Marvin Catzman, Mac Campbell, Peter McGaw. 
FRONT: Bill Rosenfeld (Co-editor), Don Steadman, Don Wakefield. 



BACK ROW: Saul Kelner (coach), Steve Aarons, Paul Martin 

Jr., Sid Linden, Mike Kelly, Don Grondtstein. 

FRONT: Hank Smith, David Matheson, Joel Goldenberg, Bill 



"Low School Tigers" 

BACK ROW: Professor B. D. Dunlop (coach), Ron Ellis, Tom 
Storie, Pete McGraw, Joe Foreman, Moe Laton, Mac Camp- 
bell, Jack Calderelli. 

FRONT: Bill Draimin, Nate Stitt, Bob Hcgan, Bob Murray 
(goalie), les Duncan (captain), Doug Chapman, Marty 

Students paying homage to the school's most valuable asset — the coffee 
machine, of course. 

No miror vices. 


Faculty of Music 



C.B.E., B.A. 

MARTHA E. BAKER, Toronto; Music Education; Lawrence Park C.I. 
Future: Teaching. 

MAURICE BROWN, Lome Park; Artist and Licentiate Diploma; 
Port Credit H.S.; Future: Further Study. 

PAUL G. CAMPBELL, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Artist Diploma. (No 

FATHER JOSEPH C. CARUSO; General Music. (No Photograph.) 

DONALD L. CLARKE, Windsor; Music Education; Newbridge G.S., 
Wales; U. of T. Symphony Orchestra II. 

NORMA L. CRAWFORD, Saskatoon. Saskatchewan; Artist Diploma. 
(No Photograph.) 

JOAN Z. DAVIDOVITZ, Hamilton; Music Education; Delta S.S.; 
Hillel I-III. Future: Teaching. 

DIANE J. DOLMAN, Toronto; Licentiate Piano; Forest Hill C.I. 
Future: Teach Piano and Theory. 

GINO A. FALCONI, Toronto; Music Education; Bloor C.I.; Basket- 
ball I; S.A.C. II; Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association II-III, 
President III; Newman ( lub III. Future: Teaching. 

JEANNETTES. FUJARCZUK, Toronto; Licentiate Diploma; Etobicoke 
C.I. Future: Teaching and Continued Studies. 

E. ROBERTA GING, Dublin, Ireland; Artist and Licentiate Diploma; 
The French School. Bray, Ireland. 

WILLIAM M. GLIDDON, Haliburton. Ont.; General Music. 



JOY D. GOODWIN, Huntsville, Ont.; Music Education; Huntsville 
U.S.; Class Rep. III. 

EILENE A. HEINO, Sudbury; Music Education; Sudbury H B.; I nder- 
grad dan Rep. I; Student Service Rep. II; U. of T. Concert Band 

LORRAINE JACKSON, Gait; licentiate Diploma; Gall U.S.: Future: 
Graduate Studies. 

HELEN KEATING, Costa Mesa. California; Artist and Licentiate 
Diploma; Newport Harbor I'nion High. No photograph.) 

MONA M. KELLY, Toronto; Artist Diploma; St. Joseph's College 
School, future: Fuither Studies. (No Photograph.) 

METRO R. KOZAK, Richmond Bill; Music Education; Richmond 
Hill U.S.; U. of T. Orchestra I-III; Conservatory Orchestra I-III; 
Blue and White Rep. 

HARRY C. KRETZ, New York, NY.; Music Education. Future: 
Rudolf Steiner School, New York City. 

JAMES F. LAWLESS, Grafton, Ont.; Licentiate Diploma; Cobourg 
District C.I.; Mickities Pianist III; St. Michael's Music Guild 
Hecitalist II. Future: Teaching and Performing. 

HAROLD D. LUGSDIN, Brantford; Licentiate Diploma; Glebe C.I.; 
Swimming. Future: Graduate Studies in Music. 

JEAN MacPHAIL, Port Colborne; Artist Diploma; Port Colborne 

JOANNA MYHAL, Fort William; Artist and Licentiate Diploma; 

Fort William Yocational School. Future: Further Studies Abroad. 

LEONARD E. ODYNSKI, North Bay; Artist Diploma; Algonquin 
Composite School. 

PAUL W. PATERSON, Burlington; Music Education; T. L. Kennedy 
S.S.; Basketball I-III; Hart House Music Committee II; Under- 
graduate Association II-III, Yice-President II, Chairman III. 

GERALD F. REDING, Thornhill, Ont.; Music Education. 

DENNIS SAMPARA, Toronto; Licentiate Diploma; P.J.C. and V.C. 

CLARA E. SCHRANZ, Windsor; Artist Diploma; Kennedy C.I., 
W. D. Lowe Yocational. 

GEORGE M. SEIM, Hanover. Out.; Music Education; Hanover 
District H.S. 

DALIA F. SKRINSKAS, Toronto; Music Education; I.oretto College 


KATHERINE SMITH (Mrs.), London. England; Artist and Licentiate 


ANN SOUTHAM, Toronto; Licentiate Diploma; Bishop Btracban 
School. (No Photograph.) 

MATI SULEV, Toronto; Music Education; Malvern CI.; Basketball 
I-III; l'. of T. Orchestra MI. Future: O.C.E. 



TANYA TKACHENKO (Mrs.), Toronto; Artist and Licentiate 
Diploma; O.C.C.I. 

JEAN TSE, Hong Kong; Licentiate Diploma; True Light H.S. Future: 
Teaching and Performing. 

JOANNA WALANGO, Toronto; Artist and Licentiate Diploma. 

Musical Profile 


B.M., M.M.. Ph.D. 


Dr. Richard Johnston, a well-known figure of the Toronto 
musical world, is Associate Professor in the Faculty of 
Music. Completing his undergraduate studies in composi- 
tion at Northwestern University, he spent the next two 
years teaching at Luther College, Wahoo, Neb. During this 
time, he studied composition with Nadia Boulanger and 
later they gave the world premiere performance of 
Stravinsky's Sonata for Two Pianos. In 1944, after attending 
the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, he obtained a 
Master's degree and later a Ph.D. 

The University of Toronto first met Dr. Johnston in 1947, 
when he became an Assistant Professor of the Faculty of 
Music. Director of the University Chorus from 1953-59, 
he conducted the singers in their first official representation 
at the Inter-Varsity Choral Festival. An active member in 
many organizations, Dr. Johnston served on the senate 
from 1954-58 and is a Director of the Canadian Opera 
Company. Along with the late Dr. Leslie Bell, he helped to 
found the Canadian Music Educator's Association and, 
while President of the Ontario branch, began their magazine 
The Recorder and "classroom-teacher; choral-reading 

Symphony Number 1 served as his Ph.D. thesis in 1951 and 
has been performed by the C.B.C. under Dr. Mazzoleni 
and Boyd Neel, by Howard Hanson in Rochester, and in 
London by the B.B.C. again under Boyd Neel. 

Dr. Johnston is perhaps best known for his work in the 
realm of folk songs. As a founder of the Canadian Folk 
Music Society he has contributed several books: Folk Songs 
of Quebec, and Folk Songs of Canada, the only compre- 
hensive collection of its kind in print. He also instituted the 
Folk Music Library at the Waterloo Music Company and 
as editor-in-chief is producing a series of graded elementary 
books, Songs for Today. 

His latest works include: a composition for narrator 
and orchestra based on a children's story from Dr. Scuss; 
two sets of piano pieces for his children; and a setting of 
The Canticle of the Sun, by St. Francis of Assisi, first 
performed on April 20, 1962. 

Successful in the realms of conducting, composing, 
arranging and teaching, Dr. Johnston stands as one of the 
foremost figures in the musical life of Canada. 


Undergraduate Society 

BACK ROW: Brigitta Dobel, Christine Kelly, Janet Gibb, Pat Marks, llene Wright, Ted Gugub. 
FRONT: Jeanne Hurst, Gino Falconi, Fred Chapman, Wilma McCaul. 

He stands out in a crowd 

Friendly advice 




Three heads 

Two violins 



School of Physical 
and Health Education 



M.D., F.R.C.P. 

JUDITH E. ANDERTON, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Basketball I-II: 
Field Hockey II-III; A.V.R. II. Future: O.C.E. 

ZELIK L. BOCKNEK, B.A., Toronto. 

ROBERT B. BRADSTOCK, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Hockey Mil; 
Football I; Lacrosse II-III; Basketball I-III; P.H.E. Undergraduate 
Association, Class Hep. I, Vice-President II, President III. Future: 

BARRY H. BROOKER, Scarborough; Winston Churchill C.I.; Inter* 
collegiate Gymnastics Team I-III; Intercollegiate Wrestling II-III- 
U. of T. Cheerleader II; S.A.C. Hep. Ill; P.H.E. Undergraduate 

Association III. Future: Notre Dame University. 

EDWARD J. BUTRYN, St. Catharines; St. Catharines ('!.: Inter- 
collegiate Football; Intercollegiate Wrestling. Future: High School 

DAVID L. CHAMBERS, I., aside; I.easide U.S.. Guelph C.\ I S1 
Michael's U.S.; Intercollegiate Hockey II-III; Intercollegiate loot- 
ball II-III Intermediate II. Senior III. Future: 0.( l 

LYNDA E. CLAWSON, London, Out.; North Toronto C.I.; Basketball 
I-III. Referee HI; Swimming II-III: Volleyball Coach I-II Ice 
Hockey III; Badminton 1; Field I.ockcv II. Future: O.C.E. 

DON C. R. CLEMENTS, Willowdale; Farl Haig c.I ; Intercollegiate 
Football III; Sr. Intercollegiate Wrestling II-III; H. Tait MoKen • 

Society II-III. 

MARTIEN H. COFFENG, Toronto; Port Credit S.S.; Water I'olo I-II: 
Wrestling II: Ft. Tait MoKenzie Honour Society II-III. Future: 



BRUCE W. CRANSTON, Toronto; Burnhamthorpe C.I.; Basketball 
I— II; H. Tait Mackenzie Society III. Future; B.A., Victoria College. 

C. ROBERT CUMMING, Leaside; Leaside U.S.; Hockey I-III; Basket- 
ball I-III ; Student Service Rep. II; P.H.I',. Undergraduate Association 
Boys' Rep. II-III. Future: Medicine. 

SALLY JO EVANS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; P.H.E.W.TJ.A.A. Vice- 
President II, Swim Pep. Ill; Tar Iteel Exchange III; Varsity, Re- 
porter II-III; Intercollegiate Volleyball I-III; women's Athletie 
Directorate III; P.P.!". Undergraduate Association II-III, Treasure] 
II, Secretary III. Future: Teaching. 

CURTIS O. EWING, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Lacrosse III; Basket- 
ball II-III. Future: High School Teaching. 

NANCY A. FARRAR, Leaside; Leaside H.S.; Basketball II-III; Hockey 
I-II; P.H.E. Undergraduate Society II-III. Future: Teaching. 

KENNETH I. GERTNER, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.I., Bloor C.I.; 
Basketball II-III. Future: Medicine. 

DANIEL I. GIECKO, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 
Future: B.A. 

Basketball I-III. 

DAVID R. E. HART, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Football I-III; Basketball 
II-III. Future: Teaching. 

PHYLLIS D. HART, Saint John. New Brunswick; York Mills C.I.; 
Basketball I-II; Softball I-III; Hockey II-III; Intercollegiate Hockey 
II; Intercollegiate Volleyball I; Indoor Tennis II; Badminton I-II; 
P.H.E.W.U.A.A. Executive III. Future: Teaching. 

HELEN L. HASSARD, Oakville; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Basketball 
I-II; Volleyball I; P.H.E. Women's Athletic Association, Treasurer 
II: A.V.H. II; P.H.E. Undergraduate Association III; R. Tait 
Mackenzie Society II-III; Blue and White Society III. Future: O.C.E. 

L. D. WARREN HENRY, Agincourt; Agincourt C.I.; Swimming I; 
Football I-II. Future: High School Teaching. 

NANCY P. A. HILL, Willowdale; York MiUs C.I.; P.H.E.W.U.A.A. Ill; 
Basketball I-III; Volleyball I-III; Baseball I-II; Badminton I-III; 
Intercollegiate Volleyball I-III; Volleyball Club President III. 
Future: Teaching. 

RUTH HILLMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Badminton I-III; Hockey 
II-III; Field Hockey Meet II; Hillel I-II. 

RUTH E. HODGKINSON, Toronto; Winston Churchill C.I.; A.V.H. 
HI; Badminton I-II; Basketball III. Future: O.C.E. 

ELIZABETH C. HUNT, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Swim Team I. Ill; Swimming I-III; Hockey II-III; Badminton 
I-III; Basketball I. Ill; Basketball, Volleyball Referee. 

CHRISTIAN J. KLEIN, Toronto; Gerhart Hauptmann School, Breslau, 
Harbord C.I., .laryis C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

MARIA M. S. LENDVAY, Toronto; Listowel District H.S.; Basketball 
I-II; Badminton I, III; Field Hockey Meet II-III; Association of 
Hungarian Students, Secretary I-III. Future: Teaching. 

M. JEAN MacDONALD, Toronto; Runnymede C.I.; Archery III; 
Badminton I-III; Basketball I-III; Interfaculty Hockey I-III; Swim- 
ming I-II; Intercollegiate Archery III; Intercollegiate Hockey II-III- 
P.H.E.W.U.A.A. II. Future: O.C.E. 



DONALD McKAY, Toronto; Baal York C.I.; Basketball I-III. Future 
1 eaching. 

DOUGLAS D. McKENZIE, Toronto; East York C.I.; Basketball I-II- 
lootball II-III; Intercollegiate Basketball III. Future: B.A. 

FREDERICK L. MEYERS, Sarnia; Sarnia Central C.I.J Hockey. 
Lacrosse; Intermediate Football Team Trainer III. Future: High 
School Teacher. 

JAMES D. MURCHIE, Toronto; Bloor C.I.. Weston C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Hockey I-III; Intercollegiate Football I-III. Future: O.C.E. 

PAMELA J. MOON, Bridgwater, England; Bridgwater Grammar School- 
Softball III; Basketball III. Future: O.C.E. 

JAMES R. A. MUSSELMAN, Whitby; Whitby District H.S.; Lacrosse 
I-III; Football MI. Future: O.C.E. 

STANLEY T. OSBORNE, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Intercollegiate 
Hockey III. 

DAVID P. OUCHTERLONY, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 
Basketball, Trinity I, I'.C. II; Intercollegiate Basketball I, III; 
Swim Instructor I-II. 

JOHN T. PETRUSHCHAK, , Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; P.H.E. 
Athletic Director III; Lacrosse I-II, Coach I; Hockey I; Basketball 
I-III. Future: O.C.E. 

JUDITH N. PULLEN, Oakville; Thomas A. Blakelock H.S.; V. of T. 
Cheerleader I-III; Skule Nite Dancer II; Interfaculty Hockey II-III; 
Intercollegiate Hockey II; Skiing II-III; Carabin Weekend III; 
P.H.E.W.U.A.A. Ski Rep. Ill; R. Tait Mackenzie Honour Societv. 
Future: O.C.E. 

DELLENE E. RAYMOND, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Basketball I; Hockey 
I; Volleyball II; Badminton I-III; Intercollegiate Tennis I-III; 
Tennis Club President II-III; P.H.E. Undergraduate Association III 
Future: O.C.E. 

SUSAN M. ROBERTSON, Grimsby; Grimsby H.S.; Softball I-III; 
Basketball I-III; Hockey II-III; Badminton I-III; P.H.E.W.U.A.A. 
Treasurer; Intercollegiate Hockey II. 

BARRY D. ROWLAND, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Football I-III; Hockey I-III; Basketball II. Future: B.A. 

STEPHEN TIPOLD, Toronto; East York C.I.; Soccer I; Intercollegiate 
Wrestling II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

NORMAN A. TURNER, Toronto; Danforth Technical School. Future: 

BARBARA M. WALFISH, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Intermediate 
Intercollegiate Volleyball I; Field Hockey Meet II; Hillel I-II. 
Future: O.C.E. 

R. WENDY WALKER, Paget, Bermuda; Warwick Academy; Basketball 
III. Manager I-II; Softball II; Swimming III; P.H.E Undergraduate 
Association III; Badminton I-III; Field Hockey II-III. Future: 
Teaching in Bermuda. 

BEVERLY A. WELLS, Petroha. Ont ; Petrolia District U.S.; Basketball 
I-III; Intermediate Basketball I, Intercollegiate II-III; Badminton 
I, III; Field Hockey II; Basketball Club President III; P. II 1 U \ \ 
Secretary III; Nursing Basketball Coach II. Future: O.C.E. 



JO ANN WILTON, Toronto; Port Credit S.S.; Basketball I-III; Volley- 
ball II; Softball II; Badminton II; Intercollegiate Basketball I, III; 
Outing Club I; H. Tait Mackenzie Honour Society I I-III, Executive 
III; Field Hockey II-III. Future: B.A. 

SANDRA J. WOOD, Peterborough; Kenner C.V.I. ; Intercollegiate 
Swim Team II; P.H.E.W.U.A.A. Secretary II, President III; Swim 
Club Vice-President III; Badminton I; Basketball II-III; Hockey 
III; Softball II-III; Swimming I-III. Future: Secondary School 





Basketball Year III 

BACK ROW: Beverly Wells, Jean McDonald, Nancy Farrar, Wendy Walker, 

Ruth Hodgkinson. 

FRONT: JoAnn Wilton, Nancy Hill, Sandra Wood, Pam Mocn. 



BACK ROW: Pamela Vickers, Ariel Mowbray, Lyn Drikis, Viiu Kanep 

(Coach), Sue Thomson, Dellene Raymond, Pauline Woitowitz, Sheilo 


FRONT: Ann Joe, Joanne Trott, Carol Anne Wood, Nancy Hill, Sally Jo 

Evans, Carol Howe. 

Women's Undergraduate 
Athletic Association 

BACK ROW: Dellen» Raymond, Veronica Holdup, Judy Pullen, 
Mary Wilson, Sally Jo Evans, Carol Anne Wood. 
FRONT: Nancy Hill, Sandra Wood (President), Sue Fountain, 
Beverly Wells 



Basketball Year I 

Basketball Year II 

BACK ROW: Betty McRae, Leona Beacock, Mary Jo Telford, Pat Riddell, Noddy 
Lysko, Maureen McConnell, Ida May Bland, Marg Thompson. 

FRONT: Gwen Wardle (Manager), Sydney Fry, Karen Green, Sheila Lithwick, Diana 
Style, Carol Howe. 

BACK ROW: Carol Anne Wood, Pauline Woitowitz, 
Mary Wilson, Donna Deacon. 

MIDDLE: Sue Fountain, Pat Humphreys, Sue Thomson. 
FRONT: Betty Dunn, Judy Matthews, Sue Harwood. 

Hockey Teams I and II 

Softball Teams A and B 

BACK ROW: Diana Style, Judy Gough, Mary Jo Telford, Pat Humphreys, 

Judy Pullen, Sandra Wood. 

MIDDLE: Betty Dunn, Carol Knightley, Jan Forsdyke, Phyllis Hart, 

Nicola Kendall, Bonnie Benson. 

FRONT: Nancy Hill, Jean McDonald, Maureen Thompson, Judy Matthews. 

BACK ROW: Betty McRae, Jan Forsdyke, Karen Green, Naddy Lysko, 

Sue Thomson, Sue Fountain, Donna Deacon. 

MIDDLE: Betty Hughes, Carol Howe, Betty Dunn, Pat Humphreys, 

Phyllis Hart. Pom Moon. 

FRONT: Sheila Lithwick, Jean McDonald, Sandra Wood, Maureen 

Thompson, Sydney Fry. 


P.H.E. Men's Athletics 

Frosh Basketball 

Brian Orton, Peter Rashig, Ed Terry, Ernie 
Philp, Bob Coleman. 

Soph Basketball 

BACK ROW: Wayne Wessel, Eric LeBer, 
George Mergelas, Glen Marshall. 
FRONT: Jim Gilchrist, Jim HefFerna, Bob 
Watters, Jon Kent. 

Senior Basketball 

BACK ROW: Barry Rowland, Bob Bradstock, 

Norm Turner, Jim Musselman, Doug McKeniie 


FRONT: Bob Cumming, Dan Giecko, John 

Petrushchak, Dave Hart. 


P.H.E. Undergraduate Executive 

R. Tait McKenzie 

Honour Society 

BACK ROW: John Petrushchak (Men's Athletic Rep.), Bob Coleman (First Year Rep.), Phil Bradstcck (Vice-President), Nancy Farrar (Social Rep.), 

Veronica Holdup (First Year Rep.), Helen Hassard (Blue and White Rep.), Bob Cumming (Third Year Rep.), Ron Jones (Second Year Rep.). 

FRONT: Wendy Walker (Third Year Rep.), Sally-Jo Evans (Secretary), Bob Bradstock (President), Judy Mathews (Treasurer), Joanne Trott (Second 

Year Rep.). 

ABSENT: Barry Brooker. 

Highlights of Events 1961-1962 

SPRING 1961 

February: The Phys. Ed. Formal held at the 
Old Mill was a smashing success! 

The annual Athletic Night sponsored by the 
P.E. Alumni Association, consisting of the usual 
basketball games, wrestling and swimming was 
sparked by a square dance demonstration put on 
during the intermission between basketball games 
by P.E. students. 

March: The women's Athletic Banquet was held 
in the Great Hall at Hart House. Sue Fountain 
won the coveted Beverly Vickers Trophy. The skits 
at the end provided much amusement and insight 
as to what we think of our educators! 

May: The Graduating Banquet and dance was 
held at the Old Mill. 

AUTUMN 1961 

November: For the fiist time a Phys. Ed. 
Alumni Party was held at Cody Hall. There was an 
excellent turnout and great fun was had by all. 
There was square dancing and a demonstration of 
Caribbean Dancing, skits and a huge buffet. 
Let's hope this becomes an annual event! 

The closing of the K.C.R. was bemoaned bv all! 

This will be the last year that the men of The 
School of Physical Education and those of U.C. 
will be playing on the same teams. Next year our 
men will be on their own. 

The R. Tait McKenzie Honour Society held 
back row: Michael Meredith, Bruce Cranston, Sandra Wood, Betty four meetings during the year. Members are chosen 

Dunn, Bruce Conley, Don elements. from the top six of each year. The meetings are 

FRONT: Joanne Trott, Beverly Wells, JoAnn Wilton, Martin CofFeng, preceded by dinner and then disCUSSionS follow. 

Judy Pullen, Sue Fountain, Sheila Dutrieue. 

University Extension 



B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

JUDITH E. ADAMS, Toronto: Bishop Strachan School: Work at 
Ontario Safety League as Home Safety Director. 

MABEL E. APPEL, Toronto: Merlin U.S.: Teach at Islington Public 

AUDREY W. BAIRD, South River, Ont.; Collingwood CM.. Orillia 
C.I.; Elementary School Teacher, South Peel. Future: Teaching. 

P. ELEANOR BENVENUTO (Mrs.), Toronto: Riverdale (I.: Teacher- 
Librarian. Duke of Connaught Senior Public School. 

AILEEN F. BLACK, Toronto; Barbord C.I. Future: Teaching. 

ARNOLD A. BOWERS, Powassan, Ont ; North Hay C.V.S., North Bay 
Teachers' College; Teacher of Speech and Drama. 

KENNETH R. BREAKWELL, Toronto; York Memorial (' I .. Ryerson 
Institute: Chemical Institute of Canada; Teacher, Cloverdale Public 
School, Future: Teaching. 

PAUL E. BRIDGMAN, loiont,,; North Toronto CI.; Teaching, Park 

Senior School. Future: Teaching. 
LORNE K. BROWN, Toronto; Bloor C.I. Future School Teacher. 



NORMA I. E. BRUCE, Toronto; Oakwood C.I., Jarvia C.I.; Vice- 
Principal, Ksspx Junior and Senior Public School; President Toronto 
Teachers' Language Arts Association. 

KENNETH R. BURRIDGE, Toronto; Scarborough CM.; Public School 

W. MURRAY CLARK, Osliawa; Lindsay C.I.; Teaching. St. Andrews 
Senior School. Ajax. 

J. BRUCE COADY, Toronto; St. Michael's U.S.; Bell Telephone Com- 
pany. Major Account Marketing Representative. 

IAN D. COULTER, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Teacher, Hunters Glen 
Public School, Scarborough. 

KENNETH W. DAVIDSON, Beaverton, Ont.; Elmvale U.S., Beaver- 
ton U.S.; North Bay Normal Schools; Teaching. St. Andrews Senior 
School. Ajax. I uture: Teaching. 

SAMUEL F. FARRELL, Toronto; Teaeher, Pauline Avenue Public 
School. Future; M.A. in Mathematics. 

JESSE P. FLIS, Mimieo; Port Credit H.S.. Wadena H.S.. Sask.; Hamilton 
Teachers' College; Teaeher. Ryerson Public School. Future: Graduate 
Work in PMucation. 

GEORGE R. FOORD, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Elementary 
School Teacher in North York. 

MIODRAG R. GLAVICIC, Toronto; Cuprija, Yugoslavia. Future: 
Graduate Work. 

CLIVE E. GOODWIN, Weston; Production Control Manager, Canadian 
General Electric Electronic Equipment and Tube Department. 

GEORGE V. GREEN, Barrie; Barrie C.I.; Toronto Normal School; 
Vice-Principal, H. A. Halhert School, Scarborough. Future: Teaching. 

WILLIAM S. GROOM, Port Credit; Port Credit H.S.; Certified Public 
Accountant . 

FRITZ W. E. GUNTHER, Toronto; OPS Bamberg. C.E.S.C. Nurem- 
berg. I", of Frankfurt, Main. Future: Public Relations or Diplomatic 

M. C. DENISE HAMEL, Toronto; Loretto College School; Italian 
Club II-III. 

MARION J. HENDERS, Toronto; Yaughan Road C.I. 

BRIAN J. HORNER, Toronto; Banbury Grammar School. England. 
Future: Teaching. 

ROBERT E. HULL, Toronto; Malvern C.I.: Teacher. EUesmere Public 

School, Scarborough. 



ALLI KAAR, Toronto; Valga U.S., Estonia; Secretary, Canada Wire 
tt Cable Co. Future: (iraduatc Studies in Psychology. 

A. GIOLLO G. KELLY, Saskatoon; Bedford Road CI.. Saskatoon. 
Future: Executive Director of National Missions. Women's Mission- 
ary Society, The Presbyterian Church in Canada. 

AKE I. KOEL, Toronto; Gymnasium. Future: U. of T. Library School. 

D. ELISABETH LANGILLE, Fredericton, New Brunswick; Frederic- 
ton U.S.; Graduate of The Anglican Women's Training College, 
Deaconess; Completing Work for L.Th. from Wycliffe College. 
Future: Supervisor of Field Work, The Anglican Women's Training 

FRIEDRICH LEHNER, Toronto; Director of German-Canadian Busi- 
ness and Professional Associates Inc. ; Junior Board of Trade. 
Future: Travel Agency. 

SHEILA E. LEWIS (Mrs.), Toronto; Hiverdale C.I.. Toronto Teachers' 
College; Teacher, Frankland Public School. 

DONALDA W. LOVE, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Teacher, Givins School. 

LOIS M. MACKENZIE, Clinton. Ont.; Clinton CI.; Teacher. St 
George's Public School, Etobicoke. 

FLORENCE K. McVICKER, Toronto; Oakwood C.I., Toronto Teachers' 
College; Teaching, Frankland Public School. 

DOUGLAS MARSHALL, Toronto; Hiverdale CI. 

ESTHER M. MERCER, Dryden, Ont.; Dryden U.S.. (Jeneral Hospital 
of Port Arthur; School of Nursing. V. of T. 

COLLEEN J. MOLLET, Weston; Weston C.V.S. Future: Continue as 
Private Secretary. 

THEODORE NEBITKO, Toronto; Hiverdale C.I.: Statistical Account- 
ant, Prudential Insurance Company of America. 

THOMAS A. NORRIS, Toronto; Humberside C.I., Toronto Normal 
School; Teacher, Scarborough Board of Education. Future: Bachelor 
of Education. 

MILDRED D. PADDOCK (Mrs.), Scarborough; Scarborough C.I.; 
Teacher, Birch Cliff Heights Public School. 

ELAINE G. PETROFF (Mrs.), Toronto; Vaughan Road CI.. Toronto 
Teachers' College; Drama Club III: I'.C lollies HI; North York 
Board of Education. 

RUTH H. PRITCHARD, Arnprior; Arnprior U.S.. Ottawa Teachers' 

College; Teacher, Alexander Mllir Senior Public School. 

CYRIL J. RAVENHILL, Richmond Mill; St. Julian's U.S.. Newport. 
S. Wales; St. Paul's College, U. of Bristol (Phys. Ed. D.P.). Future: 
Continue Teaching with the Toronto Board of Education. 



WILLIAM H. REILL, Erindale, Ont. 

EDGAR W. RICHARDSON, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Principal, 
Meadowvale School. Highland Creek; University Symphony Orch.; 
Varsity Band. 

ROBINA R. RODGER, Toronto; Riverdale C.I., Toronto Teachers' 
College; Teacher in North York. 

GLADYS I. ROGERS, Toronto; East York C.I., Toronto Teachers' 
College; Teacher of Speech and Drama at Duke of Connaught Senior 
Public School. 

ANNIE E. ROSE, Thornbury, Ont.; Thornbury H.S.; Teacher, Sheppard 
Ave. Public School. 

MARION C. SALTIEL, Parry Sound; Hiverdale C.I.; Teacher, Shirley 
Public School. Toronto. 

HELEN R. SIBBALD, Toronto; Wadena, Saskatchewan; Jarvis C.I. 
Future: Tutorial Reading Teacher for East York Board of Education. 

M. LENORE STOCKDALE, Toronto; North Toronto C.I., Toronto 
Teachers' College. 


Ossington School. 

Ocean Falls, B.C.; Kindergarten Teacher at 

SKAIDRITE E. UPANS, Toronto; City of Riga H.S., Latvia, University 
of Latvia. 

MAXINE L. C. WALLACE (Mrs.), Agincourt; North Bay C.V.S., 
Alma College, St. Thomas. 

WESLEY H. WARDEN, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Supervisor of Physical 
and Health Education, Scarborough Board of Education. Future: 
Postgraduate Study in Physical and Health Education. 

JAMES C. WEBB, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Bell Telephone Co. of 

PHILIP J. WEBB, Toronto; East York C.I.; Academic Vocational Class 
Teacher at West Hill Public School ; Executive Member, Metro- 
politan Toronto Chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children. 

EDWARD M. WOODGER, Port Dover, Ont.; Simcoe H.S.; Teaching 
in Etobicoke. 



William It. Acheson 
AlisU r C. Ada ins 
Thomas F. Addison 
Kathleen Y. Aldcorn 
James D. Angeloff 
Peter Balciunas 
William I). Barbour 
Joint I). Bark 
Margaret A. Bates (Mrs.) 
Frederick D. Beauchamp 
Gary C. Benson 
Helen Bienosz 
Waller R. Bremm r 
Doris Broadbent 
Verna K. Bun/ess (Mrs.) 
Mary Campbell 
James A. Carr 
John II. Christopher 
Gordon Coates 
M. D. Cook 
Robert Cormack 
James Gregg 
Mary E. Currie 
Maurice W. Daly 
Robert T. M. Dixon 
George E. Donnell 
Glenn A. Dug aid 
Malcolm J . Fairfield 
Edward W. Fletcher 
Carl J . Fredrickson 
Anthony P. Freer 
Edith Fulcher 
Donald W. Garbutt 
M array Gaziuk 
John C. Geddes 
William G. Gilchrist 
Linda N. Goldman (Mrs.) 
R. J. Gold ring 
Jack N. Gourlit 
Shirley Greenspan 
June Gregson 
Regina A . (in lure 
Alberta M . Grosse 
Sam in I J . Ilahib 
.la mi s L. Hicks 
William /•'. Higgins 
Marjorie A. Hill 
William G. Hoopi r 
J amis V. Hughes 

Marcel Jelxnek 
Edna KelU r 

I '( riinn I). I\i inn ill) 

Joan Kershaw 

I). 1). King 

Ki inn -Hi Koyama 
Hi I m at Krause 

Mane Tin rise Last (Mother St. 

. \ Hurt ) 
Ki ninth R. Larery 
Modi U i in S. Leger 
Elm in LesU r I Mrs. I 
Clifford ('. Lloyd 
Ronald M. McCordic 
Delbert Mae Don aid 
Kenneth A. McMath 
John ('. McMurray 
Donald W. MaeWilliam 
William M. Maitland 
Alan ('. Moody 
William Morris 

Olive M. Mu n me {Mrs.) 
Dorothy J . M . Ovpwood 
Aubrey Rosenberg 
Irving Salsberg 
Larry J . Seolt 
Michael M . Seaman 
Andn w Sinclair 
( 'ami L. Singer 
Eleanor Stewart 
Verla Storie 
Thomas A. Strih 
Lois E. Swain 
Onofry M . Swystun 

Herbert R. J . Tilsnn 
Margaret Tolton (Mrs.) 
Ellen Tropin 
Jorgen ('. II'. H"< In r 
Leona Weiss (Sister M. Annt 
'flu n si i 

Norman II'. West 

Jean I. W hifin 
Wanda Williams 
John II. Wilson 
Joseph Hi murd Wolfi 
Carol M. Wright 
Ronald E. Wright 
Donald J . Young 



Faculty of Dentistry 


R. G. r ELLIS 

D.D.S., M.Sc.D., F.D.S., R.C.S. 

UNO L. ABE, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Volleyball I; Basketball II; Water 
Polo III; Hi/a Yaka Rep. III. Future: Practice in Toronto. 

BETTY M. BALFOUR, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Denial Extracts II-III. 

RONALD S. BARTALOS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Hockey I; Squash 
II-IV; Volleyball II-IV; N.F.C.U.S. Rep. III. Future: Associate 
in Burlington. 

V. GERARD BASTIEN, Quebec, P.Q.; College St. Martial. Port-au- 
Prince, Haiti. 

ALAN W. H. BEARSS, Hamilton; Delta S.S.; Volleyball I; Basketball 
II; Swimming III; Judo V. 

GODFREY B. BEBER, London, England; Jarvis C.I., The Clrocer's 
Company School; L.D.S. (R.C.S.) Eng.J London (B.D.S.). 


College (B.A.). 

Gait; Gait C.V.S., Waterloo College. University 

ALAN BLACK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Uya Yaka Representative IV; 
Dental Extract*. Future: Hospital Internship ami Postgraduate Work. 

JOHN M. BOOTH, Glossop, England; Manchester University, F.ngland; 
Golf; Squash. 



WILLIAM T. J. BUTTLE, Pakenham, Ont.; Almonte H.S.; Archery 
Club I— II; South House, Devonshire Secretary V. Future: Practice 
in Ottawa. 

LOUIS J. CERONI, Hamilton; Cathedral H.S.; Volleyball I-IV; Basket- 
ball I-IV; Hockey II-III. Future: General Practice. 

DAVID B. CHAMBERS, Elmira, Ont.; Elmira District H.S.; Hockey 
I-III; Volleyball I-IV; U. of T. Symphony Orchestra II-IV. Future: 
Private Practice. 

MURRAY R. CHANTLER, New Toronto; New Toronto S.S., Mimico 
H.S.; Squash I-IV; Social Director IV. Future: Practice in Toronto. 

PAUL CHAPNICK, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Class Athletic Rep. 
I-III; Official, Interfaculty Football, Basketball; Volleyball I-IV; 
Football I; Basketball I-IV. Future: Study Oral Surgery in U.S. 

EUGENE A. CIPPARONE, Toronto; St. Michael's College School; 
Basketball I-IV, Coach IV-V; Hockey I, Coach II-V; Dental Extracts, 
Sports Editor III; Hya Yaka IV. Future: Private Practice, Toronto. 

JOSEPH A. COOK, Toronto; St. Michael's College; Hockey I-V; 
Class Secretary-Treasurer V. 

WALLACE F. COOK, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I. 

DAVID COWAN, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Hockey; Basketball; 
Volleyball; Hart House Photography Club. Future: General Private 

JOSEPH CREAVEN, Galwav, Ireland; O'ConneU Schools, Dublin; 
Swimming; Rugger; Rowing. 

ARUNAS P. DAILYDE, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Class Secretary- 
Treasurer I; Dental Extracts Rep. II. Future: Royal Canadian 
Dental Corps. 

VERNON K. DAVIDSON, Long Branch; Mimico H.S.; Basketball I. 
Future: General Practice, S. Ontario. 

PAUL G. DICKINSON, Vancouver; King Edward H.S. 

EDWARD R. DINNIWELL, Hamilton; Central Secondary H.S. Future: 
Private Practice. 

WILLIAM B. ELLIS, Preston, Ont. 

JOSEPH M. EMON, Windsor; Assumption H.S. ; Basketball I-IIj Golf V. 

JOHN E. P. FAWCETT, Hamilton; Westdale S.S. Future: Private 

ANDY A. FEHER, Amherstburg, Ont.; General Amherst H.S.; Knox 
College Soccer I; Basketball I-III; Volleyball I-III; Dentantics II; 
Hockey II; Judo IV. Future: General Practice. 



a> : * 

AA\ a 

WILLIAM S. FLATT, Toronto; Forest I ill C.I.; Uya Yaka III: Claaa 
Vice-President I\ Dental Extract*, Editoi I\ : Camera Club, - 
tary-Treasurer I\ ; Staff-Student Liaison Committee IV, I 
Postgraduate Work. 

GORDON C. FREY, Toronto; Leaside B.S.J Intercollegiate Hockey 

I-IIIj Dent.- Hockey I. III-IV; Football I: Basketball I-IV; • 

Vice-President I; Athletic Director Assistant II, Director III, Class 
Rep. V. Future: Private Practice, London. 

STEPHEN J. FUZY, St. Catharines; St. Paul's College, Winnipeg; Uni- 
versity of Western Ontario (B.A.). Future: Practice, St Cath 

HOWARD G. GARNETT, Agincourt; Agincourt H.S. Future: Associate 
Practice leading to Private Practice. 

JOSEPH G. GIRDLESTONE, Lackawanna, New York; Canisius II S . 

Buffalo; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; Class President III; 
Dental Students Society, Secretary III. President IV. 

ZANE M. GORDON, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Hockey I-III; Squash 
III-IV; Football IV-V; Publicity Rep. V. 

ROBERT D. HODGES, Barrie; Barrie District C.I. Future: Private 
Practice in Barrie. 

OVERTON C. HUTCHINSON, Say-La-Mar. Jamaica; Jamaica College; 
West Indian Club; Intercollegiate Boxing; Intercollegiate Soccer. 
Practice in Jamaica. •■ 

ANDREW T. IKSE, Toronto. 

ERIC IMPERIUS, Port Arthur; Port Arthur C.I. Future: General 
Practice, Port Arthur. 

PHIL F. JACOBSON, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Class Social Chairman III. 
Genera] Practice, Toronto. 

ALAN K. JOE, Hong Kong; Parkdalc C.I.; Chinese Overseas Student 
Association; Chinese Varsity Club; F.R.O.S.; United Nations Club. 

GEORGE A. JOHNSON, Squamish, B.C.: Squamish U.S.. University 

of British Columbia (B.Sc.), Future: R.C.A. 

T. MICHAEL JOHNSTON, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Portora Royal 
School, E nniskil len, Northern Ireland; Intercollegiate Squash; 
Football; Tennis. 

JOHN T. KALCHOS, Toronto; East York C.I. Future: Associate, then 
Pedo, Practice. 

TERRY A. KEARNS, Toronto; I),. La Salle Oakland* Lawrence Park 
C.I.; (lass Social Chairman 1; Class President II-1II; Squash I-III; 
Dental Extract! Ill; S.A.C. Student Services Commissioner IV. Blue 
and White Chairman V, Judiciary Committee IV-V; Tar Heel 
Exchange V. Future: Private Practice, Toronto. 

STANLEY G. KINGS, .Melbourne. Australia; Melbourne U.S., Mel- 
bourne University, Future: Private Practice, Australia 

PAUL M. KNUTSON, Unity, Sask.; Unity U.S.; Hockey I-IV. Future: 
Private Practice. Belleville. 



VICTOR D. KRUEGER, Wheatley, Ont.; Leamington District U.S.; 
Basketball III. Future: General Practice. 

ILZE KUNDRATS, Agincourt; Agincourt C.I. 

VAIDOTAS D. KVEDARAS, Hamilton; Cathedral H.S.; Basketball 
I-V; Volleyball I-IV; Lithuanian Students' Club I-V, President I. 
Treasurer IV. Future: R.C.D.C. 

WILLIAM R. LANGDON, South Porcupine, Ont.; South Porcupine H.S.. 
Ridley College. Future: Private Practice, Meaford. 

JEAN LOCKING, Longlac, Ont.; Kilmacolm, St. Columba's. Scotland; 
Golf; Curling. Future: Private Practice, Longlac. 

PETER LUKACKO, Toronto; Humberside C.I. Future: Dental Practice. 

BERNIE M. LYONS, Windsor; Kennedy C.I.; Basketball I-V; Volleyball 
I-V; Football III; Hillel Foundation I. Future: Private Practice. 

JOHN M. McCORMACK. Northwood, England; Merchant Taylor's; 
Guys Hospital. London. Eng. (B.D.S. and L.D.S.R.C.S.). Future: 
General Practice and Hospital Work in London. 

NORMAN A. McFARLANE, London, Ont.; University of Western 

DANFORD R. MacKAY, Port Arthur; Port Arthur C.I.; Knox College 
Lacrosse I-II. Future: Private Practice, Southern Ontario. 

ANTONIA WANDA MEDWECKI, Toronto; Graduated in Warsaw, 
Poland. Future: Private Practice, Toronto. 

BRIGITA A. MERCS, Toronto; Malvern C.I. Future: General Practice. 

JOHN D. MOORE, Dublin, Ireland; Intercollegiate Rugger; Inter- 
collegiate Tennis; Volleyball IV. 

GILBERT D. MORANDI, Long Branch; St. Michael's College, New 
Toronto S.S.; Class Vice-President I-III; Squash I-V; Hockey I-III. 
Future: Private Practice. 

JOHN D. PEARLSTEIN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Camera Club 
I-V; Hockey II-III. 

ALAN B. PERKIN, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Football I; 
Denial Extracts Reporter I; Social Rep. I, W.U.S. Rep. IV; Royal 
Canadian Dental Corps II-V; C.O.T.C. Float Chairman II-IV. 
Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

ROBERT H. PICK, Toronto; East York C.I.; Tennis I; Basketball I. 
Future: Associate Practice, Toronto. 

WILLIAM A. POTTER, Niagara Falls. Ont.; Niagara Falls C.V.I. ; 
Intercollegiate Basketball I-V; Intercollegiate Football III; Dents. 
Football V; University Athletic Directorate III. Future: General 
Practice, Niagara Falls. 

A K'A 

«ii,\ A k\ A 



HE9| ESH K3 

J. GARY RAMSAY, Gait. Ont. ; Gait C.V.S.J Hockey MI; Volleyball I. 
Future: General Practice, Gait. 

SAMUEL S. RAY, Toronto; Harbord C.J.; Volleyball I; .Squash MI. 
Future: Private Practice, Toronto. 

DOUGLAS R. RICE, Toronto: Runnymede C.I.; Hockey Mil. Future: 
Red Cro9s Dental Coach, then Private Practice. 

MARVIN J. RICHIE, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Basketball I-V; Volley- 
ball I-V. Future: Private Practice. 

MARVIN RUBINOFF, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Volleyball; Basket- 
ball. Future: (Jeneral Practice. 

MAURICE E. SERA, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Dental Student 
Society, External Affairs Rep. Ill; Volleyball I; Blood Campaign 

Chairman I-III. 

EDWARD M. SEVIC, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S., Bloor C.I.; 
Hockey I. Future: Private Practice, Toronto. 

WILLIAM J. SINCLAIR, Cornwall; Winston Churchill C.I. Future- 
Royal Canadian Dental Corp. 

JERRY SMITH, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Water Polo I-IV; Intercollegiate 
Water Polo I-III; Class Vice-President I; Dentantics II. 

HOWARD SPILLMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Squash I-V; 
Volleyball I; Basketball III-V; Publicity Rep. I; Denial Extracts 
Rep. V. Future: General Practice. 

GORDON STARKMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I. Future: Practice 
in Toronto. 

SIMON TALSKY, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Basketball I-V; Hockey 
I-V; Football I-V, Assistant Coach III. Coach IV-V. Future: Private 

PAUL A. THOMAS, St. Thomas; St. Thomas C.I.; Basketball I, III-V. 

HOWARD TWARD, Toronto: Harbord "C.I. : Basketball I-IV; Volleyball 

RICHETTO F. VALENTINI, Copper Cliff. Ont. 

HORST F. VOGL, Saul! Ste. Marie; High School and University in 
Germany; Ifya Yuka, Photography Editor III-V. Future: General 
Private Practice. 

WALTER S. WALTER, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 

RONALD G. WEILER, Mildmay, Ont.; Walkerton District US ; Oaes 
Executive 1I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; Dental Students' Society IV; 
Professional Club II-III. Future: General Practice. 



SIDNEY A. WEINRIB, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.j U. of T. (B.A.); 
Football Referee MI; Squash Mil; Volleyball I-IV; Basketball I-IV; 
Hockey IV. Future: General Practice. 

ALFRED WEINSTOCK, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I., Bathurst Heights 
C.I.; Dental Students' Society Executive III-IV; Hart House Music 
Committee V; Hart House Theatre IV-V; U.C. Follies MI, IV; Blue 
and White Band I-II; Squash Team II-III; Hart House Lifeguard 
and Swim Instructor I-II I ; Model Parliament IV. Future: Post- 
graduate Work. 

Volleyball I-IV. 

Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Basketball I-IV; 

JOHN J. G. WILLEY, Mount Forest, Ont.; Mount Forest District H.S.; 
Centurion Club; Basketball III; Volleyball III. Future: General 

Dental Hygiene 

NELLIE G. ANDREW, Cavendish, P.E.I.; Prince of Wales College; 
Baseball I; Dental Students' Society II; S.A.C. II. Future: Public 

SANDRA E. B. BAILEY, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Class Vice-President 

CAROLE G. S. BRYDON, Toronto; St. Clement's School; Baseball I; 
Basketball I-II; Volleyball MI. Future: Public Health, Windsor. 

BARBARA J. DEAN, Toronto; New Toronto S.S. Future: Private 
Practice in Toronto. 

ANDREA B. FREEMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Private 

ALBERTA G. HAMILTON, St. Thomas; Central Elgin C.I.; Hya Yaka 
Rep. I-II. Future: Public Health. 

RUTH G. HEWITT, Gananoque, Ont.; Onllia District C.V.I. ; Volley- 
ball I-II. r'uture: Private Practice. 

M. JEAN HIGHMOOR, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I. Future: Public Health 
in Toronto. 

ARDITH H. HOLLAND, Toronto; Winston Churchil 
President II. Future: Private Practice. 

C.I.; Class 



JOAN E. McEACHERN, Islington; St. Joseph's H.8.; Cheerleaderjl. 
I uture: Private Practice. 

GLORIA E. MacKINNON, Charlottetown, P.E.I.; Queen Charlotte 
II.:-.. Prince 'if Wales College; Dental Student Society II; Dentistry 
(iirls' Athletic Director II; Basketball I-II. Captain II; Softball I; 
Volleyball I-II. Future: Dental Public Health on P.E.I. 

MARLENE L. MOORE, Carlyle, Sask.; Carlyle Composite II B.; Base- 
ball I. 

BARBARA A. MURRAY, Toronto; Lawrence Park CI. J Baseball I; 
Basketball I-II; Volleyball I-II. 1 uture: Private Practice. 

MYRNA L. SAUNDERS, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; Cheerleader I. 

Future: Public Health. 

MARGARET J. TORRANCE, Toronto; Malvern C.I. 
Basketball I-II; Volleyball I-II; Cheerleader I. 

Baseball I; 

PATRICIA A. WOODS, Toronto; Loretto Abbey; Cheerleader I; Basket- 
ball I-II; Volleyball I; Baseball I; Homecoming I. Future: Private 

Dental Society at Work 










Dental Students' Society 

BACK ROW: R. Grose, R. Horn, G. Browes, W. Flatt, R. Wyman, G. Longhurst, J. Adams. 
CENTRE: P Asling, A. Holland, J. Miller, J. Wallace, L. Catena, G. Mackinnon, T. Kearns. 
FRONT: M. Kondraki W. Leggett, R. Weiler, W. Fleming, B. Smith, R. Barker. 
ABSENT: N. Andrew, T. Tervit. 













What large teeth you have grandma! 


Cheerleaders ride in style. 

Float Parade 

Third prize for Dents. 

(Sk x 

%, - j* 

The float. 

Showing off their clean teeth. 

Pass the peas please. 

A pyramid? 











Play man 

Automation comes to Dents. 

Party for the children. 

Joyeux Noel 


Women's Athletics 

The coach 

Social time 


Up and over 


It's a basket 

Dents girls may be few, but those who participated in 
athletics showed remarkable enthusiasm. As far as getting 
into championship games "we goofed," but outstanding 
sportsmanship was visible at all times. They say "dynamite 
comes in small packages." Well, we have the small package 
and we hope to fill it with dynamite in the coming years. 









&£ f * 

The semi-finalists 

Cheerleaders are backwards. 

This year's edition of the Dents football team 
was by far the best of the past five years. In league 
play the Garnet and Blue had a perfect record of 
five wins and no defeats. 

The tooth pullers' offensive averaged two hun- 
dred yards per game. Credit for this goes to the 
stars of the offensive team. Bigger, Corigan, Levant, 
Zosky, Gordon, Buckspan, Fairleigh, Kondracki. 
Jalsky and Morgan. Backing up the striking punch 
of Dentistry was a defense that allowed a net loss 
of only ninety-five yards, blocked five kicks, and 
held the opposition to six points during the entire 
season. Reid, Tolsky, Zosky, Greenbaum, Tevible, 
Campbell and Homenuck were mainly responsible 
for this defensive record. 

In the semi-finals the Dents lost to Victoria, who 
went on to win the Mulock Cup. The score was 
close, and had Dentistry not been without the 
services of both quarterbacks for this crucial game 
the results would have been different. 



./4rf** _ „**'.'■■ —•■ f** 

Mud bowl. 



A soph shows how it's done. 




A thoughtful kibitzer. 

My teeth are clean too. 

A winning team. 



A brave bleeder. 


Faculty of Medicine 



M.D., F.R.C.P.(C) 

MARVIN J. ABRAMS, Toronto; Harbor.l C.I. 
Volleyball. Future: General Practice. 

Basketball; Lacrosse; 

HERMAN U. ALLADIN, Toronto; St. Marys College H.S. 

JOE G. D. ANDERSON, Toronto; Leaside U.S.; Daffydil I; Intercol- 
legiate Tennis I-V; Tennis Executive I-V; Basketball I-VIj Medical 

Athletic Association. Rep. II-II1. Intramural Vice-Chairman V. 
Vice-President V. 

J. GARY ASHBY, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; W.U.S. Seminar. 
Sweden V; Modern Medicine of Canada Prize II; Intercollegiate 
Track V-VI; Football I-IV; Hockey I-IIIj Water Polo I-III; Basket- 
ball I-II; V. of T. Cheerleader IV- VI; Medical Society. Public Rela- 
tions V; S.A.C. Rep. VI; National Affairs Commissioner VI; Carabin 
V; Float Parade III; C.A.M.S.I. Junior Officer III; Exchange Clerk- 
ship. Poland V; Daffydil Chorus II. Orchestra III. Future: General 
Practice in an Underdeveloped Country. 

WILLIAM E. BALDWIN, Brooklin. Ont.; Whitby District H.S.; Lacrosse 
I-II. IV; Wycliffe Hockey [-VI. 

JOHN E. BALFOUR, Toronto. 

INESE Z. BEITINS, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Daffydil I-V. 

SIDNEY E. BENDER, Toronto; Forest Hill (I; 1". of T. Symphony 

I; Varsity Band I-II; A.V.R. II; Daffydil I-V; Medical Arts and 
Letters Committee, Hep. IV, Chairman V; Medical Journal Associate 
Editor VI; Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Society VI; Float Parade 
Co-Chairman HI 

BERNARD J. J. BENDL, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Baseball; Track and 
Field; Soccer; Volleyball. Future Obstetrics and Gynecology. 



MAURICE A. BENT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Water Polo MI; 
Hockey MI; DafTydil MI. 

SEYMOUR BERLIN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Basketball. Volley- 

PETER U. BERNDT, Toronto. 

ELAINE F. MANACE BORINS (Mis.), Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; 
Torontonensis I; DafTydil Mil; Meds. Cheerleader MI; Volleyball I; 
Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society III-IV, Secretary IV. 
Future; Medical Practice. 

GEORGE V. BOUJOFF, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Medical Journal 
Circulation Manager III. Future: Psychiatry. 

DAVID BRAND, Scarboro; De La Salle H.S.; Hart House Camera Club; 

Medical Journal; DafTydil. 

JOHN BREBNER, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Soccer II-III; 
Intercollegiate Rugger II-VI, Vice-Captain IV-V; DafTydil Dancing 
III-VI, Director V-VI; Medical Journal, Associate Editor VI ; 
Malayan Peace Corps, Member-at-Large IV-VL 

JAMES K. BUCHAN, Niagara Falls, Ont. 
Haig C.I. Future: General Practice. 

Bowmanville H.S., Earl 

LATIF BUCKRIDAN, Rio Claro, Trinidad; St. Marys College, Trinidad; 
University of Manitoba (B.Sc). Future: General Practitioner. 


ROBERT J. CARBIN, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

RONALD I. CARR, B.A., A.R.P.S., Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Hart 
House Camera Club Executive III-VI; Torontonensis III-V; Probe 
IV-VI. Future: Research in Imimino Chemistry. 

JERRY S. CHAPNIK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha 
Honour Medical Society V-VI, Vice-President VI; Basketball I-III; 
Volleyball MI; DafTydil MI. 

JAMES B. P. CHIANG, Toronto; St. Michael's College H.S. 
Peace Corps, Secretary I-III, President IV. 


A. F. DAVID COLE, Toronto; Noith Toronto C.I., University of Toronto 
Schools; Varsity Band I-II; DafTydil Orchestra I-V; Medical Journal, 
Feature Editor VI; Squash IV-V. 

DAVID F. COOK, Windsor. 

JERRY J. I. COOPER, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I. 

JOH N R. CORLESS, Copper Cliff, Ont.; Copper Cliff H.S. ; Basketball I-V. 

▲1 A 




JAMES J. COSGRAVE, Waterford. Ireland; Waterpark College, Ireland. 

BARRY K. CUTLER, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Medical 
Society VI; Clase Vice-President III; Medical Athletic Association 
I-VI, Hep. I, IV, Class Rep. II, Publicity Director V, President VI; 
Football I-III; Volleyball I; Squash II; Hockey I-VI; P.O.T. Hockey 
Coach 1 1 IV. 

RICHARD O. DAVIES, B.Sc.Phm., M.A., Ph.D., Brantford; Brant- 
ford C.V.8. Future: Research. Pharmacology and Internal Medicine. 

JOHN T. DICKSON, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Squash. 

FRANK J. W. D. DICUM, Kuala Lumpur. Malaya; Bishops Stortford 
College, Herts., England; Malayan Peace Corps, Vice-President III-IV. 

ELIZABETH DISLER (Mrs.), Toronto; Basel, Switzerland, U. of T. 
(B.A.); Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society. 

DALE A. DOTTEN, Mimico; Mimico H.S.; Alpha Omega Alpha Honour 

Medical Society. 


C. BRODIE EDMONDS, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Daffydil I-II. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

CALVIN S. ENNIS, Hamilton. 

HARVEY A. EVANS, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.. University College 

WILLIAM A. A. FAUDEMER, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Soccer MY; 
Hockev IV-V. Future: Ceneral Practice. 

ROBERT K. FERRIE, Toronto; Trinity College School; U. of T. Swim 
Team I; Class Vice-President II; Football II: Probe, Associate Editor 
IV, Editor V. 

VICTOR L. FORNASIER, Hamilton; S.M. Ugo Ferrandi, Xovara, 
Italy, Cathedral H.S.. Hamilton; Daffydil; Soccer; Italian Club. 

NORMAN L. FRASER, Sudbury; Sudbury Mining and Technical 
School, University of Western Ontario (B.A.), 

ARNOLD I. FREEMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Lacrosse I; Basket- 
ball I-III, V-VI; Water Polo I-III; U. of T. Swim Team II; Daffydil 
I-II. Future: Internship. 

DANIEL M. A. FREEMAN, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 
('.A.M. SI., Instrument Programme III. Research .lob Survey III. 
Interne Coram. III-IV, Recent Adnnces, Editor III; Nat. Hep. 
Underdev. Countries Comm. III-IV; Staff-Student Curriculum 
Coiiiin. III-IV; C.U.S.O., Xat. Exec, and Selection-Orientation 
Comm. IV; N.F.C.U.S. [I-III; Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical 
Society IV. Future: Work in Asia. 




THOMAS C. GIBSON, Hamilton; Hillfield School, Central S.S.; Music 
Committee III; Trinity Football I; Meds. Football IV-V; Hockey 
II, V; Water Polo IV-VI. Future: General Practice. 

DANNY GIVELAS, Toronto; Port Credit H.S.; Football; Hockey; 
Rugger; Golf. 


J. EDWARD GRAHAM, Toronto; Upper Canada College, Trinity 
College (B.A.); Hockey I-IV; Daffydil HI; Football Mil, Coach V. 

RONALD E. I. GRAHAM, Orillia. 

M. PETER GRANGER, Willowdale; North Toronto C.I.; C.O.T.C. Ill; 
Daffydil II-III; Hart House Art Committee IV. Future: Internal 


JOHN J. GREISMAN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Debating Team II-VI, Captain III; Football I; Volleyball IV-V; 
United Nations Club I-IV. 

ALLAN E. GROSS, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Lacrosse I; Basketball 
I-VI; Water Polo I-VI; Volleyball V-VI; Class President III; Alpha 
Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society. 

ANNA M. HARDY, Oakville; Port Credit H.S.; Badminton MI; Volley- 
ball I-II; Class Vice-President IV. Future: General Practice. 

BRUCE M. HARTLEY, Mt. Pleasant, Ont.; Brantford C.I., McMaster 
University; Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. Future: Missionary 

DOROTHY L. HARTSELL, St. Thomas; St. Thomas C.I.; Daffydil 
Glee Club. 

MARY ANN G. HAYES, Brooklyn. New York; Convent of the Sacred 
Heart, New York City, Manhattanville College, New York (B.A.); 
Class Vice-President VI; Daffydil, Chorus and Costumes III-VI; 
Newman Club III-VI. 

JEAN E. HAYWARD, The Pas, Manitoba; Sarnia C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Archery II-VI; S.C.M. I-V. 

JUDITH HEARD CUTLER (Mrs.), Richmond Hill; Loretto Abbey; 
Class Executive II; S.A.C. Ill; M.W.U.A. Ill; Hockey I-IV; Daffydil 
Mil; Medical Society III. Future: General Practice. 

A* A 


JOHN R. HILDITCH, Wiarton, Ont. 

J. DAVID C. HOLBROOK, Ancaster, Ont.; Westdale S.C., Hamilton; 
Hart House Music Committee V. 



THOMAS H. HOLMES, Toronto; Upper Canada College. Future: 


JAMES M. HOUSTON, Brantford; Hon. \\ C Kennedy CI.. Windsor; 
Hart House Glee Club I-II; Medical Society II. Kxternal Affairs 
Commission II-III; N.F.C.U.S., Co-Cliairman III; Daffydil II, IV; 
Carabin Weekend V. 

GILBERT E. HOWEY, Cbatsworth, Ont.; Chatsworth Continuation 
School, Owen Sound C.V.I.; Hart House Glee Club V; Hart 11 .,.-. 
House Committee IV-VI; Medical Journal V. Future: Psychiatry. 

DAVID C. N. HOWSE, Toronto; University of Toronto - -tudents' 

Administrative Council \*. 

ROBIN P. HUMPHREYS, Toronto; Runnymede C.I.J Class President 
II; Staff-Student Committee III; Water Polo I; Lacrosse I; Hockey 
I-II; Basketball III-V. 

JOHN D. HUNT, Kagawong, Ont.; Gore Bay U.S. 

JOHN E. INGLIS, Rockwood. Ont.; Guelph C.V.I. ; I'.C. FrenclTCiub 
Executive I; Hart House Art Club III. Future: General Practice, 
then Specialization. 

H. JOHN C. IRETON, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Intercollegiate 
Squash II-VI. Future: Postgraduate Study. 

RUTH I. E. JOHNSSON, Toronto; Stockholm. Sweden. U. of T. (B.A.). 

BASIL W. JOHNSTON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. 

A. WILLIAM KARR, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Daffydil I-VI; 
Glee Club Director V-VI; Probe Letters Editor V. Future: General 

SHIRLEY Y. KELLAM, Brampton; Brampton H.S. 

PAUL A. KORHONEN, Sudbury; Sudbury U.S.; V.C.F. Executive 
[-III; Medical Journal Business Manager VI. 

CHRISTINA M. KORSAK Toronto; Downsview CI.; Daffydil I-VI; 
Medical Journal IV. 

RICHARD D. KUNICA, Beams ville; BeamsviHe U.S., McMaster 
University i B.A.I; Football III; Track and Field IV. 

ROBERTS. LESTER, Toronto; Forest 1 1 ill (' 1 ; Staff Student Committee 
II-IV, Chairman IV; Medical Society IV; Alpha Omega Alpha 
Honour Medical Society IV. Future: Postgraduate Training. 

ARTHUR F. LEWIS, Belmont. Nova Scotia. 

H. LAVINA A. LICKLEY, Toronto; Branksome Hall; Daffydil 1II-VI; 
Hockey [II-VI; M.W.U.A., Vice-President V; SAC. VI. 



EMMANUEL S. LILKER, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Basket- 
ball I-VI; Lacrosse I-II: Medical Journal, Assistant Editor V, 
Daffydil I-IV. Future: Surgery. 

MARTIN H. LIPSON, Toronto; Harbonl C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha 
Honour Medical Society V; Lacrosse I; Volleyball I-II, V-VI; 
Daffydil I-II. Future: Surgery. 

IRVING H. LIPTON, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha 
Honour Medical Society. President; Daffydil Business Manager V; 
Lacrosse; Basketball. 

DAVID I. LORENZEN, St. Catharines; Swimming I. Future: General 

GEORGE A. LUUS, Toronto; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; Hart House Camera 
Club I-VI. 

F. MICHAEL McATEER, Copper Cliff, Ont.; St. Andrew's College, 
Aurora; Hart House Art Committee III. 

FLORENCE G. D. McCLAIN, Monrovia. Liberia. 
CLAIR L. McDOUGALL, Gore Bay, Ont.; Gore Bay H.S. 
DONALD G. McFADYEN, Collingwood; Collingwood District C.I. 

DONALD C. McGILLIVRAY, Toronto; Upper Canada College; 
Squash I-VI; Water Polo I-VI; Football II-III; Volleyball VI. 

DAVID C. MacGREGOR, Toronto; L^niversity of Toronto Schools; 
Daffydil I-IV, Chairman IV; Medical Society IV; Alpha Omega 
Alpha Honour Medical Society IV. Future: Paediatric Surgery. 

JOSEPH B. MaclNNIS, Toronto; L'pper Canada College; Intercollegiate 
Swim Team I-VI, Captain II; Track III-IV. 

ALEX. J. McMAHON, Port Arthur; Port Arthur C.I.; Class Vice- 
President I; Junior F^.A.C. Rep. II; Knox Lacrosse I; Knox College 
Assoc. President III; N.F.C.U.S. National Seminar IV; Carabin 
Exchange Weekend V; Hart House Music Committee IV-V, Secretary 
V; Daffydil I-II. 

WALDEMAR MAEHLE, Stratford, Ont. 

ALEX. MARKS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Daffydil; Socialist Forum. 

JOSEPH V. MARMINA, Nortli Bay; Duke of Connaught H.S., New 
Westminster, B.C., University College (B.A.). Future; General 

MARGARET E. MILTON (Mrs.), Toronto; Jarvis C.I., Victoria 
College (B.A.), Edinburgh University (Ph.D.). Future: Paediatric 

ALEX. J. MOFFATT, Gait; Gait C.V.S.; C.O.T.C. I-II; Class Treasurer 
III; Class President VI; R.C.A.F. IV-VI. Future: R.C.A.F. Medical 



JOSEPH J MURRAY, Seaforth. Ont.; 8t Michael'. College School 
Future: Postgraduate Training. 

DAVID NAIBERG, Toronto; Forest Ifill C.I.; Basketball I-V; Volley- 
Kill I-V; Football I: Medical Athletic Letter; Probe. Managing 
i-.iiitor \ ; Medical Jour,,,, l. Advertising Manager VI. 

SHELDON C. NAIMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Alpha Omega 
Alpha Honour Medical Society; Basketball; Squash; Hart House 
I able lennis Executive II. 


SUSAN Z. NIRENBERSKI, Toronto; School in Warsaw. Poland. 


EDWARD J. PAMENTER, Toronto; Malvern C.I. 
JAMES C. PAUPST, Dundas, Ont. 

MARIE E. PLETSCH. Toronto; Bast York C.I. Future; Interning 

IIVI RATAS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. 

MARSHALL L. REDHILL, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Soccer Mil- 
Water Polo II-IV; Daflfydil I-VI, Dance Director III-IV. DaffydU 
Director V. Future: Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 

AGNES E. REICHER (Mrs.), West 11.11. Ont. 

E. PAUL REID, Toronto; Leaside U.S.; R.C.A.F. IV- VI; V.C.F I-VI- 
Daffydil III-V. Future: R.C.A.F. 

JOHN A. RENNIE, Port Colborne. 

ROBERT N. RICHARDS, Toronto; Forest Hill (I .. Upper Canada 
Coll,-,-; Water Polo I-VI; Football II. IV; Hockej II-Y; Swimming 
I-V; Intercollegiate Swim Team I; Daffydil II-III: North Carolina 
Exchange VI; Osier Club President VI; Medical Jour,,.,! Associate 
Editor VI; Class Vice-President III; U.N.T.D. 

PETER M. RICHARDSON, Larder Lake. Out 

FRED ROSEN, Toronto; Bathursl Heights C.V.S.; Daffydil I-VI; Probe 
Magazine l\-\; Basketball I-VI; Volleyball I-V; Alpha Omega 
Alpha Honour Medical Society. Future; Internal Medicine. 

ROSS A. SHAW, Toronto. 



GERALD M. SHETISKY, Montreal; McGiU University (B.Sc). 

YEHUDI P. SHIELDS, B.A., Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball III-IV. 
Future: General Practice. 

JEANNE SHKIMBA, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Daffydil I-VI; CAM. S.I. 
III-VI, National Secretary III; Medical Society V; Carabin Exchange 
Weekend IV; Medical Journal III-IV; Probe Secretary IV; Hockey 

NICHOLAS E. SIKSAY, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; Basketball I-III; 
Football I-V; Class Treasurer V. Future: Internship in Hamilton. 

GARY A. SINCERBOX, Hamilton; Delta S.S.; Torontonensis, Assistant 
Sports Editor I; Daffydil I-III. 

JOHN D. SINCLAIR, Vellek. Ont.; Yellek C.I.; Wrestling I; Probe 
IV-VI; Class President V; Daffydil IV-V. Future: General Practice, 

DON SKLAR, Downsview; Bloor C.I.; Basketball I-III; Volleyball III - 
Daffydil I-III, VI. 

PRYMA N. SKOWRON. Toronto; New Toronto H.S.; Daffydil Glee 
Club MI. 

DAVID P. SMITH, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Daffydil II-III, VI; 
Medical Journal III; hart house Music Committee IV. 

CHARLES F. T. SNELLING, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 
Football I-V, Coach V; Blue and White Rep. IV-VI; Ice Frolics 
Producer IV-VI; Winter Carnival Co-Chairman VI. 

JULES SOBRIAN, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; St. Mary's College, Port- 
of-Spain; Hart House Pistol Team V. 

WALTER O. SPITZ ER, Montevideo, Uruguay; Crandon Institute. 
Montevideo; Soccer I-IV; V.C.F. Meds. President IV; Medical 
Jovrnal V-VI, Assistant Editor V, Editor-in-Chief VI. Future 
Mpdical Missionary. 

JACK L. STEIN, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Daffydil I-IV; Basketball I-VI; 
Lacrosse I-IV; Squash III-IV. 

DONALD W. STRANGWAY, Toronto; Oakwood C.I; Camera Club 
I-VI; S.C.M. I-VI, Associate Treasurer III; U.N.T.D. II-V. 



Treasurer IV. 

Toronto; Oakwood C.I.J Medical Society 

JIM TANOVICH, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Daffydil Orchestra HI. 

CARL THEOHAR, Downsview; Bathurst Heights C.V.S., Downsview 
C.I.; Volleyball I; Basketball I; Track VI; Intra-Clinic Squash VI. 
Future: Postgraduate Study. 



BRUCE W. THOMAS, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I. ; Water Polo I-VI; 
WedicalJownal, Assistant Editor V. 

LOUIS TRAIN, Toronto. 

PAUL W. TRUSCOTT, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Volleyball MI; Soccer 
II; Basketball I-VI. 

JOHN J. TURNER, Aurora; Jarvis C.I. 

WILLIAM C. VAUGHAN, Hamilton; Westdale I 
ball I-V. 

.; Football I; Basket- 

DAVID O. WAINWRIGHT, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 
Daft'vdil I. 

MARILOU WAITE, Brantford; Brantford C.I.; V.C.I - . I-VI; Medical 
Women's Undergraduate Association. President VI. Future: Medical 

EUGENE W. WASYLENKI, Coniston. Ont.; Coniston H.S.. Sudbury 
U.S.; Hart House Glee Club Accompanist I. 

DANIEL J. WISE, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I., University College (B.A.); 
C.A. M.S.I. Executive. Canadian Interne Placement Service Officer V. 

GERALD S. WONG, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Hart House Glee Club III; 
Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society IV. 

JERRY M. ZADIYKO, Toronto; Humberside C.I.: Medical Athletic 
Association, Class Rep. II, Quarter Master IV-V; Football V; Basket- 
ball VI, Rep.; Track V; Water Polo III; Volleyball III; Daffydil I. 

CHRISTINE A. ZALESKY, Edmonton, Alberta. 

LAUREN V. ZEILIG, Windsor; Kennedy C.I.; Soccer I-V; Volleyball 
I-VI; Basketball I-V; United Nations Club V-VI. 

ALLEN G. ZIPPIN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Daffydil II-IV; 

Squash V; Probe III. 

BERNICE E. ZNAJDA, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Medical Women's 
Undergraduate Association IV; Daffydil I-VI, Future: Postgraduate 
Psychiatrj . 


i Veoical Journal 






Hon. Chairman 


Hon. Sec. Treasurer 


The Medical Assembly, consisting of elected representatives from the 
medical society, has met every two weeks throughout the school year 
under the chairmanship of Dr. Charles Bull. Jin the main the assembly has 
devoted its attention to the investigation of certain problems for the 
benefit of the younger years and future classes in the faculty of medicine. 

The assembly has strongly supported CAMSI in their attempt to have 
the intern wages standardized throughout the teaching hospitals ^ of 
Toronto at a rate agreed to by the Ontario Medical Association. 

The staff" student committee has been very enthusiastic and conscien- 
tious in suggesting to the committee of curriculum changes those aspects 
of medical training which could be altered in the best interests to the 
students of the future. 

The Medical Assembly has suggested that a library be installed in the 
medical building. This will enable medical students to have library facili- 
ties available to them at lunchtime and off hours. The hiring of a secretary 
for the assembly to handle office load was a welcomed innovation. It is 
hoped that with the advent of the library the secretary could assume 
part-time librarian duties. 

In September the society welcomed and entertained the Freshmen at 
a banquet in Hart House. Warden McCully delivered an inspiring speech 
to the students who were just beginning their university way of life. The 
welcoming ceremonies stressed the importance of the pre-medical students 
to our faculty. The contributions of the present pre-medical students have 
been significant indeed. 

Probe has published two magazines this year. The quality of the articles 
and layout has received very favourable comments. The Medical Journal 
has been most successful in publishing a journal of high calibre with a 
substantially enlarged subscription circulation. The Arts and Letters club 
once again had only a small following. The club hopes that by concen- 
trating on fewer activities in the future more active interest will be aroused. 
The great success of the Daffydil production justified the effort and time 
spent by the students of the society. The Duncan Room continued to be 
a very popular eating and gathering spot for the students. This year, due 
to the lack of room for persons outside the faculty, a "strong arm" was 
placed at the entrance to the room to check ATL cards. The athletic 
teams have played hard and with spirit but had to wait another year to 
get sight of the Mulock cup. A notable increase in interest was shown in 
the commendable work performed by N.F.C.U.S. and W.U.S. 





Pres. 6T3 

Vice President 


Staff Student 


Pres. 6T4 

Pres. 617 

. f 




Pres. 6T5 


Medical Journal 


Pres. 6T2 

Pres. 6T6 

Public Rel. 

Arts & Letters 

Men's Athletics 

Water Polo I 

BACK ROW: Harvey Armstrong, Jim Graham, 
Al Gross, Peter Kopplin, Perry Cooper. 
FRONT: Bob Richards, Warren Allen, Walter 
Unger, Roger Ball. 

This year will see the graduation of Meds students who 
have been very active in University Athletic activities. Joe 
Anderson (the perennial Varsity Tennis Champion), Barry 
Cutler, Gerry Zadiyko, Bob Richards and others have con- 
tributed throughout their university years in organizing 
sports, in executive positions, and in playing on various 

The Meds I Basketball team again proved to be a strong 
contender, along with the Premeds team, in the major 
league. In Hockey action, Stu McNeil's Meds I team began 
to pick up speed after a slow start, and finished on a winning 

Hockey II 

BACK ROW: John Graham, Dave Marshall, Mike Frimer, Richard 


FRONT: Walt James, R. Shoichet, Mike Goldberg, Earl Lockhart. 

ABSENT: Don Henderson. 

streak. Peter Kopplin, Barry Cutler, Larry Langlois. Will 
Cawkell, Glen Grohome and Peter Strachov were among 
the veteran standouts. 

The Meds Golf Tournament held at Tarn O'Shanter Golf 
Course, September 27, 1961, was attended by 105 golfers. 
This annual event, with such enthusiastic support, is 
assured of future success. A championship for Medicine is 
certain in Water Polo. Led by Captain Walter Unger and 
veterans Harvey Armstrong, Peter Kopplin, Roger Ball. 
Jim Graham, the team is enjoying a wide margin in their 


BACK ROW: M. Battle, D. Davidson. 
FRONT: J. Sturgeon, J. Shkimba, T. Borland. 


Senior Officer 

Retiring Sr. Officer 
Junior Officer 

Tom Borland 
Jean Shkimba 
Matt Battle 

The Canadian Association of Medical Students and 
Internes was founded in 1937 with the aims of promoting 
the exchange of ideas among medical students and internes; 
promoting the investigation and attack of common problems 
on a national basis, and of helping prepare the members for 
national medical citizenship. 

CA.M.S.I. today includes all medical students and in- 
ternes across Canada. Its accomplishments in the past have 
been many. In regard to student health, these include the 
tuberculin test and annual chest X-ray of all university 
students. There has been established a CA.M.S.I. life 
assurance programme to suit medical students' and gradu- 
ates' needs. Examination reprints are available for all years 
throughout the various medical schools. 

At present national CA.M.S.I. has involved itself in the 
establishment of functioning interne committees in the 
various teaching hospitals. Also a brief is being prepared 
for presentation to the Royal Commission on health, 
expressing the medical students' viewpoint. 

The Canadian Interne Placement Service, established in 
1949, operates from Toronto and represents an efficient 
link between the medical graduate and the hospitals in the 
placement of internes. Another major service is the Trans- 

Chairman Intern 

Committee Basil Orchard 

Interne Placement Derek Davidson 

Overseas Exchange Sam Malcolmson 

6T2 Representative Lavina Lickley 

6T5 Representative Jeremy Sturgeon 

Atlantic Student Exchange Programme established in 
Toronto four years ago for the purpose of placing students 
in European hospitals during the summer months. 

The Preceptorship programme instituted in Toronto five 
years ago is increasing in popularity. Seventy-five students 
this year applied to be placed for a period of two weeks 
with a general practitioner, either in rural or urban Ontario, 
to study the aspects of such a practice. 

The cost of medical instruments for students has been 
greatly reduced through CA.M.S.I. by means of bulk 
orders. Last year approximately 512,000 was spent in 
purchasing instruments for the students in Toronto. Plans 
have been completed recently for the establishment of a 
CA.M.S.I. Foundation to provide medical students and 
graduates with financial assistance through insured endow- 
ments and accumulated central funds. 

Presently local CA.M.S.I. is concerned with the estab- 
lishment of a programme which would sponsor students 
from developing countries to attend our medical school. 

These represent a few of the many projects with which 
CA.M.S.I. is presently concerned. Their success will benefit 
the medical student and interne, as well as extend further 
the aim of serving and representing its members. 


Medical Women's Undergraduate Association 


BACK ROW: Teresa Lingys, Bonnie Robson, Janet Fisher, Marian Jewell, 

Ann Archer, Lavina Lickley. 

FRONT: Inara Grava, Dr. Marjorie Moore, Marilou Waite. 

Activities of the Year 

INITIATION: Thirty new faces this year! Welcome 
and tour of the campus by II Premeds. So many 
things to do and see ! 

INITIATION TEA: A garden party. The class of 6T7 
and new members of 6T5 discover just what goes on 
in Meds . . . and decide to stay! 

INITIATION BANQUET: At the Town and Country 
. . . the Hippocratic Oath . . . a fascinating talk on 
the new Faculty of Music building by Dr. Boyd Neel. 

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Gifts for the University Settle- 
ment children . . . carols . . . crazy skits by III Meds 
about that medical student-patient relationship. 

Human guinea pig. 

THE PANEL DISCUSSION: Four lady doctors tell 
us about their interesting specialties and give us a 
glimpse of our possible futures. 

THE GRADUATION TEA: For IV Meds . . . au 
revoir and good luck in a new venture after six 
short years at U. of T. 

Poor rats. 


Medical Women's Athletic Association 


During the 1961-62 season, the Faculty of Medicine entered teams 
for intramural competition in basketball, volleyball and hockey. 
Entrants from Medicine also participated in tennis, archery, swim- 
ming and badminton. Medicine was also represented in the Inter- 
collegiate archery and volleyball teams. 

Medicine won no title in basketball or individual sports, but the 
outlook for both hockey and volleyball was good. 

The annual Athletic Banquet was held in the second week of 
March and was well attended. 


Marg Rosser, Dorothy Fukui, Ann Haag, Judy Belick, 
Eva Vidins, Inara Grava, Grazina Girauskas. 

BACK ROW: Bob Ginsberg (Coach), Ann Griffin, Janef Fisher, Grazina Girdauskas, 

Lynn Fredericks, Christina Hanley, Mary Robertson, Joan Dixon, Mary Jane Ashley. 

FRONT: Jem Bullock, Joy Armstrong, Sharon Bernstein, Marion Jewell, Patti Gair, 
Lavina Lickley. 


BACK ROW: Mary Robertson, Chris Petyk, Eva Vidins, Ann Griffin, Jocn Dixon. 

FRONT: Joy Armstrong, Anne Lazenby, Janet Fisher, Inara Grava, Sharon Bernstein, Toni 


ABSENT: Dana Pacevicius, Patti Gair. 

CO-EDITORS: Harold Hamer 
Bernard Raxlen 


David Sinclair 

Marion Brown 

Bill Arkinslall 

The 1961-62 Probe magazine of the Medical Society is the latest 
stage in a transition of "non-medical" writing which has taken place 
over the last four years. 

Probe was at first an instrument for solidifying Meds' extracurricular 
interests and strengthening support for Medical Society events in 
pulp-paper form. Steering a rocky course, it slowly grew from eight 
pages to twelve, then to four dozen. Now published less frequently (only 
twice a school year), it contains, besides a decreasing quantity of 
strictly "medical" subjects, a tossed-salad novelette, corny monologue, 
campus excelling photography and. unfortunately, just plain hash. 

In the present editions, the staff has attempted to steer the Probe 
clear of all restraining currents, with the result that a serious, stimula- 
ting, truly literary publication has been produced, bringing hidden 
talent to light. It offers a creative communication in magazine form, a 
type of communicating that is a rare phenomenon in a large depersonal- 
ized professional faculty. 

It is understandable that the pseudo-apathy and lack of literary 
response is prevalent in a student body numbed by a huge course of 
study. However, it will be a sad day when a medical student will be 
forced to stand up and stammer that he had time for only his studies. 
Authors' names like Chekhov and Maugham flit through the memory, 
each personality bruised by medical school and yet. . . . 

The Probe in spite of all obstacles has finally become a literary 
magazine. It is hoped that this evolution will continue and that The 
Probe will remain a literary publication representative of the creative 
expression of the medical student. 


Jack Dodick 
Lynn Fredericks 
Ray Gilbert 
Christine Hanley 
Ken Sky 


Charles Listgarten 
Jerry Shime 


Stan Barron 
Ralph Manktelow 

David Sinclair 
Larry Gotkind 


Seymour Toiman 
Ken Karols 


Ron Carr 


Ingram Chodorow 


BACK ROW: Marvin Cooper, Ken Karols, Jerry Shime, Stan Barron, Charles 


FRONT: Bernard Raxlen, Marion Brown, Harold Hamer. 

the medical society presents . . . Daffydil 1961 


Daffydil '61, depicting the evolu- 
tion of medicine from creation to 
the present, proved to be a fasci- 
nating formula of fun and fancy. 
Dave MacGregor as chairman, 
John Balfour and John Brebner 
as co-directors, Bas Johnston as 
producer, and Irv Lipton as busi- 
ness manager comprised this year's 
general directorate. The dancing, 
under the directorship of Nadine 
Hradsky, with choreography by 
Syd Vousden, took the audience 
through a graceful creation baliet 
to a scorching Hawaiian war- 
dance. Rand Simpson as music 
director and Bill Karr as glee 
club director provided an imagi- 
native musical facet to the show. 

Again Daffydil was fortunate to 
have the outstanding services of 
Lavina Lickley, who bedecked the 
cast in a superb set of costumes. 
In keeping with Daffydil tradition, 
medical humour featured such 
well-known personalities as Roy 
Shoichet, Joey Starr and Brian 
McGrath as France's foremost 
travelling surgeons, Lynn Freder- 
icks as the first female applicant 
to medicine, and Jim Buchan as 
Young Dr. McGoeydare. This 
year Medsmen can be proud of 
one of the best shows on the 

As a complete reversal of form, 
next year's show will feature an 
evening of chamber music inter- 
spersed with the year's ten best 
Physiology lectures. 


Faculty of Pharmacy 



Phm.B., B.?., M.A., LL.D. 

ROBERT J. S. AMBIS, Burlington. Ont.; Cathedra! U.S.; Water Polo II. 

ROBERT D. BALLANTYNE, St. Catharines; St. Catharines CVS. 
Future: Retail Pharmacy in St. Catharines. 

GEORGE F. BARRAND, Oshawa; Burwaah Interhouse Hockey; 
Burwash Interhouse Volleyball. Future: Pharmacist in Oshawa 

CHARLES E. G. BARTON, Toronto; Royal York C.I.; Archery Club I; 
Air Force Reserve I. 

ELIZABETH A. BENETEAU, Windsor; Corpus Christi M.S.; Basketball. 
Manager II-III; Softball Rep. IV; Women's Athletic Director IV. 

ROBERT N. BOYES, Clarkson, Ont.; T. L. Kennedy M.S.; Football; 
Basketball. Future: Teaching. 

M. ELAINE BRISBOIS, Toronto; Loretto Abbey; Undergraduate 
Pharmaceutical Society 1 1\ Recording Secretarj II-III. Vice- 
President IV; Hockey I-IV; Cheerleader HI; Softball II; Winner of 
Deans Stick, IV. Future: Retailing in Toronto. 

G. DONALD BUCKINGHAM, Brantford; Brantford C.V.& Future: 
Retail Pharmacy. 

IRENE H. BUKLIS, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 



MICHAEL J. BURNETT, Scarborough; Winston Churchill C.I. Future: 
Industrial Pharmacy. 

DAVID S. BYERS, Toronto; Agincourt C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

JOHN CIS LA K, Toronto; Central Tech., Bloor C.I., Harbord C.I. 
Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

SHARON A. DAULT, Toronto; Notre Dame H.S.; Pharmacy Phlash, 
Reporter III; Pharmakon, Co-Editor IV; Newman Club. Future: 
Hospital Pharmacy. 

BERNARD P. DesROCHES, Ansonville, Ont.; Iroquois Falls and 
Calvert District H.S.; Curling II; Pharmacy Phlash III; Pharmakon, 
Co-Editor IV; Newman Club. Future: Retail Pharmacy or Manage- 

RON H. J. DISANO, Sault Ste. Marie; Sault Collegiate, St. Michaels 
College H.S. Future: Retail Pharmacy in Sault Ste. Marie. 

ANNA-MARIE DRIMMIE, Lang, Ont.; Peterborough C.V.S.; Swim- 
ming I-IV; U. of T. Swim Club IV; Hockey I-IV; Campus Co- 
operative Res. III-IV. 


Retail Pharmacy. 

Brantford, Ont.; Brantford C.V.S. Future: 

P. EUGENE FEDIRCHUK, Kirkland Lake. Ont.; Kirkland Lake C.V.I.; 
Hockey I-IV. 

ROBERT W. FEDORCHUK, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Football. Future: 
Retail Pharmacy. 

DAVID J. FREEMAN, Gravenhurst, Ont.; Gravenhurst H.S. Future: 
Retail Pharmacy in Orillia. 

IRWIN GOLDKIND, Toronto; Harbord C.I. Future: Pharmacy Owner. 

ROSLYNN C. GRAHAM, Toronto; Burnhamthorpe C.I.; Swimming I; 
Hockey I-IV; Class Secretary-Treasurer I-IV; Baseball II-III; 
Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society III-IV, Corresponding Secre- 
tary III, Treasurer IV. 

EMMA E. HARHAN, Toronto; St. Joseph's College School. Future: 
Retail Pharmacy. 

CHARLES S. HUDES, Toronto; Harbord C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

HOWARD E. D. IRONSTONE, Cooksville; Thomas L. Kennedy H.S.; 
Football; Script Humour. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

RASMA JEKABSONS (Mrs.), Cleveland, Ohio; West H.S. 

GEORGE J. JOHNSTON, Toronto; East York C.I. Future: Retail 



GORDON C. JOHNSTON, Madoo, Ont.J Madoc U.S.; Volleyball II-IV; 
Basketball I-IY. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

HELLE KELEMIT, Toronto; Mimico IIS.; Volleyball I-II; E.A.C. 
Hep. I; Cheerleader II; VV.F.s. Bep. Ill; Treasure Van. - 
Script Reporter IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

MAIJA KERE, St. Catharines; Grantham U.S.; Volleyball II; Basketball 
I. IV. Manager IV. 

I RVING KNOPMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

DANNY KOHN, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-IY; Football II; 
Soccer I-II. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

JOHN A. McKENNA, Toronto; Bloor C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

MICHAEL V. McRAE, Toronto; St. Michael's College H.S.; Hockey 
II-IV; Squash IV. Future: Drug Manufacturing and Product 

HENRY S. MALARA, Hamilton; Delta C.I.; Football I-IY; Hockey IV. 
Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

ROBERT W. MANDEL, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. 

WILBERT T. MIKKOLA, Nipigon, Ont.; Xipigon-Red Rock District 
U.S. Future: Retail Pharmacy, Northern Ontario. 

SISTER M. GIOVANNI (MILES), London: St. Angela's College. 
Future: Hospital Pharmacy, 

MEL. M. NAIMAN, Toronto; Yaughan Road C.I. Future: Retail 
Pharmacy , 

JERRY A. OMELON, Pickering; Pickering District U.S.; Hockey; 
Lacrosse; Sir Daniel Wilson Residence. Hutton House President. Res- 
idence Council President. 

ANNETTE L. PAPINEAU, Belle River, Ont.; North Essex IIS; Basket- 
ball Il-IY; Hockey Manager III-IY. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

LAUMA PETERSONS, Toronto; Pelham District U.S. Future: Hospital 

BARRY S. PHILLIPS, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.8.; Soccer I-III; 
Hockey I-IV: Basketball I; Volleyball II: S.piash III: LaOTOSM 1\ . 
F.P.S. Social Director. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

HAROLD L. B. PRIMMER, Kenora, Ont.; Kenora-Keewatin District 
U.S.; Bquash IV. 

THOMAS A. PUGSLEY, Toronto; Leaside C.I.; Men's Athletic Rep. IV; 
Hockey I-IV: Football I-II, IV. 



BRIAN D. REID, London, Ont.; Sir Adam Beck O.I.; Hart House Camera 
Club. Future: Graduate Work in Biochemistry at Western. 

DAVID J. REINHARDT, Kitchener; St. Jerome's H.S. Future: Marriage. 

SHARON J. REYNOLDS, Peterborough; Kenner C.V.S.; Baseball; 
Volleyball; Basketball; Athletic Rep. II-IV; Cheerleader HI. 
Future: Betail Pharmacy. 

ELVIRA M. T. ROIG, Havana, Cuba; Vibora Institute, Havana. 
Future: Hospital Pharmacy. 

DOUGLAS A. RUPERT, Tweed, Ont.; Tweed H.S.; Football III. 


MARTIN SONE, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball 
I-III; Soccer I-II. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

PETER L. SPALDING, Islington; Etobicoke C.I.; Undergraduate 
Pharmaceutical Society President IV; Basketball I-IV; Football II. 

MACLYN E. A. SPENCE, Fort William, Ont,: Fort William C.I.; 
Badminton; Tennis; Volleyball; Basketball; Baseball; Girls' Athletic 
Rep. III. 

ARNOLD STEIN, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Football I-III; Basket- 
ball I-II. 

CHARLES J. TAI, Vancouver; Central Collegiate. Moose Jaw, Sask.; 
Chinese Varsity Club; Squash IV; Pharmakun IV. 

LYDIA N. TARASCHUK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Ukrainian Students' 
Club. F'uture: Retail Pharmacy. 

KATHLEEN P. TOZER, Aurora; Aurora District H.S.; Script Editor IV. 

ROBERT A. WARREN, Princeton, Ont.; Newmarket H.S., Brampton 
H.S.; Volleyball III; Stephenson House General Manager III, 
Treasurer IV. Future: Hospital Pharmacy. 

E. CRAIG YOUNG, Port Credit; Port Credit H.S.; Squash Team Cap- 
tain III-IV; Pharmakun Sports Reporter. 

WILLIAM F. YUNDT, Cooksville; T. L. Kennedy S.S. 


BACK ROW: Malcolm Sealh, Bill Crothers, Bernard Des Roches, Ron Cowell, John Ackert, Tom Pugsley. 

SECOND: W. Sexsmith, Belly Beneleau, Barb Binder, Sharon Dault, Kathleen Tozer, Joyce Ferguson, Stella Gdanski, Renale Tannenzapf, Lou Birenbaum. 
FRONT: Barry Phillips, Roslynn Graham (Treasurer), Elaine Brisbois (Vice-President), Peter Spalding (President), Carole Eedy (Secretary), Linda Logan, 
Dr. D. Kennedy (Faculty Advisor). 

Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society 

The Central Executive of the Undergraduate Pharma- 
ceutical Society acted this year with the main aim of uniting 
the students of this faculty, increasing their awareness of 
professionalism and arousing their interest in outside events. 
With first and second years mainly on campus, third and 
fourth years in the faculty building, and little actual contact 
between them, it has been difficult to fulfill this aim. It is 
hoped that future executives will continue to attempt to 
do so. 

This year the Executive stressed events such as the 
Creative Writers' Conference, the NFCUS seminars, and 
Pharmacy's own Professional Evenings. Various exchange 
weekends, such as the Carabin and North Carolina week- 
ends, were also brought to the attention of the students. 

To promote unity within the faculty, intramural hockey 


games were started by the social director. These were 
played at 12.30 a.m. in Varsity Arena, and were intended, 
also, to increase class spirit. The students also united in the 
Blood Campaign to exceed the quota and in the Share 
Campaign to donate twice as much as last year. 

One particularly noteworthy event was the Freshman 
Orientation Banquet, initiated to acquaint the freshmen with 
the University in general and the Faculty of Pharmacy 
in particular. 

Once again an attempt was made to revise the constitu 
tion, with more being accomplished this year than in 
previous years. 

Many thanks to Dr. Kennedy, who acted as Staff Advisor 
and did much to aid in the successful fight for a coffee 
machine and a new lunchroom. 




The Professional Evenings, sponsored by 
the U.P.S., are organized to present an 
opportunity for increased understanding, 
through discussion, of various phases of 
Professional activity. The need for such a 
forum is increased by the scattered nature of 
the undergraduate programme which hinders 
contact between students of various years. 

At the Professional Committee meetings, 
prominent pharmacists in many fields have 
spoken to members on their special interests. 
Mr. T. Ross of the Canadian Pharmaceutical 
Association was the first speaker, with a very 
timely review of the current government 
investigations into Pharmacy and Health 
Care. At the second meeting Mr. R. McKim 
of the Department of Health and Welfare 
spoke concerning narcotics and narcotic con- 
trol. The film, "Face of an Addict" was also 
shown. The subject of the final meeting was 
recent development in retailing methods and 
its possible effect on the practice of pharmacy. 
Mr. C. Gould, the president of Drug Trading, 
was the speaker at that time. 

At all of these meetings, the keen discus- 
sions, both at the meeting and for days after, 
were evidence of the interest in this activity 
and the profit which attendance and partici- 
pation can yield. 

BACK ROW: Peter Spalding, Bob Ambis, Malcolm Seatn. 
FRONT: Miriam Ridley, Carole Eedy. 

"The Script" 

The Script is the Pharmacy bi-monthly newspaper, 
a completely undergraduate project. Each of the four 
years of Pharmacy contribute their class news, and there 
are men and women's sports columns as well as a Town 
and Campus column. Occasionally a professor is asked 
to contribute an article for the paper. The Script serves 
to unite Pharmacy students of all four years who are so 
widely separated between those in their first years on 
campus and the senior students at the college on 
Gerrard Street. 


Kathleen Tozer IV 

"The Pharmakon" 

Every year the Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society 
puts out its yearbook covering the activities of the 
previous academic year. Although the title Pharmakon 
comes from a Greek word originally meaning a charm, 
then a poison and finally a drug, the yearbook is not 
intended to be magic, toxic or medicating. Contributions 
may be made by all undergraduates. The book is co- 
edited by two students in their graduating year with the 
help of a staff of assistant editors. 


Sharon Dan It IV 

Bernard Des Roche IV 



BACK ROW: Cathie Trotter, Sally Whitby, Lecia Sabol. Barb Wagenarr, Miriam Ridley, 

Magdaline Dinyer. 

FRONT: Maiia Kere, Annette Papineau, Shirley Quan. 

ABSENT: Libby Dawson, Hellena Andrejko, Velga Zvaigznite. 


Team participation this year was good 
and Pharmacy was well represented in 
Softball, basketball, volleyball and hockey. 

Epinephrine circulated through the veins 
of the dauntless Pharmacy femmes be- 
decked in their bright yellow sweaters as 
they eagerly awaited participation in foot- 
ball. Unfortunately, in spite of the efforts 
of the athletic association, this pig-skinned 
sport did not become a reality, but onl\ a 
promise of better things to come. 

Enthusiasm was high as the female 
"pill-pushers" turned out in full force for 
softball and basketball in the first term. 
After several scheduled games, and finding 
no opponents on the field, the excitement 
dwindled until finally the girls defaulted 
from the softball league. Despite a desper- 
ate struggle to combat previous disappoint- 
ments, the Pharmacy girls lost their first 
basketball game. In the following games 


BACK ROW: G. Robertson, Roslynn Graham, 
Sharon Mickle, Linda Gailbraith, J. McLean. 
SECOND: Miriam Ridley, Magdaline Dinyer, 
Barb Wagenarr, G. Ryder, Pat Stuff, Annette 
Papineau, Stella Gdanski. 

FRONT: Elsie Haslett, Linda Logan, Cathie 
Trotter, Elaine Brisbois, Sally Whitby. 
ABSENT: Shirley Quan, Libby Dawson, 
Elizabeth Hoskin, Nancy Haldenby. 



they made a comeback, dribbling their 
way to victory. In spite of their efforts and 
determination to top the league, the league 
championship was carried off by the 
undefeated P.H.E. team. 

Much effort was put into minor sports, 
and, although there were no earth-shaking 
developments, the roads have been opened 
and will encourage others in the next 
school year. Pharmacy was represented in 
the U. of T. Swim Club, in the tennis 
tournament, and in archery. This year saw 
formed the nucleus of a bowling league; 
although small in number, it provided 
many hours of fun for those who attended. 

1961-62 did not prove to be a year of 
championships for the Pharmacy femmes, 
yet it can be termed a success. Without any 
championships, the girls have brought the 
Faculty of Pharmacy to the campus by 
making it known through sports. 


BACK ROW: J. Omelon, Barb Wagenarr, Lecia Sabat, Jo Ann Matheson, M. Burnett. 
FRONT: Elsie Haslett, Pat Stutt, Evelyn Tanaka. 
ABSENT: Shirley Quan, Joan Grindell. 


BACK ROW: Anne Hastings, Sharon Reynolds, Lecia Sabat, Kathy Weller, Lynne Spence. 
FRONT: Rasma Jekabsons, Susan Biggs, Dale Treloar. 


Pharmacy Men's Athletics 

In general. Pharmacy athletes this year have been very 
similar to former years with one or two exceptions. In the 
fall term the football team opened the season with two 
successive wins, then lost the next three games, two by only 
a single point. This represented quite a change from the 
preceding year in which there were legistered no wins. The 
lacrosse, soccer and volleyball teams had only fair showings, 
mostly because of a lack of support. 

In the late fall Pharmacy's hockey and basketball teams, 
traditional powerhouses in their respective divisions, began 
their seasons. In hockey two teams, A and B, entered 
competition. Both teams played good hockey and stood 
excellent chances of gaining the playoffs. In basketball six 
teams made up of two major and four minor teams were 
fielded. In contrast to former years, the A team moved up 
to a higher division and encountered much success. The B 

team and minor league teams have been very successful in 
their respective leagues. 

Departing for a moment from interfaculty athletics, this 
year Pharmacy has two representatives in sports on the 
intercollegiate level. They are Bill Crothers in track, who, 
with Bruce Kidd, is co-holder of the Hec Phillips Memorial 
Trophy, and Ken Walker, a member of the Varsity Blues 
basketball team. Participation in the major sports has been 
good, but in the less publicized team sports such as soccer, 
water polo and volleyball, the performances have been 
greatly hampered by lack of support. 

But with the end of the year approaching, support from 
the first and second years has greatly increased and the 
future both this year and in the following years promises to 
be both excitinu and rewardins for Pharmacv in athletics. 

Basketball "A" and "B" 

BACK ROW: S. Wilton, A. Rouho, R. Brandy, L. Skilnick, W. Carter, K. Flexman, R. Cowell, W. Sexsmith, G. Ryder. 
FRONT: P. Ruffolo, D. Wilson, N. Feldman, R. Bodner, J. Henderson, P. Spaldine, J. Goren. 

Hockey "B" 

BACK ROW: R. Ruffolo, G. Ryder, J. Blanchard, 
W. Sexsmith, J. McLean, G. Matheson. 
FRONT: D. Wilson, B. Phillips, F. Bergson, 
M. McRae, H. Mclara. 

Football Team 

BACK ROW: T. Pugsley, N. Boyles, L. Birenbaum. 

SECOND: S. Wilton, F. Earle, K. Flexman, R Bodner, R. Cowell, B. Bowen, E. Schmidt. 

FRONT: B. Semchishin, W. Ohashi, W. Kipp, J. Goren, A. Everson, W. McNeil, H. Malara. 

Bill Crothers 

Bill Crothers is Pharmacy's one-man track team and indeed 
the faculty is proud of him. Bill has been very active in his 
school, was president of his class this year, displaying leader- 
ship in organizing several of the minor sports such as soccer 
and track and field at the Faculty of Pharmacy. 

In all activities he has shown himself to be beyond reproach 
as far as fairness and sportsmanship are concerned. His per- 
formance this year in athletics is truly remarkable. 

As a result of his efforts at the intercollegiate meet last 
September, when he clipped three seconds off the record in 
the 880-yard event, Bill was awarded the Fred Tees Memorial 

This past season Bill Crothers ranked first on the North 
American indoor circuit for the 500-600 yard distance. In 
Boston, Bill won the 1,000-yard event and a week later he 
bettered the world record in the event while coming in a pace 
behind Peter Snell, who set a new world record. 

Bill plans to attend the British Empire Games in November 
1962, and with him go our best wishes. 


Pharmacy Initiations 

Always working. 

What's cooking? 

Work and Play 
at Pharmacy 

A needed break. 

Maidens and the machine. 

Music for hardworking Pharmacites. 


have my lunch in here 

Aren't there boys in this course? 


The backward look 

and then you add 

The life of the party 


True concentration 

Life i 



I win! 


Tripping lightly 

and another hen party 


Physical and 
Occupational Therapy 



B.A., M.D. 

SUSAN P. BATTYE, Toronto; Lawrence Park CM.; Baseball I; Hockev 
I-III; Open House I-III; U. of T. Outing Club III. Future; Phsyio- 
therapy, Northern Canada. 

MARGARET J. BILLINGS, Hamilton; Delta S.S.; P.O.T. Choir I; 
Debates I; Ice Frolics I, III; Croup Rep. I; Campus Co-operative 
Res. II-III. Future: Marriage and Therapy in Toronto. 

SUSAN M. BLAKLEY, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Hockey I; Basket- 
ball I-II; Football [-II; P.O.T. Choir I; Undergraduate Association, 
Student Services Commissioner II. 

B. GWEN BRISLEY, Toronto; Leaside U.S.; Hockey I-III; Choir I. 

E. JOYCE BRODHECKER, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Basketball III; 
Volleyball III; Arts and Letters Rep. Ill; Choir I; Open House I-III. 
Future: Therapy in Toronto. 

MARGARET E. BURNE, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Basketball I-III; 
Class President III; Torontonenxis Rep. III. Future: Travel and 

MARY V. A. BURNS, Tweed, Ont.; Tweed U.S.; P.O.T. Choir I; Pro 
Club I-II. Secretary II; Group Rep. Ill; Float Parade II. Future: 

PATRICIA I. CONRON, Lome Park. Ont.: Lome Park S.: 
Nite I; Badminton I; Open House I-III 


NANCY M. CORNISH, Toronto; St. .Joseph's College School; Hockev 
I-III: Basketball III; Float Parade II-III; Newman Club I-III; 
P.O.T. Rep. II; Undergraduate Association. President III. 



TRUDY E. COWAN, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Baseball I: 
Float Parade I-III; U.C. Follies I-III; A.V.R. II-III; Croup Rep. II. 

ELLEN L. COWLISHAW, Toronto; Fast York C.I.j Hockey I-III. 
Future: Physiotherapy with Children. 

D. ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, Toronto; Havergal College; Basket- 
ball I; P.O.T. Choir I; S.C.M. I-II. 

FREDA K. DANCEY, Oshawa; Oshawa C.V.I. ; Basketball I; Float 
Parade I-II; Campus Co-operative Res. II; P.O.T. Debates Pep. 
II-III; U.T.D.U. II-IV; Model Parliament II-III, Chairman II. 

KATHARINE A. DERUMAUX, Oshawa; Oshawa C.V.I. ; Basketball I; 
Whitney Hall House Committee I; Group Rep. II; Campus Co- 
operative Res. II-III. 

ANNE K. DEWAN, Toronto; Loretto Abbev; S.M.C. Professional Club 
I; Baseball II; Float Parade II-III; Social Rep. III. 

SU ELLEN DUVINER, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I. 

HEATHER M. FOWLIE, Toronto; Notre Dame H.S., St. Joseph's C.S.; 
Hockey I-III; Football I; Baseball II; Group Rep. Ill; Float Parade 
II-III; U. of T. Outing Club III. Future: Physiotherapy. 

PATRICIA J. FRASER, Miami, Florida; North Toronto C.I., Ruston 
Academy, Cuba; Havergal College. Future: Therapy in Children's 
Hospital, Miami, then Canada. 

MARGARET M. A. FRECH, Sault Ste. Marie; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; 
Basketball I-II; Float Parade II-III; S.M.C. Professional Club I-II, 
Vice-President II; Social Rep. II; Blue and White Society III; Float 
Parade Co-Chairman III. Future: Therapy in the Sault. 

DORIANNE A. GALLOWAY, Toronto; Havergal College; Basketball 
I-II; Intermediate Intercollegiate Basketball I; Swimming II. 

CATHERINE E. T. GAMBLE, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I. 

PERNELLA I. GASCOIGNE, Kingston, Jamaica; Manning's H.S.; 
F.R.O.S.; West Indian Students' Association. Future: Therapy, 
Kingston, Jamaica. 

JANE M. GIHON, Toronto; East York C.I.; P.O.T. Secretary-Treasurer 
I; Choir I; Baseball I-II; Outing Club II-III. 

BARBARA GRAFF (Mrs.), Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Volleyball I 
F'uture: Therapy in Toronto. 

WENDY E. GREER, Toronto; Ontario Ladies' College, Malvern C.I.; 
Baseball I-II; Choir I; Social Rep. I; Outing Club III; Float Parade 
II-III. Future: Physiotherapy. 

LINDA A. HALL, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Tennis I-III; Volley- 
ball I; Basketball III; Skule Nite I-II. 

JANET E. HEARD, Richmond Hill; Loretto Abbey; Social Chairman; 
Loretto Local Council III; S.M.C. Pro Club II-III, Rep. II. 



NANCY P. HOGARTH, Saull Ste. Marie; Batllt Bte. Marie C.I.; 
Basketball I-III; Volleyball HI; Undergraduate Association. 
Treasurer II: S.A.C. Rep. Ill; Music Committee Chairman; Carabin 
Exchange III; F.R.O.8. ; Campus Co-operative Res. II-III. Future: 

CAROL ANN KELLEY, Vinemount. Ont.; Saltfleet. District U.S.; 
Badminton I. 

NANCY KRAFT (Mrs.), Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Open House I-III; 
Group Rep. III. 

MARGARET M. LAIDLER, Toronto; East York C.I.; Football I. 

MARILYN C. LITTLE, Brockville: Brockville C.I.V.S.; Outing Club I: 
United Nations Club II-III; Lutheran Students' flub I-III. 

JUDITH I. K. LYNCH, Islington; New Toronto S.S.; BasketbaU I-III, 
President II. 

DONNA J. McKAY, W illowdale; Earl Haig C.I.; Basketball MI; 
Open House I-III. Future: Therapy in Toronto. 

LOIS A. McQUAY, Woodbridge. Ont.; Weston C.V.S.; Baseball HI; 
Football HI; Hockey I-III; Bowling II; Float Parade II; Athletic 
Rep. Ill; Outing Club III. 

MARY L. MARSHALL, Toronto; St. Clement's School; Float Parade 
HI; Basketball I-III; Hockey I-III; Football HI; Badminton I-III; 
Baseball I; Athletic Rep. HI; Athletic President III. Future: 
Therapy and Travel. 

NANCY J. E. MERCER, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I. Future: Travel. 

ELIZABETH S. MINDEN, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; Choir I; Miss 
Freshie P.O.T. I; Campus Co-operative Res. II-III. Group Rep. III. 
Future: Marriage and Therapy in Hamilton. 

EVELYN J. MUTER, Port Credit; Port Credit C.I.; Hockey I; Choir I. 
Future: Therapy in London. 

MARGARET E. OLIVER, Yirginiatown, Ont.; Kirkland Lake C.Y.S .: 
Choir I; l.C.F. I-III; Curling HI; Campus Co-operative Kes. I-III. 
Work Schedule Controller II, House Manager II, Co-op. .\eu-s. 
Assistant Editor III. 

JUDITH A. PATTON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Tennis I-III; 
Volleyball I-III; Basketball III; Skule Nite HI; Open House MIL 

Future: Therapist in Toronto. 

BARBARA A. PETRY, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; P.O.T. Group Rep. I: 
Swimming I-III: Hockey I; Volleyball I-III; P.O.T. Cheerleader I; 
Engineering Cheerleader I. 

KATHERINE M. PRATT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; U. of T. 
Chorus; P.O.T. Choir. 


ELIZABETH P. SEVERS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Football HI; 
Basketball HI; Volleyball III; Hockey III; Ice Frolics I-III; A V R 
II; Float Parade I; Homecoming Show I; P.O.T. Cheerleader I; 
Open House I-III. 



NANCY E. J. SPRATT ASSANG, St. Joseph's H.S., Etobicoke C.I.; 

Newman Club Rep. II; Croup Rep. II; L'ndergraduate Refreshment 
Committee II; Open House I-III; Daffydil Stage Crew II. 

O. JOAN STOUCK, Vineland, Ont.; Beamsville H.S.; Macdonald 
Institute; P.O.T. Clioir I. 

MARILYN E. STUBBS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Volleyball 
I, III; Float Parade III; P.O.T. Choir I; Open House I-III. 

CATHERINE S. THOMPSON, Toronto; Havergal College; Under- 
graduate Committee, Vice-President II; N.F.C.U.S. Rep. Ill; Hockey 
I-III; Swimming I; Tennis I; Football I; Volleyball I; Badminton I-II. 

SEANNA D. VAUGHAN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Basketball I-II; 
P.O.T. Cheerleader I; Homecoming Show I; Open House I-III. 

MARILYN R. WAGMAN (Mrs.), Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Open House 

MARSHA R. WEISFIELD, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. 

ANNA MAY WHITE, Wallacetown, Ont.; West Elgin District H.S.; 
Choir I; Basketball III; Social Chairman III. 

The old Skule House replaces the "Pol Huts.' 


Physical and Occupational Therapy 



BACK ROW: Marianne Jefferies, Lynn Hall, Gail Hider, Sharyn 

Kuehner, Joan Ivans. 

FRONT: Pal Harris, Jane Taylor, Brenda Thomson, Meim Johnson, 


iMj0 ^^ 

BACK ROW: Brenda Thomson, Aline Simpson, Carolyn McMullen, 

Judy Patton, Joyce Brodhecker, Donna McKay, Nancy Cornish, 

Linda Hall, Lois McQuay. 

FRONT: Judy Lynch, Peggy Burne, Mary Marshall, Sandra 


ABSENT: Ann May White. 


BACK ROW: Barb Norman, Mary Oswald, Leslie Scotl. Pat Moses. 
FRONT: Joanne Bradley, Nancy Stone, Bev Meen, Helen Rogers. 
ABSENT: Nancy Madden, Shirley Rose. 



BACK ROW: Pat Moses, Hilary Clein, Barb Reid. 
FRONT: Lorna Watson, Mary Oswald, Joan Gordon. 
ABSENT: Nancy Madden. 


BACK ROW: Elise Roest, Gail Hider, Nancy Stone, Barb Reid. 
FRONT: Joanne Brodley, Sue Wells, Leslie Scott, Sharyn Kuehner. 
ABSENT: Nancy Madden, Cony McNeil, Sue Edwards, Judy 
Macklin, Joan Bell, Louise Istchut, Sheila Hunter. 


Linda Hall, Delia Freed hoff, Judy Patton. 
ABSENT: Sandra Graham. 

& r* 


BACK ROW: Pat Moses, Nancy Vincent, Hilary Clein. 
FRONT: Barb Norman, Lorna Watson, Leslie Scott. 
ABSENT: Bev Meen, Shirley Rose, G. Moxam. 


Undergraduate Executive 

BACK ROW: Nancy Taylor (2nd year President), Meim Johnson (S.5.C.), Lynne Avery (Treasurer), Freda Dancey 

(Debates Chairman), Mary Marshall (Athletic Rep.), Barb Reid (W.U.S. Rep.), Marg Freeh (Blue and White), 

Ginger McHale (1st year President), Nancy Hogarth (S.A.C. Rep.), Jayce Brodhecker (Arts and Letters Rep.), 

Sheelah Hunter (Asst. Sec. Treas.). 

FRONT: Cathy Thompson (N.F.C.U.S. Rep.), Libby McGregor (Secretary), Nancy Cornish (President), Miss Robinson 

(Staff Advisor), Julie Dulmage (Vice-President), Peggy Burne (3rd year President). 

ABSENT: Ann May White (Social Rep.). 

P.O.T.'S Christmas Party 

In Mernoriam 

Laura Wilk 
Aged 21 years — Deceased December 11, 1961 

'They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old; 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning- 
We will remember them." 

Well and fondly remembered 
by the class of % 62. 


School of Nursing 




ANNABEL L. ALTEMAN, Brampton; Brampton District H.S. Future: 
Oeneral Duty. 

KATHERINE N. BASTA, Sarnia; Central C.I.; Basketball I-IV; Volley- 
ball II-IV; Float Parade Committee I-III; S. of X. Students' Council 
III: Varsity Nurse, Editor III; S.A.C. Student Symposium III: 
Skule Nite I. 

ANN R. BISHOP, Kentville, Nova Scotia; Mount St. Vincent Academy; 
Drama Club I-IV; Class Rep. II-IV; Vearbook. Future: Victorian 
Order of Xurses. 

MARILEE BROWN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; S.A.C. IV: S. of X. 
Undergraduate Association II-IV. Future: Clinical Instructing. 

CHARMAINE C. CARON, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Newman 
Club I; S. of X. Debating Club III: Varsity Nurse IV. Future: \ .« >.N. 

MARY E. COMFORT, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I. : Volleyball II-IV; Basket- 
ball 1 1 I-IV; Class Athletic Rep. IV: Varsity Nurse, Assistant Editoi 
III; S.S.C. Rep. III. Future: V.O.N. . Marriage. 

CHARLOTTE L. COULOMBE, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Class 
President 111. Varsity Nurse III-IV. 

RUTH D. COUSINS, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.: Debating Club II; 
S CM. II-IV. Future: V.O.N., Toronto. 

JUDITH A. DURANCE, Sarnia; Sarnia C.C.I.; Basketball I-IV Rep 
III; Hockey II; Volleyball III-IV; Class Treasurer I; Class President 
IV: Varsity Nuns, Sale- Manager III: S. of N. W.A.A. Ill; S. of N. 
Indergraduate Association III-IV. 



KAY J. GALKA, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Drama Club MI; Varsity 
Nurse III-IV, Assistant Editor IV; Toronto Student Nurses Associa- 
tion IV. 

LOIS M. GODFREY, Toronto; Weston C.V.S.; Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship I-IV, President for Nursing III-IV; U. of T. Chorus III. Future: 
Victorian Order of Nurses. 

D. EDYTHE GROBB, Portage la Prairie. Man. 
Mil; Varsity Nurse III; U. of T. Chorus IV 
Future: Education in Manitoba. 

Portage C.I.; T.S.N.A. 
Blue and Gold Rep. IV. 

LYNDA D. HAGGANS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Blue and White 
Society IV; Blue and Gold Committee, Assistant Chairman III, 
Chairman IV; Basketball I; Cheerleader I; S. of N. Undergraduate 
Association IV; Nursing Athletic Association I; Float Parade III; 
Varsity Nurse III; Skit Night I-IV. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses, 

JEANIE A. HAINES, Toronto; Branksome Hall; Basketball I; Drama 
Club MI, IV; Varsity Nurse III-IV, Art Editor IV; Social Service 
Rep. IV; Athletic Rep. II. Future: Psychiatric Nursing. 

JUDITH A. HARMAN, Toronto; Branksome Hall; The Varsity, Re- 
porter MI; Hart House Theatre I-II; Drama Club MI; Basketball 
I; Badminton Mil; Skiing II-III; E.A.C. Mil, Secretary III. 
Future: World Health Organization. 

BARBARA D. HARRIS, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Basketball I; Drama 
Club I-II; Debating Club I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer II; U.T.D.U. 
Rep. Ill; Class President II; Social Service Commission III; S. of N. 
Undergraduate Association II-IV, Second Vice-President III, Presi- 
dent IV. 

BARBARA E. HAUSCHILD, Toronto; East York C.I.; Varsity Christian 
Fellowship I-IV; German Club I-II; University of Toronto Chorus 
III-IV; Basketball I; Swimming IV. Future: Victorian Order of 

L. MARION HAYES, Port Arthur; Leaside H.S. 

PATRICIA A. HOGAN, Toronto; Loretto College School; Drama Club 
I-II, IV, Rep. I; Varsity Nurse, Photography III-IV; Newman Club 
IV; Float Parade Mil; Skule Nite IV. Future: Victorian Order 
of Nurses. 


IE E. HUNTER, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Outing Club II-IV; 
Debating Club III; S.C.M. II-IV, Cabinet II. Future: Victorian 
Order of Nurses. 

ELIZABETH A. JOHNSTON, Madoc, Ont.; Central Hastings H.S., 
Ontario Ladies' College; Basketball I-IV. Rep. II, Coach II; Badmin- 
ton II, IV; Volleyball I-IV, Referee III; S. of N. Undergraduate 
Association III-IV; Athletic Association II-IV. President III; U. of T. 
W.A.A. Directorate IV; Toronto Student Nurses' Association Rep. 
I-IV, Treasurer III. 

JUNE F. KIKUCHI, Toronto; Parkdale C.I., North Toronto C.I.; 
Nisei Students' Club II-IV, Publicity Director III, Secretary IV; 
Blue and Gold Rep. II; W.U.S. and N.F.C.U.S. Rep. IV; Varsity 
Nurse, Art Editor III. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. 

BEVERLEY E. LOVEYS, Toronto; Iroquois Falls H.S., Lawrence Park 
C.I.; Cheerleader I; Float Parade I. Ill; Skit Night II-III. Future: 
Victorian Order of Nurses. 

P. DIANE MONCRIEFF, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Blue and Gold 
Committee, Class Rep. Ill; Float Parade I, Assistant Chairman III; 
Basketball I; Volleyball I; Drama Club I-II. IV; Varsity Nurse 
III-IV. Business Manager IV; Skule Nite IV. Future: Victorian 
Order of Nurses. 

JUDITH A. NURRISH, Ottawa; Nepean H.S.; Ski Rep. II; Junior 
Basketball Manager III-IV. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. 

JEAN A. OSWALD, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Swimming I-IV, 
S. of N. Rep. II; U. of T. Swim Club III-IV, Vice-President III, 
President IV; Badminton I-II; Volleyball I-II; Basketball I-II; 
Skule Nite MIL 

ANNE L. RUSSELL, Toronto; 
Swim Team I-III; Senior "T" 
Basketball MI. 

North Toronto C.I.; Intercollegiate 
Award III; Volleyball I-III, Rep. II; 



PATRICIA E. SADLEIR, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Class President I; 
S. of X. Undergraduate tasociation I: Basketball I: Vartitv 
1 1 1-I \ : Cheerleadei I; >kn Night I-I\ ; Drama Club I. 

SANDRA SIMPSON, Toronto; Branksome Hall: Drama flub I-IVj 
Va ■>■'/ Pfunt Ill-IV. Editoi [V; Treasure Van IV; Basketball I; 
s. of X. Undergraduate Association IIITY. 

C. DIANE STANDISH, Peterborough; Peterborough C.V.S.; Swimming 
I-IY; Basketball I-l\: Volleyball II-I\ : W.A.A. III-IV; l 
V-urst 111. 

PENELOPE STURGEON, Wetland; \Vellan<l B.V.8.; Carabin III; 
Baseball III; Volleyball II; Social Committee I, IV. Future: General 
Duty ami Public health Nursing. 

ANNE H. VALIN, North Bay; St. Joseph's U.S.; E.A.C. Class Rep. I; 
S. of X. Undergraduate Association. Secretary II; Tar Heel Exchange 
III; Basketball I; Hockey I-IV. Future; < Jeneral Duty. 

JENNIFER N. YOUNG, Oakville; Balmoral Hall. Winnipeg; Assistant 
Social Convener III. Social Convener IV; S. of X. Undergraduate 
Association IV; Drama Club I-II; Hockey II-IV. Rep. IV. Future: 
Victorian Order of Xurses. 

Degree Course in 
Graduate Nursing 

d * << ^ <* 

LAURA W. BARR, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.. Grace Hospital School of 
Xursing, Windsor. Future: Executive Secretary. R.X.A.O. 

SHEILA E. BELTON, Winnipeg; Xorwood C.I.. St. Boniface Hospital 
School of Nursing, University of Manitoba iB.A., A.M.M.); U. of T. 
Chorus II. I'uture: Public Health Xursing in Manitoba. 

J. ADRIENNE BISHOP, Toronto; Downsview C.I., School of Nursing, 

Hospital for Sick Children; Blue and Gold Rep. I; Social Service 
Rep. Ill; Canterbury Council III. Future: Xursing Service. Hospital 
for Sick Children. 

EDITH E. BRINKMAN, Kenora; Lake of the Woods District US 
Winnipeg General Hospital School of Xursing; Athletic Rep. I; 
V.C.F.I.; Blue and Gold Rep. III. Future: Psychiatric Xursing. 

ISABELLA E. DRESCHNER, Toronto; August Dicke Schule, Solingen 
Germany, Toronto General Hospital School of Xursing. Future: 
Xursing Education. 

S. JOY DRUMMOND, Toronto; Riverdale C.I., Winnipeg (.race Hospital 
School of Xursing. I'uture: Xursing Education. 

A. DOREEN FRASER, Paisley, "nt.: District lis.. Victoria 

Hospital School of Xursing. London. Future: Xursing Education. 

RASMA R. KUBIS, Toronto; Hamilton General Hospital School of 


JEAN E. MORRISON, Toronto; Xortli Toronto G.I.. Atkinson School 
of Xursing, Toronto Western Hospital: ("las* President II. 


AMELIA M. PINSENT, New Perlican, Newfoundland; St. Augustine's 
H.S., St. John's General Hospital. 

J. ELAINE READ, Toronto; Branksome Hall, Forest Hill C.I., U. of T. 
School of Nursing; Athletic Rep. 

LUCILLE M. SCORER, Winnipeg; St. John's H.S., Children's Hospital 
of Winnipeg; Graduate Students' Union, Social Convener. Future: 
Supervisor, Children's Hospital, Winnipeg. 

B. ELISABETH VAN SANTEN, Toronto; Godelinde School, Hilversum, 
The Netherlands; Social Service Rep. II. Future: Teaching Staff, 
Wellesley Hospital. 


BACK ROW: Miss M. Woodside, Miss J. Watson, Miss M. Turner, Miss Sarik, Miss K. King, Mrs. 
O'Donnell, Miss E. Ogilvie, Mrs. C. Brehaut, Miss B. Miller. 

FRONT: Miss M. Bennett, Miss M. Wilson, Miss N. Fidler, Miss M. Millman, Dr. M. Uprichard. 
ABSENT: Miss J. McPhail, Miss H. M. Carpenter. 


Nursing Athletic 

STANDING: Shirley Houston, Diane Standish, Joan Lumley, Mary Comfort, Jennifer Young. 

SITTING: Marg Mclntyre, June Morton, Fran Jeckell, Ruth Sellers, Liz Johnston, Corinne Small, Elaine Reid, 

Louise Lang. 







» m St *. i 

•' T V f* 1 



BACK ROW: Darlene McCuaig, Barb Livesey, Joan Lumley, Jo- 
Anne Frazer, Mary McCulley, Janet MacArthur. 
FRONT: Corinne Small, Fran Jeckell, June Morton, Ruth Sellers. 


BACK ROW: Shirley Houston, Dierdre Backwell, Diane Bushell, Louise Lang, 

Deborah Fraser, Jo-Anne Fraser, Myra Sleeves, Sonia Snelling. 

FRONT: Ann Valin, Ruth Sellers, Jennifer Young, Darlene McCuaig, Catherine 



Senior Basketball 

BACK ROW: Diane Standish, Mary Comfort, Marg Mclntyre, Louise 

Lang, Judy Durants. 

FRONT: Darlene McCuaig, Nora Stearns, Shirley Houston, Elizabeth 


Junior Basketball 

BACK ROW: Darlene McCuaig (Coach), Penny Anne Stride, Francess 

Ogletree, Judy Rose, Ruth Amiel. 

FRONT: Sonia Kurlikeu, Barbara Bennett, Rosemary Moody. 

Senior Volleyball 

BACK ROW: Diane Standish, Fran Jeckell, Cynthia Heron, Laurel God- 
win, Corinne Small. 
FRONT: Mary Comfort, June Morton, Noryl Pragnell. 


Junior Volleyball 


BACK ROW: Joan Anne Healey, Penny Anne Stride, Marg Mclntyre, 

Ruth Amiel. 

FRONT: Judy Rose, Rosemary Moody, Barb Bennett. 

Louise Lang, Jean Oswald, Diane Standish. 

Events of 1961-62 in Nursing 

The School of Nursing's Undergraduate Association has 
initiated some very energetic projects this year and the 
enthusiasm of "the few" has inspired many more of our 
students to participate in extracurricular activities. A very 
successful Freshie Tea started the 1961-62 session rolling, 
and this was followed shortly by Freshie initiation, which 
was enthusiastically looked after by our "not quite so 
lowly" Degree II class. It took the foresight, initiative and 
sheer ingenuity of the "illustrious" Degree class III to 
produce the much-needed bi-weekly edition of the Pulse. 
The object of this little missal is to improve communications 
in the School, and hence build up interest in both school- 
wide and campus-wide activities. 

In November of '61, the Undergraduate Association 
Council hosted a dinner for the School of Nursing Council 
from McMaster University. Dinner was followed by a dis- 
cussion of health problems and the role of the nurse in 
underdeveloped countries, with Dr. LaRuhe as gucsi 
speaker. In December, our stall" provided a very enjoyable 
Christmas Party for the students, who in turn showed 
their appreciation with after-dinner entertainment. The 

School's Social Committee has kept us all bus) with the 
usual run of dances, including the Commerce and Finance 
dance, the fall party, and annual formal. Once again we 
held the controversial Engineering-Nursing debate which 
turned out to be a draw, an innocuous decision on our 
part so as not to disappoint our engineering guests!! Plans 
for our own year-book are progressing very well and things 
seem to be moving smoother since the difficulties of intro- 
dLicing it last year are gone. Perhaps the biggest highlight 
of the year was our Drama Club's production of Graham 
Greene's Living Room. This is the first year that the School 
has attempted to produce a play, and its great success was 
made obvious by both its audience and the reports in 
Toronto's local newspapers. 

This year we regret not only the departure of our "sancti- 
fied" Degree IV class, that of 6T2. but also the departure of 
the Honorary President of our Undergraduate Association 
Council and Director of the School of Nursing. Miss N. D 
Fidler. Miss Fidler is greatly respected for her work at the 
School of Nursing and we wish her the very best in the 






BACK ROW: Rosemary Moody, Ruth Amiel, Noryl Pragnell, Carolyn Back. 

THIRD: Di Bushell, Laurel Godwin, Jane Twiss, Sharon Chessborough, Judy Humphries, Diane 


SECOND: Lynn Harris, Sandy Simpson, Colleen Spalding-Martin, Joanne Frazer, Joey Ayers, 

Patty Hogan. 

FRONT: Marilee Brown, Gale Puusseppe, Debbi Fraser, Darlene McCuaig, Kathy Berry. 

ABSENT: Libby Wardle, Jeannie Haines, Marg Temple, Joan Pugsley. 

This year, drama at the School of Nursing received a healthy 
shot in the arm. Well, after all, it is the School of Nursing. 

The major innovation which was undertaken was the series of 
special meetings. "The Critic" was discussed, as indeed he was 
discussed all across campus this year. At Nursing he was dissected 
in a panel discussion entitled "What We Should Expect from 
Critics of Drama." 

The point of view of the actor was given in a talk by Larry Mann, 
of TV's "Midnight Zone." Bill Butler, from the C.B.C., discussed 
production in another meeting for those of us who cannot bear 
to trod the boards. 

And speaking of trodding the boards, The Drama Club presented 
two shows this year. At the Annual Christmas Party, Colleen 
Spalding-Martin and Catherine Berry directed a pantomime version 
of that great Christmas classic. The Littlest Angel. 

Shortly after, on January 25 and 26, the club did The Living Room 
at the Women's Union Theatre. 

Charming My Dear! 



in Nursing 

. . eat . . . 

Well, almost all the time. 

all the time 



Applied Science 
and Engineering 


r. r. Mclaughlin 

M.A.Sc, M.A., Ph.D. 

Chemical Engineering 

WARREN E. BAKER, Toronto; Leaside U.S.: Basketball II-IV; Volley- 
ball I: Hart House Table Tennis Club I; Newman Club I-IV. French 
Club I. Bridge Club II-I1I; University Chorus III: Chemical Engineer- 
ing Club. Vice-Chairman IV. Future: Postgraduate Work 

SIEGFRIED L. BAUER, Toronto; Real Gymnasium, Michelstadt. 

IMRE E. G. BENKO, Toronto; Zrinyi Gimnazium, Zaluegerszeg, 

ARNOLD N. BETZ, Niagara Falls, Ont.; Niagara Falls C.V.I 

DUNCAN E. F. BLACH FORD, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I : Blue and 
White Band Mil; L.C.M.B. Mil; Camera Club Mil; Revolver 
Club II-IV. 

HUGH G. BRANDFORD, Kingston, Jamaica. 


JOHN L. CANDIDO, Fort Colborne; Port Colborne lis : Chemical 
i agineering Club MV; Hart House Camera Club II-IV; Chemioml 

Institute of Canada II-IV. 
MICHAEL A. CARANCI, North Bay; North Baj College. 



DONALD G. CIANCONE, Hamilton; Cathedral H.S. 

JAMES J. CLARK, Toronto; Royal York C.I. 

JOHN A. COGGINS, Raunds, Northants. England; Kimbolton School, 
Huntingdonshire. England; Chemical Engineering Club I-IV, Class 
Rep. II; Skule Nite II; L.G.M.B. Leader II; Track MI; C.I.C. I-IV; 
A.P.E.O. III-IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

KENNETH J. COLLINS, Toronto; Malvern C.I. 

BRIAN F. T. COOPER, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. Future; Public 
School Teacher. 

WILLIAM J. DOWKES, Owen Sound; Owen Sound C.V.I. ; Hart House 
Camera Club I-IV, Programme Director III. Secretary IV. 

JAMES S. DUNSMUIR, Glasgow. Scotland; Allan Glen's H.S.; Chemical 
Club Rep. I; Intercollegiate Rugger I-IV, Manager III-IV; University 
R.C.A.F. Squadron I-IV. Future: R.C.A.F. 

TONY H. EICHHORN, Newmarket; Aurora H.S. 

FREDERIC A. FEDOSOFF, New Toronto; New Toronto S.S.; Basket- 
ball II-IV; Class Rep. Ill; Chemical Club III, Publicity and Publi 
cation Director IV. 

RICHARD J. FRY, Oshawa; Oshawa Central C.I.; Basketball I-IV: 
Hockey II-III. 

PAUL V. GODFREY, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Football 
Manager I; Basketball II-IV; Publicity and Public Relations, Assistant 
Director IV. 

G. J. ROY GRANT, Long Branch; New Toronto S.S.; V.C.F. I-II, IV, 
Secretary-Treasurer II; Camera Club IV; Basketball I-IV. 

FRED HAMLIN, Toronto; Alderwood C.I.. Royal York C.I.; Hockey 
I-IV; Lacrosse II-IV. Future: Industry. 

GLENN R. HARDCASTLE, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Basket- 
ball II-IV; Camera Club II. 


JOSEPH L. HOLLY, Tillsonburg, Ont.; Tillsonburg District H.S. 

EDWARD N.J. HORODEZNY, Toronto; Harbord C.I. Future: Research. 

EDWARD J. KUNTZ, Formosa, Ont.; Sacred Heart H.S., Walkerton 
District H.S. 





FRANK A. LOPEZ, Kingston, Jamaica; Kingston College. 

TOM J. McDONOUGH, Mimico; St. Michaels II. 8. 

ROBERT F. MANNING, Port Colborne; Port Colborne H.S.; Toike 
Oike II-III; Hart House Glee Club I-IV, Social Director IV; V. of T. 
Film Society HI. 

L. DOUGLAS MARGERM, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Class Rep. ; Judo. 
Future: Postgraduate Work in Europe. 

VERNON McK. MEIKLE, Spur Tree, Jamaica; Kingston College, 
Manchester School, Jamaica; Soccer I-II; W.I.S.A.; Cnited Nations 

STANLEY MILLER, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Football I-IV; Basketball 
I-IV; Hockey III-IV; Brute Force Committee Chairman IV. (No 

THOMAS A. RATKAY, Toronto; D. Berzsenyi H.S. 

EDWARD RYGIEL, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Chemical Engineering 
Club III-IV. Social Director III. President IV; Engineering Society 
IV, Chemical Engineering Chairman; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball I. 

PAUL G. SHEWCHUK, Kirkland Lake; Kirkland Lake C.V.I. ; Basket- 
ball. F'uture: Industry. 

DONALD J. STONKUS, Tillsonburg, Ont.; Tillsonburg District H .S.; 
Soccer I-II. (No Photograph.) 


GERALD L. TITTENSOR, Toronto; East York C.I. 

HEINO VESIK, Toronto. 

PETER A. WHITE, Toronto; Leaside H.S. 

LEONARD G. WISEMAN, Gore Bay, Ont.; Gore Bay H.S. 

WALTER F. T. WUERTH, Fort Credit; Royal York C.I.. Thomas I.. 
Kennedy U.S.; Judo Club Il-III; Basketball III; Rugger IV; Water 
Polo IV; Camera Club III-IV; German Club II; Chemical Engineering 
Club Rep. IV. 

FAI Y. YAN, Hong Kong. 

PAUL J. YICK, Hong Kong; Wah Van College, Hong Kong; Basketball 

HO-LAM YIP, Canton, Cantong. China; Pui-Ching Middle School. 
National Taiwan University; Swimming; Rowing; Tennis. 



R. KENT YOUNG, Copper Cliff, Ont.; Copper Cliff H.S.; U. of T. Outing 
Club I-IV; S.C.M. II-III; Devonshire North House Treasurer III. 
Future: Postgraduate Work (M.A.Sc. U. of T.). 

Civil Engineering 

ANDREW R. Y. AGNEW, Willowdale; Hampton Grammar School, 
England; Lacrosse IV. 

PETER A. ALLEN, Toronto; Trinity College School; Intercollegiate 
Squash I-IV; Carabin Exchange Weekend IV; The Varsity Reporter II. 

NILS ANDERSEN, Oslo, Norway; Grimland School, Oslo. (No Photo.). 

BORIS M. AUGUSTE, Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies; St. Mary's 
College; Amateur Radio Club. 

LIUBEN D. BACHVAROV, New York, N.Y.; School in Bulgaria. 

JOHN D. BARBER, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Civil Club; Lacrosse; 

KARL L. BINGHAM, Kingston, Jamaica; Kingston College; U. of T. 
Rifle Association I-IV. 

ROBERT E. BROWN, Willowdale; Earl Haig C.I.; Water Polo I-IV; 
Basketball III; Lacrosse IV. 

G. DENTON BRUM WELL, Victoria Square, Ont.; Richmond Hill 
District H.S., O.A.C. 

HUBERT R. CARTER, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Water Polo II-IV. 

DAVID G. E. CATHRO, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Lacrosse IV. 

ALAN CHAPPLE, Brampton; Brampton and District H.S.; Lacrosse 
I-IV, Commissioner IV; Basketball I-IV. 

DANNY CHEREPACHA, Kirkland Lake; Kirkland Lake C.V.I. ; Inter- 
collegiate Hockey II-IV; Lacrosse IV. 

GRANT COFFEY, Brantford; Brantford C.V.S.; U. of T. Curling Club 
II-IV; Skule Nite Producer IV. 

HUGH M. COLQUHOUN, Clinton, Ont.; Clinton C.I., Royal Military 

ALFRED J. COOK, Long Branch; New Toronto S.S., Royal Military 
College; Rifle Association IV. Future: Canadian Army. 

CONSTANTINOS DELIS, Chiliomodi, Korinthia, Greece. (No Photo.) 



£k^k& WmiallP 

CHRISTIAAN deWIT, Niagara Falls. Ont.; G.H.B.S. Leeuwarden, 

Holland; Judo III. 

W. TREVOR DICKINSON, Islington; University of Toronto Schools. 
O.A.C.J Hart House Glee Club IV. 

ROBERT B. DODDS, Kapuskasing; Kapuskasing H.S.; Intercollegiate 
Boxing Team I-II; Intercollegiate Hugger Team III-IV; Hugger 
Club Entertainment Director IV; Athletic Rep. IV. Future; Post- 
graduate Work (M.Sc). 

BARRY E. DURANT, Sudbury; N.D.C.V.I.; Hart House Rifle Club. 

BILL W. B. GERMAN, Paris, Ont.; Brantford C.V.S.. O.A.C. 

STEPHEN M. GLOGOWSKI, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 
Lacrosse I-IV. 

PAUL N. GRUNSTEN, Toronto; Humberside C.I. Future: Postgraduate 
Course (M.A.Sc). 

SVERRE HAGEN, Nesbyen, Norway. 

J. D. HANSON, Toronto. 

DAVID J. HARMAN, Mount Albert, Ont.; Cxbridge H.S. 

J. PAUL HENDERSON, Newmarket; Newmarket H.S.; U. of T. Rifle 


WILLIAM F. JOHNSON, Cornwall; St. Lawrence H.S.; Skule Nite II; 
Volleyball III; North Devonshire House Executive, Secretary IV; 
Hart House Music Committee. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

MARVIN KATZ, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Hockey I-IV, Coach 
I-IY; Basketball I-II; Football 1I-III; Lacrosse IV. Future: Structural 
Steel Industry. 

NICK W. KIREWSKIE, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 

DON E. KIRKPATRICK, Allandale. Ont.; Barrie Central C.I. 

MICHAEL A. KOCHAN, Paramount. California; Brooke Collegiate 
Dept., Rivera, Man., H.M C. Future: R.C.A.F. 

KALJO LAAR, Toronto; Central Technical School; Hart House Camera 
club; Bart House An Class. 

ROBERT S. LACKEY, Toronto; Leaside U.S.; Intermediate Football 
l-III. Captain 11-111; Bockej I1I-IY; Lacrosse IV; Intercollegiate 

Ki'» in; IV. 



MICHAEL LATTA, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Hart House Camera Club; 

MAURICE G. LEWIS, Bancroft, Ont.; North Hastings H.S. 

ANGUS E. McDONALD, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Hockey MI; 
Civil Club Vice-Cliairman IV. 

GARY G. McFARLANE, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Battalion Club; 
Civil Club IV. Entertainment Adviser. 

E. M. TED McGOVERN, Toronto; St. Michael's College H.S.; Lacrosse 
I-IV; Hockey III; Athletic Association IV. 

WILLIAM I. MARCOVITCH, Toronto; Bloor C.I., Forest Hill C.I.; 
Civil Engineering Club IV; Class Treasurer IV; Hockev I-IV, Manager 
IV; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball I-IV, Coach III. 

ROBERT W. MARSHALL, Midland; Midland-Penetang District H.S., 
O.A.C.; Flying Club IV. 

D. KEITH NORDLUND, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. 

ALLAN D. ORCHESON, Kirkland Lake; Kirkland Lake C.V.I. ; Varsity- 
Blues Hockey Team MI; Lacrosse IV. 

GEORGE P. PETRO, Bradford; Bradford H.S., O.A.C. 

GEORGE G. POWELL, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Water Polo I-IV; 
Lacrosse IV; Class Rep. II-IV, Secretary-Treasurer III. Future: 
Gore & Storrie Ltd., Consulting Engineers. 


BRUCE H. REID, Oakville; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Basketball I-IV; 
Volleyball II-III; Victoria Middle House Social Director III, President 
IV; Residence Council IV; Chairman Hall Committee IV. 

INNO REIMAN, Toronto; Downsview C.I. 

WALTER J. REININGER, Toronto; Central Technical School. 

JOHN A. REOCH, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

RONALD G. RICE, Welland; Ridley College; Intercollegiate FVncing 
Team II-IV, Captain III, Junior Intramural Foil Championship I; 
Senior Intramural Foil and Epee Championship III. 

FRANK R. J. RODARO, Toronto; Humberside C.I. Future: Osgoode 




WILLIAM H. D. ROWAN, Guelph; Guelph (VS.. O.A.C.; Lacrosse IV. 

DOUGLAS W. SCOTT, Toronto; Vauglian Koa<] C.I. ; Skule Nite Band I; 
Blue and White Marching Hand I-IV, Section Leader III-IV; Civil 
Club III-IV, Chairman IV. Future: Consulting Field. 

RONALD W. SHURB, Brandon, Manitoba; Banting Memorial H.S.. 
\lli- ton. Ont., College Militaire Royal de St. Jean; Fencing IV; 
Curling IV. Future: Career Officer in Army. 

GERALD SIGAL, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball 

I-IV; Squash I-IV; Lacrosse IV. 

MARVIN P. SMITH, Toronto; Vauglian Road C.I.; Battalion Club. 

JOHN A. STANTON, Port Stanton, Ont.; Orillia District C.V.S.; Civil 
Club IV, Secretary-Treasurer IV. Future: Town Planning and 
Subdivision Layout. 

NELSON M. THOMPSON, Toronto; Vork Memorial C.I.; Football II. 
NILS A. THRAP, Oslo, Norway; Valler H.S., Sandvika. 
JOSEF THURNER, Wolfsberg, Austria; H.T.L. Graz, Austria. 

HENRY W. TIELEMAN, Toronto; H.B.S. B. Leyden. Holland. Future: 

Postgraduate Studies. 

KENNETH K. TIKKANEN, Levack, Ont.; Espanola H.S.; U. of T. 
Judo Club II. 

CHEUK CHI WONG, Hong Kong; King's College H.S.; Class Rep. II; 
S.C.M. Study Group II; Victoria College Middle House. Treasurer III, 
Vice-President IV; Chinese Overseas Student Organization I-IV. 


GEORGE R. YUNDT, Monkton. Out.; Mitchell and District U.S.; 

Skule Nite. 

Electrical Engineering 

WARREN C. ALDRIDGE, Toronto; H. II. King C.I.; I.R.F.; Squash. 
Future: Patent Agent. 

C. GORDON ARCHIBALD, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. 

JOSEPH ARLEN, Guelph; Guelph C.V.S., <> U 


DOUGLAS C. ASKIN, London, Ont.; East York C.I. 

JOHN E. BALDWIN, Kingsville, Ont.; Kingsville District H.S.; Hockey 
I-IV; South Devonshire House Treasurer IV. Future: Telecom- 
munications Officer, R.C.A.F. 

JOHN H. BERNARD, Edmonton; St. Joseph H.S. Future: R.C.A.F. 

WOJCIECH L. BIALKOWSKI, Troy, Ohio; Etobicoke C.I.; Royal 
Canadian Navy I-IV; Water Polo II. Future: Royal Canadian Navy. 

J. RICHARD BONNYCASTLE, Sault Ste. Marie; Barrie District C.I.; 
Hart House Amateur Radio Club III. 

TOM L. BOWERS, Scarborough; Scarborough C.I., Winston Churchill 
C.I.; Amateur Radio Club I. 

JAMES H. BRITTEN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Electrical Club 
III-IV; Basketball I; Volleyball I. 

JOSEPH R. BROSSEAU, Garson, Ont.; Sudbury H.S., University of 
Sudbury; Hockey II-IV; Judo II-IV, Intercollegiate Judo III. 

JOSEPH H. CASIMIR, Willemstad, Curacao, Neth. Ant.; Grammar 
School; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Engineering 
Institute of Canada. 

RON I. COULAS, Barry's Bay, Ont.; St. Michael's College School. 

WILLIAM F. CROSKERY, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Engineering 
Institute of Canada, Student Rep.; Skule Nite Technician III-IV. 

BERNARD A. DILLIOTT, Ridgetown, Ont.; Ridgetown District H.S.; 
Newman Club I-IV; House President IV; Electrical Club Rep. IV; 
Archery Club IV. 

CLAUS DOENCH, Toronto; Soccer; Soccer Commissioner III-IV. 

ODD DRANGE, Kristiansand, Norway; Kristiansand H.S.; Cnited 
Nations Club IV. 

RONALD J. DUNN, Windsor; Walkervitle C.I. 

ERWIN R. FISCHER, Toronto; Central Technical School. 

GORDON D. FLANN, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Electrical Club. 

RONALD T. GAYOWSKY, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Electrical 
Club; A.I.E.E. III-IV; Electrical Club Hockey Team I-II. 



FRED E. GLAVE, Toronto; Leaside U.S.; 1 .1! I. 

B. GOGOS, Toronto: High School of St. Morris, Hungary. Future: 
Postgraduate Work. 

JOHN H. S. GOODERHAM, Toronto. Ridley CoUege; Electrical Club 
III-IV; A.I.E.E. Secretary-Treasurer III, Chairman IV. 

ROBERT B. GRIFFITH, Toronto; Earl Haig C.I.; Electrical Club; 
A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. 

HUGH L. HALES, Toronto; Jaryis C.I.; Institute of Radio Engineers; 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers. (No Photograph.) 

PETER C. HALSALL, Scarborough. 

B. CONRAD HANSEN, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 


AVERY REED HUGHES (Mrs.), Toronto; North Toronto C.I. ; Electrical 
Club I, Class Rep. I, Treasurer II; Cheerleader I. 

VISVALDIS INKIS, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; Basketball 
I-II; Soccer III; Water Polo IV. 

JOHN T. JACOBS, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S.; S.M.C. Pro. 
Club Mil, Publicity Director II-III; Volleyball I; Basketball I; 
Hockey II-III. Manager and Coach III; I.R.E. III-IV, Students' 
Branch Chairman IV; A.I.E.E. III-IV; O.S.P.E. III-IV; E.I.C. III-IV. 

J. ROSS JENKINSON, Scarborough; R. H. King C.I. 

TOM T. KIKUCHI, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. 

ANTHONY A. KRAMARICH, Creighton Mine. Ont.; Copper Cliff H.S. 

JOHN J. D. LAWSON, Cooksville; T. L. Kennedy H.S. Euture: R.C.A.F. 

ROBERT J. LONGWORTH, Toronto; Oakwood CI. 

SZE K. LUI, Hong Kong; Lingnan IIS.; Camera Club III-IV; American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers III-IV; Chinese Overseas Students' 
Association II-IV. 

KAI LUM, Toronto; Jarvis CI; IKE.; Association of Protest 

NOEL C. McDERMOTT, Oakville; Oakville-Trafalgar U.S.; V. of T. 
Flying Club; IRE. 

IAN v. E. McKlNNON, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 



JOHN W. McLEAN, Weston. 

MARK A. S. MacNAMARA, Sault Ste. Marie; Royal Military College; 
R.C.A.F. Tech-Arm Officer. 

JON W. MARK, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 

VITAS A. P. MIKENAS, Tillsonburg, Ont.; Tillsonburg District H.S.; 
Lithuanian Students' Club, President II, Vice-President IV; Electrical 
Club I-IV, Chairman IV; I.R.E. III-IV; A.I.E.E. III-IV. 

JERRY A. MIRKA, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 

DOMINIC H. L. NG, Hong Kong; Wah Van College H.S. 

W. ROBERT PATTERSON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. 

T. WILLIAM PATTON, Stayner, Ont.; Barrie District C.I.; Hockey 
I-IV; Basketball I-IV; Class Rep. IV. 

BRUNO J. PENNER, Leamington. 

G. ROSS PETERS, Springdale, Newfoundland; Springdale Central 
School; Hockey III; Electrical Club III-IV. 

VOLODYMYR PIASECKYJ, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Ukrainian 
Students' Club I-IV; Water Polo HI. 

G. EARL PITTS, Brantford; Brantford C.V.S.; Electrical Club; I.R.E. 

WALDEMAR A. REINHARDT, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; 
U. of T. Lutheran Student Association, Vice-President III, President 

DAVID G. ROBINSON, Toronto; East York C.I. (No Photograph.) 

DONALD J. A. ROBINSON, Cooksville, Ont.; Port Credit H.S. 

BRUNO A. RONDINA, Toronto; St. Michael's College. 

ROBERT A. RUSSELL, Toronto; Agincourt C.I.; Electrical Club, Vice- 
Chairman III; Hart House Radio Club. 

GEDAS A. SAKUS, Toronto; De La Salle. 

BRUNO SCHULZ, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Institute of Radio 

£*4* M 



A XZ A* ^V- 

HOWARD G. SCOTT, Montreal; Mount Royal H.S.; Hockey III; 
Electrical Club [II-IV. 

STANLEY C. SHEPHERD, Elgin Mills, Ont.; Richmond Hill HA; 
R.M.C. Future: R. C.A.I'. 1'ilot. 

JERRY P. SHUSTER, Leamington; Leamington District HA 

MELVYN M. TYCHONIUK, Toronto; Parkdale C.I ; Institute of 
Radio Engineers. 

GUNNAR VEELAID, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

ALBERT R. WALSH, Toronto; East York C.I.; IRE.; A..LE.C 

JOSEPH WESTRA, Woodstock; Woodstock C.I. 

NESTOR YURCHUK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Electrical Club I-IV; 
Ukrainian Students' Club I-IV; I.R.E. III-IV; A I.E.E. III-IV. 
Future: Electrical Engineering. 

Engineering Physics 

TARIQ ABDULLAH, Lahore. Pakistan. 

FRANK ADAMEK, Islington. 

KEITH D. ALDRIDGE, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; Squash; Volleyball I; 
Goephysics Club IV, Vice-President IV; S.E.G. IV. Future: Post- 
graduate Work in Geophysics. 

PAUL F. ANDREW-COTTER, Port Arthur; Port Arthur C.I. 

DAVID H. AUSTON, Toronto; Westmount U.S.. P.Q., McGill University. 

LENE CHISLAIN BATAILLE, Quebec. (No Photograph.) 

PETER C. BEAMISH, New Rochelle, New York; Ridley College; Hart 
House House Committee W ; Sailing Team I-IV, Commodore IV; 
Engineering Society Executive III, Class President IV; Geophysics 
Club Treasurer IV; Squash I-IV. 

FRANK W. BOSANAC, Schumacher, Ont.; Schumacher U.S.; Canadian 
Aeronautical Institute III-1Y; Association of Professional Engineers 
of Ontario III-IV. 

J. DOUGLAS BOYD, Foothill. Ont.; Pelhain District HA; Devonshire 
House II-IY; Eng. Physics Club III; Intermediate Football I; Senior 
Football Il-IV. Co-Captain IV; I", of T. Athletic Directorate IV. 

Future: Postgraduate Work. 
SHAUN C. BUCKLEY, London, England; Christ's Hospital. England; 

I", of T. Rugger I-IY; Triuity College Hookej I; S.P.S. Rugger III-IV; 
Soccer IV; Guild of Servers; Missionary Society, Trinity College 

Rep- I: Hart House Glee Club I. IV; Eng. Physics Club Rep. IV. 

Future: Oil 



PETER CANHAM, Cobourg, Ont. 

ALEXANDER M. CAPPELL, Toronto; llarbord C.I. 
Camera Club I-IV; Skule Nite Stage Crew Mil. 

Hart House 

ARTHUR G. CARLESS, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Engineering Institute 
of Canada II-IV; Institute of Radio Engineers IV. Future: Masters 
in Applied Mathematics. 



Toronto; University of Toronto 


FERNANDO CICCI, North Bay; North Bay College; Newman Club 
I-II; Eng. Physics Club I-IV; Engineering Society I-IV; C.A.I. ; 

R. BRIAN CORNWELL, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Engineering 
Physics Club Rep. II; Hart House Basketball II-III. 

DAVID D. FALCONER, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Squash I-IV. 
Future: Postgraduate Study. 

MICHAEL J. FERGUSON, Toronto; Northern Secondary School; 
Hockey I-IV; Squash II-IV; Basketball I-II, IV. Future: Graduate 

DAVID K. FOUNTAIN, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Geophysics Club, 
Social Chairman III-IV; S.E.G. III-IV; M.E.I.C. II-IV. Future: 
Exploration Geophysics. 

PAUL GARDINER, Toronto; Riyerdale C.I.; Hockey I-IV; Squash 
III-IV; Blue and White Society Rep. IV. 

BRUCE W. GOWANS, Snow Lake, Manitoba; Flin Flon C.I., United 
College, Winnipeg; U. of T. Flying Club I-IV, Publicity Director IV; 
Outing Club III-IV, Vice-President IV; Curling II-IV; Intercollegiate 
Curling Team III; Canterbury Council IV. Future: Postgraduate 

UDO P. W. GRAEFE, Toronto; llarbord C.I. 

JULIUSZ J. GRODZISZEWSKI, Poland; High School in Poland; 
Polish Students' Club; Fencing Club. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

DAVID F. GREEN, Leaside. 

FORREST A. GULLETT, Kirkland Lake; Kirkland Lake C.V.I. 
ball; Skule Yearbook. 


TERENCE W. HARLEY, Kitchener; Eastwood C.I.; Devonshire House 
I-III. House Committee III; Bridge Club III-IV; Basketball I; Eng. 
Physics Club IV; Geophysics Club III-IV, Secretary IV; Battalion 
Club II. (No Photograph) 

WILLIAM D. HARRIS, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; Basketball I; Foot- 
ball I-III; Bridge Club III-IV. 

EDWARD M. HINCHLEY, Owen Sound; Owen Sound C.V.I. ; Skule 
Nite III; Engineering Physics Club III-IV, Chairman IV; East 
Devonshire House President IV; Residence Council III-IV. 



PETER C. HUGHES, Espanola, Ont.j Espanola H.8.; Canadian Aero- 
nautical Institute. Future: Postgraduate Study. 

JAMES E. HYMMEN, Gait; Gall C.V.8.; Varsity Christian Fellowship 
I-IV; Hart House Camera Club I-IV. 

K. PETER JACKSON, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 

FELIX P. KAPRON, St. Catharines; Notre Dame College School, 
Welland; Engineering Physics Club. Class Rep. II; Newman Club II; 
Hart House Camera Club IV; 8.M.C. Professional Club II-III. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

NORMAN M. KERBEL, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I. 

ANATOL KICINSKI, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Judo Club I-III; 
Polish Students' Club IV; Camera Club III-IV; Hart House Camera 
Committee IV; Rifle Club III-IV; University Squadron I-IV, Vice- 
President of the Mess III. President IV. F'uture: Research in Solid 
State Circuits. 

UGIS G. LAMA, Toronto; 
F\iture: Graduate Work. 

lr kdale C.I.; U. of T. Judo Club II-III. 

DAVID J. LAMB, Brampton: Brampton H.S.; Skule Nite I-III. Future: 
Theoretical Astrophysicist. 

VAIRIS LAUKS, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

MART LEPIK, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

ROBERT J. McAULAY, Scarborough; R. H. King C.I.; Hockey I-IV. 

F'uture: Postgraduate Work in Control Systems. 

DOUGLAS J. McCLURE, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Hockey I-IV; 
Basketball I-III. 

JAMES E. MclNTOSH, Scarborough; R. H. King C.I.: Basketball I-II; 
Volleyball I-II. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

WAYNE A. McKENZIE Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Chess Club I-II, 
Executive II; United Nations Club IV. 

RONALD F. MOSSMAN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Basketball I: 

Volleyball I-II; Water Polo I-IV. 

HAROLD H. NEUMANN, >t Catharines; St. Catharines C.I. 

F. PETER OTTENSMEYER, st. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S.; 
Conservatory Concert Band II-III; Varsity Rowing, Cre\\ t'aptain III. 

BARRY M. PATCHETT, Don Mills; East 1..,k C.I.i Engineering 
Society IV; Hart House Debates Committee IV; Engineering Debates 
III-IV; W.U.S. Committee IV; Basketball III; Wrestling I; Carabin 
Exchange IV. 



MARK L. PEARSON, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Football I-II; Water 
Polo I; Basketball I-II; Engineering Athletic Association Rep. II; 
Carabin Weekend III. Future: Medical Biophysics. 

NORMAN F. PETERSON, Welland; Welland H.V.S.; Knox College 
Association I-IV, Treasurer IV; Volleyball I; Basketball I; E.I.C. 
I-IV; A.P.E.O. I-IV. 

ANDREW PAP, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

C. GARY REID, Toronto; Humberside C.I. Future: Applied Mathe- 
matics at U. of T. 

W. RIEMER, Ulm, Germany. (No Photograph.) 

RONALD T. ROGERS, Toronto; York Memorial C.I. 

RONALD E. ROTHWELL, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; 
Geophysics Club III-IV, Public Relations Director IV. 

GUNARS RUNDANS, Cheltenham, Ont.; Brampton H.S.; Volleyball 
I-II I; Basketball I. 

HOLLIS F. RYAN, Oakville; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; United Nations 
Club III-IV; U. of T. Flying Club III-IV; Gate House Treasurer IV; 
Blue and White Band II. 

ALEXANDRA C. SAKOWSKI, Toronto; Poznan, Poland, Parkdale C.I.; 
O. of T. Polish Students' Club I-IV; Canadian Association for Applied 
Spectroscopy IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

PETER SANDS, Toronto; Harbord C.I. ; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; 
Hockey I-II; Engineering Physics Club Vice-President III. Future: 
Postgraduate Studies. 

ROCCO A. J. SCHIRALLI, Toronto; St. Michael's College School. 

WILLIAM J. SCOTT, Toronto; De La Salle Oaklands; Blue and White 
Rep. II; Basketball I-IV; Outing Club IV; Newman Club I-IV; 
Hart House House Committee IV. 

GEORGE SECKO, Toronto; De La Salle Oaklands; Football I; Basket- 
ball I. 

S. R. MAC SINCLAIR, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I. 

JOHN A. SLANKIS, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Volleyball 
II-IV; Basketball I-IV; Water Polo IV. 

OWEN J. SMITH, Toronto; Lakefield Preparatory School. 

ALLAN SPIVAK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Football IV; Basketball I-IV. 
Future: Chemical Engineering Research. 

CHRIS E. STAIT-GARDNER, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; Hart House 
Bridge Club III-IV. 

FRANK W. STEEL, Streetsville, Ont.; Royal York C.I. 



LEONARD STIER, Toronto; Harbord C.I. 

WILLIAM A. STRANG, Windsor; Walkerville C.Lj Lady Godiva 
Memorial Band II; Campus Co-operative Residence] I-IV, President 
IV. Divisional General Manager III; Ealing Unit Manager II; Work 
Schedule Controller I; Basketball I-III. Future: O.C.E. 

DAVID SURRY, Toronto; Batliurst Heights C.V.S. 
graduate Study. 

Future: Post- 

I. PETER SUTTIE, Waterloo; Kitchener- Waterloo C.V.8.; Basketball 
I-IV; Devonshire House I-IV; Geophysics Club III-IV. President IV. 
Future: Geophysical Exploration for Shell oil Co. of Canada. 

JURIS P. SVENNE, Scarborough; Leaside U.S.; Skule Nite Chorus I-II; 
U. of T. Chorus III. 

KWOK-KEE TAM, Hong Kong; St. Stephens College; Devonshire 
College II-IV; Chinese Overseas Students' Association II-IV. Future: 
Postgraduate Work. 

K. KUEN TAM, Hong Kong; St. Stephen's College; Devonshire House 
II-IV; Chinese Overseas Students' Association II-IV. Future: Post- 
graduate Work. 

PAUL TARASSOFF, Toronto; .larvis C.I. J Engineering Physics Field 
Trip Committee IV. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

DENNIS J. TESKEY, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I. 

WILLEM VAN ITERSON, Islington; Burnhamthorpe C.I.; Engineering 
Society Treasurer III; Engineering Physics Club Rep. I-II; Skule 
Nite I-II; Lady Godiva Memorial Band II-III; Float Parade III; 
Water Polo I-IV; Basketball II-III, Manager II; Tar Heel Exchange 

PETER E. WALCOTT, Collymore Rock. Barbados; Harrison College; 
Water Polo II; Intel collegiate Soccer II-III; Soccer IV; Devonshire 
House I-IV. Future: Industry. 

CHESTER WARCHOL, Toronto; Western Technical School. 

MICHAEL R. WERTHEIMER, Toronto: l'.tobicokc C.I.; Soccer I; 
Judo Club II-III; R.C.A.F. University Reserve; Skult Yearbook I-III. 

BARRIE L. WHITE, Sault Ste. Mane; Saull Ste. Marie CI: Hart 
House Archery Club I-IV. Secretary III: Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship I-IV; I.ady Godiva Memorial Band I-III. 

STEPHEN R. WILTON, Willowdale; Kirkland Lake C.V.L 

SAMUEL ZELIN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I. 
IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

class Representative 



Industrial Engineering 

DAVE APLIN, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; Football I; Squash IV. Future: 
Master of Business Administration. 

FRED R. BABBIE, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Rowing; Wrestling; 
Water Polo; Hockey; Lacrosse. 

PHILLIP L. BAILEY, Toronto; Danforth Technical School. 

FREDERICK G. BROWN, Toronto; Royal York C.I.; Industrial 
Engineering Club. Secretary-Treasurer III, Chairman IV. 


GARY D. CALDWELL, Cobourg, Ont. ; Cobourg District C.I. 

CHRISTOPHER B. CHAPMAN, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 
Hockey; Volleyball; Rugger; U. of T. Sailing Team; Industrial Club 
Rep.; Engineering Society, Second Vice-President III, Vice-President 
IV; Skule Poster Art. 

BARRY D. CLARK, Toronto; Royal York C.I.; Football; Basketball; 
Engineering Athletic Letter. 

J. MARTYN COOKE, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Basket- 
ball I-II; Volleyball I-II. Future: Marketing, Sales and Operations. 

GORDON A. EPP, Leaside; Leaside H.S.; Intercollegiate Hockey II-IV; 
Lacrosse III-IV; Volleyball IV; Hart House Board of Stewards IV; 
Athletic Directorate IV. 

GASTON J. J. FOURNIER, Levis, Que.; Laval University (B.A.). 

CRAIG A. FULLER, Toronto; Leaside H.S. 

GARY E. GERMAN, Toronto; Ridley College; Hockey II; Rugger I; 
Intercollegiate Football I, III. Future: Industrial Sales in Computers 
and Data Processing. 

DONALD H I LSON, Toronto. 

JOHN E. HIPWELL, Toronto; Runnymede C.I.; Skule Nite I-II; Inter- 
mediate Basketball II; Debating III; L.G.M.B. I-II. 

GEORGE V. JACQUEMAIN, Shanty Bay, Ont.; St. Michael's C.S.; 
Industrial Class Representative IV. 

W. FLETCHER KEATING, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Basketball; 
Football; Volleyball; U. of T. Bridge Club. 

BRUCE P. KISLUK, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Football I, III-IV; 
Hockey I, III-IV; Athletic Association, Treasurer III; Intramural 
Rep. III-IV. 



DONALD E. LAIRD, Bowman ville, Ont.; Bowmanville H.S.; Inter- 
Collegiate Badminton II-IV. 

WILLIAM J. McCLEAN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. 

DONALD M. PAMENTER, Toronto; Kast York C.I.; Hart Honae 
Library Committee II-IV; Hart Bouse Library Curator III-IV; 
S.C.M. Bookstore Director II. 

LOU E. PROBST, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Intercollegiate Basket- 
ball I-IV; Skule Basketball I-IV; Football I-II. 

LOUIS J. REGIMBAL, B.A., North Bay; College du Sacre-Coeur. 
Sudbury; Hockey II; Lacrosse II-IV; Engineering Debates; Skule 
Nite; Newman Choir; Intercollegiate Hockey II-IV; Home Coming 
Show; Volleyball IV. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

IAN R. RUSSELL, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Industrial 
Club, Class Rep. Ill, Treasurer IV; Engineering Society, Secretary- 
Treasurer IV. 

DONALD W. S. RUTHERFORD, Toronto; University of Toronto 
Schools; U. of T. Automobile Club II-III; Industrial Club; Hockey; 
Volleyball ; Engineering Society Class President IV. 

JOHN W. SMITH, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I. 

H. BRUCE SNELL, Toronto; Trinity College School. 

ANDREW STABINS, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Varsity Photographer I-II, 
Photo Editor III; Skule Photographer III. 

ROBERT B. STEVENSON, Toronto; East York C.I.; U. of T. R.C.A.F. 

Squadron. (No Photograph.) 

JULIAN A. F. VALLANCE, Bradford. Yorkshire. England; Gordons- 
toun School, Scotland; Rugger, Intercollegiate I-IV, Club Secretary, 
Interfaculty IV; Hockey IV; Soccer I. 

W. BROCK WEST, Thistletown, Ont.; Weston C.V.S.; Skule Nite 
II-IV, Director IV. 

ROBERT H. WILKINSON, Toronto; Runny mede CI.; Basketball; 
Volleyball; Lacrosse; Carabin Exchange Weekend IV. 

Mechanical Engineering 

WILLIAM J. G. ADOLPH, Sudbury; Sudbury U.S., Sudbury M.T.S. 

CHRIS C. ALEXOPOULOS, Toronto; School in Kastoria. Greece; 
Basketball I. E.I.C. I-IV. 

JUAN ATUCHA, Bilbao. Spam; Regiopolu C.I.. Kingston; Intercollegiate 

Soccer Team. 



JOHN R. AYTON, Toronto; East York C.I., Cantab College; Class Rep. 
I-IV; Hockey III-IV; Engineering Society, Professional Relations 
Assistant Director IV. 

ROLF K. BARTENWERFER, Hamburg, Germany; Peterborough C.V.S.; 
A.S.M.E. III-IV, Student-Section Chairman IV. 

RUSSELL BAYKO, Toronto; Central Technical School; Football; 
Hockey; Basketball. 

W. GEORGE BISHOP, Maple, Ont. ; Richmond Hill U.S.; Knox House 
Committee IV; S.A.E.; A.S.M.E.; Knox Lacrosse IV. 

ANTHONY R. BLACK, Sprucedale. Ont.; Burks Falls H.S., O.A.C. 
(B.S.A.); Intercollegiate Cross Country; Wrestling. 

REAL C. BOLDUC, Ansonville, Ont.; Iroquois Falls and Calvert District 
H.S.; Newman Club I; Hockey III-IV. 

MICHAEL BOROWIK, Waterford, Ont.; Waterford District H.S., 
O.A.C. (B.S.A.). 

GORDON M. BRAGG, Toronto; Orilha C.V.I., Etobieoke C.I.; Brute 
Force Committee I; Volleyball I-IIj Engineering Society III-IV; 
S.A.C. III-IV. Publications Commissioner IV; U.T.D.U. Chairman 
III. Future: Postgraduate Work. 

JAMES A. BROWN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Volleyball I; Toike 
Oike I-II; Hart House Theatre I-II; Photography I-III. 

DAVID J. COOK, Quebec City; Quebec H.S. 

BASIL R. DARRAH, Campbellford, Ont.; Campbellford H.S.; Hockey 
III-IV; Mechanical Club, Class Rep. III. Chairman IV. 

JOHN K. DEINERAS, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S.; Mechanical 
Club I-IV, Vice-Chairman III; A.S.M.E. III-IV, Student Treasurer 


Skule Nite I. 

Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; 

GERALD E. GILES, St. Catharines; Linwell H.S., St. Catharines C.V.S.; 
Camera Club; Hockey; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. 

WOLFGANG L. B. GLENDE, Downsview; Downsview C.I.; Hockey 

GWYNFRED A. GRIFFITH, Dawson Creek. B.C.; Souris C.I., Man.; 
Rugger II; Gymnastics; Curling. Future: R.C.A.F. 

GUENTER W. HAESSLER, Richmond Hill; Richmond Hill H.S. ; 
Lacrosse I-II; Squash IV; U. of T. Outing Club III-IV. 

HERB E. HILGENBERG, Gait; P.W.C.. St. Johns, Nfld., Gait C.I. ; 
A.S.M.E.; Intercollegiate Soccer, Intramural Official. Future: 
Graduate Studies. 




4M #- 

<£t *** 

EDWARD W. HUGHES, Hamilton. Ont.; Central Secondary School; 
Basketball I-II; Volleyball I-II; Hockey IV; Float Parade IV. 

JOHN J. INDRISEK, Toronto; De La Salle Oaklands. 

PHILIP A. T. JACKSON, Peterborough; Etobicoke C.L, Peterborough 
C.V.S., O.A.C. (B.S.A.). Future: Canadian Industry. 

WALTER H. KEARSLEY, Lindsay; Lindsay C.I., R.M.C. Future: Army. 

JOHN W. KEELING, England; Bryanston H.S.. O.A.C. (B.8JL); 
Flying Club IV; Camera Club IV. Future: Travel. 

JOHN P. KING, Toronto; Malvern C.I., O.A.C. (B.S.A.). Future: 

WILLIAM G. KIRKLAND, Burlington; Burlington District H.S.; 
0. of T. Flying Club I-IV. President III; Curling III-IV; R.O.T.P. I-IV. 
Future: R.C.A.F. 

STAN H. KLICH, Toronto; De La Salle Oaklands; Engineering Society 
Executive, Rep. I-II. lsfc Vice-President [V, 

STEPHEN J. KOINOFF, Niagara Falls/" Ont.; Niagara Falls C.V.I. 

AKIRA KOYANAGI, Toronto; Harbord C.I. 

FRITHJOF E. KRUEGER, Toronto; Canisius Kolleg. Berlin. Meister- 
schaft College; Newman Club. 

JAMES D. KRULL, Kingsville, Ont.; Kingsville District H.S.; Hockey 
I, III-IV; R.O.T.P. I-IV. Future: R.C.A.F. Telecommunications 

PETER G. LA FLAIR, Toronto: New Toronto S.S.; Football I; Basketball 
II; Hockey I. III-IV; Soccer IV; Hart House Clee Club II; U. of T. 
Chorus III; Mechanical Club. Secretary II, Treasurer IV; Skule 
Nite IV. 

Y. LAM LAU, Hong Kong; Queen's C.I. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 

HOWARD L. A. LAXTON, Toronto; Forest 11.11 C.I. 

JOHN G. LENARD, Toronto; Technical School of Hungary; Friendly 
Relations with Overseas Students. 

R. IAN LINDSAY, Toronto; Bathursl Heights C.V.S.; Soccer I-IV; 
Hockey III-IV. Future: Engineering Training in U.K. 

BRUCE J. LYONS, Markhani; Markham District II. S; Hockey III-IV. 



ROBERT A. McLEAN, Noranda, Que.; Noranda H.S. Future: R.C.A.F. 

WILLIAM J. McMULLEN Toronto; East York C.I.; Hart House 
Camera Club; Hockey; A.S.M.E. ; Hart House Skin-Diving Club. 

CYRIL MARINIC, Scarborough. 

KENNETH C. MITCHELL, Montreal; H.S. of Montreal, R.M.C. 
Future: Engineering Officer, R. C.A.I'. 

KENNETH G. MITCHELL, Toronto; De La Salle Oaklands; Hockey 

JAMES E. A. MOORE, Islington; Royal York C.I. 

KENNY K. MURATA, Winnipeg; Isaac Newton H.S., R.M.C. Future: 
Army Career. 

HEINZ NETTEN, Bowmanville. 

GEORGES E. OSTIGUY, Ottawa; Nepean H.S.; Basketball; Volleyball. 
Future: R.C.A.F. (No Photograph.) 

GIUSEPPE PARATO, Toronto; Collegio Navale Brindisi, Italy; Soccer 
I-IV; F.R.O.S. I-IY; Italian Club I-IV; Newman Club I-IV. 

ESMO PIKK, Toronto; Danforth T.S.; Hockey I-IV. 

FRITHJOF H. PLAHTE, Oslo, Norway; Stabekk K. H. Almenskole, 
Norway; Intercollegiate Skiing; Skule Nite II-IV; A.V.R.; Outing 
Club; Carabin Exchange IV. 

BRUCE D. PRATT, Toronto; Downsview C.I.; Hockey III-IV; U. of T. 
Flying Club I. 

D. GEORGE RICHARDS, Lucknow, Ont.; Lucknow District H.S., 
O.A.C. (B.S.A.). 

DAVID J. ROSS, Sudbury; Sudbury H.S.; Engineering Athletic Associa- 
tion III-IV, President IV; Football I-IV; Basketball I-IV; Hockey 
III-IV; North House, Devonshire, Vice-President III. 

ROY L. SAKAGUCHI, Toronto; St. Michael's College School; Swimming 
I; Table Tennis I; Newman Club II; Judo I-IV; Squash III-IV. 

HARRY T. SEYMOUR, Ottawa; Glebe C.I., O.A.C. (B.S.A.). 

W. LARRY SPRINGFORD, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S., 
R.M.C; Varsity Rowing IV. Future: R.C.E.M.E. 

C. RONALD STEE, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Hockey I-IV; Squash 
II-IV; Skule Nite II; U. of T. Outing Club II-IV, President III; 
U. of T. Chorus III-IV; S.C.M. III-IV, Arrangements Convener IV; 
Engineering Society, Director of Professional Relations IV; Hart 
House House Committee IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 



ie u 

CHARLES R. TRENKA, 1'ort Perry; Port Perrv H.8.; Soccer I; C.R.T.P. 


G. JOHN VAN ITERSON, Islington; Etobicoke C.I., Burnhanithorpe 
C.I.; Engineering Athletic Association, Hep. I, Vice-President; 
Track Team; L.G.M.B.; Soccer; Basketball. 

GEDIMINAS J. VELYVIS, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. 


MATTI VOORO, Toronto; Mimico H.S., Oakwood C.I.; Soccer II; 
Basketball IV; A.P.E.O., Professional Development; A.S.M.E. 

DONALD E.WARD, Port Stanley, Ont. ; St. Thomas C.I., O.A.C. (B.S.A.); 
Football IV. Future: R.C.A.F. 

ALAN C. WELCH, Toronto. 

JAMES A. WHITE, Toronto; Bloor C. I.; Football MY; American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers. ' 

MALCOLM M. WILLIAMS, Oak Ridges, Ont. 

ERNEST L. WILSON, Ingersoll; Ridley College; Water Polo I-IV; 
Swimming and Water Polo Commissioner III-IV; Intercollegiate 
Swim Team I-IV; S.A.E. Student Rep. Ill; Athletic Association, 
Pub. and Pub. IV; Toike Oike, Sports Editor IV. 

WILLIAM S. W. WONG, Hong Kong; K.C.C. 

DENIS F. D. WOODS, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

Applied Geology, 
Metallurgy and Mining 

DONALD S. BOYLE, Islington, Ont.; Mining; Burnhanithorpe C.I., 
Etobicoke C.I.; Mining and Metallurgy Club II-IV; Civil Engineering 
Club I. 

JOHN S. BRANT, Whitby, Ont.; Metallurgy; Whitby District H.S.; 
Engineering Society Executive, Treasurer III, President IV; External 
Affairs Hep- IHi Engineering Debates Club III-IV; 7\>t'A'C Oike III; 
Engineering Physics Club I-III; Mining and Metallurgy Club III-IV; 
W.U.S. III; Liberal Club IV; B EC. II-IV Leader III; Lacrosse I; 
Water Polo I; Wycliffe College Hockey II; Basketball II. 

DONALD R. COCHRANE, Toronto; Applied Geology; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; Swimming; Gymnastics Team; Class President. 

COLIN C. CROSSON, l.uanshya. Northern Rhodesia; Mining; Lnanabya 

U.S.. Camborne School of Mines. Cornwall. England: Mining and 
Metallurgy Club IV. future: Return to Rhodesia. 

IAIN F. DOWNIE, Toronto; Applied Geology; Kirriemuir U.S.. Scotland; 
Intermediate Hugger IV; Soccer. 

JOHN E. DUNLOP, Camborne, Cornwall. England; Mining; Clifton 
College. Bristol; Mining and Metallurgy Club IV. 



TONY T. CEGLON, Toronto; Mining; Malvern C.I.; Mining and Metal- 
lurgy Club I-IV; Basketball I-II. 

DONALD J. FARRISH, Listowel, Ont. ; Mining; Listowel District H.S.; 
U. of T. Flying Club; Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV; Skule Nite 
Stage Hand II-IV. 

ROBERT W. FORBES, Islington; Mining; Etobicoke C.I.; Mining and 
Metallurgy Club I-IV, Rep. IV. 

WILLIAM L. GIACHINO, Noranda, Que.; Mining; Noranda H.S., 
Vald'Or H.S., King Edward H.S., Vancouver.; Mining and Metallurgy 
Club I-IV; Revolver Club I; Boxing Club I-II. 

LLOYD E. HARRIS, Toronto; Mining; Malvern C.I.; Mining and 
Metallurgy Club I-IV; Hart House Archery Club I-II. 

W. PAUL INKSETTER, Hamilton; Applied Geology; Westdale S.S.; 
Hart House Glee Club I-IV, Committee IV; Class Rep. II. 

KEN KOYANAGI, Toronto; Metallurgy; Western Technical and Com- 
mercial School, Bathurst Heights C.I. 

MYRON B. KREMKO, Toronto; Applied Geelogy; Bathurst Heights 
C.V.S.; Rugger. 

JURGEN T. LAU, Hamburg, Germany; Applied Geology; Abendober- 
schule, Hamburg; Judo; Soccer; Coleman Geological Club. 

JOHN LUMB, Toronto; Mining; York Memorial C.I.; Mining and 
Metallurgy Club I-IV, Vice-Chairman III, Chairman IV; Engineer- 
ing Society IV. 

J. DOUGLAS McCULLOCH, Islington; Metallurgy; Etobicoke C.I.; 
Volleyball I; Basketball I-IV; Squash I, IV; Golf II; B.F.C. II-IV; 

Engineering Debating Society IV; Toike Oike III; Mining and Metal- 
lurgy Club Executive IV; Engineering Physics Club I-II; Class Rep. 

JAMES B. MILLER, Belleville, Ont.; Metallurgy; Central Technical 
School; Mining and Metallurgy Club; B.F.C. I-IV; Chess Club; Track. 

LARRY R. MORRIS, Toronto; Metallurgy; East York C.I.; Class 
Rep. II-III; Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer II. 
Future: Postgraduate Work. 

DAVID J. MUNRO, Toronto; Mining; Lawrence Park C.I.; Mining 
and Metallurgy Club III. 

KOJI NAKAI, Toronto; Mining; Jarvis C.I.; Hockey I-III; Mining and 
Metallurgy Club I-IV; Nisei Students' Club. 

JOHN M. NELEMS, Toronto; Mining; Kearsney College, South Africa; 
Mining and Metallurgy Club Rep. I; Intercollegiate Rugger I-IV. 
Captain III-IV; U, of T. Rugger Club, President III-IV. 

ANDREW NIGRINI, Toronto; Applied Geology; Leaside H.S.; Volley- 
ball I-IV; Basketball I-IV; Coleman Geology Club III-IV. 

KELLY C. O'CONNOR, Toronto; Applied Geology; Lawrence Park C.I.; 
Water Polo I-IV. 



*».^r p 

RICHARD E. RANFORD, Port Credit; Metallurgy; T. L. Kennedy U.S.; 
Mining anrl Metallurgy Club II-IV. 

JOHN T. SHILHAN, Toronto; Metallurgy; R. II. King C.I.; Volleyball 
I; Toilet Oike IV; Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV; W.l'.S. II 
Battalion Club II-IV; B.F.C. II-IV 

ARNOLD G. STURM, Toronto; Applied Geology; Malvern C.I. 

JOHN T. VODAREK, Leamington. Ont.; Applied Geology; Leamington 

EDWARD J. WADE, Toronto; Applied Geology; North Toronto C.I.; 
Skule Nite. .Stage Crew III-IV. 

ASHLEY WALKER, Mufulira. Northern Rhodesia; Mining; St. John's 
College, South Africa; Mining and Metallurgy Club IV; Squash 
Future: Return to Rhodesia. 

JAMES T. WILBUR, Toronto; Mining; I'pper Canada College; Hart 
House Art Committee III; Hart House Art Club I-II; Hart House 
Swimming Instructor I-II; Intermediate Water Polo I. 

JAMES R. ZIMMERMAN, Dunnville. Ont.; Applied Geology; Walkerton 
District H.S.; Coleman Geology Club, Class Rep. Ill; Mining and 
Metallurgy Club. Future: Postgraduate Work. 



Follow the leader . . . 

Engineers on the Campus 

Winning Float. 




1 JL * 



"•"Mm.. ' Wfr ' 

jSfc-u K 

5 * 

E = MC = a hell of a bang. 









Toike Oike 


Mining and Metallurgy 


Engineering Physics 

Pub. and Pub. 


, . MM 

Dir. of Prof. Relations 




1 st Vice-President 

IV S.A.C. Rep. 

President 6T2 

2nd Vice-President 

III S.A.C. Rep. 

President 6T3 

wtr-^^, •«r*v 



Athletic President 

IV E.A.C. Rep. 

III E.A.C. Rep. 

President 6T4 


President 6T5 

Skule Yearbook 

BACK ROW: Saul Strieker, Bob Dickey, Norm Fisher. 

FRONT: Vern Chant (Business Manager), Harold Arnovitch (Editor). 

Toike Oike Staff 

BACK ROW: Bob Dickey, Bob Russel, Bob Morris, Rich Kerekes, Jim Morwick. 
FRONT: Merv Graf, Ernie Wilson, Jock Lyons, Jim DeLaplante. 


Skule Dinner 

The 72nd Annual School Dinner was held in Hart House in 
mid-October. This occasion affords the students and staff of the 
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering an opportunity to 
dine informally in the pleasant atmosphere of the Great Hall. 
It is also on this occasion that the scholarship winners of the 
previous term receive their certificates of achievement, presented 
this year by Colonel Wilson of the Faculty. 

The highlight of the evening was the address to the students 
by Mr. Cyrus Eaton, entitled "The Engineer as Philosopher and 
Citizen." Mrs. Eaton's presence at the dinner lent dignity and 
grace to the occasion, helping to make it a great success. 

Cyrus Eaton speaks . 

This year on November 8 we were honoured to have Dr. 
O. M. Solandt, Vice-President of Research and Development for 
the Canadian National Railways, present the tenth lecture of the 
Wallberg Memorial Lecture Series. The topic he chose was "The 
Responsibilities of Engineers In the Space Age"; it was very 
well received. 

A graduate of The University of Toronto in Biological and 
Medical Sciences, Dr. Solandt joined the staff of the department 
of Physiology at Cambridge. During World War II, he served in 
the Armed Forces and founded the Armoured Fighting Vehicle 
section of the Army Operational Research Group. After a dis- 
tinguished career in the Canadian Army as a Lieutenant-Colonel 
and later an acting Colonel, he returned to Canada and helped 
form the Defense Research Board. In 1956 he resigned from the 
Board in order to become the Assistant Vice-President, Research 
and Development Canadian National Railways, and on May 1, 
1957, was appointed Vice-President. 

This series of lectures was initiated to keep alive the memory 
of Emil Andrew Wallberg, who achieved notable success as an 
engineer, and also as President of the Lake St. John Power and 
Paper Company, and the Canada Wire and Cable Company 
Limited. The lectures are designed to give to the undergraduates 
and practising engineers the opportunity of hearing the views 
and opinions of eminent men. 

The Wallberg Memorial building is another tribute to this man. 
It is built from part of the Wallberg estate, all of which was 
donated to the University by Mr. Wallberg's sister. The remainder 
of the estate was retained as an endowment fund for the benefit 
of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. The Wallberg 
lectures are only one of the activities provided by the income 
derived from this fund. 

We look forward to future lectures, which we are confident 
will be delivered by men of equal stature and experience and 
which will unquestionably be as well received and appreciated. 

Dr. O. M. Solandt 

Wallberg Memorial 


Debates Club 

The Engineering Debates Club has had a wide and active range of activi- 
ties this year. After a preliminary inter-Engineering Debate, St. Hilda's. 
Trinity, and St. Michael's were challenged early in the year, with the Engineers 
defeating only Trinity, in the familiar surroundings of Room T-102. Victoria 
College split a home-and-home series with the Engineers, who then invaded 
the Nursing Building to arrive at a draw on the topic "Equality of Sexes is 
a Myth." 

Perhaps the most spectacular debate of the year involved campus politics, 
when the Engineers were called upon to defend their views in a debate 
against C.U.C.N.D. Skulemen successfully demanded that "The Ban-the- 
Bombers Get Out of Their Ivory Tower" and, later, heavily condemned 
the Varsity for misrepresentation. 

The Sedgewick Cup trials, held early in March, will determine the best 
speaker for Engineering. These trials will culminate a lively season of debating. 

BACK ROW: Tom Beosley, Olof Kraulis. 
FRONT: Don Carlisle, Vic Riley. 
ABSENT: Ron Evans. 

Mechanical Club 

BACK ROW: J. R. Ayfon, S. Proudfoot, R. Robertson, F. F. Ruprecht. 
FRONT: P. G. LaFlair, B. R. Darrah, N. P. Nightingale, G. Fowler. 

The Mechanical Engineering course for the session 
1961-62 had a low enrolment because a freshman class of 
35 replaced a graduation class of 81. This meant that partici- 
pation at club functions was at a minimum, but those who 
did attend were indeed the benefactors. 

The Boulevard Club was the choice for the Annual Club 
Dance, at which several worthwhile prizes were given. The 
"Best Mural Award" was again presented to the Mechani- 
cals for the Cannon Ball entry. Field trips took fourth year 

to Ottawa, third year to St. Catharines, and second year to 
Hamilton. One Smoker was held in December, with inten- 
tions of having a second during the last term. The first 
Smoker was a Student-Staff Panel Show. 

Some of the year's biggest events are in the late spring. 
For most the "At Home" is a big affair; but for fourth 
year — of course — it is the "Grad Ball." I will see you 
there with my top bat! 

Industrial Engineering Club 

This year the Industrial Engineering Club held two very successful 
Smokers. The first, held in the fall term, featured a panel represented 
by members of the staff and practising Industrial Engineers. Their 
topic of discussion was "What Should the Industrial Engineers do 
upon Graduation." In the spring term at the second Smoker, a 
panel representing the executive of the Systems and Procedures 
Association discussed "A Career in Systems." The high attendance 
and the late hour at which discussion terminated, to say nothing of 
the food and refreshments consumed, were indicative of the success 
of the evening. 

Because of frugal management of the Club's treasury, the club 
was able to subsidize heavily the cost of the annual Industrial 
Dinner. The low price of tickets helped ensure the success of this 
traditional termination of the Club's activities. All in all it was a 
very successful year. 

BACK ROW: George Jacquemain, Bill Hummel. 
FRONT: Fred Brown, Bob Harmer. 
ABSENT: Dave Jefferson, Sfew McCowan. 

Electrical Club 

BACK ROW: Paul Dodgson, John Goodanetz, Bill Patton. 
FRONT: Bernie Dilliott Vic Mikenas, Bob Shaw. 
ABSENT: Don Studney, Peter Benedict, George Vonas. 

With smiling faces and tired feet, the Electrical 
Club Executive has pulled through with a very 
successful and enjoyable year. From Freshman 
Orientation to the Grad Ball, the Club at all times 
has had its hands full. 

The Friday morning meetings, held in conjunc- 
tion with the A.I.E.E. and the I.R.E., provided 
many excellent speakers and produced good turn- 
outs. Under the capable supervision of George 
Vonas, Electrical Club movies proved to be a real 
attraction. The money man, Bob Shaw, helped 
keep Vic Mikenas, the Chairman, on his toes at 
all times. Helping out in the greatest and most 
successful social event of the School Year, the Fall 
Brawl, which was held at the Oak Room, Bernie 
Dilliott and Don Studney, Vice-Chairman, did an 
excellent job. Accounting for the excellent turnout 
of members of the Electrical Club at school func- 
tions, Paul Dodgson, Peter Benedict, John 
Goodanetz, along with Bill Patton from first to 
fourth year respectively, deserve much credit. The 
third year went to Hamilton to see Westinghouse 
and the Steel Company; the fourth year paid a 
visit to the heart of the country, Ottawa, to inspect 
N.R.C., and then the Atomic Energy Research 
Plant at Chalk River. 

With faint memories of the School At Home and 
the Grad Ball, the Club will remember 1962 for 
many years to come. 


a»-w»i'!iiiM | H«r, ; nvmnMKSm m Chemical 


BACK" ROW: Tim Chambers, Waller Wuerth, Sy Ross, Dave Dignan, Andy Gawenda, John King, Harry Koukal. 
FRONT: Fred Fedosoff, Bob Betty, Ed Rygiel, Warren Baker, Dave Curry. 

The Chemical Engineering Club is one of the largest and 
most active clubs in the Faculty of Engineering. The 
Chemical Club organizes many annual, bi-annual, and 
weekly events that are often enthusiastically supported not 
only by Chemical Engineers, but also by members of all 
Engineering Courses. 

The annual Fall Dinner was held at the Faculty Club 
this year and the customary after-dinner speaker was dis- 

pensed with in favour of a Smoker, at which ideas and 
opinions were freely traded between Faculty members. 
Undergraduates, and Demonstrators. 

Typifying the vitality of the Chemical Club was the dis- 
play presented by the Chemicals in the "Inter-Course'* 
competition at the Engineering Cannon Ball. This displav 
was of such merit and originality that it was singled out 
and highly praised by the judges. 

Mining and Metallurgical Club 

BACK ROW: Don Miller, Bob Forbes, Don Cochrane, Pete Stern, Pete Strangeway, Paul Blair, Gert 

Richter, Paul Stepanek. 

FRONT: Pete Paterson, Michael Pullen, John Lumb, Bruce longmore, Dave Jolley. 

ABSENT: Doug McCulloch. 

The Mining and Metalluigical Club had an active pro- 
gramme during the 1961-62 season. It was fortunate to 
acquire Mr. John Beattie, the Executive Director of the 
Ontario Mining Association, as Honorary Chairman; he 
was an invaluable aid to the Club. Noon-hour movies 
returned this year, and the varied subject material was 
received with enthusiasm by the members. The General 
Meetings of the Club, held every month in Hart House, 
consisted of a speaker, film, and question period. These 

gatherings were well supported and proved to be very 
interesting and informative for the group. 

The Annual Dance, held at the Embassy Club, proved to 
be a festive occasion and. to wind up the activities, the 
Annual Dinner in March was an apt conclusion to a success- 
ful year. It is hoped that the Mining and Metallurgical 
Club will have increased membership in future years in 
order that the organization can grow and serve its members 
more fully. 

Civil Club 

BACK ROW: Dave Sefton, Ross Cullingworth, John Stanton, John Barber, Professor Morrison, Doug Scott, Henry 

Propper, Fred Keenan, A. E. McDonald. 

FRONT: George Powell, Sue Joel, Jim Fedorkiw, Dave Robinson. 

After a slow beginning the Civil Club gained momentum 
shortly before Christmas and swung into peak form in the 
spring term; first and second year, particularly, have been 
more active than ever before with full attendance at four 
excellent film hours. The Civil Club Dance, held for the 
first time at the Oak Room of Union Station, proved a 
social and financial success, with both the proximity and 
the grandeur of the location adding to the appeal of the 
most exhilarating dance of the year. Following closely 
behind, the Civil Dinner, thanks to the co-operation of the 

Engineering Physics Club 

Civil Department as a whole, was a great success (co- 
operation from the Department has been readily offered 
throughout the year and their personal support of Club 
functions has indeed been appreciated). 

Athletically, Civils were prominent, having leading 
figures on both interfaculty and intercollegiate levels, with 
a new sports-car auto rally being an innovation we would 
like to see continued. Remember — you can mix extra- 
curricular activities and academic work successfully! 

BACK ROW: Jim Price, Sam Zelin, Shaun Buckley, Nick KristofTy, Lloyd Reid, Jim 

FRONT: Alex Grenzebach, Ed Hinchley, Alfred Aho, Tibor Szandtner, Brian Dobie. 

This year the Engineering Physics Club 
has concluded a glorious history — this 
being the last of the Engineering Physics 
Clubs. Amid all the rumours that the 
name of the course was being changed to 
Engineering Science, the Club set itself to 
work to make this last season one of 
its best. 

Its first major concern was the mighty 
fourth year field trip, this year extending 
into the U.S. as well as the traditional 
excursion to Eastern Canada. Soon follow- 
ing these excursions was the annual Engi- 
neering Physics wiener roast. Then came 
the annual dance of the Club — this year 
called the "Physical Frolic." 

Planned for the late spring are an 
evening open meeting to be held at Hart 
House, featuring a renowned speaker, and 
the Engineering Club Dinner which proved 
to be so popular last year. 

As the year draws to a close, it marks 
the end of an era — the end of the Eng. 
Phys. Club and the birth of the Engineering 
Science Club. 



"I enjoy being a girl." 

There's no business like show business. 

Time out for a picture. 


It's elementary my dear whatsit. 

Skule Nite '62 

fjil 1 I 

W<r*M 1 ^^ Vr ** F\ 1 \~'J"--iL 


it n*l 



Prima Donna. 


Twist again. 

1-2-3 ??? 

At Home 

Cannon and Guard 

Which one? 


Hard work? 

Ice Palace. 

Winter Carnival 

Hands off my chariot! 

Start of the Chariot Race. 




Lacrosse Comm. 




jerry Mcelroy 

Basketball Comm. 

Soccer Comm. 


Pub. & Pub. 

Intramural Sports 

6T2 Rep. 

6T3 Rep. 

6T4 Rep. 

6T5 Rep. 

Senior Skule 

BACK ROW: Al Decs, Bill Cass, Jim Heller, Andy Nigrini, Kenny 
Codling, Jerry McElroy (Coach). 

FRONT: Lou Probst, Barry Clarke, Les Saunders, Peter Sands, Jerry 
Sigol, Fletcher Keating. 


Junior Skule 


Bob Lackey, John Barber, Dan Cherepacha, Andrew Agnew, Bob Brown. 

ABSENT: M. Butt, G. Powell, A. Orcheson, G. Seigal, D. Cathro, M. Katx (Coach). 



Senior Skule 

BACK ROW: Dave Wilson (Coach), Bruce Kisluck, Norm Ellis, Fletch Keating, Barry Tannock, George Dufton, Jim Forgie, Emil Forint, Dave Ross, 
John Reid, Ross Millar, Stu McCowan, John Langley, Ulo Sibul, Ed Sandolowich, Martin Masak, Jerry Lonergan, Dave McArthur, Bob Young, Neil 
Wilson (Asst. Coach). 

FRONT: Stan Miller, Paul Allan, Al Spivak, Jim White, Don Ward, Bob Cwirenko, Jack McLean, Pete Wilson, Bruce Brereton, Don Boucher, John 
Heike, Kim Yee. 

Junior Skule 


Lance Tigert, Ted Bound, Heikki Limion, Dennis Paraczchych, Mati Lehela, Rick Buchanan, 
Dick Krol, Gary O'Neill, John Brennan, Ray Seto, Bob Griffis, Mike Sobkow, Dave Newton, 
Jim Price, Don Miller, Rick Cuttle, Greg McCormack, Sandy Constable, Dave King, Jerry 
Pernica, Torv Taniguchi, Ralph McGinn, Mai Goldenson, John Tutty, Dave Stickney, 
Bob Heath, Chris Gorsky. 

BACK ROW: Dave Newton, Heikki Limion, Mati Lehela. 
FRONT: Ted Bound, Ray 'Seto, John Tutty, Lance Tigert. 



Senior Skule 

BACK ROW: Ted Tuszynski, John Slankis, Mike LaMa, Sieve Bukojemsky, Peter Sands, Andrew Nigrini. 
FRONT: Roman Tatuch, Jerry Sigal, George Spolsky. 

Junior Skule 



Senior Skule 

I *.# it 

jsljsl . j^. 

1 ikiv ^Br^^HW^n • A^w<HkJ fi< 

BACK ROW: P. Konitz, E. Pikk, N. Nightingale, J. Regimbal, R. McAuley, G. Grierson, M. Graf, M. Katz. 
FRONT: R. Bowen, A. Kucharski, G. German, T. Heaslip, R. Dawson, M. Ferguson, R. Lackey. 
ABSENT: M. Danyluk, H. Kirwin, R. Stee, J. Weslon. 

Junior Skule 

BACK ROW: T. Measlip (Coach), D. Lamb, D. Blank, D. Morhersill, D. Boal, D. Cooper, V. Murai, I. Loisel, 

M. Graf (Manager). 

FRONT: S. Proudfoot, D. McKinnon, J. Killer, J. Chambers, N. Melnyck, P. Marrs. 

ABSENT: C. Simpson, D. De Carli. 


Water Polo I 

BACK ROW: F. Babbie, D. Wilson, M. Chapelle, H. Bradford. 
FRONT: M. Mandelbaum, G. Powell, K. O'Conner, B. Patterson. 
ABSENT: P. Richards. 


BACK ROW: M. Lister, J. Valance, G. Wade. 
ABSENT: J. Cameron, R. Hayman, G. German. 

FRONT: B. Turner, D. Kemp, B. Savaria, J. Parry. 


"S" Dance 6T2 

Skule's Annual Athletic Awards Night 

Awards, music . . . 

Dean R. R. McLaughlin presents the 
Special Bronze "<S" award to Doug Boyd. 
The award goes to the student who has 
contributed most to athletics in his years at 
Skule. Dave Ross, President of the Athletic 
Society, is in the background. 

Kerry Coddling (left) receives the W. J. T. 
Wright Trophy from John Brant, President 
of the Engineering Society. 

and dancing. 




Honorary President 
Faculty Members 

Advisory Board Members 

Director of Health Service 

Director of A t hie tics 

Financial Secretary 

Undergraduate Members 

Appointed by S.A.C. 

Appointed by 

Intramural Sports Committee 

Dr. C. T. Bissell, President of the University. 

Dr. J. H. Ebbs, Mr. J. C. Evans, Dr. J. W. Graham. Professor 

W. L. Sagar, Professor N. E. Sheppard. Dean J. W. B. Sisam, 

Professor M. St. A. Woodside. 

Mr. J. C. Crang, Dr. C. C. Gray. 

Dr. G. E. Wodehouse. 

Mr. Warren A. Stevens. 

Mr. J. P. Loosemore. 

Mr. J. D. Boyd (S.P.S.), Mr. R. 

G. A. Epp (S.P.S.), Mr. F. R. 

Hicken (Dentistry). 

Mr. B. Veldhoen (Forestry). 

Mr. Charles Baillie (Trinity). 

W. Crawford (Victoria), Mr. 
Fisher (Trinity), Mr. G. C. 




Badminton Jemmett 

Basketball Wilson Cup 

Boxing Gibson Cup 


Fencing Team Charles Walter 

Individual (Foil) Charles Walter 

Football Senior Yates Cup 

Golf Team Ruttan Cup 

Individual McCall Cup 

Gymnastics Team Caron Trophy 

Individual Werry Trophy 

Harrier Little Cup 

Hockey Queen's Cup 

Rugger Gilbert Turner Cup 

Sailing Col. Grant Trophy 

Ski Team Le Trophee de L'Universite 

de Montreal 
Individual Allen Trophy 

Soccer Senior (Eastern Division) Toronto & District Ass'n Cup 

(Western Division). .Blackwood Trophy 

Squash Team Harold Martin 

Individual Moison (Ontario) Trophy 

Swimming Team Dougall Cup 

100 Yd. Free Neil Buckley 

100 Yd. Back Wm. Sprenger 

Tennis C.L.T.A. Cup 

Track Team Tait Mackenzie Trophy 

Individual Hec Phillips 

Water Polo Herschorn Cup 

Wrestling Senior Porter Trophy 


Queen's University 

U. of Western Ontario 

Royal Military College 

McMaster University 

University of Toronto 
R. G. Rice, Toronto 

Queen's University 

University of Toronto 

M. Whitney, Waterloo 

University of Toronto 
B. H. Brooker, Toronto 
University of Toronto 
University of Toronto 
University of Toronto 
Royal Military College 

McGill University 

T. Leegaard, Toronto 

McGill University 

Ontario Agricultural College 

McGill University 
C Adair, McGill 

University of Toronto 

R. Pound, McGill 

F. R. Fisher, Toronto 

University of Montreal 

University of Toronto 

tie W. F. Crothers, Toronto 

B. Kidd, Toronto 
University of Toronto 
University of Toronto 




Bronze T's marked with • 


A. K. Acheson 
M. M. Anderson 

• J. A. E. Bell 
M. C. Bell 

• J. D. Boyd 

D. L. Chambers 

D. C. Clements 
H. Cooke 

• R. W. Crawford 
L. E. Farrow 

J. S. Fisher 
R. God ley 
M. L. Hollett 

• R. L. House 
J. A. Israel 

• M. W. Jewell 
M. H. Kelly 

• W. D. Kay 

M. A. Meredith 
R. Y. McMurtry 
R. S. Near 

A. R. Parker 
K. Pold 


R. Renwick 
M. Rowan 

B. D. Rowland 
P. Robertson 
A. Uiska 


R. G. Awrey 

• D. Cherepacha 

• D. L. Chambers 
G. G. Deratnay 
M. Elik 

• G. A. Epp 

• G. C. Hicken 

• W. B. Kennedy 
S. C. Monteith 
J. O. Murchie 
G. D. Olah 

S. T. Osborne 
I. A. Sinclair 
P. Speyer 
J. H. Weller 


H. Cooke 
J. D. Holt 
M. Houston 
D. S. Merker 
J. P. Stephenson 


B. L. Davidson 
P. J. Dignan 
N. P. Kane 
D. D. McKenzie 
J. F. McElroy 
J. T. M. O'Neill 


W. A. Potter 
K. W. Walker 


G. H. Brown 
R. S. Carmichael 

C. A. Cook 

D. W. Cook 
W. F. Crothers 

• P. M. Gaudet 

• B. Kidd 


N. Van Loon 


A. W. Anderson 
R. J. Brooks 
M. J. McManus 


J. M. Booth 
L. A. Johnson 
H. H. Paterson 



T. Leegaard 
R. V. Repo 
G. Torrance 


• B. H. Brooker 

• G. Pal 


B. KlDD 

A. R. Black 


D. R. Bosom worth 

• J. Brebner 

J. S. Cameron 
W. G. Charlton 
R. B. Dodds 


J. D. Howard 
J. H. Humphries 
R. H. Kirkpatrick 
J. D. Moore 

• J. M. Nelems 

D. W. Tarbet 

• R. W. Turner 

J. A. F. Vallance 
P. S. B. Wilson 


N. Aplin 
L. Bell 
A. Benedek 


J. P. Richards 


W. P. Unger 


G. S. Watkin 


J. S. Bell 

A. DeTullio 
P. Haynes 


R. J. Lewis 

U. Maag 

J. Mahon 

L. Mayhanovich 


J. K. Murphy 
J. H. Watson 


H. A. Armstrong 

G. Barber 

L. Bell 

M. D. Chapelle 

D. H. Clemons 

F. R. Fisher 

G. Huovinen 

P. M. Richardson 
W. P. Unger 


Biggs and Copp Trophy 

Doug Boyd of Varsity Football Blues climaxed a brilliant 
sports career at the University of Toronto this year by 
winning both the Johnny Copp Memorial Trophy and the 
George M. Biggs Trophy. The Copp Trophy is awarded to 
the member of the Senior Football Team adjudged "most 
worthy" by his teammates, and the Biggs Trophy is the 
highest sports award at Varsity, going to the undergraduate 
who has contributed the most to University athletics from 
the standpoint of "leadership, sportsmanship, and per- 

Graduating from Engineering Physics, Boyd has played 
on three senior football teams and was co-captain this past 
season, in addition to being named an all-star at defensive 
halfback for the second year in a row. He also played 
intermediate football in his freshman year and was a 
member of the University Athletic Directorate for 1961-62. 
Not to go unnoticed also is the fact that, while partaking to 
a great extent in extracurricular activities, he has maintained 
an honour standing in his four years at U. of T. 

Although he plans to continue his education, the Fonthill, 
Ont. resident will have an opportunity to play professional 
football next season, as he was drafted by the Calgary 
Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. 

A. Dalton White 

Dalt White began his sixth year as Head Coach of 
the senior football team with the same tireless 
enthusiasm and effort that has characterized him 
throughout his eleven years as a member of the 
staff at Toronto. 

He has had moments of elation and of despair at 
the helm of the Blues, but he has always maintained 
his quiet, thoughtful manner. His players respect him 
for treating them as adults, and those who know him 
well recognize his abilities as an educator. 

Senior Football Blues 



% - 90* 86 .53* 40 .44 J 
■ .VM8_I1«?2.3I 32 


47 -55 .43 192 


«. BP 81 


BACK ROW: W. A. Stevens (Director of Athletics), W. W. Watters. D. L. Chambers, R. L. House, R. Godley, W. D. Kay, M. Rowan, R. Renwick, J. S. 

Fisher, J. G. Foss, R. S. Near, J. E. Rhodes, H. Ringham (trainer) 

SECOND: P. C. Nicoll (Manager), J. O. Murchie, E. Pukonen, E. W. Henry, D. C. Clements, M. W. Jewell, K. Pold, J. A. E. Bell, M. C. Bell, 

M. M. Anderson, H. Cooke, J. A. Israel, R. F. Dainty. 

FRONT: J. S. McManus (Ass't. Coach), A. D. White, (Coach), M. A. Meredith, A. Uiska, B. D. Rowland, A. R. Parker, M. H. Kelly, R. W. Crawford 

(Co-Captain), J. D. Boyd (Co-Captain), H. C. Hall, A. R. Brereton, A. K. Acheson, P. Robertson, J. R. Kennedy (Ass't. Coach). 

ABSENT: L. E. Farrow, M. L. Hollett, R. Y. McMurtry. 

When the Varsity Blues arrived at Lake Couchiching for 
their pre-season camp, hopes ran high for the coaches, the 
players and the fans. Although the team was young and 
inexperienced in many positions, spirit and determination 
showed itself to be present in large quantities. 

After returning to the city, the Blues opened the season 
with an encouraging display against East York Argos 
(Toronto 26 — East York 0) and another exhibition contest 
against University of Western Ontario (Western 20 — 
Toronto 15). 

In the first league game the Blues played a sparkling 
defensive game to defeat Western 6 — 3 right in London. 
At this point, plagued by injuries, the fortunes of the team 
suddenly changed. The squad still showed the spirit and 
determination of the early season, but, unable to bridge 
the gap left by the loss of so many key players, the Blues 
lost their remaining games of league play. The most heart- 

breaking loss was the game in Toronto against McGill. 
After a tremendous display against the champion Redmen, 
the Blues lost in the last few minutes of play, 24 — 21. The 
other scores during the season were: Queen's 29, Toronto 
at home; McGill 30, Toronto at Montreal; Queen's 58, 
Toronto 6 in Kingston; and Western 21, Toronto 14 in the 
final game in Toronto. 

The Varsity team did produce two all-stars in Doug 
Boyd at halfback and Hugh Cooke at end. Other players 
such as Ron Crawford and Ranny Parker were ranked 
high in the all-star selections. 

With the many rookies now having a season of experience 
behind them, the Blues are looking forward to next season 
and expect great things of such players as Al Brereton, Jim 
Israel, Mike Merredith, Harold Hall and Mike Hollett, to 
mention only a few. 


The 45, 40, 35, 30 yard line; go, man, go! 

Boy, lookit those shiners! 


Junior Football 

BACK ROW: M. Chykaliuk (Coach), A. G. McQuilkin, J. Dryden, E. P. Saltzman, M. N. Starr, D. G. Gibson, B. W. Aitken, J. P. Stronach, R. B. I. 
Sinclair, H. E. White (Manager). 

THIRD: M. A. Gudz (Ass't. Coach), D. M. Smith, H. C. Watson, P. G. Rimmington, A. R. Carefoote, A. C. Grodzinski, J. W. Fraser, A. D. King, 
A. G. Allen, D. Creswell (Coach). 

SECOND: D. G. Hobbs, J. K. Davison, R. Peroff, J. G. Matthews, W. E. Kyle, W. D. Jackson, R. N. Bates, D. E. Phibbs, J. C. Drozdow, P. W. Wil- 

FRONT: R. J. Tweedy, J. L. Dodd, T. C. Sears, P. G. Cranfield, H. C. Hall, J. E. Rhodes, R. M. Wilson, D. G. Payne, J. P. Mcintosh, F. L. Meyers 
ABSENT: B. Hutzel, W. W. Walters. J. G. MacKay. 

This was the year of the "new look" for the Baby Blues 
who became, for the first time in a decade, a junior team 
competing in the Ontario Junior Conference of the C.R.U 
This meant joining a league in October that had already 
been operating for several months and playing only four 
five-point games during the regular season. We could not 
possibly enter the playoffs with more than one loss. 

In the league opener, experience prevailed over inexperi- 
ence and a determined Balmy Beach team won the game in 
the last minute of play, erasing a 1-0 lead the Blues had 
maintained from the first half. The team bounced back 
with two lopsided victories in the next two outings, setting 
the stage for the final contest with Burlington. This pro- 
duced the finest game of football played all season — the 

Blues taking it 22-21 with a superb team effort. 

After a hardy semi-final victory over the same Burlington 
team, the Baby Blues faced Scarboro Rams in the finals in 
a two-game, total-point series. The first was a 38-13 gift 
to the Rams that left an almost insurmountable twenty-five 
point deficit to be made up. Fine spirit and excellent direc- 
tion by Coaches Chykaliuk and Creswell carried us to a 
26-0 halftime lead. Scarboro, however, came back strongly 
in the second half, to take the round 52-45 and ended the 
season for the Blues. 

Several of the Juniors, Harold Hall, Bill Watters and Jim 
Rhodes, were called up to the Senior team for the remaining 
games of their schedule. 


All for one 

Varsity Ballet Company presents . . . 


Senior Rugger Champions 

BACK ROW: D. R. Bosomworth, R. B. Dodds, R. W. Turner, J. H. Humphries, R. K. Sanders, J. D. Howard. 
SECOND: R. Gaetor (Coach), J. D. Moore, D. F. Charlton, J. McN. Cameron, R. H. Kirkpatrick, W. I. Stow. 
FRONT: J. Brebner, P. S. B. Wilson, J. M "Bill" Nelems (Capt.), J. A. F. Vallance, J. S. Dunsmuir. 
ABSENT: D. W. Tarbet. 

University of Toronto Rugger Blues have had their most successful season in 
many years, both as a team and as a club. The 1961-62 season saw the Blues win the 
Gilbert Turner Trophy as intercollegiate champions for the third consecutive year 
(this time in an expanded league of Toronto, McGill and Queen's) and win 8 out of 
a total of 1 1 games. 

During their eleven games the Blues, led by Captain Bill Nelems (IV SPS), piled 
up a total of 144 points against their opponents' 64. There were 17 individual scores 
— a real team effort — while the highest scorer was Paul Wilson (II Trin.) with 45 
points. The three losses, sustained against Ontario Agricultural College, McGill, and 
University of Michigan, were vindicated by Blues' winning the return matches by 
even higher scores. The great number of injuries sustained did have a good aspect 
however, showing the reserve strength, since 22 players turned out at one time or 
another for the fifteen-man team. 

The future looks promising. Although about seven experienced Blues players will 
be graduating, there are good substitutes waiting to step into their boots with a sound 
nucleus remaining. 

All in all there is no doubt that 1962 will be even more successful for the U. of T. 
Rugger team. 







How to win — scare them to death 

That's it, Bob, 

Help the fellow down 

What graceful wrist action! 

Don't let those cons steal that ball 

Second Rugger Team 

BACK ROW: N. Nankivell (Coach), D. A. Gasser, L. A. Johnson, I. F. Downie, M. Treadwell, S. C. Buckley, A. B. Harrison, J. G. MacKay, G. And- 
rews, O. M. Beverley, D. Murray. 

FRONT: G. Tuck, M. Brooker, P. Stockdale, A. Davidson (Capt.), D. L. Ledson, J. G. Lunnie, J. Fryer. 
ABSENT: M. Kremko, J. Graham, R. Pim, T. Picton. 

The Second team, under Cap- 
tain Andy Davidson (I Trin.) had 
a patchy season — as usual play- 
ing standout games and woeful 
ones. However, their enthusiasm 
often more than made up for their 
inexperience, and the number of 
Canadian players coming along 
augurs well for the club's future. 



Soccer Blues 

; ~ • • ' — - — — 

BACK ROW: Mr. Charles Oster, I. Mayhanovich, Captain, P. Haynes, J. S. Bell, T. M Duncan (Coach), A. DeTullio, H. E. Hilgenberg, B. Michez, 
F. Z. Ferris (Manager). 

FRONT: J. Simanovskis, R. J. Lewis, J. K. Murphy, G. E. Bauer, U Maag, J. H. Watson, H. G. Fraser. 

ABSENT: J. Mahon, C. Bracht. 

The graduation of most of the 1960 soccer team showed 
its effect as the 1961 soccer Blues had to content themselves 
with third place, two points behind champion OAC Aggies. 

The team's weakness was evident in the season's opener, 
when they surrendered a 3-0 lead to return from McMaster 
with only a single point. In the subsequent four games, 
Varsity was able to salvage only two of the possible eight 
points. In most games, even though they dominated most of 
midfield play. Blues seemed unable to find the opponent's 
net and frequent lapses by the defence allowed the opposi- 
tion to capitalize. In addition to a mostly new team, Toronto 
was riddled throughout the year by frequent injuries, among 
them Jeff Mahon, last year's leading scorer. 

In spite of a bad start, however, the team did not lose 
its spirit. A sudden turning point occurred in Montreal, 
where Varsity was forced to play without a goaltender. 
These duties were taken over by Keith Murphy, because he 
was too injured to play in his regular forward position. 
Even though they dropped the game 2-1, McGill was held 
to two shots on goal throughout the first 45 minutes of play. 

Having this game as an inspiration, and having a new 
competent goaltender in Clans Bauer, Blues came back to 
life but too late to be contenders for first place. They tied 

McGill 3-3 in Toronto and went on to defeat Ryerson 2-0 
and OAC 3-1 and ended the season with a 10-1 victory 
over Western. Leading scorers for the team were Lou 
Mayhanovich (8) and Murphy (5). Newcomers Peter 
Haynes and Bob Lewis played quite impressively. 

The sudden improvement in the latter part of the season, 
and the fact that all players except veteran Jim Watson will 
be back next year, make prospects for next year's team quite 
bright. We expect to see Toronto soccer up to its par of 
previous years and in contention for both the Eastern and 
Western titles. 
Game results were: 

Toronto at Hamilton tied 3-3 

Toronto at London won 4-1 

Ryerson at Toronto lost 3-0 

Toronto at OAC lost 6-3 

Hamilton at Toronto lost 5-3 

Toronto at Montreal lost 2-1 

Montreal at Toronto tied 3-3 

OAC at Toronto won 3-1 

Toronto at Ryerson won 2-0 

Western at Toronto won 1 0— 1 


Catch a la pied 

Strengthen your cranium, play soccer 

They're playing a new game — kneeball! 


Come on Ref, no bossing. 

The Bunny bags his last basket. 

John McManus 

John McManus, the handsome, jovial, well-dressed young man around Hart House, 
is the Head Coach of the University of Toronto Senior Intercollegiate basketball team. 
John in recent years has not had too much to cheer about concerning the talent of his 
players, which has left much to be desired especially in comparison to the American 
standard. But, when belittled by players of more fortunate University of Toronto teams, 
he can still manage a smile and a retort of "'wait till next year." 

John spends the fall months assisting Dalt White with the football team, the winter 
months with the basketball team, the summer months with the Air Force and still has 
enough time to spend with his wife and family at home and at his summer cottage 
in Kingston. 

We wish for John in the near future a team which, when a game is over, won't cause 
him to remark "there's another gym which will need a fumigator ." 

Basketball Blues 

BACK ROW: J. S. McManus (Coach), N. P. Kane, P. J. Dignan (Captain), D. P. Ouchterlony, J. M. O'Neill, 

J. F. McElroy. 

FRONT: B.L. Davidson, W. A. Potter, D. D. McKenzie, J. S. Druck, K. W. Walker. 

ABSENT: A. R. Parker. 

The 1961-62 Varsity Blues played a 22-game schedule. 
Included were games with New York University, St. Peter's, 
Iona, Buffalo, Buffalo State, Rochester Tech, and Detroit 
Tech. In Intercollegiate play the Blues ended up with a 
5-7 record. 

The highlight of the season was a 68-67 victory over the 
first place and until then undefeated Assumption Lancers. 

The Blues, who had six rookies in the line-up, showed up 
very well and posted wins over McGill, Queen's, McMaster 
and OAVC. 

Captain Paul Dignan was awarded the Dr. W. A. Potter 
trophy for his leadership and inspired play. With the possi- 
bility of the return of Jim Maguire, Ed Bordas and Dave 
West, the future of the 1962-63 Blues is very bright. 


And there's a wild scramble in front of the net . . . 

MURCHIE! Tripping the goalie, tsk, tsk. 

He shoots! Ohhh it's wide of the open corner. 

That's one way of watching the game. 


Jack Kennedy 

Once again the call of "come on, guys, think hockey" resounds throughout the Bloor 
Street hockey emporium as the Blues take to the ice for their daily workout. 

Every weekday night from 5.30 to 6.30 the Blues practise shooting, checking and 
play-making, besides participating in inter-squad scrimmage, ably directed by their 
coach. Jack Kennedy. Usually an easy-going fellow, "Snake" is all business when it 
comes to hockey; unlike most coaches. Jack sets up many passing patterns and tactical 
positions in practices. 

His method cannot be argued with because it produces results; his teams have topped 
the league five times in the last seven years. Off' the ice as well as on, Jack is remarkably 
easy to get along with; as a result, he is well-liked by his players. It is with deep regret 
that we say good-bye to Jack. We know that at Loyola he will be just as popular as he 
was in Toronto. 

Hockey Champions 

BACK ROW: G. D. Olah, F. J. Hamlin, B Thomson, J. R Kennedy (Coach), 

C. Monteith. 

SECOND: D. T. Jones (Manager), P. Speyer, S. Osborne, G. C. Hicken, J. 

G. A. Epp, H. Ringham (Trainer). 

FRONT: G. G. Deratnay, J. Weller, W. B. Kennedy, J. O. Murchie (Captain), 

pacha, M. J. Tory. ABSENT: J. R. Boyce. 

This year the Varsity Blues, with fine performances in 
league and playoff competition, have regained the Queen's 
Cup for Toronto. 

The Blues compiled a nine and two win-loss record in 
league play, losing only one game to each of Laval and 
McGill and handily defeating Montreal in all encounters. 
In doing so, Blues outscored their opponents by a three-to- 
one ratio, and placed five players in the league's top ten 
scorers, including Bill Kennedy, tied for top position. 

In their exhibition series earlier in the season, Blues did 
not do so well, although they performed creditably against 
some of the top college teams on the continent, scoring 
wins against R.P.I, and the University of Manitoba. 

For the first time this year, Toronto, the winner of the 
eastern division of the league, played off against the 
McMaster Marlins, champions of the western division, for 

M. Elik, R. G. Awrey, S. 
W. James, I. A. Sinclair, 
D. L. Chambers, D. Chera- 

the Queen's Cup; the Blues won, after losing the first game 
of the total-point series 5-3 in Dundas, by overpowering 
Marlins 10—5 in an overtime game in Toronto. 

George Deratnay led the league with the best goal 
average and Toronto can well lay claim to both the best 
defensive and offensive squads, including such players as 
Ian Sinclair, Dave Chambers, Mike Elik, Bill Kennedy, 
George Hicken, Steve Monteith, Sonny Osborne and Jesse 
Weller, all of whom were named to the all-star team. Ian 
Sinclair was also awarded the Dafoe Trophy as the team's 
most valuable player, and Steve Monteith was voted the 
league's rookie of the year. 

All in all, the entire team contributed to the effort which 
brought coach Jack Kennedy his sixth Queen's Cup in the 
ten years he has mentored the Blues. With this fine record 
behind him. Jack moves next year to Loyola College in 
Montreal, as Athletic Director. 

Harrier Champions 

R. S. Carmichael (Manager), A. R. Black, M. Turk, R D. Kaill, B. Kidd, W. W. Mills, F. Foot (Coach). 

This was a busy and successful year for U. of T. in cross- 
country running, with a decided increase in numbers and 
calibre of participants. A series of five dual and invitational 
meets were held; climaxed by the Intercollegiate Champion- 
ships, which Toronto won. 

Toronto won the first dual meet with Wayne State 
University at Detroit, with Freshman Bruce Kidd placing 
first. His time for the four miles narrowly missed the course 
record. The following weekend, the team minus three of 
the top men was defeated (at Alfred University, New York). 
With the absence of Kidd and Bill Mills, one of last year's 
standouts, there were Tony Black, a transfer from O.A.C., 
and Al Claremont of O.C.E. 

The next meet was held with O.A.C. at Toronto which 
Kidd won, setting a new record for the High Park course. 
In the Canisius College Invitational Meet at Buffalo. 
Toronto placed first of 13 colleges, with five men finishiiiL' 
in the first eleven places of the 120 men who ran the race. 

Bruce Kidd again won with a new course record, with Bill 
Mills placing fourth. The other members of the winning 
team were Black, Mike Turk, and Bob Kaill, a promising 
freshman. The next dual meet was at Niagara University, 
where Toronto easily achieved a shutout. Kidd again led 
the way, setting a new record for the 3.8-mile course. 

Other members of the Varsity squad that participated in 
these cross-country meets were Bill Crothers. Bob Car- 
michael, Bill Thompson. Nelles Van Loon and Frank 

In the Intercollegiate championships on November 11. 
Toronto scored an impressive victory with their five runners 
completing the 4.7-mile course in the first 1 1 of the 29 
runners from 6 colleges. Kidd won individual honours with 
a record-shattering time of 21:57.8. The old record was 
23:35. Second to Toronto's team point total of 21 was 
McGill with 30. For Toronto, Black placed 5th. Mills 6th. 
Kaill 9th, and Turk 11th. 


This year witnessed a strong upsurge in Indoor 
Track in Intercollegiate achievement. 

In the first meet of the season, at Boston, Bill 
Crothers won the 1000 with a time of 2:12.1, and 
Bruce Kidd placed third in the two miles, in 9:03. 
At Winnipeg, Bill ran the 500 yds. in the new 
Canadian record of 56.9 (one-half second off the 
world record), and Bruce won the 3 miles in 14:08. 
In New York Crothers placed second in the 880. At 
Boston the following week, in the A. A. meet, he won 
the 1000 in 2:08.6 (.7 sees, off the world record), 
while Kidd placed third in the 2 miles (8.54). At Los 
Angeles, Crothers placed second to New Zealander 
Snell's world record breaking run in the 1000, break- 
ing the world record himself with a clocking of 
2:07.4. Kidd placed third in the 2-mile run. In the 
New York A.C. meet, Crothers won the 500 (56.8) 
and anchored the victorious 2-mile relay team, while 
Kidd won the 2 miles in 8:54.2. In the U.S. National 
A.A.U. Championships, Bill won the 600 in 1:10.8, 
while Bruce won the 3 miles in 13:48.8. Both com- 
peted in New York again and in Chicago. On the 
latter jaunt they were accompanied by a mile relay 
team from Toronto, composed of Paul Gaudet, Rod 
Chintu, Brian Michez and Bob Carmichael. This 
was the first college relay sent from the University 
this season, Bruce and Bill having run for an inde- 
pendent club. Two weeks later Toronto's team com- 
peted in Hamilton. 

Indoor Track 

BACK ROW: P. M. Gaudet, 
Carmichael, R. D. Kaill, B. 
FRONT: W. F. Crothers, F. 

R. Chintu, Nelles Van Loon, G. J. Van Iterson, R. S. 
A. Foot (Coach), W. H. Mills. 

Toronto scored an impressive victory in this year's 
Intercollegiate track and field meet, amassing 63 points to 
defeat McMaster by eight. The victory was doubtful until 
the final events, the relays. Paul Gaudet placed second in the 
100 and 220 sprints; Bob Kaill placed third in the 440 
hurdles, and Dave Cook third in the 120, with McMaster 
winning the event. Crothers won the 880 in the record- 
breaking time of 1 :52.5, after which he completed the 440 
in 47.8 seconds. Kidd, a freshman already internationally 
known, won the mile in a record 4:14 and finished the three- 
mile run in 14:31.1, 13 seconds better than the old record. 

Bill Mills placed fourth in the three miles, Nelles Van 
Loon finished fourth in the 880, and Gaudet placed third 
in the 440, to round out the points garnered by Coach 

Fred Foot's track contingent. 

The field team, coached by Hal Brown, collected un- 
expected points for the team title. Juri Sutt placed second 
in the broad jump; Ray Koson won a second in the shot 
put and third in the discus; Craig Cook repeated his last 
year's victory in the high jump; and in the javelin, Gary 
Kozak placed second, with Cam Watson third. 

Toronto trailed behind in total points until the newly 
instituted 440 relay event, in which the team of Brown, 
Cook and Gaudet placed first in an extremely close finish. 
In the mile relay, Toronto again triumphed, with Van Loon, 
Kidd, Carmichael and Crothers beating McMaster con- 


Track and Field 


BACK ROW: F. A. Foot (Coach), W. H. Brown (Coach). 
SECOND: W. H. Mills, C Cook, H. Tamer, R. D. Kaill, 
D. G. Inkster, J. E. Marsden, G. R. Brown. 

FRONT: R. S. Carmichael, D. W. Cook, B. Kidd, W. F. Crothers, 
J. Sutt, P. M. Gaudet. 

ABSENT: V. A. Crawford, J. G. Ashby, R. H. Koson, G. P. Kozak, 
N. Van Loon, C. N. Watson. 

Bruce "Fleetfoot" Kidd 

There it goes! 

Bill "Mercury" Crolhers 

Perfect form 


Golf Champions 

University of Toronto retained team honours 
in the nine-University tournament held at the 
Cataraqui Golf Club, Kingston. The Blue and 
White team recorded a 626 total in 36 holes of 
medal play, beating runner-up McGill by 19 
points. Hugh Paterson (Meds. 11) lost his indi- 
vidual championship to Mike Whitney, who 
represented the newest member of the O.Q.A.A., 
Waterloo University. 

A consistent team effort was responsible for 
Toronto's success. In the individual placing 
Hugh Paterson was second; John Booth of 
Dents and Larry Johnson of Trinity tied for 
third. Norm Goldman of University College 
who, along with Hugh Paterson, was a member 
of last year's championship team, placed eighth. 

J. M. Booth, L. A. Johnson, N. L. Goldman. 
ABSENT: H. H. Paterson 

Tennis Team 

McGill, the 1960 championship team, reverted 
to the runner-up spot as a powerful University 
of Montreal team earned the team champion- 
ship, the singles championship (Francois God- 
baut) and the doubles championship (Godbaut 
and Andre Toupin). The University finished 
a strong third. 

Six universities competed, thus necessitating 
a single elimination draw which did not favour 
the Toronto entry. Gus Reinach of Grad. 
Studies, playing in the number one singles spot, 
reached the semi-finals by virtue of three wins, 
but was eliminated by the Montreal champion. 
Hugh Parker of Trinity was eliminated in the 
third round, John Moore of Dentistry in the 
second round, and Barry Fine of Meds, in the 
first round. Reinach and Parker, Toronto's 
number one doubles team, reached the finals; 
however, Moore and Fine were eliminated in the 
first round by Laval University. 

The Blue and White team was truly inter- 
national: Gus Reinach came to Toronto from 
Pretoria University, South Africa, and John 
Moore from the University of Dublin, Ireland. 
Parker and Fine are both Ontario products. 

B. N. Fine, J. D. Moore, H J. Parker, S. G. Reinbach 

Swimming Champions 

BACK ROW: P. Richardson, H. A. Armstrong, A. W. Ashenhurst, A. Chiu (Manager), L. Freeman (Coach), J. Ridpalh (Ass't Coach), L. Bel 

R. Smagala, F. R. Fisher. 

FRONT: B. Wilson, G. Barber, M. D. Chapelle, D. H. demons, W. Pigott, W. P. Unger. 

ABSENT: G. Huovinen, J. B. Maclnnis 

This year the Swim team was coached by the former 
Varsity Swim Star (1957-58), ex-Western swimmer (1959-61) 
Larry Freeman. The team consisted of veteran swimmers 
such as freestylers M. Chapelle, A. Ashenhurst, P. Richard- 
son, L. Bell, breaststroker H. Armstrong, backstrokers 
F. R. Fisher and D. Clemons, all-round swimmer W. Unger, 
top divers G. Huovenin and R. Smagala, and piomising 
rookies such as G. Barber and W. Pigott. The team is a 
well-balanced one and shows a lot of depth. They won the 
Intercollegiate title by a fine team effort. This year the team 
almost had another undefeated season. Their record was 
spoiled only by a loss to Bowling Green in the Triangular 
Meet, in which Bowling Green came first with 70, Toronto 
second with 63, and McGill last with 34. During this season 
the team defeated Western twice (52-43 and 60-35), downed 
O.A.C. by 73-22, and humbled Niagara University 69-26. 
Besides a successful defence of the Intercollegiate Swim 
Title they also captured the Telegram Relay Trophy. 
Certainly the Swim team enjoyed a very successful year and 
maintained the traditional high team spirit. 

They're Off! 


Water Polo 

BACK ROW: W. P. Unger, T. Muranyi, J. P. 

Richards, G. L. Colman, N. Aplin, E. O. 


FRONT: W. P. Rollason, A. Hall (Manager), 

A. Benedek (Captain), A. Slavnic (Coach), 

G. S. Watkin, L. Bell. 

Varsity Waterpolo Blues, coached by Alex Slavnic and 
captained by Alex Benedek, won the Hershorn Cup and the 
Intercollegiate Championship for the second consecutive 
year when they defeated the McGill Redmen in a two-game, 
total point series by the score of 12-9. Varsity won the first 
game at McGill. coming from behind to win 4-3. This game 
featured the strong play of the defense, as Varsity played 
shorthanded for at least one-half of the game. In the second 
game Varsity fought off a closing McGill rush to win 8-6. 
The goal scorers over the two games were Ed Szaracs with 5, 
Peter Rollason with 3. and Nick Aplin, Paul Richards, 
Walter Unger and George Watkin, with one each. 

Varsity was strengthened this year with the additions of 
Ed Szaracs, from the University of Budapest in Hungary; 
Paul Richards, a graduate student who played for the Blues 
several years ago; Tom Murani, and Goalie Greg Colman. 

In a pre-championship exhibition game, the Blues 
trounced McMaster 10-1. This was McMaster's first year 
in Intercollegiate Water Polo. In the Ontario Champion- 
ships, the Toronto Water Polo Club defeated Varsity 
twice by the scores 14-8 and 8-4. 

Returning next year will be Greg Colman, Paul Richards, 
Tom Murani, Walter Unger, Larry Bell and George Watkin. 

He: they're playing waterpolo. She: gosh, do they use seahorses? 


Gymnastic Champions 

Toronto fielded its strongest team in several years 
to lake the (arson Trophy, which is the symbol of 
Intercollegiate gymnastic supremacy. Toronto easily 
look the title by winning all of the six gymnastic 
events and first and third places individually by Barry 
Brooker and Gabriel Pal. The team strength lay in 
all its members: Bill Whitelaw, Chuck Cansfield, Les 
Hi lotas and Bob Smagala also accounted for the easy 
victory over McGill and Royal Military College. In 
exhibition competition the team was defeated by 
Syracuse University, but showed strongly in several 
events. Coach Fiank Gormek expects the return of 
most of this year's team for next spring's champion- 
ships, when several of the other universities are 
expected to enter. Gymnastics appears to be on the 
upgrade in Ontario high schools recently, and many 
prospective freshmen will be trying out for the Varsity 
Gymnastic Team, which will be competing more and 
demonstrating more, both on and off campus, in 

W. A. Whitelaw, L. Filotas, C. W. Cansfield, B. Brooker, 
(Coach). ABSENT: G. Pal. 

R. Smagala, F. Gormek 

Skiing Team 

Aiming for the Intercollegiate Championships in 
February at St. Sauveur de Monts in Quebec, the 
U. of T. ski team began training in the late fall. At 
Beaver Valley the alpine contingent placed third in 
the Ontario open team races. The team met many of 
the other intercollegiate racers at the Carlton Invita- 
tional meet. Here the team began to jell into a solid, 
well-balanced unit. 

The Intercollegiate Championships began with the 
slalom on a treacherous course but Peter Hamilton, 
Don Lecocq, Roger Dunkin and Tom Leegaard 
stayed with powerful Laval and McGill. U. of T. 
swept the first two places in the long, gruelling, fifteen- 
kilometre race. Tireless Raimo Repo placed first for 
the third year in a row, followed by close second place 
George Torrance. Peter Barton came ninth. Poor 
conditions forced the downhill to be changed to a 
giant slalom. Toronto strayed to fourth place in this 

Moving to the U. de Montreal jumping hill, Tom 
Leegaard placed second with beautiful style, Roger 
Dunkin fourth, George Torrance sixth, and Raimo 
Repo eighth. This jumping power clinched the Nordic 
Championship for the team, and individual first and 
second place honours for Raimo Repo and George 
Torrance respectively. Tom Leegaard won the coveted 
"Skimeister Championship" for best individual per- 

U. of T. lost the team victory by five points to 
McGill. the perennial victor. 

To Bill Beck again the accolades for a job well done. 
Next year the ski team should crown his efforts with 
a victory. 

J. R. Dunkin, R. Repo, T. Leegaard, P. W. Hamilton, P. G. Barton, G. Torrance 
ABSENT: W. G. Beck (Coach), D. I. Lecocq. 


Fencing Champions 

BACK ROW: R. G. Rice, D. M. Jackson, R. F. Shurb, J. J. Grodziszewski, H. Microys. 
FRONT: Imre Hennyey (Fencing Master), J. Gell (Captain). 

The U. of T. Fencing team this year succeeded in re- 
capturing the Intercollegiate Championship in a close meet 
held here on February 10. Led by the expert fencing of 
Ron Rice (SPS. IV), Toronto scored 50 wins, defeating 
McGill and U. of M. each with 46 wins, and McMaster 
with only 20 wins. Rice was justly rewarded by receiving 
the Charles Walters Trophy for the individual champion- 
ship in foil, and the George Tully Trophy for style, sports- 
manship and skill. 

The Intercollegiate Championship was only the climax of 
a highly successful year. Of their 6 meets, Toronto won 5. 
The one loss was to Rochester Institute of Technology in 
Rochester on December 9; when R.I.T. came to Toronto on 
January 27, they were defeated 16-11. On January 13 we 
won a double meet against both Gannon College and Royal 
Military College, and R.M.C. were again defeated in the 
return match at Kingston on February 3. 

The Fencing Club's annual Novice Tournament was won 
by Andy Divorak (Pre-Med. I), while Helmut Herrmann 
(U.C. I) placed second. 

Throughout the year, Rice was by far Toronto's best 
fencer; besides the two trophies he won at the Inter- 
collegiate, Rice also won the U. of T. Foil Championship 
and did well in the O.F.A. Tournaments. He will be missed 
next year. John Gell (Trin. IV), who was president of the 
Fencing Club and captain of the team, was Toronto's 
second best fencer, scoring 12 wins in the Intercollegiate. 
Mike Jackson (Trin. IV) did consistently well in epee, as 
did Ron Shurb (SPS. IV) in foil and sabre. Helmut Microys 
(SPS. Ill) showed good sportsmanship and coolness in his 

epee fencing, and Julius Grodziszewski (SPS. IV) was a 
valuable last-minute addition to our sabre team. Our coach 
and teacher was Mr. Imre Hennyey, who was ultimately 
responsible for our victories, and to whom we extend our 
thanks. In spite of the fact that five members of the team 
are graduating this year, this adroit swordsman will probably 
produce a winning team again next year. 


Boxing Team 

BACK ROW: M. J. McManus (150 lb. Champion), V. J. Chapin, R. W. Turner, R. J. Brooks (165 lb. Champion), V. E. Niemela. 
FRONT: J. Duff (Manager), J. G. McGoey, R. F. Reed, A. W. Anderson (135 lb. Champion), A. Canzano (Coach). 

The Gibson Trophy was taken from the defending 
University of Toronto team by Royal Military College in a 
hard-fought tournament at Queen's University. Toronto 
won three individual championships to finish in second 
place. R.M.C. won four final bouts and Queen's the remain- 
ing two. The Varsity winners were Allan Anderson ( 1 35 lb.). 
Jim McManus (150 lb.), and Ron Brooks (165 lb.). 

Vince Chapin (140 lb.). Bob Reed (145 lb.) and Bob 
Turner (175 lb.) were runners-up in their divisions, while 
Vic Niemela (130 lb.) and John McGoey (155 lb.) lost in 
elimination bouts. The Varsity heavyweight, Lou Simon, 
was unable to attend the meet because of illness. The 
sixteen-ounce gloves used this year seemed to cause a 
decrease in the number of knockouts. 

Prospects for 1%3 look excellent as promising rookies in 
every weight division come out to practise regularly. Anyone 
who wants to make next year's team will have to defeat 
tough opposition to do so. 


Wrestling Champions 

BACK ROW: D. C. Clements, D. S. Merker, J. I. Amos (Coach), H. Cooke, W. Watters. SECOND: J. Keystone, E. Keystone (Co-Managers). 
FRONT: C. N. Good, J. P. Stephenson, M. Houston (Captain), J. D. Holt, A. R. Black. 

To sum up this year, one can only say that it has been a 
very hectic but a successful season for the Senior Wrestling 
team. Although brought to its knees many times at the 
hands of more experienced American clubs, the University 
of Toronto team benefitted in the long run from the stiff 
competition. Meets were held in Niagara Falls, O.A.C. in 
Guelph, University of Buffalo, and the University of 
Rochester. The home meets were highlighted by tournaments 
against Hazel Park, from Detroit, Michigan, and Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute from Troy, New York. The team's 
only win in 5 starts against American clubs came with the 
stunning defeat of the University of Rochester on their own 
campus. In these preparatory bouts, the Varsity squad 
ended with a record of 3 wins and 4 losses. 

With a tremendous team effort the U. of T. Wrestling 
Blues finished the season in fine style by successfully defend- 
ing their Intercollegiate Championship to retain the Porter 
Trophy another year. Varsity placed every man in the 
finals and 5 individual championships were captured. John 
Stephenson, Mickey Houston, John Holt, Ron Merker and 
Hughie Cooke were Toronto champions in the 130, 137, 

147, 177 and 191 lbs. classes respectively. Clive N. Good, 
Tony Black, Ron Clements and Bill Watters were runners- 
up in the 123, 157, 167 lbs. and heavyweight classes, respec- 
tively. John Holt, muscular captain of the Blues, clearly 
established himself as top wrestler in the Tournament by 
winning the "Outstanding Wrestler Award." John Stephen- 
son was runner-up for this trophy. 

For the first time in several years, a freshman won a 
championship. Rookie Ron Merker took the honours in 
the 177-lb. class, firmly establishing himself as a threat for 
many years. A highlight of the evening finals was John 
Stephenson's successful bid for revenge when he pinned the 
"elusive" Tom Parker from Western. With the patient 
guidance of Coach Jack Amos, who was somewhat assisted 
by his two anti-authoritarian co-managers, Ed and Jay 
Keystone, the squad maintained its sportsman-like spirit 
and concentrated energy to face this year's severe compe- 
tition. Next year the team is looking forward to recapturing 
the title won this year, and with a coach like Jack Amos 
to guide them how can they lose? 


T. G. Phillips, E. McCullough, D. E. Laird. 
ABSENT: G. Wade 

The Varsity Badminton team, hampered by lack of prac- 
tice space, was surprised by a powerful Queen's contingent 
that had been dormant since their last successful safari into 
the Championships in 1958-59. 

Queen's went through the tournament held at McGil! 
undefeated, winning their 24 matches. Toronto finished 
second with 18 wins, followed by Western with 10, McGill 
with 8, and Assumption who failed to win a match. 

The highlight of the Championships was the Queen's- 
Toronto battle in the four singles and two doubles events. 
Although Varsity failed to win a match, the games were 

extremely tight and could have gone either way. 

Although the Varsity squad lost three of last year's 
winning squad, including Singles and Doubles Champion 
Ross Lundy and Doubles Champ Casey Wood, the squad 
was not weak. The number one player, Gord Wade, was 
Ontario Junior Champion for four years. Ernie McCullough 
played considerable badminton in Western Canada. Don 
Laird was playing on the squad for the third year and Tim 
Phillips had seen Intercollegiate competition before. Each 
man won all his matches save these with Queen's. 

Sailing Team 

BACK ROW: K. Fiel, R. M. Lauber, M. R. lister, L. B. Smith. 

SECOND: J. P. Jolly, W. S. Gornall, J. G. Baird, A. R. Coles. 

FRONT: B. A. Moyle, D. A. Crate, A. H. Crosbie, P. C. Beamish, H. J. Lammers. 

ABSENT: C D. Grant, M. H. Wood. 

Arrangements were made for the University of Toronto 
Sailing Club to use the boats of the Toronto Sailing and 
Canoe Club last fall, for elimination and practice races. 
The U. of T. Club is most grateful for the kindness of the 
T.S. and C. Club, as, with no boats of its own, it was the 
only possible way to hold any elimination races. 

At the Intercollegiate Regatta held at the Royal Military 
College on October 7. Varsity placed fourth, behind 
R.M.C. Queen's and Western. A spectacular show b\ 
R.M.C. allowed them to win the Grant Trophy for the 

first time since 1937. A regatta at Rochester produced a 
first-place tie against several well-known American Uni- 
versities, and at Cornell the U. of T. freshmen proved very 
adept, coming home with a second-place finish. At Detroit 
the team also placed second. 

Charlie Grant. Peter Jolly. Larry Smith and Mark Wood 
competed at the R.M.C. regatta; Dick Coles. Murra\ 
Lister, Gord Ness and Josh Lammers made up the team 
at the Wayne State University regatta in Detroit; and 
Bruce Movie. Al Crosbie and Al Gibson went to Rochester. 

Curling Team 

The Curling Club operated this 
year from the Avonlea Curling 
Club every Sunday evening from 
6-8 o'clock. Ninety-six curlers par- 
ticipated in a 14-game schedule. 

Two bonspeils were held, the 
first a double rink at Guelph where 
the U. of T. team, represented by 
M. Nordine (skip), J. Britton, 
A. Armstrong, Paul Knutson, Geo. 
Morissey (skip), P. A. Giroux, J. P. 
Stonach and J. McLeod, finished 
out of the running. The second 
speil at Kitchener was a single rink 
competition. The team of T. Cushing 
(skip), J. Creighton, J. P. Stronach, 
E. W. Knaack lost to McMaster in 
the championship game, while the 
other team of S. Gaillard (skip), 
A. Armstrong, L. A. Johnson and 
Dave McLeod lost in their second 

D. A. Mocleod, C. S. Gaillard, L. A. Johnson, J. P. Stronach, E. W. Knaack, 
ABSENT: J. A. Creighton, T. G. Cushing. 

A. M Armstrong. 

The winter has come and gone again 
and with it a few more athletes have passed 
through to Hart House squash courts. 
During the season, three teams were en- 
tered in the Toronto and District City 
League in divisions A, B and C respectively. 
Results were only fair, but the competition 
afforded did much to improve the calibre 
of squash racquets for a maximum number 
of team players. 

In the annual O.Q.A.A. Intercollegiate 
Championships, held this year in Toronto, 
what has happened too often in the past, 
happened once again. Of the total fifteen 
matches, McGill won eight, University of 
Toronto seven, Western merely provided 
cannon fodder. Two Toronto-McGill 
matches were very close and might have 
gone to U. of T.'s favour. This year's 
team members were John Ireton, Morley 
Smith, Keith Acheson, John Gorham and 
Bruce Robb. 

Colin Adair of McGill won the indi- 
vidual championship in five games, from 
John Ireton, defending champion. 

This brief resume would be incomplete 
without an expression of thanks to the 
coach, Mr. Ralph Rimmer. His patience 
is to be envied, his encouragement and 
skill were invaluable, and his diplomacy 
would do a member of the United Nations 

Squash Team 

H. J. C. 

Ireton, A. K. 
L. M. Smith. 

Acheson, J. R. Rimmer (Coach), D. B. Robb, J. W. Gorham. 


Smiles of success. 

Up and over. 


A modern gladiatorial show. 

Whatsh up Doc? 


Intramural Sports Committee 

BACK ROW: G. D. Smith (S.M.C.), B. P. Kisluk (S.P.S.) T. A. Pugsley (Pharm.), D. E. Kirkpatrick (Knox), R A. Graham 

(Vic), R W. Tippelt (Forestry), N. Van Loon (U.C.), Vice-Chairman. 

FRONT: J. E. McCutcheon (Secretary), M. L. Kondracki (Dentistry), M. Kerbel (Law), J. H. Hall (Meds) Chairman, B. H. 

Lennard (Arch.), A. C. Baillie (Trin.), Miss K. Boyd (Assistant Secretary). 

ABSENT: J. Somerville (Emmanuel, C. K. Montizambert (Wycliffe). 

Intramural Championships 1961-62 

The Sidney Earle Smith Trophy was won by Robert A. Graham (Victoria) 

T. A. Reed Trophy 

won by 








5TO Civil 


Basketball (Major League).. . Dentistry A ... Architecture A 

(Minor League) Chemistry IV Pharm. Anions 

Football Victoria 

Hockey Victoria I York A 

Lacrosse U.C. I Dr. W. A. Dafoe 

Rugger (7-a-side) .. Victoria Nankivell 

Soccer U.C Architecture Arts Faculty 

Squash Medicine Boake 

Volleyball (Major League) S.P.S. I Victoria Staff 

(Minor League) Med. IV Year WyclifTe ... No Trophy 

Water Polo Trinity A Law Eckhardt 


University Fencing Champion D. M. Jackson (Trinity) No Trophy 

Intramural Fencing Champion A. S. Dworak (Medicine) No Trophy 

University Gymnastic Champion W. Whitelaw (U.C.) No Trophy 

University Indoor Track Championship (S.P.S.) Toronto Cricket Club 

University Swimming Championship Medicine Fitzgerald 

Intramural Swimming Championship Medicine No Trophy 

200 yd. butterfly A. Chiu McCatty 

University Tennis Championship Trinity Victoria Tennis Club 

Intramural Tennis Champion S. G. Reinach (S.G.S.) McEachren 

University Track Championship U.C Rowel I Memorial 

Intramural Track Championship U.C J. W. Graham 

University Track Champion W. Crothers (Pharm.) Cody 









Nancy Aston 
Sara Barber 
Bonnie Benson 
Martha Brewin 
Lynda Clawson 
Joan Dixon 
Sheila Dutrieue 
Carolyn Evans 
Gill Fisher 
Tussy Fraino 
Joan Gordon 
Karen Green 
Judy Ireland 
Judy Matthews 
Joan Tait 


Sandra Wood 


Laurel Ball 
Nancy Darling 
Gill Fisher 
Sue Griffin 
Heather Harmon 
Phyllis Hart 
Pat Humphreys 
Jean McKenzie 
Jan McAdams 
Jean MacDonald 
Sue Robertson 
Sue Rose 
Maureen Thomson 


Mel Baldassi 
Sally Jo Evans 
Nancy Hill 
Viiu Kanep 
Carol Anne Wood 


Jean Hayward 



Della Freedhoff 
Veronica Holdup 
Dellene Raymond 


Sue Fountain 
Joy Ma hood 
Sue Pierce 
Bev. Wells 
Mary Wilson 
Jo Ann Wilton 


June Hunt 


Judy Matthews 
Ruth Nunns 


Miss K. M. Darroch, President 

Miss M. J. Wilson, Vice-President 

Miss M. E. Foster, Secretary 

Miss Zerada Slack 

Dr. Frances Stewart 

Anne Baldwin 

Sally Jo Evans 

Gill Fisher 

Inara Grava 

Elizabeth Johnston 

Levina Lickley 

Sue Pierce 


Joy Mahood 
Sue Pierce 
Dellene Raymond 
Joan Tait 


Archery Lenora Beacock 

Badminton Mary Holden 

Basketball Bev. Wells 

Bowling June Hunt 

Fencing Jean Mackworth 

Hockey Laurel Ball 

Skiing Sue Foster 

Gail Morley 
Softball.. Pat Stutt 

Swimming Jean Oswald 

Tennis Dellene Raymond 
Volleyball Nancy Hill 


Tennis Champions 

Hildegarde Balogh, Del Raymond, Miss E. Shearer (Coach), Delia Freedhoff, Veronica Holdup. 

In October the Tennis Team travelled to McGill 
in hopes of breaking the three-way tie established 
last year. The team's only returnee was Del 
Raymond, but seeded players such as Delia 
Freedhoff and Veronica Holdup added that desired 
strength. The girls had no trouble overpowering 
the opposition, as they won all of their matches 
and thus made a clean sweep of the tournament. 

The bird enthusiasts migrated to Hamilton to 
test their skills with the other universities. Although 
not victorious, their smashes and clears were good 
enough to lift them into second place. Judv 
Matthews and Ruth Nunns, playing singles, over- 
came all opposition with ease except the more 
experienced Queen's squad. The doubles team 
ended with a similar record, winning all but their 
match aizainst the tricolour. 














Nancy Vincent, Ruth Nunns, Miss E. Shearer (Coach), Mary Holden, Judy Matthews. 

Volleyball Team 

BACK ROW: Pam Vickers (Manager), Mel Baldassi, Kay Vasara, Miss M. 
Foster (Coach), Sue Thomson, Sally Jo Evans, Judy McDonald (Manager). 
FRONT: Sheila Lithwick, Pauline Woitowicz, Nancy Hill, Viiu Kanep 
(Captain), Carol Anne Wood, Anara Grava, Sue Harwood. 

The Volleyball Team had a most successful season. 
Week-night practices would find the team walking on 
their fingers, groaning through sit-ups or beating balls 
against the wall. They worked hard, most of the time, 
yet managed to have fun all the time. Exhibition games 
against McMaster, O.A.C., and Queen's were winners 
for Toronto and only Western presented a team stal- 
wart enough to down them. 

The Intercollegiate tournament, held at Queen's, was 
the final test. Again, Toronto won every match, except 
the one against Western. That well-played match pro- 
vided the best competition of the weekend. If the spirit 
of this year's team can be matched, Toronto has a good 
chance to come up with the championship in 1962-3. 




After a lapse of ten years, intercollegiate hockey 
tournaments again came officially into existence. As 
before, Toronto was able to field a powerful and well- 
trained team. 

The superiority in skating and shooting paid off at 
Guelph at the tournament. After a shaky start in the first 
game — a tie with O.A.C. — Toronto held its own and 
came up with decisive victories over Queen's, Western, 
and McGill, and thus won the championship. 

All the games featured plenty of excitement. Ice-long 
rushes were made by the forward line, led by Nancy 
Darling and Laurel Ball. Sturdy checks were handed 
out at the blue line by the defense corps. Behind all this 
action Phyllis Hart demonstrated her skill by making 
fancy saves off screen shots and breakaways. 

Although many will be graduating this year, we know 
that the able coach will come up with another strong 
team next year. 

BACK ROW: Miss M. Foster (Coach), 
Jean MacDonald, Laurel Ball, Anita 
Szlazok, Heather Harmon, Sue 
Rose, Sue Robertson, Jean 
McKemie, Gill Fisher. 
FRONT: Sue Griffin, Jan McAdoms, 
Phyllis Hart, Nancy Darling, 
Maureen Thomson. 
ABSENT: Pat Humphreys. 

Senior Basketball Team 

BACK ROW: Nancy Farrar (Man- 
ager), Sue Fountain, Terrie 
Brazzoni, Mary Wilson, Noddy 
Lysko, Pat Nobbs, Pidge Cameron, 
Miss A. Hewett (Coach). 
FRONT: Bev Wells, Jo Ann Wilton, 
Joy Mahood (Captain), Ann McLean, 
Sydney Fry. 

The Basketball Teams, under a rookie coach, completed the season with 
respectable records. They were successful in all of their pre-season games, 
except for a home-and-home series with Western. 

In the intercollegiate tournament, the senior team again faced the smooth 
purple and white and again had to accept defeat. The tournament had a number 
of thrilling moments, but the most unforgettable event was Sue Fountain's set 
shot with less than fifteen seconds to go, that brought victory to Varsity over 
the Redmen (42-41). With that win Toronto climbed into second spot behind 
Western who won all of their games. Thus Western regained the coveted 
"Bronze Baby" which had a short stay at Queen's last year. 



BACK ROW: Gwen Wardle (Manager), Maureen 
McConnell, Donnie Westcott, Rochelle Carr, Joanne 
McDonald, Joan Richards, Miss A. Hewett (Coach). 
FRONT: Sandy Wrightman, Lorna Watson, Lois Ford, 
Mary Oswald, Betty MacRae, Karen Green. 



Jean Hayward, Jean MacDonald, Joan Hope, Viiu Kanep, Miss M. Berridge (Coach). 


Archery came into the spotlight last fall 
Toronto played host to the Intercollegiate Outdoor 
Archery Tournament. The fresh breezes at Varsity 
Stadium on that October day were not cool enough 
to lower the enthusiasm or hinder the shooting 
ability, as the Toronto foursome placed second to 
the sharp-shooting Westerners. Viiu Kanep, a 
four-year veteran with the team, was Toronto's 
top scorer that day. 

When archery moved indoors, there were many 
unfamiliar faces on the 'team. Jean Hayward re- 
mained as the only old-timer in midst of a group 
of three eager and determined freshmen. At the 
tournament at Western, Toronto again managed 
to get the runner-up spot to the host team. Lenora 
Beacock, a first-year student, displayed some out- 
standing marksmanship by placing second among 
the individual scorers. 

Indoor Archery Team 

Pat Speight, Jean Hayward, Betty MacRea, 
Jan Forsdike, Lenora Beacock, Miss M. Berridge 

Championship Swim Team 

BACK ROW: Joan Tait, Karen Green, Carolyn Evans, Judy Ireland, Nancy Farrar, Nancy Aston, Joan Dixon, Joan Gordon, Bonnie 


FRONT: Judy Matthews, Tussy Fraino, Miss M. van der Merwe, Sara Barber (Captain), Sheila Dutrieue, Martha Brewin. 

ABSENT: Gill Fisher. 


Our Swim Team this year won the intercollegiate 
meet and in doing so became the first recipient of 
the swimming trophy presented to the W.I.A.U. by 
Queen's. In the diving competition Toronto placed 
second and third to McGill. Joan Tait was success- 
ful in getting a first in the synchronized skills 
division. Another first was obtained in the duet 
and trio competitions by Martha Brewin, Tussy 
Fraino, and Sheila Dutrieue with a perky number 
entitled "Salty Sequence". 

The speed team clinched Toronto's victory by 
winning six out of eight events — three by new- 
intercollegiate records. The records were shattered 
by Sara Barber in the backstroke, by Karen Green 
in the butterfly, and by the medley relay team made 
up of the above mentioned as well as Bonnie 
Benson and Gill Fisher. 

One highlight of the season was a trip to Ann 
Arbor, Michigan, for an exhibition meet with 
Michigan and Western. 


1*5 ; M\ 


The Olympic pool in the Benson Building. 

Terrific for diving. 

All set for action. 

I'm ready ... I guess. 

On the bench. 


The great trek. 

Engineers on the job. 

Seventeen smiling skaters. 




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Athletic Directorate 430 

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Squash 457 

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Athletics (Women's Intercollegiate) : 460 

Archery 466 

Awards 461 

Badminton 462 

Basketball 465 

Hockey 464 
Swimming ..... 467 

Tennis 462 
Volleyball . 463 

Athletics (Interfaculty): 

Architecture 284 

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Knox 109 

Law 300 


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P.O.T 370 

St. Michael's 154 

Trinity 175 

University College 217 

Victoria 269 

Wycliffe . 114 



Men 456 

Women 462 

Basketball (Intercollegiate): 

Men 443 

Women 465 

Biggs Trophy 432 

Biology Club 88 

Bissell, President 6 

Blue and White Band 26 

Blue and White Society 22 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 92 

Boxing, Intercollegiate 454 


Campus Co-operative Residences 74 

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Carabin Weekend 40 


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Copp Trophy 432 

Curling 457 


Debating Team, U. of T 39 

Debating Union, U. of T 38 


Athletics 330 

Activities 328 

Dental Students' Society 327 

Dental Hygiene 325 

Graduates 320 

Devonshire House 70 

Drama Committee, U. of T. 69 

Drama (see Theatre) 



Activities 105 

Graduates 102 

Engineering (see Applied Science and 


Graduates 314 


Fencing 453 

Flying Club 99 

Football, Intercollegiate 433 

Forestry : 

Athletics 294 

Graduates 290 

Organizations 292 

Friendly Relations with Overseas 

Students (F.R.O.S.) 80 


Glee Club (Hart House) 61 

Golf 449 


Applied Science and Engineering 384 


Architecture 280 

Commerce 286 

Dentistry 320 

Dental Hygiene 325 

Emmanuel 102 

Extension 314 

Forestry 290 

Household Science 295 

Knox 106 

Law 296 

Medicine 334 

Music 301 

Nursing 374 

Pharmacy 352 
Physical and Health Education 306 
Physical and Occupational 

Therapy 366 

Saint Michael's College 118 

Trinity College 162 

Trinity Divinity 110 

University College 184 

University Extension 314 

Victoria College. 228 

Wycliffe 113 

Gymnastics 452 




Hart House: 

Art Committee 64 

Camera Club 64 

Glee Club 61 

House Committee 62 

Music Committee 60 

Warden's Message 59 

Hart House Orchestra Assoc. 65 

Hart House Theatre 66 

Harvard Exchange 42 

Hillel 92 


Men 445 

Women 464 

Homecoming Weekend 27 

Honour Awards 20 

Household Economics Club 85 

Household Science Graduates 295 

Humanist Movement 93 


Ice Carnival 28 

Indoor Track 447 
Intercollegiate Athletics: 

Men 430 

Women 460 

International Students' Council 78 

Italian Club 96 


Knox College: 






Athletics 300 

Graduates 296 

Law Review 299 

Law Society ... 299 

Liberal Club 95 

Loretto Local Council 133 

Lutheran Students' Club 90 


Majorettes 26 

Math and Physics Society 86 


Athletics 346 

C.A.M.S.1 347 

Daffydil 351 

Graduates 334 

Medical Journal 343 

Medical Society 344 

M.W.U.A .. 349 

Probe .. 350 


Activities 304 

Dr. Johnson 303 

Graduates 301 


National Affairs Commission 34 

N.F.C.U.S 35 

New Democratic Party Club 93 


Athletics 378 

Drama 381 

Graduates 374 

Orchestra, U. of T. 33 
Organizations, All-campus: 

Biology Club 88 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 92 

Campus Co-operative Residences 74 

Chemical Club 87 

Chinese Overseas Students' Club 85 

Christian Science Organization 89 

Commerce Club 99 

Devonshire House 70 

Drama Committee, U. of T. 69 

Flying Club ... 99 

Friendly Relations with Overseas 

Students (F.R.O.S.) 80 

Hart House Orchestra Associates 65 

Hillel 92 

Household Economics Club 85 

Humanist Movement 93 

International Students' Council 78 

Italian Club 96 

Liberal Club 95 

Lutheran Students' Club .... 90 

Math and Physics Society 86 

New Democratic Party Club 93 

Outing Club 98 

Polish Students' Club . 84 

Political Economy Club 97 

Progressive Conservative Club 94 

Royal Canadian Air Force 76 

Student Christian Movement 89 

Ukrainian Students' Club 82 

United Nations Club 83 

U.T.D.C 69 

U. of T. Squadron (R.C.A.F.) 76 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 91 

West Indian Students' Association. 81 

Organizations — College and Faculty 

Applied Science and Engineering: 

Chemical Club . 414 

Civil Club 415 

Debates Club 412 

Electrical Club 413 

>t our Castles in ike Ofir 

have founoaiiom on llie aroano 
wnen you. save reaularlij at tlie 








the class 

of 62 

The University of Toronto, Canada's 

largest, sends graduates to all corners of the 

country . . . professional people, liberal 

arts graduates, scientists — they travel 

to the far North and to the East and West 

coasts, to small centres and major cities. 

Eaton's, Canada's largest retail organization, 

also covers the country with its large main 

stores, branch stores, order offices and 

its huge mail order catalogue circulation. 

Wherever your career may take you 

in Canada, you will find Eaton's ready to 

serve you, as it has during your 

student days at Varsity! 

«*;■;- -:: : -;v ■ ' 


University of Toronto 

CreH Pin* 




Students' Administrative Council 
S.A.C. Bldg. 
or . . . 


Insignia Jewellers 

1536 Bayview Avenue 


Phone 483-4212 

"Ask to sec the new 'Men's Crest Signet Ring" 

Engineering Physics Club 


Engineering Society 


Industrial Club 


Mechanical Club 


Mining and Metallurgical Club 


Skule Yearbook 


Toike Oike 




Commerce Club 


Dental Students' Society 




Law Society 



C.A. M.S.I. 


Medical Journal 


Medical Society 






Music Undergraduate Society 



Drama Club 



Professional Committee 


Undergraduate Pharmaceutical 



Physical and Health Education: 

R. Tait McKenzie Society 


Undergraduate Association 


Physical and Occupational 


Undergraduate Executive 


St. Michael's College: 

Co-operative 138 

Double Blue Committee 137 

External Affairs 136 

French Club 136 

Gym Club 137 

Loretto Local Council 133 

Men's House Council . 132 

The Mike 139 

Music Guild 135 

Oratorical Society 134 

Pro Club 137 

St. Joseph's House Council 132 

Senate Club 134 

S.A.C. 131 

Sodality 133 

Writers' Group 135 

Trinity College: 

Board of Stewards 170 

Cercle Francais 173 

Dramatic Society . 173 

Literary Institute 172 

Missionary Society 174 
St. Hilda's House Committee 179 

St. Hilda's Literary Society 178 

Trinity Review 174 

University College: 

French Club . 210 

Gargoyle 209 

Literary Society 207 

Philosophical Society 210 

Players' Guild 211 

Sir Daniel Wilson Residence 214 

U.C.-Trinity Classics Club 709 

Whitney Hall 717 
Victoria College: 

Acta Victoriana 764 

Annesley Hall 267 

A.S.G.A. 766 

Classics Club 765 

Contemporary Club 255 

Debating Parliament 254 

Dramatic Society 258 

French Club 254 

Men's Residence Council 265 

Music Club 258 

Strand 264 

Student Christian Movement 256 

V.C.CS.U. 255 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 256 

Victoria College Union 250 

Year Executives 252 

Wycliffe 114 

Organizations (S.A.C.) 18 

Outdoor Track 447 

Outine Club 



Pharmacy : 

Activities 362 

Athletics 358 

Graduates 352 

Professional Committee 357 
Undergraduate Pharmaceutical 

Society 356 
Physical and Health Education: 

Athletics 310 

Graduates 306 

R. Tait McKenzie Society 313 

Undergraduate Executive 313 

Physical and Occupational Therapy: 

Athletics 370 

Graduates 366 

Undergraduate Executive 372 

Polish Students' Club S4 

Political Economy Club 97 

President Bissell 6 

Progressive Conservative Club 94 

Acta Victoriana 264 

Gargoyle 209 

Law Review 299 

Medical Journal 343 

The Mike 139 

Pharmakon 357 

Probe 350 

Skule Yearbook 410 

The Strand 264 

Toike Oike 410 

Torontonensis 50 

Trinity Review 1 74 

The Varsity 54 






Sailing Team 456 

St. Hilda's College: 

Athletics 180 

House Committee 179 

Literary Society 178 

St. Joseph's House Council 132 

St. Michael's: 

Men 157 

Women 154 

Co-operative 138 

Double Blue Committee 137 

External Affairs 136 

Formal 148 

French Club 136 

Graduates 118 

Gym Club 137 

Loretto Local Council 133 

Men's House Council 132 

Mickities 144 

The Mike 139 

Music Guild 135 

Oratorical Society 134 

Pantagleize 143 

Pro Club 137 

Saint Joseph's House Council 132 

Senate Club 134 

Students' Administrative Council . 131 

Sodality 133 

Theatre Guild 143 

Writers' Group 135 

Ski Team 452 

Soccer 440 

Squash 457 

Student Christian Movement 89 

Students' Administrative Council 16 

Agamemnon (A.V.R.) 46 

Blue and White Band 26 

Blue and White Society 22 

Canadian Overseas Volunteers 48 

Carabin Weekend 40 

Cheerleaders 24 

Chorus, U. of T 33 

Council 18 

Debating Team 39 

Debating Union 38 

Harvard Exchange 42 

Homecoming Weekend 27 

Honour Awards 20 

Ice Frolics 28 

Majorettes 26 

National Affairs Commission 34 

N.F.C.U.S 35 

National Seminar 34 

Writers' Conference 32 

Orchestra, U. of T 33 

President's Message 16 

Tar Heel Weekend 44 

Torontonensis 50 

University Settlement 49 

U.T.D.U 38 

The Varsity 54 

Winter Carnival 28 

World University Service (W.U.S.) 37 

W.U.S. Summer Seminar 36 


Men 450 

Women 467 


Tar Heel Weekend 44 


Men 449 

Women 462 

"T" Holders: 

Men 431 

Women 461 


Agamemnon 46 

Bob Revue 259 

Brigadoon 263 

Cymbelline 262 

Daffydil 351 

Hart House Theatre 66 

Mickities 144 

Nursing 381 

Pantagleize 211 

SkuleNite 416 

U.C. Follies 208 

U. of T. Drama Committee 69 

Torontonensis 50 

Track 447 

Trinity College: 

Athletics 175 

Board of Stewards 170 

Cercle Francais 173 

Dramatic Society 173 

Graduates (Arts) 162 

Graduates (Divinity) 110 

Literary Institute 172 

Missionary Society 174 

St. Hilda's College: 

Athletics 180 

House Committee 179 

Literary Society 178 

Trinity Review 174 


Ukrainian Students' Club 82 

United Nations Club 83 

University College: 

Men 222 

Women 217 

Follies 208 

French Club 210 

Gargoyle 209 

Graduates 184 

Literary and Athletic Society 207 

Philosophical Society 210 

Players' Guild 211 

Sir Daniel Wilson Residence 214 

U.C.-Trinity Classics Club 209 

Whitney Hall 212 

University Extension: 

Graduates 314 

University Settlement 49 

U. of T. Orchestra and Chorus 33 

U. ofT. Debating Team 39 

U. of T. Debating Union 38 

U. of T. Drama Committee 69 

U. of T. Squadron 76 

The Varsity 54 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 91 

Victoria College: 

Acta Victoriana 264 

Annesley Hall 267 

A.S.G.A 266 


Men 274 

Women 269 

Bob Revue 259 

Brigadoon 263 

Classics Club 265 

Conference on the Arts in Canada . 257 

Contemporary Club 255 

Cymbelline 262 

Debating Parliament 254 

Drama Society 258 

French Club 254 

Graduates 228 

Men's Residence Council 265 

Music Club 258 

Strand 264 

Student Christian Movement 256 

V.C.C.S.U 255 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 256 

Victoria College Union 250 

Year Executives 252 

Volleyball 463 


Water Polo 451 

West Indian Students' Association ... 81 

Winter Carnival 28 

World University Service (W.U.S.) 37 

Wrestling 455 

Writers' Conference 32 


Graduates 113 

Organizations 1 14 


College and Faculty Representatives 

The Editors wish to thank the following students who were chosen by their college or faculty to organize the taking of 
team and cljb photographs and the writing of articles, and to collect pictures of campus life. The representalives, 
forming the essential liaison between the campus and the TORONTONENSIS, have worked closely with the layout 
editors to produce the book. They have also aided in preparing lists of graduates and in collecting biography cards, 
a formidable task in trie larger faculties. 

Saint Michael's Ann Green Forestry Ian Morrison 

Annette Convey Law Dick Posluns 

Trinity College Ross Healy Medicine Dave Heislip 

Music Joy Goodwin 

Erica Watson 
University College Michael Sole 

Nursing Judy Bel 

Victoria College Lesley Gore Pharmacy Evelyn Tanaka 

Bill Phipps 

Engineering Stan Gasner 

Dentistry Pat Asling 

Emmanuel Paul De New 

P.H.E. Wendy Walker 

P.O.T. Peggy Burne 

Wycliffe George Hume 


The editors wish to acknowledge the co-operation and assistance in 
the publication of TORONTONENSIS 1 962 of the following individuals. 
Their interest has been greatly appreciated. 

Mr. H. Brady of The Bryant Press for helpful advice in all facets of publication. 

Mr. A. Morrish for his technical advice in choosing type faces and format, and for his helpful suggestions in the layout 
of pages. 

Mr. G. Stanley of Photo Engravers for his cheerful advice. 

Mr. Gordon Bragg, Publications Commissioner of the S.A.C., for his interest and willing aid at all times. 

Mr. E. A. Macdonald, General Secretary-Treasurer of the Students' Administrative Council, for aid and advice in all 
phases of production of the book. 

Mr. M. F. Murrill for handling the finances and advising on money matters. 

Miss Arden Spence for cheerful assistance at all times. 

The S.A.C. secretaries, Mrs. Valerie Sterling, Miss Doris Middleton, Mrs. Glenda Martin and Miss Francine Gremse for 
willing aid throughout the year. 

Index to Advertisers 

Bank of Montreal 472 

Henry Birks and Sons Ltd. 473 

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 474 

A. E. Edwards Insignia Jeweller 476 

The T. Eaton Co. Ltd. 475 

Trailways of Canada Ltd. 473 



The Book 

TORONTONENSIS 1962, printed by The Bryant Press Limited of Toronto on 60 pound Coated Book paper, is set in 
1 point on 1 1 Times Roman. Cut lines and name forms are in 8 point 20th Century Bold, and the display type is 1 8 and 
24 point 20th Century Bold. The Graduate section is set in 6 point Modern. The engravings, by Photo Engravers and 
Electrotypers, are 1 1 0-screen zinc. The cover is foil stamped on Kivar 5 crush and the book is case bound in 16-page 
sections and sewn. The end sheets are from a photograph by Ron Carr (IV Meds) which won the Karsh Trophy. 


TORONTONENSIS, the all-campus yearbook of the University of Toronto, is a mammoth undertaking in the sphere of 
organization. Since all pages are contracted for by campus organizations, the TORONTONENSIS staff is responsible not 
for taking photographs and writing articles, but for processing, organizing and laying out the material submitted by 
faculty and club representatives. The editors wish to thank their large staff for co-operation and hard work, and to 
single out especially the workers on the Graduate section who hove spent long hours from October to April editing 
hundreds of biography cards, compiling and revising lists, pasting, phoning, and finally correcting proofs and pasting 

Editors Margaret Fisher, Frank Edmonds, Gwen Campbell. 

Graduate Staff Ingrid Keylwerth, Ann Macpherson, Jackie Stewart, Fay Sobel, 

Nancy Title, Linda Vinnels. 

Copy Staff Bev Hanagan (Editor), Barb Childs, Marguerite Jennings, 

Linda Zener. 

Sales Doug Todgham. 

Space Al Denov. 

Design Carolyn Walker. 

layout Brondell Bobkin, Bonnie Brown, Julie Ann Bunyard, Sylvia Carter, 

Sheila Cowan, Alf Davis, Debbi Fraser, Harry Freedman, Donna 
Grey, Leo Goldsmith, Viiu Kanep, Cathy Macdonald, Jennifer 
Moore, Sandra Noble, Anne Richter, Celia Siegerman, 
Paula Solway. 

Assistants Ruth Bowie, Marilyn Cook, Mary-Estelle Dunn, Cathy Drake, Irene 

Kafitz, Gayle Keyes, Elaine Halter, Elin Meredith, Jocelyn Palm, 
Sue Pepper, Jane Squire, Barbara Swartz. 

Photographers Mike Gudz, Bruce Pearcey, Bill Brooks. 

The Editors wish to express their gratitude to the following people who, though not officially on the staff, played an 
integral part in the production of TORONTONENSIS 1962: 

Miss S. L. Evans corrected all galley proofs, prepared a great deal of the material for the press, acted in an advisory 
capacity, and did much of the final paste-up. 

Mr. J. B. Graham gave willing assistance in the initial organization of the staff, and in the final stages of the book's 

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Toll were invaluable in organizing the hundreds of graduate photographs, rushing them to the 
Torontonensis in the desired order, and aiding the Graduate Editor in every way possible. 

Miss Phyllis Lea of the University Department of Athletics worked willingly to organize the taking of photographs and 
writing of articles for the large athletics section. 

Margaret Daly trained many of the section editors in layout procedure and aided in the initial organization. 


TORONTONENSIS 1962 has tried to live up to its name and to he truly "of Toronto". 
Within these covers we hove attempted to draw together a University, to portray each facet 
of University life — the intellectual, the athletic, the social, and the organizational, and to 
achieve the same unity in diversity that is the essence of the University of Toronto. The life 
of this University is a rich one: the student grows here not only through hooks and instruction, 
hut also through his exposure to a community, through his opportunity to reach out into 
many fields, to broaden his horizon of experience, and to form a future citizen aware oj the 
world around him. We have attempted here to strike a compromise between the rah-rah 
college spirit which we on occasion show and the sedate, apathetic character of which we are 
often accused. We have brought to you in TORONTONENSIS 1962 a glimpse of a Uni- 
versity and oj its students. May it remain for each student a part of the library of memories 
of the place of the University oj Toronto in his life.